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Metalheads Podcast is a metal-themed podcast featuring George, Jay, Will, John, Matt and Markisan. The guys discuss metal news and new releases, perform in-depth interviews with great metal bands, and just generally have a blast arguing about that greatest of musical styles: Metal!
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In part two our special, 7-hour mid-year episode we, and guest James Lewis of Decibel Magazine, finally get around to counting down our 25 favorite albums released between January and June. Plus, Matt tries to reference every song title on Metallica's Black Album, George perfects the art of speaking at half speed, and Markisan chases rainbows and crashes in a mead haze, only to make the greatest comeback in metal podcasting history. The ultimate TOP 25 METAL ALBUMS of 2020 MIDYEAR are here! Accept no substitutes!
In part one of this special, 7-hour episode we welcome our friend James Lewis of Decibel Magazine and reveal our Top 5 Album Covers and Top 5 EPs of the year so far. Check out part two for the Top 25 Albums of 2020 at midyear.
The Metalheads Podcast welcomes listener Steve McDowell, who talks about playing music, MacGyvering an amp out of an old turntable, and growing up a metalhead in a Jehovah's Witness home. After having a few beers with Steve, we discuss News, New Releases and What We've Been Listening to. Plus, we reveal our Top 5 Metal Albums from 1997, the year Steve graduated from High School. So, take off your track pants and turn on your lava lamp for an evening of titanic metal talk.
The Metalheads Podcast destroys the 4-hour wall again with episode 102! We welcome listener Dan Klajncar, who talks about his unpronounceable last name, how he started headbanging and what the metal scene is like in Winnipeg, Canada. After we get to know Dan, he sticks around to discuss News, New Releases and What We've Been Listening to. Plus, we break down our Top 10 Favorite Live Sets. So, grab a dictionary and a strong stout, and join us for an extra long night of butchered names and blast beats.
Bros, booze and bands, the three Bs that define the third edition of the Coronavirus War Journal. For the first part of the episode we are joined by long-time podcast friend Mark, aka The Franchise. Then, speaking of bees, we talk to Jon and JR from Milton, Delaware’s Brimming Horn Meadery. We close out the episode hanging with Dustin, Noel and Zach from Uhtcearu.
The Metalheads Podcast takes a pilgrimage through "The World that Was" in Episode 101 with Temple of Void! All five members of the band join the cast to discuss the recording and release of their new album, and how they're handling the Coronavirus pandemic, including the heroic front line work of Brent and Jason. After the interview, ToV hangs around to discuss News, New Releases and What We've Been Listening to. Plus, we roll up our sleeves for an epic, third round of Metal Thunderdome and turn the lights low to reveal our Top 5 Horror Stories. So, throw on your Sunday best and join us in the Temple for sermon 101 of trvest devastation.
The Metalheads Podcast returns with another Coronavirus War Journal! We reach out to another batch of artists to see how they are holding up in the new reality. This episode we talk to The Necrosexual of Necrosexual and Basilysk, Tom from Allfather and Wretched Empires, and for the first time, all four members of Khemmis. Close the social distancing gap and huddle up for more metal fun.
The Metalheads Podcast hits 100! In this landmark episode we celebrate 50 years of heavy metal by counting down our favorite records from each year, starting with 2019 and ending with the birth of metal in 1970. Plus, ruminations on 80s adult-contemporary music, Sasquatch love and the blanket snuggle secrets of Bitchy Matt. So, grab yourself a cold brew and your favorite afghan, and settle in with George, Jay, Will, John, Matt and Markisan for an extra-special night of celebratory shenanigans!
Given the new pandemic reality we are all dealing with right now, George thought it would be fun and productive to start performing wellness check interviews with some of our favorite podcast guests. In this special episode we talk with Trevor from Ashen Horde in Los Angeles, Keith D of Arctic Sleep in Wisconsin and Joel from Thrawsunblat in Fredericton, New Brunswick to find out how they are doing, and how their corners of the world are holding up against the coronavirus. And of course we find out if they are using their downtime to create new music.
The Metalheads Podcast brings you a special, completely unsanitized episode from COVID-19 quarantine! We talk about how our lives have been affected by the pandemic, the impact of the virus on the metal community, the postponement of the Decibel Metal and Beer Festival in Philly and some recent metal news. Plus, the Top 5 Metal Albums We Would Want with Us in Government Quarantine and the true mystery of George's "hoodie" begins...
The Metalheads Podcast goes hardcore and gets jacked in Episode 99 with Butch Marino of Fight School! Butch reveals his philosophy on pumping iron, smashing desks, calling out posers and punching everything... including your Mom's Turkey dinner. After Butch takes us to school on how to be tough, he sticks around to make sure we stay true as we discuss News, New Releases and What We've Been Listening to. Plus, the return of Metal Thunderdome, the Top 5 Metal Albums to Listen To While Crushing Weights and the absolute horror of Ska pants.
The Metalheads Podcast rides the lightning into Episode 98! We welcome listener Josh Landau, who tells us how he got into metal, what 3 metal albums would help people better understand him as a person and why he absolutely adores our podcast. After surviving his interrogation, Josh joins us to discuss News, New Releases and What We've Been Listening to. Plus, the Top 5 Albums We are Looking Forward to in 2020 and George completely fails at metal dating. After the cast, stick around to hear some coverage and interviews from the Adroit Theory Brewing's Dawn of a Dark Day VI Beer Festival.
