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Author: Kent Garrison, Richard Bardon, Brian Gill

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A producer, a film critic, and a humorist meet weekly to make sense of the world of cinema as we know it today. From the biggest blockbusters, to the most dumbfounding flops, the streaming wars and more, Mad About Movies keeps your movie itch scratched without taking this whole thing too seriously. They’re just movies, y’all. Remember to follow @MadAboutMovies

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In The Heights

In The Heights


Lin-Manuel is back with another musical for our summer. Can he repeat the success of Hamilton? Where does In The Heights fit in the cultural zeitgeist? Friend of the show Ellen joins us to review In The Heights and reveal which MAM host had the sniffles during their screening. The VIP Throwback this week is Aliens! Subscribe at
There's been a lot of (understandable) confusion around what's still coming out this year, what's coming to theaters vs. streaming, what's been pushed back to 2022 and all that kind of stuff. So we thought we'd take some time to run down the calendar of what's actually coming out in 2021 (as of now). Hopefully you find this informative! Remember to give us a follow on social media, and for Discord access make sure to become a MAM VIP!
We've got big news in the Streaming Wars department to discuss as Supervillain Bezos & Co have purchased MGM Studios. What effect will this have on the rest of the industry? We've got a ton of movie news to discuss in a special Movie News Roundup edition of MAM. Remember to join us on Discord at



Disney is back with another remake/reboot/sequel/prequel/whatever you wanna call it. Is "Cruella" a hit or a miss? We've got all 3 hosts bringing their love for 101 Dalmatians and Glenn Close to the table as we review Cruella for our Movie of the Week. This week's VIP Throwback is HOOK! Sign up at
A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place Part II


We've been waiting for A Quiet Place Part 2 for a long time. Is there any way it lives up to what we wanted it to be? We're diving in to all things Krasinski, Blunt, sci-fi horror and the like as we bring a full review of Quiet Place 2, plus we discuss the Friends reunion and more in Weekly Recommends. This week's Throwback is Ferris Bueller's Day Off, dropping Friday at
We're discussing every single MCU/Marvel Cinematic Universe film this year in the VIP! So far, we've talked the Iron Man and Ant-Man movies. Next, up, it's Thor. Prepare yourself for Loki and enjoy some nostalgic MCU talk exclusively for MAM VIPs at
Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead


Less than 2 months post Snyder Cut, Zack is back with another one. Will his "return to form" bring us back to the glory days of 300/Watchmen Snyder, or is it more of the same with his current trends? Go grab a helicopter pilot, some Tiger repellant and your favorite WWE Superstar and get ready for an hour+ of Army of the Dead talk. This week is THOR week in the VIP! Subscribe at
We've got another "Netflix Original" on the docket this week for our Movie of the Week talk. Does 'Woman in the Window' live up to expectations? And what's going on with Amy Adams? We're discussing it all with all 3 co-hosts!
Time to round up some movie news headlines! What's the deal with the new 'Let There Be Carnage" trailer? How many stars are going to end up being in Knives Out 2? We've got movie news, rumors and rumblings on the docket along with a full batch of Weekly Recommends! Join us. Tune in later this week for our Woman In the Window episode! Get VIP access at
We've got another "Netflix Original" to discuss this week, except this one comes to us via the "left behind in 2020" pile. Surely "The Mitchells vs. The Machines" is a mess if it was released this way, right? Kent and Brian talk all things animation, Lord & Miller and more for this week's Movie of the Week. Get all of our bonus episodes, AMAs and more at
Nobody (2021)

Nobody (2021)


Bob Odenkirk's rise on TV has been something to behold. But can he make the transition to the big screen? We've got an "action packed" episode this week as we dive into his leading-man action hero debut "Nobody." And no we will not stop with these cheesy descriptions.
Mortal Kombat (2021)

Mortal Kombat (2021)


We're back to talking about movies from the year we're in!! Straight from the "prime for reboot" category comes the remake/reboot of Mortal Kombat. Do we like it more than the original? Where does the franchise go from here? And who's gonna play Johnny Cage?? Get all of our bonus episodes, Discord access and more at
We can FINALLY wave goodbye to the year that was 2020 with the 93rd Annual Academy Award finally taking place. What was the deal with this year's host-less ceremony, and who were the big shockers? We're bringing you our annual Oscars Postgame Show, a tradition unlike any other. Sorry in advance. Get MAM Discord, bonus episodes and more at
Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman


As we approach the Oscars this coming weekend, one movie people can't seem to stop talking about is 'Promising Young Woman.' So we brought in friend of the show Megan to discuss it at-length before its big night. Get our VIP episodes, AMAs, Discord and more at
It's time to round up some movie news topics and discuss them at length for our News Roundup edition of MAM. This week, we dive into the trailer for Space Jam: A New Legacy, the details of the Knives Out sequels coming to Netflix, the announcement of a live-action Gundam movie and more.
Godzilla vs. Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong


We’ve been waiting for the arrival of Godzilla vs. Kong for what seems like not very long. But are we able to finally sit back and put our critic glasses away and enjoy a big dumb blockbuster? And do we want any more MonsterVerse? We’ve got over an hour to talk it out on the latest MAM. This week’s Throwback is Moneyball! Subscribe and get the ep at
We're starting an annual tradition here on MAM as we go back to the first year of the podcast and re-do the Oscars. Did the Academy get it right back then? What should the awards be now? Join us an our VIPs as we nominate and vote on a new alternate dimension version of the 2013 Oscars honoring the best films of 2012. Want to become a VIP? Get in at
It's our longest episode in the history of MAM. Nearly three hours long. Batman Shane joins the show to break down the Snyder Cut scene-by-scene. What will the consensus be? Enjoy the whole conversation exclusively at - and be sure to let us know what you think in our Discord!
We were all supposed to experience Disney's 'Raya and the Last Dragon' in theaters in 2020. But now we're here, having watched it via streaming or otherwise, to review it with friend of the show Ariel Rada as we debate the future of Disney Animation and the place 'Raya' will have in the zeitgeist. Want more MAM? Or our Snyder Cut episode? Become a VIP at
The Oscars are coming late this year. But did the Academy at least get the nominees right? We're bringing you our raw thoughts on the nominees, plus some Weekly Recommends on this Movie News Roundup edition of MAM. Sign up for the VIP at
Comments (8)


You've been podcasting for 6 years, but you're just now gonna charge something to the podcast? lol

Feb 18th

Sinead Lee

good podcast but theres a distracting crackling noise that intermittently gets very loud. really uncomfortable to listen to.

Jan 22nd

Robo shrimp

Man, it really does take a lot for these guys to dislike a Star Wars

Dec 27th
Reply (1)

Aaron Hartje

They don't actually start talking about Jaws until the 45-minute mark. You're welcome.

Oct 25th

Aaron Hartje

The gays certainly have their claws bared on this one, don't they? It would have been nice if this had been a straightforward analysis of the subject. But it became very clear, very early on, that at least half of the distain for the Emmys had to do with the fact that it was being put on by Fox. And, as usual, toward the end it just became impossible to keep personal politics out of opinion. how predictable. Unsub.

Oct 2nd

Lance C. Phillips

yet another aggravating podcast where tonally, one person is on mic, one person is off mic by 6 feet, and the third guy sounds as if he's in the next room. PRODUCTION VALUES GENTLEMEN!

Feb 14th

Mathew Moody

In Catholisism, they believe that the cracker and the wine literally become the body and blood of Christ in their mouths. That explains the symbolism in that regard.

Aug 24th
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