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An exploration into female fitness, health, modeling and wellbeing, and support for followers of the award-winning Methodology X™ workout. Hosted by Strength & Conditioning Coach, Dan Roberts and featuring a variety of expert guests.
26 Episodes
Today I talk with Dutch/Australian Model & Nutritionist Lillian Van Der Veen. We discuss her successful modelling career, how she overcome body image issues and her balanced and practical nutritional advice to fellow Models.Follow Lillians' nutritional advice on TikTok and Instagram
You have a goal, but something is stopping you, you even start to feel apathetic. Your motivation is dropping, what are you to do?In this short and practical episode Dan shares his tips, ideas and stories on how to delve deep into the real reason you want to change, and how one simple question can change everything! He also shares useful tips on how to apply accountability, gratitude, routine, milestones into your process and why silly motivational memes still have a role to play.
Sarah is a former international high-fashion model and an NYC  booker/agent. She now works as a Model Consultant and is the Founder of MODELKIND™, a new brand & company that helps young women navigate the industry.    As many models follow Methodology X™, I like bringing on guests that will directly help you. Sarah is fun, candid,  and a very authentic human being. If you're in the industry or want to get into it, I really hope you find our conversation useful.  Do follow Sarah and let her know what resonated with you... I think she'll love that!IG:
Welcome to series 2 of the  MX podcastI kick off this new season with 10 tips to improve your confidence. 
In today's show, I talk to Sophie Tomas about her new book 'Fitlosophy' which shares how noted philosophical thinkers, such as Marx,  Kant, Nietzsche, Aristotle to name just a few! can help us better understand our relationship with exercise and the way we train. Sophie is also a certified MX Instructor, Personal Trainer, Martial Artist and is currently doing an MSc in Psychology. - I've known her for many years and I love how she thinks deeply about life. We talk about the ideas in her book and also chat about fitness, coaching, social media. As always my guests have all kinds of nuggets of wisdom that are there for you to use and apply. I do hope you find it interesting and useful.Available on all major podcast platforms and YouTube @DanRobertsTV    Follow Sophie at @sofitee on Instagram Dan Roberts, CSCSFounder of the Dan Roberts Group of companies 
Episode 24Today I talk with International Fashion Model & Psychologist Lena Kossewska. We discuss the challenges of modelling, body image, self-esteem, bookers, contracts, self-care and more. Lena is the co-founder of Models Empowered which offers support and community to young women working in the world of fashion. Follow Lena's advice on Instagram
[Also available to watch on youtube: @danrobertstv]In today's episode, which is my last episode of series 1 of the MX podcast I answer 10 of your questions.1:45: My fave TV show?4:45: MX explained 8:15: The best exercise for Glutes?15:45: My funniest client17:45: How to I reduce your thigh measurements24:30: How I got into fitness?30:45: My biggest transformation 39:45: Why motivation isn't important 44:15: Going out with clients45:10: Our next Transformation challenge 47:05: My dream clientHope you enjoy it!  See you at end of January for Series 2 of the MX podcast.
So... I think to be happy we need to be free and we need to think clearly! Postmodern tribalism and being too woke can seem kind.. but it's dangerous for society. Here's a short video on the matter.  Basically ...I'm against identity politics. I'm liberal , so hopefully you'll get the nuance.  and yes.. don't worry .. I'll go back to fitness next week!...It's just that I was scrolling through Instagram today... and the lack of clarity from people trying to do the right thing... has inspired me to discuss the world we live in and share my opinions on some very complex issues, including transgender rights, sexuality, religious freedom and more.  I know I'm off-topic for the MX podcast.. so don't listen if it's not for you! and do let me know if anything today resonates. Stay safe!D
[Also available to watch on youtube: @danrobertstv]Rebecca Pearson is a British Model, Writer and a big sister to so many Models!.  In today's show, we talk about how to best navigate through the world of modelling, both practically and mentally. We talk bookers, agents, getting dropped, doing TV adverts, fashion, music, social media, professionalism, kindness, the pandemic and more.MX-ers, you will have read Rebecca's words of wisdom advice in the Bonus Section of the online club...but you should also check out her amazing blog at Models will particularly enjoy today's episode! You can follow Rebbeca on Instagram - where you see dancing, gardening and Rebecca just being Rebecca! She's real, she's authentic, she's kind and she's cool... so go give her a follow!I also talk about her friend Leanne Maskell at the end of the show, Author of the Model Manifesto. This is a must-have book for anyone working in fashion today.P.S - This interview was filmed for youtube - so you can also watch it at DanRobertsTV!Dan Roberts.Host of the MX Podcast Founder of Methodology X™ CEO - The Dan Roberts 
