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***First 15 minutes are chatter, stories begin after that. If you'd like a different format, we would be glad to help you out in starting your own podcast! They are fun for your target audience and yourself!**** This is a podcast inspired by 'My Favorite Murder', but this is all based about murders in America's High Five state: Michigan!
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This episode is almost more of a catch up. The stories don't start until about the 30 minute mark. Katie tells a quick story about a 'Death Car', and then Liz talks about Rosemarie Reilly, and asks questions about your feelings on some laws. And about faygo flavors.
69. You Punny Slut

69. You Punny Slut


The girls make another comeback from the comeback of absences, and Liz brings you a story sent in by listener of the show Kelly, about the Peck Poisonings and Arthur Waite, and then Katie tells us about a possible murder on Lake Michigan.
After an unplanned 'spring break' the girls are again back. This week Katie brings you the story of Rebecca Stowe and Bobby Leeman, and then Liz follows up with a story that allows you to pick your own ending, with the Michael David Elliott case.
This weeks episode is a lot of extra talking (Jump to 23 minutes in to skip that), and Katie brings you the story of Monica Hockey and the hero of that story, and a crazy helicopter situation. Liz then goes all over the board with 2 stories within one, and an update from an Mlive article on the story.
66. March Sadness

66. March Sadness


The girls are back for season 4! They talk about their March brackets, and what they've been up to. Liz then brings a not well versed story on Jamie Laiaddee, and then Katie follows up with a VERY well researched story on Debra Iverson.
On this final MichiMini of the Christmas season, it was time to talk about the Christmas story that all murderino's know all too well... JonBenet. The girls talk a bit about what exactly happened, the evidence (or lack there of), and some speculated theories.
The sequel to Ted Bundy part 1, Liz talks about the victims and the stories related to them. This mini is regular show length, because Ted was THAT horrible of a person.
Since the girls talked about Ann Rule and her friendship with Ted Bundy, it was only fair to bring up Ted Bundy. In this first part of a two parter, Katie brings you Ted's background and the twisted tales it held.
62. MichiMini: Ann Rule

62. MichiMini: Ann Rule


On this day of MichiMini Christmas, it was time to talk about the OG Michigan Murderino... Ann Rule. From her start of true crime right here in America's high five, to her friendship with Ted Bundy, this episode is all things Ann and it Rules!
The girls talk about 6 dumb Michigan criminals, and their bad ideas. Also the girls get serious for a moment, because dammit, WE LOVE YOU!
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Orkaganon of Torkaganon

I'd like this show a lot better if ya kept your political remarks to yourselves. I listen to podcasts to get away from that stupidity.

Jun 26th
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