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Jessica and Kristen provide a female perspective of life in the punk rock scene. Two women who love to laugh, love music, and occasionally enjoy a drink or two while interviewing your favourite punk rock artists.
73 Episodes
In this episode, Kristen and Sarah recap their recent trip to San Francisco for Pirate Press's 15 year celebration, Rock The Ship. They discuss the bands they saw, the club shows and Sarah's unfortunate illnesses (some self-inflicted, some not). Then the ladies discuss a super annoying question Sarah gets asked all the time. Finally, Stacey Dee is back to offer advice about long distance relationships. 
On this episode, Sarah and Kristen begin by talking about sandwiches, earthquakes and guilty pleasure music. Then, they are joined by Stacey Dee of Bad Cop Bad Cop who answers a fan question about pursuing music or giving it up for the "day job." Then, Kristen talks with her bud, Josh of the band Trashed Ambulance about their new album, going back to college as an adult, and hockey (duh, eh).  Song: Round 3 by Trashed Ambulance
This episode starts out with Kristen and Sarah catching up about living a healthy lifestyle, going to shows sober and the interesting ways their lives have paralleled over the past 20 years. Then Kristen talks with Amy Gabba about her new EP, The Heart is Stupid and the amazing musicians who supported her on this project. They discuss philosophy, debate, both almost becoming lawyers and discovering punk rock. Amy opens up about the highs and lows of being a woman in the music industry, including trying out for Canadian Idol and controlling record producers. She also talks about dating, getting hit on at shows and writing this brake up album with her ex. Songs: Ladders by The Anti-Queens and FU Cupid by Amy Gabba
Justine McQueen with a guest appearance by Garrett Brown, the drummer of The Unsung, discussing a show & artist review for the band, Monarch, the winners of the Wacken Open Air Metal Battle representing metal music for the USA. Followed by a one on one interview with Monarch’s bass player, Alex Pickard (also bass player for Cage and The Three Tremors).  Discussing the Wacken Open Air festival in Germany and what it’s all about. What do you musicians do during days upon days of recording an album? Play fight with swords of course! Who has a hair inspiration from Blacky Wallace if W.A.S.P. and a single tattoo of the the band Slayer.  Hear about the most epic moment at a GKC fast with a impromptu crash derby style with a car on fire. McQueen gets told one of her questions was psycho (all in fun though).
Kristen is joined by Emily for the first half of the episode and they recap punk rock bowling. Should you say hi to your favorite artists you pass on the street? The two stages, which was new this year, yay or nay? Noah's Mable Syndrome cheat sheet and more! Festivals vs club shows... what's up next? Then they discuss AntiFlag and set up the interview. In the second half, Kristen talks with Pat, the drummer of AntiFlag about his new baby, the two week rule, which member of the band knows him best, if there are any political topics the band disagrees on, how he took up drums, and more. Plus, the interview ends abruptly for a funny reason.  Song: One People, One Struggle by AntiFlag
This is a bonus episode coming to you with lots of laughs, so get ready. First, Kristen is joined by her friend Mabel to talk about Chicago punk rock and their recent meet up. Then, Mable plays the game "Porn or Punk Song." Starting at 43:30, Kristen plays a Howard Stern trivia game with none other than Brendan Kelly (The Lawrence Arms, Falcon). Even if you don't know or care about Howard Stern, you should find some humor in them geeking out. Who won, Kristen or Brendan? Or, skip it. Starting around 58:30 Kristen asks Brendan some questions, and since they are both drunk from the Howard Stern game, this goes downhill fast.  Songs: Slowest Drink at the Saddest Bar by The Lawrence Arms and Wonder Beer by Naked Raygun
Welcome to Episode 1 of McQueen's Music & Mayhem. Meet Justine McQueen! You'll hear musical influence origins, why we decide to get band influenced tattoos, what metal shows, cat lovers and mermaid sequins have in common, why punk rock is the heart and metal is the brain, what moshpit etiquette is and why no editing is required when McQueen is slow to the party...twice. You'll meet a kickass metal band, Warpath and play Where's Waldo of " this a band meeting...?" and hear about the chick who crawled into a bass drum case.  Music: Slaughter by Pantera and Toto by Africa
First up, Kristen is joined by her bro-Mable, Sal, who talks about not wanting to be called a bro-Mable. But tough. Things get heavy (trigger warning) as they discuss the suicide deaths of two of their close friends. Skip to 22:00 to avoid the heavy talk. Then, Sal offers some fun insights into the band, Dead Bars, to set up Kristen's interview with John Maiello. Kristen and John talk about random stuff like moving to Seattle, John's high school band, naciremA, pink drinks, ear plugs and darts. Song: I'm a Regular by Dead Bars
Jessica and Kristen start the show with the typical immature topics such as eating cheerios in bed, flatulence and Jessica's (lack of) Tinder options. We also try to understand the incestual friendships up in Canada among Punkanormal, Trashed Ambulance, Red Bridge Fest and more. In the second half of the episode, Kristen interviews Mel, the founder of Brewbies. The next Brewbies Festival is happening this May 4 in Alameda, CA. Learn more about Mel, how and why she started Brewbies, and her passion for punk rock.  Song: Suffer by Bad Religion
Stacey Dee is back, and offers some relationship advice this time. Got a crush on someone in a band? What should you do?? Then we chat with our bud, Kevin Brooks, a die-hard punk rock fan with an important story and message. Before both of those, Kristen and Jessica pass along helpful advice from both Jessica's mom and Gwyneth Paltrow.  Song: Wait Here, Wait For You by The Marked Men
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