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Metalheads Podcast is a metal-themed podcast featuring George, Jay, Will, John, Matt and Markisan. The guys discuss metal news and new releases, perform in-depth interviews with great metal bands, and just generally have a blast arguing about that greatest of musical styles: Metal!
137 Episodes
This episode we talked with Dave Kaminsky of Stone Healer. Dave candidly reveals the difficult life experiences that led to the creation of his band's new record, "Conquistador," and how it set him free emotionally and spiritually. We also discuss Dave's family legacy in music, his album production work, his passion for Alice in Chains, and what 3 albums would help people understand him better as a person. Plus, Metal News, New Releases, Metal Thunderdome results, What We’ve Been Listening To and our Top 5 Baseball Walk-On Songs. So, knock the dirt off your metal cleats and step into the batter's box. Episode 114 with Dave Kaminsky of Stone Healer is on the mound.
This episode we welcome Stacy Ciccone from the Dead Letter Omissions Podcast to chat about headbangin' in Chicago, her dislike for clean female vocalists in metal, her love for Kvelertak and how she found her way back to heavy music after a long absence.Once we get to know Stacy, we dive into News, New Releases, What We're Listening To and Albums of the Episode. We also debate a difficult Metal Thunderdome selected by John, who pits two classic doom albums against each other. Plus, Will breaks out an unexpected prop for a special Lightning Round and Markisan gives the low down on Arctic Sleep's BY THE HORNS EP, his first release for Skull Fracture Records.
This episode we crack open some brews and crank up the party volume to eleven with Andy Horn and Jonah Livingston of Loud Night! The boys chat with us about writing songs dumb enough to play blind drunk, riffing their way through the pandemic, and the inspiring power of a bench-pressing brother. We also discuss the latest Metal News, New Releases, What We’ve Been Listening To and the Top 5 Songs We'd Play if We had a Radio Show. Plus, hot spikes, six degrees of separation from us and Corey's Angels and George opens his denim sack?!?Episode 112 with Loud Night is the best party in town. Listen to it quick before the neighbors call the cops.
This episode we welcome Decibel writers Daniel Lake and Nick Green to talk about Dan's fantastic new book, USBM: A Revolution of Identity in American Black Metal. In an epic, 3-hour chat, Dan and Nick discuss how they got into metal, what it was like for Dan to interview bands for the book, the continuing evolution of U.S. black metal and how the legendary Tom G. Warrior came to write the book's foreword. They also discuss the early days of Decibel Magazine and what it's like to be a part of the highly respected publisher. After the longest, most comprehensive Q&A in the history of metal, we dig into News, New Releases, What We're Listening To and Albums of the Episode. We also reveal our Top 5 Favorite U.S. Black Metal Albums, John delivers vital stats from our 2020 Top 25 episode and Matt gives us a very divided Metal Thunderdome, pitting Gojira against Mastodon from the comfort of his snuggle dungeon. Plus, anacondas, crocodiles and why Markisan loves space.
2020 may have sucked overall, but metal did not. Bands and record labels truly rallied in the 2nd half of the year to deliver us some outstanding audio gifts. So, nestle in to a snug spot by your Christmas tree, pour a tankard of spiked nog and listen to us unwrap the very best metal presents of 2020. Plus, revel in the joy of John's Dork Fartress! Episode 110 – The Top 25 Metal Albums of 2020. Happy holidays to you and yours!
This episode we're honored to have death metal legend, David Gregor of Morta Skuld, on the cast. We talk to him about the band's crushing new album, "Suffer for Nothing," melting faces for 30 years, his favorite bands to play shows with, how metal has changed since the 90s, and driving Ronnie James Dio around when he was a production assistant. After the interview, Dave destroys Will's lightning round and hangs out for the rest of the ep to discuss news, new releases and what we're listening to. We also reveal the listener poll results of the last Metal Thunderdome and break down our Top 5 Metal Albums of 1990. Plus, Will's voice unexpectedly cracks and he becomes a man! So, grab a brew and crank up the volume on your favorite pod player. It's time to bang your head to the tales of a metal god and celebrate 30 years of Morta Skuld! Episode 109 with David Gregor is here.
Jeff and Stephanie Gresham, friends of the podcast, join us for Episode 108. After conversing about the current reality, Jeff gives us his top 5 quarantine albums as well as some of his favorite albums from 2020. Then Jeff and Steph stick around to help us out with news, new releases, what we are listening to and more. Markisan pits Iron Maiden versus Judas Priest in Metal Thunderdome, and then we pick our Top 5 Death Metal albums.
In Episode 107 we welcome the members of black metal band Skaldr. They give us the goods on their recently released first album, Scythe of Our Errors, and then stick around to help out with News, New Releases, What We Are Listening To and our Top 5 Black Metal Albums of the Last Five Years. We also announce the results of last episode’s Metal Thunderdome.
