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Adam sat down with Chloé Gingrich, Vertical Insights Marketing Manager at Facebook, to discuss the recently released report “Games Marketing Insights for 2021”.  The influx of new gamers that started playing during the pandemic has had a seismic shift on the industry.  Adam and Chloé discuss the research Facebook put together to understand who these new gamers are, their spending and playing habits, and how marketers can leverage this information to plan for 2021 and beyond. 
Ep. 015 Eric Seufert

Ep. 015 Eric Seufert


In this episode, Adam chats with MAU Vegas Alumni, Eric Seufert of Mobile Dev Memo, for a well-rounded discussion regarding the future of advertising measurement.
Ep. 014 Kate Palmer

Ep. 014 Kate Palmer


In this episode, Adam talks with Kate Palmer, Director of Growth at Stash to discuss iOS14 challenges, fraud implications, as well as her thoughts and approaches to measurement.
Ep. 013 Gessica Bicego

Ep. 013 Gessica Bicego


Adam reconnects with past MAU Vegas speaker, Gessica Bicego, Senior Director of Growth in Performance Marketing at Blinkist to learn more about how the app is preparing for iOS 14 and what challenges, or opportunities, these audience changes will present for acquisition and growth at scale. Gessica shares an inside look at how her team is testing different marketing channels and what her gut is telling her about these new acquisition strategies. 
Ep. 012 Gina Gotthilf

Ep. 012 Gina Gotthilf


Hear from Gina Gotthilf, co-founder of Latitud, a network supporting tech entrepreneurs in Latin America. Adam and Gina discuss esoteric mobile growth topics as well as some of her greatest achievements from her previous roles at Duolingo, Tumblr and more.  To connect with Gina directly, you can reach her on LinkedIn @GinaGotthilf or on the MAU Vegas website,
Ep. 011 Jenny Taran

Ep. 011 Jenny Taran


Adam chats with Jenny Taran, head of growth for Call of Duty mobile at Activision about high-level-based implications that affect performance marketing channels in the international sector. To connect with Jenny directly, you can reach her on LinkedIn @JennyTaran or on the MAU Vegas website,
George Natsvlishvili, Growth Product Owner at Lingokids, sits down with Adam to discuss monetization strategies as well as thoughts on how mobile app ratings impact ASO.  To connect with George directly, catch him on his website:, LinkedIn @GeorgeNatsvlishvili, or on the MAU Vegas website,
Adam sat down with Noah Gorsky, Strategic Partner Manager at Facebook Audience Network, in late 2020, to discuss the company’s move to becoming a bidding-only ad network this year, what bidding means for publishers, and its significance today. To learn more about bidding visit:
Late last year in December 2020, Adam sat down with Liron Wand, Director Marketing Partnerships, North America, to discuss how strategic partnerships are helping commerce brands future-proof their businesses. To learn more about how strategic partnerships are enabling brands to champion the future of commerce, visit Facebook’s partner directory at 
Adrian Sarasa, joined us in fall of 2020 for a convo on the paid growth opportunities his user acquisition team at letgo focused on and a candid chat around challenges they were facing. He’s currently the Head of User Acquisition at LIFULL Connect, a global marketplace of platforms to help users connect for properties, cars, jobs & fashion. To connect with Adrian directly, catch him on LinkedIn @AdrianSarasa or on the MAU Vegas website,
In this episode, Cem Kansu, VP of Product at Duolingo, the world’s largest language learning platform with over 400 million users, chats with Adam about the tactics that have led to Duolingo’s ongoing success in user retention and growth. To connect with Cem directly, catch him on LinkedIn @CemKansu or on the MAU Vegas website,
This episode of MAU [Talk]  features a conversation with Josh Lu, Vice President, Commercial Leader at Blizzard Entertainment. Josh shares some insights as to which channels will generate success in your mobile gaming launch strategies. Listen in to see how his background in growth product management attributes to these successes. 
Ep. 004 Andy Carvell

Ep. 004 Andy Carvell


Andy Carvell, Partner & Co-Founder at Phiture, a mobile growth consultancy, dives into how Phiture helps to grow apps in order to solve each individual key growth challenge that they are facing. Andy brings a wealth of knowledge to consider within your own growth strategies.​​​ To connect with Andy directly, catch him on LinkedIn @AndyCarvell or on the MAU Vegas website,
In this episode, Adam Hadi with Current, a mobile bank, joins us to talk about acquisition, mobile influencer campaigns from a marketing perspective and more. To connect with Adam directly, catch him on LinkedIn @AdamHadi or on the MAU Vegas website,
In this episode, Ian Simons, Head of Industry for eCommerce at Facebook, and Jack Dempsey Southerland III, Manager of Client Measurement for eCommerce at Facebook discuss what advertisers – from the most sophisticated to those just getting started – need to know about value-based marketing and discovery commerce. Stay tuned for more information on Facebook’s value playbook debuting in the upcoming weeks! 
Introducing MAU [Talk]

Introducing MAU [Talk]


New Podcast from MAU Vegas – conversations with leaders in the mobile app marketing space. Join us as Adam Lovallo chats with top app product managers and representatives from leading brands about their growth, retention, and monetization strategies plus how they've adapted during this uncertain time and more.
In this episode, Bryan Buskas, of Rogue Games Inc. joins us to talk about acquisition within the mobile app market and dives into media mixed modeling. To connect with Bryan directly, catch him on LinkedIn @BryanBuskas or on the MAU Vegas website, 
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