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The Human Side of Entrepreneurship and Mental Health. This podcast dives deep into the human psyche of Change Makers and Entrepreneurs with hopes of providing you with a better understanding of the emotional processing hacks they've uncovered and how thinking about thinking can lead you to the life of your choosing.
10 Episodes
What does living vicariously mean and what I learned from the passing of another celebrity and why it's ok to be upset when someone you don't know, dies.
Learn how to know when to Quit; your job, an idea, or your broken relationship. It's time. A conversation with Clint Bertucci
Listen if you are finding yourself stuck on the same bullshit demons and how I finally learned to embrace my feminine side.
So many people are suffering from thoughts of Suicide and family members who have completed Suicide. Hear my sister Maggie's hopeful story of how she survived...
You may be afraid to talk about Mental Health/Illness. Listen to find ways to be more open with yourself and find courage to listen and respond to others..
I made the mistake of comparing myself to people I follow on social media and learned the importance of how to balance social media with real life.
How to have freedom and keep it after being told you have a brain tumor. Jessica shares her story about embracing life and trusting the power of surrender.
How to Deal with Imposter Syndrome, how I got over it in the past (using the power of "I don't know) and how I'm currently fighting it through the production of this show.
The show's first interview, I sit down with my old buddy from school to talk about his journey and success in finding a co-founder (by treating it like a marriage), and the emotional challenges of being a father entrepreneur.
A quick intro to the show; from Hypnotherapy, to Improv and finally dusting off a 4 year old microphone..
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