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Jessica and Kristen provide a female perspective of life in the punk rock scene. Two women who love to laugh, love music, and occasionally enjoy a drink or two while interviewing your favourite punk rock artists.
92 Episodes
"Punkness, Queerness and Chaos." In this fun Episode, Kristen is joined by Candace Hansen, who plays drums in bands such as Alice Bag, YAAWN and Dimmer. They also provide vocals for those bands and have an important speaking part on a Bad Cop/ Bad Cop song. Candace talks about their teaching position and doctoral program at UCLA, playing in bands with friends and more. Troubles with the OC punk scene are discussed as well as our support of queer/ trans folks playing in bands. Don't miss this one! Song: Freeq by YAAWN 
In this rad episode Kristen is joined by Adrienne of the band Plasma Canvas. Adrienne talks about how she discovered punk rock, early days as a musician and recording at the Blasting Room. She then goes on to share the impact Laura Jane Grace has had on her and how she met her bandmate Jude. High school bullying, gender dysphoria, sobriety and addiction are all discussed as well. Adrienne and her band Plasma Canvas are awesome, check them out! Songs at the end: Saturn and Killermajestic by Plasma Canvas
In this special crossover episode, Kristen from Mable Syndrome and Liam from Punks in Pubs Podcast have some drinks and dish on how we discovered punk rock, strange interview locations, guests that threw us for a loop and more. Bands/ artists discussed: Frank Turner, Marky Ramone, AntiFlag, Operation Ivy, The Dwarves, Jeff Rosenstock and more. Also discussed, Safe Gigs for Women. Song: No Time by Jeff Rosenstock
In this episode, Kristen and April have some drinks and talk about the long list of bands April plays in, how she got started drumming, and the DIY punk scene in Alaska. They also discuss when bands will play live again and the difficulty of making that decision. The origin of her band, Sniper 66 and the album, Annihilator are also discussed. April and Kristen discuss meeting Joan Jett and April's involvement with Punk Rock Saves Lives. Song: Servant Girl by Sniper 66
This is a great episode with Lauren Musick, but first Jessica and Kristen play a little catch up and talk about what they hope their first show after covid will be. Then, Kristen is joined by Lauren who has been through a very serious tragic event. **trigger warning** Lauren survived a brutal dog attack and lives to tell the remarkable story. She goes deep into the details of the attack, but also her admirable positive outlook and recovery process. Songs: Courage by Authority Zero and Title Holder by The Interrupters
In this fun, throw back episode, Kristen and Jessica play drinking games, discuss bands they don't like but "should" and name Jessica's new chickens after a well-loved band. Then, Kristen is joined by Stacey Dee and the two discuss Stacey's work with The Sidewalk Project, why Mable Syndrome is teaming up to raise funds for them, and then Stacey answers a fan self-help type question. Songs: Growing Down by NUFAN and True Believers by The Bouncing Souls
In this episode, Kristen and Jeff (The Berman Hour, Divided Heaven) simulcast and talk about coffee and Jeff's hair, but then things get trickier when they discuss politics and why you shouldn't be satirical with your neighbors. Then things get really heavy when Kristen opens up about being a woman in the scene. She also talks about which interviews she's had to scrap and what kind of bad band behavior is "too bad"? Jeff also uses a lot of big words, as he does. Song: They Poisoned Our Fathers by Divided Heaven
In this fun episode, Kristen and Jessica play catch up and discuss Jessica's farm. Then Kristen interviews Intruder Purple from the band Masked Intruder. She takes a break from stealing cars and wallets to tell us about how and why she joined the band, why The Bombpops are blowing up her phone, and her new tee shirt for charity. Songs: How Do I Get to You, and Crazy, by Masked Intruder
Jessica is back! And it takes the ladies only a few minutes before the conversation devolves into poop. butts, the dating world, the election and other really awful topics. Enjoy! Song: By My Side by The Interrupters
In this exciting episode, Kristen talks with Vinnie Fiorello, of the band The Inevitables and formerly Less Than Jake. Vinnie has a new book out called 6/19, for which he wrote a short story every day during the month of June, 2019. Vinnie opens up about his new band, The Inevitables, his podcast, Concentric Circles, and much more. He explains why he left Less Than Jake and reflects on both the past and future of his life, including some serious health issues. Vinnie is candid and forthcoming and a fantastic guest. Song: Ft. Lauderdale by The Inevitables
