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Author: Sean Kerwick

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Welcome to Music Among Other Things (or MAOT for short) where we chat to musicians and creatives about music and the worlds that orbit it. Hosted & produced by Sean Kerwick.
36 Episodes
Sean and Neale are joined by Conor O'Brien from Villagers to chat about his incredible new LP 'Fever Dreams'. We chat about ping-pong, songwriting, noise complaints from neighbours, the curse of smartphones, throwing CDs at Nicky Wire and much more!Villagers' 'Fever Dreams' is out on 20th August which you can order here: Wrap your ears around 'The First Day' from the album: out Duke Ellington's 'Masterpieces': Check out Conor's 'In My Life' cover: us at @MAOTPod on Instagram & Twitter! 
We’re joined by Liam Mower - our first Olivier Award winning guest - to chat all things musical theatre and dance. We discuss what it was like starring in Billy Elliot, working with Elton John, stage mishaps, tricky props, his experience of the Royal Ballet School and much more! Grab tickets to Liam's upcoming show 'The Midnight Bell' here: out Liam's performance as Edward Scissorhands: And his music video with Elton John: Follow us at @MAOTPod on Instagram & Twitter! 
Sean and Neale discuss misunderstood songs with Aaron and Rich. We carry out some lyrical investigations into the likes of The Stranglers, The Pixies, Boomtown Rats and Tom Jones' 'Delilah'. We also get into what it was like experiencing a Coldplay gig on morphine, Iron Maiden's Boeing 747 and The Beatles' long lost Lord of the Rings film.Check out the songs we discussed below:Apple: us at @MAOTPod on Instagram & Twitter! 
Singer/Songwriter Matt Maltese joins us (from the back of an Uber) to discuss his forthcoming 3rd album 'Good Morning, It's Now Tomorrow'! We get into the shift in his songwriting, his Canadian heritage and how 'As The World Caves In' became a huge TikTok hit. Watch Matt's video for latest single 'Shoe':'s a compilation of TikTok videos using 'As The World Caves In': Matt's 3rd album 'Good Morning, It's Now Tomorrow' out 8th October: Follow us at @MAOTPod on Instagram & Twitter! 
Join us for a special DOC WATCH episode where we all watch a music documentary and discuss it. Sean and Neale are joined by day-one MAOT-er Richard to unpack Coldplay's 'A Head Full Of Dreams' documentary by Mat Whitecross. We get into the love and hate for the band, 90s era uni students, band dynamics and try to work out the oblique strategy cards Chris Martin was dealt while working with Brian Eno. Watch the documentary over on Amazon Prime: Check out 'The Case For Coldplay' playlist:Apple: Spotify: us at @MAOTPod on Instagram & Twitter! 
We're thrilled to be joined by artist Gareth Halliday to discuss his work with Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds on 'Who Built The Moon?'. Part 2 of our mini DIY series!We get into how he enjoyed success once he returned to the art world 10 years after studying at college, juggling an art career with his day job as a postman and why you're never too old to pursue your passion.  Be sure to check out some of Gareth's mind-bending work here:  Follow us at @MAOTPod on Instagram & Twitter! 
We welcome Uwade Akhere to discuss how an Instagram cover of Fleet Foxes’ ‘Mykonos’ landed her a star spot on the group’s fourth LP ‘Shore’ released in 2020.We discuss Uwade’s musical background, what it was like recording with Fleet Foxes in the studio and the stories behind her beautiful original material, ‘The Man Who Sees Tomorrow’ & accompanying piece ‘Lodarore’.Stream ‘The Man Who Sees Tomorrow’ / ‘Lodarore’ here: to Fleet Foxes’ ‘Wading In Waist-High Water’: out some of her amazing covers:Coldplay - Strawberry Swing Howard - Short & Sweet Foxes - Featherweight follow her for more at Follow us at @MAOTPod on Instagram & Twitter! 
