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In the season finale of MORE With Monique, Monique opens up and tells her own personal story like never before. Beginning with her diagnosis of an unforeseen health condition, Monique describes her journey through intuition, awareness, courage, faith, healing, sex, honesty and purpose that brought her to exactly where she is today.  Monique’s unorthodox, intense, outrageous (and some might say insane!) adventure explores the importance of trusting and choosing MORE for yourself- despite the judgements and opinions of others.
I Choose More... PURPOSE. Monique has an inspiring conversation with Damaris Dunn, an educator currently pursuing a doctoral degree focusing on educational equity and Black girl joy.  Claudine Cooper also shares her incredible journey of escaping her childhood depression through exercise and how embracing her purpose lead her to begin an accessible and inclusive exercise movement as well as a life-changing encounter with Oprah Winfrey herself.
I Choose More… HONESTY. Monique speaks to influencer and content creator Jay (of @edenxjay) as she recalls her dramatic story of coming out at sixteen years old in solidarity with her cousin in the face of adversity from their families. Johan Beckles, an award-winning actor, also shares a deeply personal story about the devastating loss of her son to suicide and how she coped both before and after the tragic event that forever changed her life.
I Choose More… SEX. Monique hears the story of Angela Richardson- a writer, coach and the founder of Satiate, who chose to explore her sexuality by taking on two very different lovers at the same time.  And then another. How did it feel to step into a sexually empowered position, despite the traditional wiring that women are faced with to ignore their natural sexual desires? Chloe, Monique’s good friend, also shares her story of how a phase in her marriage that lacked intimacy inspired her and her husband to express and explore their deepest sexual fantasies, which lead them to swinging.
I Choose More… HEALING. Monique reunites with her high school friend turned superstar Pussycat Doll Carmit Bachar to discuss her journey of being born with a cleft palate through to joining the world’s sexiest girl group and the necessary healing that is required beyond the antidote of fame. She also hears from Tina Reimer, a renowned speaker and coach living in Germany who intimately details the relationship she developed with herself in the aftermath of her separation from  her husband and how she chose celibacy as a form of healing and self-connection.
I Choose More…. FAITH. Monique hears two incredible stories of faith from two inspirational women.  Angela Tennison, who was the first female African-American usher to serve in the White House, shares the leap of faith she took to quit her job and work for a then presidential hopeful named Barack Obama. Doctor Annette Hollingsworth-Moore, an accomplished OBGYN, relives the emotional journey of the birth of her daughter and how her faith enabled her to advocate and fight for her life, against Doctor’s wishes, from the very moment that she was born.
I Choose More…. COURAGE. Monique hears two unique stories that center around the power of courage and how it can shape your life. Luisa, now a successful life coach, shares the decision she made to become a stripper whilst working in a Fortune 500 company to tackle her debt head on, while Monique (yes, another Monique!) discusses the ramifications she faced within the black community when she made an impulsive decision to vote for Donald Trump.
I Choose More…. AWARENESS. Monique explores how a moment of awareness can change your life forever. In this episode of MORE with Monique, Monique has intimate conversations with Kendra AKA Yo Fly Aunty who shares the awareness that came from simply tying her Father’s shoelaces and CJ, who explores his growing awareness over time that he was a male born into a female body.
I Choose More…. INTUITIONMonique explores the role listening to your intuition has on your life. In this episode of MORE with Monique, Monique has soul stirring conversations with Damona, who shares tips on developing your intuition, and Gahmya, who from a very young age had ample access to her intuition. 



Fifteen years ago, Monique DeBose wrote a song called “MORE” when she took a leap of faith and quit the corporate world to chase her dreams of becoming a singer.One year ago, after a #2 album and speaking at the United Nations, TEDx and Mindvalley, she finally plucked up the courage to put her song out into the world- and began a movement for women choosing MORE. In this deeply intimate and inspiring podcast, Monique will explore the stories of a diverse range of women who have chosen MORE for their own lives- from quitting a stable career to champion a little known politician named Barack Obama to becoming an global popstar and then making the decision to walk away from it all.  We’ll find out what women are choosing MORE of, why and the impact it has had on their lives.Monique will also share tips and exercises that will help you to integrate everything you desire into your own life in a practical and fun way.What do you choose MORE of? It’s time to decide and make it happen.For behind the scenes content and conversation regarding the podcast, join the Facebook Group Women Choosing MORE
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