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MORTIS rises from the grave yet again! Actor and Lovecraft scholar,Leeman Kessler of ASK LOVECRAFT returns for part 2 of an exclusive interview tackling the ongoing storm of controversy surrounding H.P. Lovecraft, It's a frank discussion on racism, xenophobia and fandom that's not to be missed. You've been warned. Also, Managing Editor Stephen Semones resumes his popular review series, "From the Vault" with a look at the 1974 cult horror favorite DERANGED, Finally, our own music guru Shane Parkey explores the intersection of 1960s monster kid and car culture with an exclusive look back at artist Big Daddy Ed Roth and his notoriously iconic creation, Rat Fink .
On a very special episode of MORTIS, our friend VICTORIA PRICE, daughter of the legendary VINCENT PRICE, returns to tell us all about her new book THE WAY OF BEING LOST: A ROAD TRIP TO MY TRUEST SELF and the ongoing journey that inspired it. How does her iconic father and horror fandom tie into spiritual discovery? You may be be surprised.
MORTIS returns!!!! We're back from the dead with an all new show. William Wright interviews actor and Lovecraft scholar LEEMAN KESSLER in the first of a two part feature on the Master of Cosmic Horror. Shane Parkey traces the legacy of Goth-Punk Pioneers, THE DAMNED in an all new HOUSE OF WAX, and we debut an all new comics feature, TERROR IN FOUR COLORS. Can your nerves take the shocking return of MORTIS?!?!?!?
MORTIS returns with another exclusive! Managing Editor Stephen J. Semones sits down with creature actor extraordinaire, DOUG JONES (HELLBOY, PAN'S LABYRINTH, CRIMSON PEAK) for a very special interview. Doug discusses his career under the make-up, his long working relationship with horror master Guillermo del Toro and his upcoming starring roles in THE BYE BYE MAN and the remix of NOSFERATU, and much more!
MORTIS returns with another exclusive long-form intereview. CAPTAIN HOWDY SPEAKS!!! On this very special episode, William J. Wright interviews the amazing EILEEN DIETZ--the unsung legend of THE EXORCIST who doubled for Linda Blair in all of that film's most horrifyingly memorable moments. Eileen opens up about her long career in film and television, writing her biography EXORCISING MY DEMONS: AN ACTRESS' JOURNEY TO THE EXORCIST AND BEYOND, her upcoming film projects and much, much more. It's an insider's look at the most frightening film ever made and it's only on MORTIS! Featuring the music of the world famous PHANTOM OPERATORS!
We're back with a very special episode! William Wright interviews VICTORIA PRICE, daughter of horror icon VINCENT PRICE, about her legendary dad, her ongoing spiritual journey and how Vincent Price's enduring legacy continues to inspire us today. You know the legend, now get to know the man through words of the woman who knew him best! Get ready for the "rollie coaster" ride of a lifetime only here on MORTIS!
On this bonus episode, guitarist JOHN 5 (Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson) returns to MORTIS for a full length interview! Our resident musicologist, Shane Parkey sits down with J5 ahead of his show in Nashville, Tennessee, to discuss everything from touring with his band THE CREATURES and his work on ROB ZOMBIE'S upcoming album to his incredible new video release "Making Monsters" and much more! It's a jam-packed monster rally of Rock 'n' Roll on this all new special edition of The MORTIS HOUSE OF WAX!!!
While you're waiting for our new, full length show, enjoy this mini-episode featuring David Ward's ALL NEW interview with actor, TONY TODD recorded at Atlanta's 2016 DAYS OF THE DEAD CONVENTION. The Candy Man himself opens up about his past, his love of classic films and his part in the controversial STAR TREK fan project AXANAR! Also, hear how the worlds of punk and metal nearly collided as Shane Parkey unleashes a HOUSE OF WAX BONUS TRACK featuring some previously unreleased audio from his exclusive interview with CJ RAMONE of the WORLD FAMOUS RAMONES. CJ reveals how he almost joined METALLICA!!! All this and some surprises crammed into a bite-sized package of terror!!!