We're joined by Gordon Hendricks, one of the world's leading Elvis tribute acts, to discuss how he ended up going from karaoke bars to Stars In Their Eyes to winning the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist competition in Memphis.We get into  the psyche of tribute acts, the strict criteria for Elvis competitions and stories from playing with Elvis's original band members such as The Sweet Inspiration & D. J. Fontana.Here's a clip of Gordon Hendricks as Elvis from 2019: Head over to Gordon's site to check out his upcoming live shows: here's that clip of a four-year-old Bruno Mars and his Dad being interviewed by Jonathan Ross about being the world's youngest Elvis tribute act: us at @MAOTPod on Instagram & Twitter! 
We're joined by Chart Analyst James Masterton from Music Week to get deep into chart stories, stats and trends. We talk about Taylor Swift's re-recording strategy, The Killers' historical 10-year run in the UK Top 100 and how the peculiarities of the past year have influenced the charts. We tap into James' deep historical knowledge of the charts which you can enjoy in all its archived glory over on his blog Chart Watch which houses all of his weekly columns that dates back to 1992: to Music Week to catch his weekly column: Follow us at @MAOTPod on Instagram & Twitter! 
We chat to journalist / Arctic Monkeys aficionado, Sophie Williams, about the band's most polarising album 'Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino' with a roundtable of those who love the LP and those who are less fond of it. We get into how Tranquility Base has aged over the past 3 years, the live shows of this era, the deep literary and cinematic reference points of the album, first impressions and what it tells us about where Alex, Matt, Jamie and Nick could be heading next. Here's Sophie's full list of every Arctic Monkeys song ranked in order of greatness for NME: ....and her fantastic piece on 'Suck It And See' on its 10 year anniversary: check out her cover feature with Declan McKenna: Follow us at @MAOTPod on Instagram & Twitter! 
Sean and Rich are joined by Rob Weaver to chat about the world of Non-Fungible Tokens, Cryptocurrency and whether there's a viable path for new and upcoming bands to make a living through it. We chat Kings Of Leon's NFT album, Akon's 'Akoin' & a Cryptocurrency Girl Group dedicated to spreading the good word about the benefits of Crypto. Cryptocurrency Girls - 'The Moon & Cryptocurrency & Me' - Follow us at @MAOTPod on Instagram & Twitter! 
Sean, Neale and Rich discuss musical lawsuits from over the years. Find out how Frank Ocean took on Chipotle and The Eagles, what happened between Kanye West and Evel Kenievel and Richard's band's own battle with Weezer. Here’s a playlist of all the songs discussed throughout the show:Apple: Spotify: Follow us at @MAOTPod on Instagram & Twitter! 
Sean & Neale attempt to edit Taylor Swift's 2020 releases Folklore and Evermore into one master album. Tune in for chat about Tay's lawsuit with a theme park in Utah, the story behind 'The Last Great American Dynasty' & much more! Neale's playlist for 'Folkmore':Apple: Spotify: playlist for 'Everlore':Apple:  Spotify:  What 15 tracks would you put into your Folklore-Evermore super album?  Let us know over at @maotpod on Instagram & Twitter! 
Sean and Neale are joined by Chris Baio for the first MAOT of 2021! Chris joins to discuss his new solo album 'Dead Hand Control' among other things including slap bass, FIFA soundtracks and Vampire Weekend.Chris also gets into how Seinfeld played a part in his most terrifying on-stage moment, the experience of recording in Damon Albarn's studios, Vampire Weekend's jam band rebrand and his obsession with the Bradley Cooper film 'Burnt'.'Dead Hand Control' is out January 29th 2021 which you can pre-order and pre-save here: Watch the 'Endless Me, Endlessly' video: See Chris in action with Vampire Weekend on their latest tour: Chris laying down the Seinfeld theme song:’s a playlist of all the songs discussed throughout the show:Apple: Follow us at @MAOTPod on Instagram & Twitter! 
