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Step into the void with The Pilot from Blue Skies Magazine as he talks to some of the worlds premiere extreme sports athletes to get their take on living life to the fullest, their paths to the “lunatic fringe” and how they fit into the mainstream world while living life on the dark side.
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Wow is all I have to say! First off, Julio Ruiz, the owner and operator of Liquid Sky is doing his part. Having thought not just about his families well being in these crazy times, but of his employees and those around him, he decided to put his design skills to work to put out masks to help stem the forward push of the Coronavirus. Secondly, he tells me about his beginnings in our sport, life in Puerto Rico, what it was like to have his arm shoulder deep in a cow's ass, and if its easier to shoe a horse than outfit a skydiver! This one you've gotta hear!  
On this "Special Report" edition of Lunatic Fringe, I have a whole bunch of recent guests back to take on the YouTube Channel sensation "Hot Ones" challenge as we eat crazy hot wings while discussing great ways to deal with the "social distancing" we need to be observing while the world tries to get over Coronavirus.  Join us, and if you've got the balls, try the challenge yourself, get those video cameras rolling, grab the insane HOT SAUCES pictured and try the #thefuckinpilotchallenge right along with us!  Stay safe, wash your hands, entertain yourself at home for a while (with whatever works for you!) and DON'T masturbate right after the hot sauce! (or do...)
Back in the can to talk about her summer competition season, Olga Namova takes her time to fill us in on pushing canopy limits, traveling for her passion and life outside of skydiving.  Take the time to enjoy a great bonfire chat with Olga, and make sure to check out the amazing photos we talk about on her Instagram at sky_umka today!
An Oakland born and bred, Marilyn Manson listening nerd, Marquis Noble headed off to the US Airforce and into a long career as an aircraft mechanic and ordinance man, but ended up finding his real passion creeping up on him over time after making a tandem skydive in Utah. A hardcore fun jumper at heart, Marquis has exactly the kind of personality and attitude that makes this sport the greatest one I've ever known. Light hearted, fun loving and not afraid of new (or old things), he is exactly the kind of skydiver that makes us want to keep jumping, keep playing, and keep holding on firmly to our wonderful community.
As one of the very first people I met in the sport, one of my first co-workers and especially as my first and only competition team member, Mary Tortomasi and I shared many of the same memories, experiences and losses and we started our way down the skydiving path; and even though we ended up going in very different directions, we've both managed long and "blessed" careers.  From her first job as an instructor at Flyaway Indoor Skydiving in Las Vegas, to skysurfer, AFF and Tunnel instructor, Perris Valley tunnel manager, multiple world record holder and big way skydiver, Mary Tortomasi has run the gambit. Lots of reminiscing, a few forgotten stories and some really cool insights, this is a very enjoyable and funny walk down memory lane on this edition of Lunatic Fringe.
Another converted member of the masses, Omar Alhegelan went from just another bean counter to one of modern skydivings most influential figures.  Filled with the feeling that this is what he was meant to do, Omar didn't think twice about walking away from the real world with all its rules and regulations and jump head first (Actually head up and feet first) into the wonderful world of skydiving.  World champion, world traveler and one of the pioneers of modern freeflying, join us on this episode of Lunatic Fringe to get his take on the "zen" of airtime.
Matt Munting. Nicholas Scalabrino.  Heterosexual life mates, BASE wing suit apex predators and all around great fucking guys take the time once again to sit down with The Fuckin' Pilot to fill me in on what sounds like a pretty epic summer season of "sending it". From seriously intense Dam flare's, 270's into cracks and totems off towers, their idea of a good time is the stuff of nightmares to some, but a good fucking laugh to every fuckin' body. Join on in to another fun and informative Lunatic Fringe!
From a missed shot a military flying career due to a childhood illness, to a desire to skydive which lead to an off the beaten path flying lifestyle, Taihuka Smith has had quite a ride so far. Near death experiences in West Papua, peeing in a bottle over the Mediterranean and looking ahead toward an airline career, This is a fun one to give a listen to! (and he sings and plays guitar... Just sayin').
Beep Beep! Or, depending on your perspective, Meep Meep.  Without question one of the most unique souls ever to walk the planet, he was without a doubt one of the most memorable in skydiving and BASE.  With over 20,000 skydives and countless BASE jumps, Mr. Stanley not only left his mark on these sports with his accomplishments, but he left it with his unique interaction with all those he jumped and played with.  On this edition of Lunatic Fringe, two of his closest friends, Mr. Mark Norman and Mr. Will Lajeunesse take the time to share some of their fondest and craziest memories of a legend that passed much sooner, and a hell of a lot later than anyone would have thought.
If you're not the type to stay until the credits have all rolled, then you may just miss her name, but chances are, you know her work!  From an active duty police officer to a UK National and then World 4-way champion turned professional skydiving instructor, Hannah Betts is not a woman scared of change; So when the opportunity knocked, she decided to answer her call to the world of professional stunt work in a major way! From AFF to the "MeToo" movement, badass stunt people and both sincere and asshole actors, she's got enlightening stories to tell, and I for one am a real fan. Join us now and listen in on Lunatic Fringe Into the Void!