It's a cool Yule with the ghouls as the MORTIS crew return to the lounge for their year-end HOLIDAY BASH! EVIL DEAD 2's hillbilly supreme, DANNY HICKS stops by to discuss all things Bobby Joe including his new musical project, The Tim-O and Danny Hicks Brain Invasion AND what it's really like to work with Bruce Campbell; CJ RAMONE of the world famous RAMONES sits down with our resident musicologist Shane Parkey for an exclusive HOUSE OF WAX interview; William Wright chats with musicians Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka of the legendary horror band MIDNIGHT SYNDICATE about their new holiday release CHRISTMAS: A GHOSTLY GATHERING; The ever-angry David Ward is iffy about SyFy in an all new NEGATIVE SPACE feature; Stephen Semones returns to the film vault to light a fire under THE WICKER MAN; We discuss what happened the last time there was a STAR WARS release this time of year AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!
IT'S A GIANT-SIZED HALLOWEEN EXTRAVAGANZA! Shane Parkey chats with Rob Zombie's guitar wizard JOHN 5!. David Ward interviews Sideshow royalty, CAPTAIN STAB TUGGO (America's Got Talent, The Hunger Games)! Music legend EERIE VON of SAMHAIN and DANZIG drops by The House of Wax. TROLL 2's GEORGE HARDY sits down with Stephen Semones for the best, worst interview ever. And William Wright catches up with the invaluable TOM SULLIVAN, SPECIAL FX MASTER of THE EVIL DEAD! All this and much more in this exclusive DOUBLE HALLOWEEN EPISODE!!!
The listener reaction to writer/director TOM HOLLAND's (FRIGHT NIGHT, CHILD'S PLAY) appearance on our last episode was so overwhelmingly positive, we've decided to release the interview in its entirety! In this MORTIS exclusive interview, Stephen J. Semones delves deep into the filmmaker's life and career from his early days as a soap opera star to becoming a certified Master of Horror. Hear TOM HOLLAND's thoughts on horror, where it's been and where it's going, the inside scoop on his cinematic hits including PSYCHO 2, FRIGHT NIGHT, CLOAK AND DAGGER and CHILD'S PLAY, and how even he couldn't kill Chucky!!!
William, Stephen, David and Shane are back in the lounge for a very special tribute to the mighty WES CRAVEN. Recorded less than 24 hours after Craven's passing, the MORTIS crew looks back at the life of a true Master of Horror. Also, Stephen Semones chats with horror legend TOM HOLLAND, writer and director of FRIGHT NIGHT and CHILD'S PLAY. William Wright sits down with the Peabody Award nominated creative team of JOHN C. ALSEDEK and DANA PERRY-HAYES of BLUE HOURS PRODUCTIONS to discuss their revival of the classic radio drama SUSPENSE. David Ward rages against the evil Hollywood remake machine in THE NEGATIVE SPACE. Our musicologist, Shane Parkey traces Charles Manson's strange path through the musical landscape of the 1960s in part 2 of an exclusive HOUSE OF WAX feature. We're on the trail of the Fouke Monster in an all new CULT CORNER. . . and much more! To avoid fainting, keep repeating, "It's only a podcast . . ."
On this all new episode, the MORTIS crew meets up in the House of Wax for a salute to soundtracks and movie music. We interview grindhouse royalty FRED "THE HAMMER" WILLIAMSON. David Ward drops the bomb on BABYMETAL. Shane Parkey explores the bizarre connection between Charles Manson and the 60s music scene. Stephen Semones looks back at AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON. William Wright finds "The Holy Grail" in an unexpected place. We hit the highlights from San Diego Comicon AND MUCH MORE! Can your heart take the shocking return of MORTIS!?!?!?!?
On this all new episode of MORTIS, Stephen Semones salutes TROMA alum turned Hollywood king, JAMES GUNN, we geek out with THE WALKING DEAD's MOSES J. MOSELEY, David Ward skewers convention con-men in THE NEGATIVE SPACE, Shane Parkey spins some 50s and 60s SPLATTER PLATTERS in THE HOUSE OF WAX, we pay tribute to fallen horror icon, Sir Christopher Lee, William J. Wright takes you back to the roots of the horror genre with the silent classic NOSFERATU and we interview the one and only, original WEDNESDAY ADDAMS, LISA LORING!!!! All this and much more. To avoid fainting, keep repeating, "It's only a podcast . . . "
The inaugural episode of RADIO-MORTIS! Join William, Adam, David, and Stephen in Morty's Lounge for an introductory round-table discussion covering several topics ranging from Alex Winter to Guillermo Del Toro. Listen to Morty's Lounge's house band, PHANTOM OPERATORS. Tune into David Ward's Negative Space. Visit THE RAMONES in The House Of Wax. Reminisce about Leonard Nimoy. And above all... enjoy!
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