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***First 15 minutes are chatter, stories begin after that. If you'd like a different format, we would be glad to help you out in starting your own podcast! They are fun for your target audience and yourself!**** This is a podcast inspired by 'My Favorite Murder', but this is all based about murders in America's High Five state: Michigan!
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On this episode Katie tells us about her favorite cryptid, and one of the hottest names in America right now, Mothman! In the words of Mothman (kind of), 'Be gay and do crimes!' Also, we do not condone doing crimes...
The start of a new year means the start of a new season! Join the girls this week talking about Star Wars, and Katie has a Old Timey Christmas time story about a Florida case involving a man who went by 'The Isleno' and a whole towns mess. And then Liz follows up with a briefing of the Kevin Bacon situation unfolding in Michigan, and asks a question to you all.
Stories start closer to the 30 minute mark, as there was a lot to be said about what's been happening with MSU and the Primaries. This was recorded on a Wednesday, but uploaded on a Monday, so the title may be confusing....
This weeks episode is short, as Katie does a god job at carrying it, while Liz... Well, she's there.
72. 98 Degrees?

72. 98 Degrees?


On this episode, the girls chit chat for the first 20 minutes about life, and then Liz brings you the story about what may have been inspiration for a part of the 2001 movie 'Jeepers Creepers', about Marilyn and Dennis Depue. Then Katie brings you a story from the other peninsula state, and tells you about the incredibly messed up story of Joan and Glen Tucker. One of the Joan's, anyway....
As we near the end of the Christmas MichiMini's, Liz hits us with a real downer and gives us all the information made available currently for the Adrienne Quintal story that is currently developing in northern Michigan.
On the 12th day MichiMini Christmas, your true loves gave to you.... A story about Blanche Kiser Taylor Moore,'The Black Widow of North Carolina', as told to you from Katie.
On today's episode, Liz talks to you about a topic we've covered a little bit before... Michigan Melonheads. They are nothing like a Gushers commercial would lead you to believe, for the record.
On Day 9 of MichiMini Christmas, the girls spend a little more time in Florida, and talk about some ghost stories and urban legends surrounding Disney.
Today, on Day 8... Or whatever day, we screwed up... The girls talk about celebrities from Florida. But, let's be honest, they aren't quite as good as Michigan's Celebs. Hello, Lizzo, anyone?
This episode peaks down to Katie's neck of the woods as the girls talk about some interesting places that are 'Hidden Gems' in Florida. 10/10 recommend Googling some of these oddities!
***DISCLAIMER*** The first 5 minutes are political talk!!The girls have banter until the 25:10 mark, and then Katie tells us about a beautiful hotel in Miami, and it's ghosts! Do yourself the favor and google 'The Biltmore Hotel Miami' and check out how stunning it is!
On the 5th day of MichiMini Christmas, Liz tells you about a few local haunts around the Grand Rapids area. The girls also talk about glue in terrible places, and unfortunately, the 15 gallon enema was brought up... Again.
On the 4th day of MichiMini Christmas, the girls talk CULTS! Katie brings us 5 cults from Florida, and Liz talks about the House of David out of Benton Harbor. Cults always seem to start kind of fun, but always take one heck of a downward turn...
The girls are back with another day of murder stories representing their states on this 3rd day of MichiMini Christmas!
On the 2nd day of MichiMini Christmas the girls talk our favorite subject.... Murder! Katie brings you 2 stories about her new hometown that mayhaps are a bit too close to home, and Liz brings us a short story on a 10 year cold case and sex cult. What?
THIS EPISODE IS LITERALLY JUST BANTERThe girls fill you in on where they've been this summer, and all the updates in their lives. This is just a catch up episode, with no stories other than the girls lives.
The girls are back for the 13 days of MichiMini Christmas for 2019, and this is just a quick catch up!
This episode is almost more of a catch up. The stories don't start until about the 30 minute mark. Katie tells a quick story about a 'Death Car', and then Liz talks about Rosemarie Reilly, and asks questions about your feelings on some laws. And about faygo flavors.
69. You Punny Slut

69. You Punny Slut


The girls make another comeback from the comeback of absences, and Liz brings you a story sent in by listener of the show Kelly, about the Peck Poisonings and Arthur Waite, and then Katie tells us about a possible murder on Lake Michigan.
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blues and browns

I'd like this show a lot better if ya kept your political remarks to yourselves. I listen to podcasts to get away from that stupidity.

Jun 26th

Tom Napier

A person would have to be a sad dull stick in the mud not to love this podcast! I thinks it’s better than MFM just because of Katie’s hair. I love true crime. And when I listen to this I feel like Katie and Liz are hanging out with me having a drink and talking about murder! Awful fucking awesome podcast!

Jan 24th



Jul 22nd
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