This episode we welcome Grant McKee, owner of Bucket o' Blood Books and Records in Chicago. Grant talks about running a record shop in a pandemic, how he got into metal, offering an exclusive cassette for the new Enslaved album and surviving the consumption of old, forgotten beer. We also discuss Metal News, New Releases and What We're Listening To. Plus, Albums of the Episode, a torturous Metal Thunderdome and our Top 5 Favorite Metal Album Packages! So, throw back an ancient brew and join us as we drop the needle into an ultra-heavy groove with Grant.
This episode we welcome George's friend from high school, Ian Locke, who talks about how he got into metal and regales us with spicy tales of teen George! We also discuss Metal News, New Releases and What We're Listening To. Plus, we look back on our epic Midyear cast, debut a new segment called Album of the Episode and count down our Top 5 Bands George Told Us About! So, steal a varsity jacket and work up the courage to talk to an old crush, because we're taking you back in time to metal prom in Michigan.
In part two our special, 7-hour mid-year episode we, and guest James Lewis of Decibel Magazine, finally get around to counting down our 25 favorite albums released between January and June. Plus, Matt tries to reference every song title on Metallica's Black Album, George perfects the art of speaking at half speed, and Markisan chases rainbows and crashes in a mead haze, only to make the greatest comeback in metal podcasting history. The ultimate TOP 25 METAL ALBUMS of 2020 MIDYEAR are here! Accept no substitutes!
In part one of this special, 7-hour episode we welcome our friend James Lewis of Decibel Magazine and reveal our Top 5 Album Covers and Top 5 EPs of the year so far. Check out part two for the Top 25 Albums of 2020 at midyear.
The Metalheads Podcast welcomes listener Steve McDowell, who talks about playing music, MacGyvering an amp out of an old turntable, and growing up a metalhead in a Jehovah's Witness home. After having a few beers with Steve, we discuss News, New Releases and What We've Been Listening to. Plus, we reveal our Top 5 Metal Albums from 1997, the year Steve graduated from High School. So, take off your track pants and turn on your lava lamp for an evening of titanic metal talk.
The Metalheads Podcast destroys the 4-hour wall again with episode 102! We welcome listener Dan Klajncar, who talks about his unpronounceable last name, how he started headbanging and what the metal scene is like in Winnipeg, Canada. After we get to know Dan, he sticks around to discuss News, New Releases and What We've Been Listening to. Plus, we break down our Top 10 Favorite Live Sets. So, grab a dictionary and a strong stout, and join us for an extra long night of butchered names and blast beats.
Bros, booze and bands, the three Bs that define the third edition of the Coronavirus War Journal. For the first part of the episode we are joined by long-time podcast friend Mark, aka The Franchise. Then, speaking of bees, we talk to Jon and JR from Milton, Delaware’s Brimming Horn Meadery. We close out the episode hanging with Dustin, Noel and Zach from Uhtcearu.
The Metalheads Podcast takes a pilgrimage through "The World that Was" in Episode 101 with Temple of Void! All five members of the band join the cast to discuss the recording and release of their new album, and how they're handling the Coronavirus pandemic, including the heroic front line work of Brent and Jason. After the interview, ToV hangs around to discuss News, New Releases and What We've Been Listening to. Plus, we roll up our sleeves for an epic, third round of Metal Thunderdome and turn the lights low to reveal our Top 5 Horror Stories. So, throw on your Sunday best and join us in the Temple for sermon 101 of trvest devastation.
The Metalheads Podcast returns with another Coronavirus War Journal! We reach out to another batch of artists to see how they are holding up in the new reality. This episode we talk to The Necrosexual of Necrosexual and Basilysk, Tom from Allfather and Wretched Empires, and for the first time, all four members of Khemmis. Close the social distancing gap and huddle up for more metal fun.
The Metalheads Podcast hits 100! In this landmark episode we celebrate 50 years of heavy metal by counting down our favorite records from each year, starting with 2019 and ending with the birth of metal in 1970. Plus, ruminations on 80s adult-contemporary music, Sasquatch love and the blanket snuggle secrets of Bitchy Matt. So, grab yourself a cold brew and your favorite afghan, and settle in with George, Jay, Will, John, Matt and Markisan for an extra-special night of celebratory shenanigans!
Given the new pandemic reality we are all dealing with right now, George thought it would be fun and productive to start performing wellness check interviews with some of our favorite podcast guests. In this special episode we talk with Trevor from Ashen Horde in Los Angeles, Keith D of Arctic Sleep in Wisconsin and Joel from Thrawsunblat in Fredericton, New Brunswick to find out how they are doing, and how their corners of the world are holding up against the coronavirus. And of course we find out if they are using their downtime to create new music.
The Metalheads Podcast brings you a special, completely unsanitized episode from COVID-19 quarantine! We talk about how our lives have been affected by the pandemic, the impact of the virus on the metal community, the postponement of the Decibel Metal and Beer Festival in Philly and some recent metal news. Plus, the Top 5 Metal Albums We Would Want with Us in Government Quarantine and the true mystery of George's "hoodie" begins...
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