In this episode, Kristen's guest co-host is Randi Brite. They talk about Randi's many hats, including being a podcaster herself, as well as a Suicide Girl. Randi opens up about harassment she gets as a suicide girl, as well as some seedy things she's seen as someone involved in the world of punk rock for many years. Kristen and Randi also talk about the women who have recently come forward about their music scene abusers and assaulters. Trigger Warning: abuse, assault, rape, harassment Song: Take Back the Power by The Interrupters
In this episode, Sarah and Kristen play catch-up and talk about being a guest on a recent Punk Rock Saves Lives PMA livestream. Then, Kristen is joined by Shawna Potter of the band War on Women. They discuss her book, Making Spaces Safer and how to do just that: make spaces safer for women, people of color, etc. They talk about what bystanders to harassment and assault can do to help, and how to help a friend who experiences this. How can we make the punk scene safer? This is a must-listen episode. Song: Touch Me Again by Petrol Girls
On this episode, Kristen and Sarah chat with Less Than Jake frontman, Chris DeMakes. We talk about what he's been up to in quarantine, how to request a personalized song from him, living in the middle of nowhere, the book he's writing and more. Plus, we get in to some fun details about the formation of the band, the day he met Roger, and his fun show banter: does he owe back child support around 160K?? Find out! This is a fun one.  Song: Spirit of '20 by Less Than Jake
Kristen and Sarah start the episode off with quarantine check-ins. They discuss Zoom social hours, the Mable take-overs, homeschooling, working, ASMR and more. Then you will hear a quick special cameo by Rev of The Drowns. Finally, Kristen chats with Jeff and Peter of the band, Protagonist. They discuss their new album, Fallout from the Chronicle, how the band formed and was signed to the Paper & Plastick label, touring horror stories, their unique hobbies, rad punk rock women, and much more. Songs: The Killing Fields and Generation Lost by Protagonist
This is an exclusive cross-episode with She's a Punk Podcast. Kristen, founder of Mable Syndrome, and Siobhan, founder of She's a Punk, interview each other about their punk rock and radio roots, what it means to be a woman in our scene and why they each founded their respective podcasts. The women get into some trials and tribulations of podcasting that have never been shared before, and they get each other to open up about some very deep and personal matters. Don't miss this one! Song: That Sedative by Bad Waitress
It's the apocalypse and Sarah and Kristen are celebrating the end of days with their buds in The Drowns. Their ability to see the silver-lining makes them great final days hangs. Discussed: cancellation of shows & festivals and how we are dealing with the current state of affairs. Of course we also have much fun talking about things like: The Drowns song making its way into a dildo add, horror punk bands, what makes a good bandmate, and juggling. We also touch on how you can support your favorite artists these days. Song: Wolves on the Throne by The Drowns 
It's an OG Mable Syndrome Podcast episode, where Kristen and Sarah talk about all things punk rock, and other stuff of course. Boston Bruins, Evil Pie and artists such as: The Drowns, Chris Demakes, Dead Bars and more. They also discuss "posers," online bullying and "looking punk". Song: Cue the Violins by The Drowns Be sure to use code MABLE at for a huge discount and FREE gifts. 
In this episode, Kristen is joined by Danielle and they discuss the Punk Rock Bowling 2020 lineup. Then, Kristen sits down with two of the women behind the brand new hot festival, Camp Punksylvania. Hear how the idea came about, the amazing team putting it on, and the fun activities of the event.  Song: Choose My Friends by The Barstool Preachers
It's a good thing you can't catch a cold over the airwaves because Kristen's got it good and there are some disgusting (Sarah says they are "cute") nose blows for your listening pleasure. Following that disastrous opening, Kristen talks with Jodi from the band, The Ramoms, and Hannah, who co-owns the awesome company, And Out Come The Boobs. The three discuss being punk rock moms, taking our kids to shows, and how kids can rebel against their rebel parents.  Episode notes: Please visit our sponsor and enter Promo Code: MABLE for half-off an item and FREE SWAG And visit and for exclusive offers
In this episode, Kristen and Sarah recap their recent trip to San Francisco for Pirate Press's 15 year celebration, Rock The Ship. They discuss the bands they saw, the club shows and Sarah's unfortunate illnesses (some self-inflicted, some not). Then the ladies discuss a super annoying question Sarah gets asked all the time. Finally, Stacey Dee is back to offer advice about long distance relationships. 
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