Sean, Richard, Ryan and Neale listen through a few Christmas songs from 2020 and classic videos on this MAOT Xmas special. We discuss new festive tunes from Phoebe Bridgers, Liam Gallagher, 100 Gecs, Blossoms and past MAOT guest Willie J Healey among other things.Neale also watches the Bing Crosby and David Bowie festive collaboration for the first time which you can enjoy in all its glory here: Here’s a playlist of all the songs discussed on the show:Apple: Follow us at @MAOTPod on Instagram & Twitter, and have a very Merry Christmas!
Sean is joined by very special guest Philip Norman - novelist, legendary journalist and Beatles biographer - who has written comprehensive biographies on both Paul McCartney and John Lennon, as well as Elton John, Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton and many more.With Philip’s deep knowledge on all things Beatles, we discuss the periods around Paul’s solo records - McCartney I (1970) and McCartney II (1980) - in anticipation of a third instalment (McCartney III, of course) which arrives in December 2020.Philip talks about meeting The Beatles backstage back in the ‘60s, how he managed to get McCartney’s approval to write his biography despite his famed ‘anti-Paul’ stance and much more. Paul McCartney: The Biography - Here are some great pieces by Philip to dig into:Philip Norman on George Martin: ‘It could easily have been Lennon, McCartney and Martin’Beatles biographer Philip Norman: 'Yoko was waiting for me – with two lawyers' Philip Norman on the 60s: ‘I never took holidays because every day was like one’Here’s a playlist of all the songs discussed throughout the show: Apple: Follow us at @MAOTPod on Instagram & Twitter! 
Sean and Neale are joined by George Ford, creator of the immensely popular Fireplace For Your Home series on Netflix which was the no.3 most popular video on Netflix last Christmas. We get into his fascinating story and how he championed this fantastically niche area of Netflix.We also reminisce about the golden era of 10 hour YouTube loops, Brian Eno’s ‘Music For Airports’, Muzak and much more.Here’s a playlist of some of the YouTube videos discussed on the show:Gandalf Europop Nod: 1 hour of Matthew McConaughey watching rain and drinking coffee: Open Window New York City Soundscape at Night: Watch George Ford’s Fireplace For Your Home on Netflix!Follow us at @MAOTPod on Instagram & Twitter! 
Sean and Neale are joined by special guests Al Horner (from the Script Apart podcast) and Will Kennard to do a deep dive into Nick Cave's script for Gladiator 2; a work of silver screen, could-have-been legend. Hold tight for discussion on Roman Gods, time-travelling battle sequences and a murderous bloody wrestle with 100 alligators, all from the unchained imagination of Nick Cave.We get into Al's podcast where he discusses the first drafts of scripts with an array of guests which have included Stephen Merchant (Fighting With My Family), Armando Iannucci (In The Loop), Barry Jenkins (Moonlight) and many more.  Find out more about the podcast on the Script Apart site.Here's a playlist of tunes discussed on the show and Nick Cave songs that pull most strongly from religion:Apple: the full script for yourself here: Follow us at @MAOTPod on Instagram & Twitter! 
The gang chat about the ageing voices of music - Elton John, Dolly Parton, Bruce Springsteen and Aretha Franklin - with very special guest John Rubin, a consultant ear nose and throat surgeon who gets into the biology of why our voices change as we age.We also chat about Ariana Grande's new album, ponder whether elderly rappers will ever be a thing and how Leonard Cohen and David Bowie faced mortality in their last albums. Here's a playlist of all the music discussed on the show:Apple: us at @MAOTPod on Instagram & Twitter! 
The gang discuss the very cheesy original version of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ entitled ‘Starlight’, coulrophobia - the fear of clowns, a mutual fear of Neale’s and P Diddy's - as well as crap Trick Or Treat incentives, The Haunted Mansion and musicians who deal with stage fright in this Halloween special!Here's a playlist of all the music discussed on the show:Apple: us at @MAOTPod on Instagram & Twitter! 
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