In the world of "Air Sports", I have always considered BASE to be just about as hardcore as it gets, and wingsuit BASE to be the apex, but Charley Kurlinkus, Dr. Charley Kurlinkus to be precise takes it to another level in my opinion. ER doctor all night long, dealing with every accident, injury and "oops" imaginable and BASE Wingsuit jumper by day; he's traveled the world doing intense things to relax and get away from the intense things he deals with as a profession. Join in on this episode of Lunatic Fringe to hear about BASE antics, skydiving, and what kind of things people like to put in their butts.
Back by popular demand! From broken bones and burnt scrotums, Lunatic Fringe received so much feedback on Jim Mathews (one “t”) first appearance that there was no way he wasn't coming back to let out a few more of his outrageous and hilarious stories! You'd be on par with most if you were to think that Mr. Matthews was full of shit with some of the yarns he can tell, but in most cases you would be completely wrong!  Come on an enjoy another too funny to believe episode of Lunatic Fringe Into the Void.
I've said it before, I'll say it again, and I'll stand behind it every time. Manifest has got to be the most difficult job in skydiving.  In a rare behind the window interview, I have the chance to sit down and climb into the minds of two manifest Ladies who know all the little secrets and have all the stories.  With voices altered to protect the innocent (and guilty),  Sparky and Susan give us all a rare glimpse into the minds that keep the skydiving world in the air. If you want to find out how to keep your manifest Bi**h (they said it, not me!) happy, then this is one you don't want to miss!
All things ratings! Interested in what goes in to becoming a tandem or AFF instructor? Thinking about making the jump into skydiving as a job and want to know if it's something that would appeal?  Well then this is the one you're gonna want to listen to. Once again my semi frequent co host Junior, one of the busiest tandem and AFF evaluators sits down to tell me what goes in to a good course, a good student and a successful trip into the working world of skydiving.
With over 30 years in the sport he has most certainly seen a few things; but after a paragliding accident that gave him time to really think, he decided it was more important to show a few things to those willing to learn than just chase medals. From X-Game's competitor to Swooper to instructor to canopy designer, Brian Germain has spent his career in skydiving not only experiencing pretty much every avenue skydiving has to offer, but trying to see the sport from two potentially very different angles; both the cerebral and the passionate. The result has been his own unique style not only with how he jumps, but how he instructs and lives his life. Listen in for a few potential reasons why we do what we do!
Teen climbing instructor and a bit of a lost soul, to a 200,000 a year oil and gas man, Ryan Graney made it pretty big pretty young, and exceeded expectations in more ways than one. A hard charging BASE jumper and professional party guy, you'd be surprised at just how much thought has gone into his crazy antics over the years. Articulating his desire not only to live a life less ordinary but one with real meaning, I think you'll be more than a little surprised and what hides behind the apparent show stopper personality. Join us on the next Lunatic Fringe.
On this episode of Lunatic Fringe Into the Void, our old friend David "Junior" Ludvik takes the reins, grabs the mic and interviews me for a switch. So this time around its a touch of Fuckin' history with flying, stripping, jumping, and a little about the epic Mount Everest and my bucket list opportunity to go and meet her up close and personal.
Gorazd Lah, AKA Nitka (and fellow Fuckinasshole) took a very European, and more specifically an Eastern European path in skydiving. Starting out on round parachutes then moving quickly into the world of Style and Accuracy, Gorazd managed to put his tough as nails upbringing and exterior to work for him as he became a champion in his chosen disciplines. Yet...  There's a lot more behind this born again hipster than you might think! Nitka is beyond a doubt a poster child for not judging a book by its cover, and it's one of the reasons why you'll enjoy the hell out of this edition of Lunatic Fringe Into the Void!
Taking to the skies as a way to deal with personal tragedy, Mr. Nicholas Batsch knew almost right from the start that fast nylon was in his future. After having seen some of the worlds best canopy pilots firsthand, he began pushing towards a career that would eventually see multiple world championships and close to a dozen world records, yet along the way he's had to come to grips with the dangers his drive and determination placed in his path, and speaks to me while still recovering from a landing that almost claimed his life. 
At 13, she's the youngest tunnel coach out there; and although she's not much on bragging about her skills and doesn't really share what she does with her classmates at school, she's got her eyes on being a world champion one day and has a pretty good handle on just how good she really is. Soccer Mom and Dad to be sure, but on a whole new level are Sydney's parents Michelle and Andrew. As a retired skydiver himself, Andrew loves seeing his daughter embrace that which gave him so much over the years, and both he and Michelle have a pretty good handle on how to balance the still "wild" skydiver side of tunnel flying with the teenager they've let loose in our world! This one's a great listen!  This podcast goes out from the Kennett family in loving memory of Greg Cummings who helped start it all.
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