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Mac Gist - Today's Apple News

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Let's get the gist of the Apple news that happened today.
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* HBO Max is a free upgrade to AppleTV Channels subscribers * iPhone 12 mass production has been delayed my a month. What does that mean for the release? * iPhone SE get’s torn down over the weekend * And finally, I’ve got lots of hands on time with the new iPad Pro and more importantly the iPad Magic Keyboard. My thoughts on those devices.
We talk about our Apple Arcade impressions so far.
After some time off, we've all got new phones!!
Here's what we've got for you this week: NFC tags working with Shortcuts app!!! Video: HomePod market share not growing. What is its future?: iPhone with FaceID and TouchID coming.
The weeks Apple news and talk about ugly lamps. Plus, Scott decided he MUST talk about the Apple quarterly report.
Just Nick and Mike today, we talk about Apple buying Intel's modem business and the possible return of piracy. Send us an e mail: or follow us @macgist on Insagram.
This weeks topics: Apple launches new MacBooks! Apple AR glasses are TERMINATED! FaceID website unlock?
Huge news breaks just before we start recording, Jony Ive is leaving Apple. We give all the hot takes on this! If you want to see a the video of the zip drive working on iOS 13. You're in luck:
Quick News: 2015 MacBook Pro Battery Recall - Best Buy Now repairing iPhones! Nick’s Topic: It's official, iPad wins. Google is now giving up on tablets. Mike’s Topic: 202 iPhone rumors could signal a smaller flagship phone coming? Scott’s Topic: Project Catalyst is bringing MacOS versions of Messages and Shortcuts? Anyone getting Apple Credit Cards? Send us some e mail: 
Great, now we need to find something to talk about other than WWDC topics. Mike Talks About How his life with iOS 13 Beta 1 is going. Nick Talks About New iOS Enterprise Enrollment for BOYD devices and Get your copy of Dead Cells on iOS now: Scott Talks about The death of Dashboard on MacOS. We'll all miss you so much and The Pixel 4 and it's back end and Larger batteries on the next iPhones Send us over an e mail 
Welcome back! Let's talk about this EPIC WWDC keynote and share the Gist of our favorite parts.
Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!


Let's start this thing over again. A little history and a little about the future of The Mac Gist Podcast. I hope you stick around and give it a try and I can't wait to start talk about Apple again! --- Support this podcast:
Google Maps made an update to their app to make it carplay compatible. This is my review. --- Support this podcast:
Today, let's talk about all the products that we lost during and after the Apple Gather Round Keynote. Pour one out for all our discontinued friends. --- Support this podcast:
The second episode for the Gather Round event, this time let’s take a look at the new iPhones! --- Support this podcast:
Did you hear? Apple had an event today! What a great time to have an episode of Mac Gist! On the episode today I'm going to take a look just at the Apple Watch Series 4 and what I think of that device alone. Subscribe now for tomorrows episode on iPhone tennis, I mean X s.... --- Support this podcast:
Mac Gist is going to be a bi-weekly discussion of Apple news and some reviews. Just a quick episode on say hello, before the big keynote on Wednesday!
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