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Author: Jason Young & Carl Schweitzer

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THE podcast for Microsoft developers. Jason Young and Carl Schweitzer talk about the latest in developer news covering topics such as the Azure cloud, Windows, Visual Studio, and cross-platform development using the Microsoft platform.
253 Episodes
Optimizing Your Life

Optimizing Your Life


Dwight emails us asking when you should upgrade your tech stack. We talk about iOS focus modes, burnout / mental health, managing your calendar, taking control of bookmarks, and creating a second brain in Obsidian.
This week we talk with Benjamin Cabe about building an artificial nose. What I learned from software engineering at Google. And lots of cool GitHub annoucements.
No Code - why it matters   Find my Cat application   Location Tracking using No Code platforms
Rancher with Don High

Rancher with Don High


This week we talk with Don High about Rancher, Kubernetes, and AKS. Compiling 1 billion lines of code on 64 cores. 20,000 bees took over an office. Petabyte tape cartridges.
This week we talk with Bill Lamie about Azure RTOS. How Linux was ported to the Apple M1. Firefox and Google crack down on Supercookies. And rendering a million webpages to find out what makes the web slow.
This week we talk with Rick Rainey about utilizing Linux for a development environment. Wireguard VPN. Wikipedia turns 20. Are 80 columns enough for code? And writing Hello World in zero lines of code.
This week we talk about the new Apple M1 chip, TEALs, and volunteering in education.
This week we talk with Jon Sequeira and Kathleen Dollard about System.CommandLine.
This week we talk with Christos Matskas and John Patrick Dandison about the Microsoft identity platform.
.NET 5 with Scott Hunter

.NET 5 with Scott Hunter


Welcome to the MS Dev Show, episode #243. This week we talk about the huge release of .NET 5.
Welcome to the MS Dev Show, episode #242. This week we talk with Michael Levan about Octopus Deploy. How to build an invisible PC inside of a desk. A super cool debug visualizer for VS Code. And what's actually in a digital pregnancy test?
Ultimate Home Office

Ultimate Home Office


This week we talk about standing desks and office setups.  A major security concern with mailto links. Microsoft Flight Simulator with some funny quirks.
This week we talk with David Crook about hacking the stock market with data and machine learning. How to spend nearly a billion dollars in Azure with a single click . And Folding@Home performs more than twice as fast as the fastest supercomputer.
This week we talk with Lee Warrick about COVID-19. Trying to use the web without a user agent. Apple killing the PWA. And why is it called a log?
This week we talk with Harini Kannan and Paul Gusmorino about React Native. CLI's vs GUI's. And how copying code from Stack Overflow made it so that Docker and Razor software wouldn't run at the same time.
PowerToys with Clint Rutkas

PowerToys with Clint Rutkas


Welcome to the MS Dev Show, episode #237. This week we talk with Clint Rutkas about Microsoft PowerToys. Google and Bing appear to only display ads now. Java support in VS Code. And LastPass figures out how to implement unbreakable security.
A Decade of Development

A Decade of Development


Welcome to the MS Dev Show, episode #236. This week we talk about some of the changes in software development over the last decade, and it's sure to trigger some nostalgia. The year of Linux on the business card. Is Microsoft Edge worth using? And watch out quicksort, crab sort is better for a certain class of aquatic scenarios.
Welcome to the MS Dev Show, episode #235. This week we talk with Brent Stineman about some of the best announcements from Ignite 2019. We also try out Visual Studio online, and it's smart than us.
CSE OneWeek 2019

CSE OneWeek 2019


Hello everybody and welcome to the MS Dev Show, episode number 234! We are live at a giant internal hack event here at Microsoft. We talk to 4 teams about the projects their working on. We have everything from GRPC to headless robots, so don't miss it.
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