[Also available to watch on youtube: @danrobertstv]Svava Sigbertsdottir is an Icelandic Personal Trainer based in London, the creator of the Viking Method and Author of the Viking Method Book.We've been friends/drinking buddies for a few years now and I'm a big fan of her and her work. In today's episode (which was recorded as a live interview for YouTube) we talk about. life, fitness, business, mindset. resilience, the toxicity of the body positivity movement, why we both hate motivational quotes! and we muse over the perils of fame, dealing with stress, success and failure and the importance of exercise. It's a candid conversation which I know you'll enjoy !Find out more about Svava at : www.thevikingmethod.comDan Roberts, CSCSPersonal Trainer | LondonHost of the MX PodcastCreator of Methodology X™ Creator of NUK SOO™Managing Director of www.DanRobertsGroup.comInstagram/Twitter/Facebook: @teamdanroberts
The wonderful Cathy Brown is an ex professional British Boxer, Sporting Performance Coach, Life Coach, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, and Public Speaker. Cathy was in the vanguard of professional women’s boxing and works with passion and determination to promote equality for women in sport and other heavily male dominated environments.  In 1998, she became only the 2nd woman in the UK to receive a Professional boxing licence.  She spent 10 years at the top of her professional field winning English and European Titles and becoming ranked number 3 in the World.With more than a decade’s experience as a professional athlete in one of the world’s toughest sports, Cathy now uses her expertise to develop her clients’ mental and physical strength, and to provide much sought-after comment to international press and media outlets.  She offers personal training, life coaching, therapy both in person and online and is the founder ion Boxology™. She currently runs women empowerment workshops, speeches and presentations plus has experience in movement direction and consultation in films, TV and theatre. Cathy is a regular columnist for Men’s Health, Women’s Health Magazine, Runners World and has featured in The Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, Evening Standard, The Daily Mail, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Harpers Bazaar, Company, Financial Times, Women’s Fitness and on various TV shows.Today we talk about why she got into boxing, mental health, MMA, being punched in the face, the art of coaching, boxology™, female empowerment, mental heath and more.  You can find out more about Cathy at For feedback and to submit questions for future guests please visit: 
[Also available to watch on youtube: @danrobertstv]In this episode, I discuss the 4 pillars of weight loss and share the tips and insights I have learned over the years to make it easier for you to lose weight and keep it off. 
Self care with Kim Ingleby

Self care with Kim Ingleby


Kim Ingleby is an award-winning Mind & Body coach, Writer, TedX Speaker, Consultant to Stictly Come Dancing, Charity Fudraiser, Performance Coach to numerous Team GB athletes and a former Team GB athlete herself.   Her approach to helping others is deeply holistic and she uses her own life experiences to give real insights and wisdom to her clienetele. I've known Kim for many years and have always been a fan of her work. In todays episode she shares her tips and insight into coping with this pandemic, her thought on social media and on how the fitness industry has changed. We also chat about her career and how she came through some very tough times. Always candid and thoghtful in her advice... I'm sure you will gain some vaulable lessons from listening today. It's a long episode.. around 80 minutes, so why not grab your trainers and enjoy the fresh air while you go for walk (or maybe try and run 15K!)  To find out more about Kim:Social @KimIngleby do follow her on instagram/twitter etc and say hi.Dan 
Todays episode is a bit different as I recorded it as a live YouTube video. Watch it at - In all the excitement (when I say excitement, I mean my lack of planning and having notes) I forgot to mention a few key things...1) If you are used to lifting then doing 4 sets do 6-12 reps with 90 seconds works great for both exercies.2) There are mulitude of functional benefits to both exercies that make them very useful for athletic living.  For example, the 2nd exercise exposes an improves the Glute medius, which (along with your core) helps to stabilse pelvis and is vital for pre-hab and rehab of runenrs knee and many other lower limb issues.3) Both exercises burn a lot of fat, improve your fundamental raw athletic skill, tone up legs & butt and do it all without bulking up qauads.... this is why they are useful to my clients! - I rarely program is traditional squats as most of my female clients are already quad dominant (due to prevous bad training habits & modern gym culture favouring strong legs and too many HITT or Spin workouts ) and having a lean and fit body vibe is our focus.
My friend and collegue, the NYC based Personal Trainer & Exercise Physiologist Katelyn Faison joins the show to discuss pre & post natal exercise. In todays episode she discusses the current guidelines, why you must listen to your body and shares important exercises and answers some listeners questions.To find about more about Kateyln and her online pre/post natal coaching services please visit and follow her in insta @faisonmethod.
In todays episode I talk about the benefits of a fitness challenges and why you should start one tomorrow!
Superstar LA Personal Trainer Ashley Borden joins me for chat about how she stays in such amazing shape, how she trains her clients and we also answer some listener questions. This episode is also useful to fellow coaches who want insights into dealing with "celebrities" and on building your coaching business in an authentic way that lasts!Find out more about Ashley at
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