Welcome to a brand new decade of the Metalheads Podcast! We kick off 2020 by chatting about the metal holiday gifts we received, running down vital podcast stats from 2019 and giving out the prestigious Jay Awards for 2019. We also debut a brand new segment called Metal Thunderdome that pits Dio's "Holy Diver" against Mercyful Fate's "Melissa," and we share our thoughts on the life and legend of Neil Peart. Plus, the latest news, new releases, What We're Listening to and our Top 5 Albums from 2019 We Missed or Didn’t Put On Our Lists. Metalheads Podcast Episode 97 is here. So, raise a pint to 2020 and to Neil, and prepare for another raucous year next to your favorite neighbors of the beast.
2019 was an amazing year for metal. So amazing, in fact, we decided to beef up our lists from 25 to 40. Along with our Top 40 album reveals, you'll hear the sounds of George not drinking beer, John breaking down vital statistics, Markisan describing satanic summer home rentals, Matt getting bitchy with Google pronunciation tech, and an under-the-weather Will using a rectal thermometer wrong. We also discuss our Top 5 Metal Album Covers of the Year and debut a brand new, year-end feature – The Jay Award – in honor of Jay spoiling our combined album rankings without apology or regret. We made our lists. We checked them twice. This is the result. Episode 96 – The Top 40 Metal Albums of 2019. Merry Christmas!
Gather round our metal campfire, listeners! Today, Joel Violette of Thrawsunblat returns to regale you with new tales of blackened folk majesty! In Episode 95 of the Metalheads Podcast, he chats with us about preparing for the band's first live performance at The Capital Complex in New Brunswick, exploring Canadian stories through song, contributing to the Maritime Metal documentary, and how he may or may not be magically powered by forests. Joel also set up a tent and stuck around to talk about the latest Metal News, New Releases and What We’ve Been Listening To. Plus, we pay tribute to All Hallow's Eve with our Top 5 Halloween Metal Songs! So, grab a seat beside the fire and poke a fat marshmallow with a stick, because you are about to listen to the audio equivalent of eating a S'more beneath Canadian starlight.
Each September brings several things back into our daily lives: NFL football, awful pumpkin beers, and ProgPower USA. In this episode, John makes his annual journey to Atlanta for ProgPower USA XX, where he is joined by T. R., the "Metalheads Butler." They discuss all things fest-related including each day's events, best performances, next year's lineup, and their favorite moments from past festivals.
The Metalheads Podcast intoxicates you with Episode 94! We brew up a flavorful conversation with Adem Tepedelen, Decibel Magazine’s long-running "Brewtal Truth" craft beer columnist. He talks about his new book, Nothing But the Brewtal Truth, which features expanded and revised versions of his columns from May 2009 to December 2018. Plus, thoughts on the ever-expanding collision of beer and metal, remembrances of the worst beers we've ever had, and ponderings on the elusive origins of the Cobra Clutch. After throwing back a few with Adem, your favorite metal boozers discuss News, New Releases and What We’ve Been Listening To. So, find a comfy spot at the bar and get thirsty, cause the Metalheads keg is now tapped.
Novelist George R.R. Martin once wrote, "The crow commands, the captive must obey." In Episode 93 of the Metalheads Podcast we are held captive by Jay Gambit, the creative architect behind the experimental, black noise savagery of Crowhurst. He chatted with us about collaborating with a variety of musicians on the new album "III," working with Kurt Ballou of Converge on the production, going into debt to take out billboards for the LP and finding a dead body on his apartment steps in L.A. Plus, the exclusive premiere of a new Crowhurst track, "Medium Riff!" After our in-depth interview with Jay, he stuck around to help us break down the News, New Releases and What We’ve Been Listening To. We also count down our Top 5 Music Documentaries of all time and George reveals he has... an odorous relic?! So, take up the black with us, find a fortified position on the wall and hold your weapons at the ready. Episode 93 with Crowhurst comes for you!
The Metalheads Podcast returns with Episode #92! We uncap some hearty brews and have a conversation with Keith D, the mastermind behind the arresting doom of Arctic Sleep. He talks about the band's brand new album, "Kindred Spirits," saying goodbye to his beloved cat Yoda through music, blowing off steam with grindcore covers of 80s songs in Chopping Mall, and how he'd love to lend his honeysuckle smooth baritone to voiceover work. After George has an unexpected battle with the storm gods, we punch through the lightning to bring you Metal News, New Releases and What We’ve Been Listening To. Plus, we present our most ambitious Top 5 yet – Top 5 Fantasy Supergroups (made up of living musicians)! We even dig up our favorite dead rockers to create some supergroup zombie bands! So, grab a beer and a cozy seat on our nimbus cloud. Up here, friendship is magic and so is the metal.
Like a handsome flower in the blazing glory of sunrise, the Metalheads Podcast blooms bright once more! In Episode 91, George, Jay, John and Markisan open their metal petals to Sean Meyers from Gates to the Morning, who talks about his passion project, "Return to Earth," losing all his music files and starting over, the influence of author Robert Anton Wilson on his life, and his love for Led Zeppelin's "Physical Graffiti." Plus, deep thoughts from George and John on recent Iron Maiden and Queen shows, Metal News, New Releases, What We’ve Been Listening To, and Top 5 Albums We're Looking Forward to in the 2nd Half of 2019. Come smell the metal.
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