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MadLit Musings with Jaime Jo Wright

Author: Jaime Jo Wright

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MadLit Musings - We chat LIFE here with special guest authors of both fiction and non-fiction! We dive beyond the story into the deep questions of Spirituality, Does God Exist, How Does Faith Fit, Culture and Jesus, Identity, and more. It's not just a podcast to talk about writing or reading, it's a podcast where we ask the tough questions on life! Join Christy Award-Winning Author Jaime Jo Wright for Season 5!
176 Episodes
Chill out and chat with Lynette Eason and Jaime Jo Wright as they explore Lynette's latest nove, "Countdown", and all the suspense-y twists and turns that go along with it!
Have you been Targeted? Well, you should hope so! Chat with authors Lynette Eason, Lynn Blackburn, and Natalie Walters about their epic new high-octane novella collection release! You won't want to miss this super fun chat as Christy Award-Winning author Jaime Jo Wrights asks alllllll the questions!
Venture into the world of historical museums, stuffing dead birds, cleaning toilets, and FINDING JOY! Author Jocelyn Green takes us into the behind-the-scenes of her latest book "The Hudson Collection".
Not only did she WRITE about Route 66m, but she TRAVELED it solo just to write this book. Join Jaime as she chats with Author Janine Rosche about her latest release "The Road Before Us"
What do a Vegas wedding, Cape Cod ice cream cakes, and a hot 4th of July have to do with each other? Enter Suzanne Woods Fisher with another romantic and lighthearted novel, "Love on a Whim".
Jaime sits down with debut author Angela Carlisle to chat about her new release, "Secondary Target" and also to chat about the valleys in our lives that sometimes never seem to end. Is there hope? Is there something to look forward to?
Join Jaime Jo Wright as she hosts author Michelle Griep and gets to know all about her English slueth mystery series and an upcoming Egyptologist mystery coming along soon too! You don't want to miss it!
Burma isn't the go-to setting for WWII novels, but you will not want to miss this story based on real-life events. Janyre Tromp takes us into the Pacific and into the spiritual and physical wars that invaded the region. You won't want to miss it!
Want to time travel? So do we! So we did! With Author Gabrielle Meyer as we chat about her latest new release!
How do you speak the truth within family and close relationships? SHOULD you speak the truth? Explore this topic with Author Nicole Deese and your host, Jaime Jo Wright as they chat about Nicole's recent release "The Roads We Follow".
Head into the book world of criminal minded characters, serial killers, thrilling reads, and keep one eye open stories! You won't want to miss this bonus episode with Jessica R. Patch!
Journey into the heart of Appalachia with Ann H. Gabhart and Jaime Jo Wright as they chat cooking on open fire, education in historical mountain settings, and so much more! Plus a feature look at Ann's latest release, Song of Sourwood Mountain.
Darwin's theory of evolution impacted history and science and faith in ways we often forget. Join Jaime Jo Wright as she chats with Author Kimberley Woodhouse about her new release "Set in Stone" and how historic documents and lectures show the struggle man has often had in the rift between science and faith.
Sit down with Jaime Jo and Author John Boyle for a heartfelt and deep chat about addition and PTSD and the challenge of merging faith with mental health and our futures. "This book is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. It is also a testament to the miracles God has performed in my life. For anyone who has ever struggled with addiction, trauma, abuse, or the weight of life’s hardships, this book offers a message of hope and a path to healing."
If you like precocious kids and parents who get a second chance at happily-ever-after, then the second book in the Boyfriend in the Bargain series might be for you!
Does the church show the grace we esteem when we come face to face with the fallen? How has history shown us where we need to change? Join Jaime Jo Wright as she chats with Author Kim Vogel Sawyer and features Kim's new release "Songbird of Hope Hill".
Enter into Rom-Com with Becca Kinzer! It's a trip--literally--going tandem through everything we never and always wanted to experience! It's the chaos of living in fiction form. You're going to want to listen in on this chat!
Does preservation of historical treasures like classic art align with the Christian belief of "not storing up treasures on earth"? Chat with Cara Putman and your host, Jaime Jo Wright as they chat about the place of art in our world, both today and spiritually speaking.
Life is like a mess of tangled threads, and no one shares about them as well as Author Sarah Loudin Thomas as we sit down to chat about wounded hearts and lives and what--if anything--can heal them!
Switch places, careers, romances? Yes please. In this latest novel from Author Melody Carlson, we also chat about what it's like when you just can't seem to be content where God has you. Is it possible to be like the Apostle Paul and be "content in all things", or did that guy just need a big "good for you, Paul?"
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