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MadLit Musings with Jaime Jo Wright

Author: Jaime Jo Wright

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MadLit Musings - We chat LIFE here with special guest authors of both fiction and non-fiction! We dive beyond the story into the deep questions of Spirituality, Does God Exist, How Does Faith Fit, Culture and Jesus, Identity, and more. It's not just a podcast to talk about writing or reading, it's a podcast where we ask the tough questions on life! Join Christy Award-Winning Author Jaime Jo Wright for Season 5!
161 Episodes
Chill out and chat with Lynette Eason and Jaime Jo Wright as they explore Lynette's latest nove, "Countdown", and all the suspense-y twists and turns that go along with it!
Have you been Targeted? Well, you should hope so! Chat with authors Lynette Eason, Lynn Blackburn, and Natalie Walters about their epic new high-octane novella collection release! You won't want to miss this super fun chat as Christy Award-Winning author Jaime Jo Wrights asks alllllll the questions!
Does preservation of historical treasures like classic art align with the Christian belief of "not storing up treasures on earth"? Chat with Cara Putman and your host, Jaime Jo Wright as they chat about the place of art in our world, both today and spiritually speaking.
Life is like a mess of tangled threads, and no one shares about them as well as Author Sarah Loudin Thomas as we sit down to chat about wounded hearts and lives and what--if anything--can heal them!
Switch places, careers, romances? Yes please. In this latest novel from Author Melody Carlson, we also chat about what it's like when you just can't seem to be content where God has you. Is it possible to be like the Apostle Paul and be "content in all things", or did that guy just need a big "good for you, Paul?"
A look into the history of classical art and the WOMEN who helped to make our world beautiful. Plus! We chat about Erin Bartels latest release "The Lady With the Dark Hair". Join us!
Steven James and your MadLit Musings podcast host, Jaime Jo Wright, sit down for a chat about story, theme, and should readers take anything away from a fictional story?
Head into the wild west with CINDERELLA? Why yes! Karen Witemeyer takes us on ride with a fun, fairy tale retelling told in classic Witemeyer romantic style!
Ever wonder what the 8 souls were thinking when they entered the ark and left the world as they knew it behind? Don't miss this intriguing chat with Author Jill Eileen Smith as we explore the story behind the Ark and the Great Flood.
Join Jaime and Tracie as they shoot the breeze and even forget to sign off the podcast as they chat about everything under the western sun! It's doozy and filled with laughter. You won't want to miss it!
Victorian era romance mixed with Steampunk and a zoo of adorable animals? Yes, please. Not to mention, a sense of quirky humor, a dash of intrigue, and you have a new and very original twist along the veins of Around the World in 80 Days. Join Jaime Jo Wright as she chats with Author Angela Bell on this delightfully geared adventure!
We go there! Come along with Tara Johnson and your MadLit Musings podcast host as we discuss specifically IRISH slavery, but also the ramifications of forgetting the past and the impacts it still has on story and truth today.
It sounds heavy, but Roseanna M. White incorporates some of the ugly of history while introducing a novel of espionage and romance too! Enter into the dark streets of 1909, as the privileged and underprivileged intersect!
Villains, psychopaths, and the gradual slide into violence. What makes a villain tick? Is writing about one at all disturbing? Chat with Jaime Jo Wright and Patricia Bradley as they deep dive into her latest release and the villains that make her books tick.
Jaime Jo Wright travels to other worlds with speculative author Cathy McCrumb. Find out more about this strange new place that has cats! And giant bugs! And so much more!
Is there a place for trauma in fiction? And what about all the historical eras where trauma completely obliterated a people's way of life? Can fiction be too romantic or should trauma be represented differently? Join Jaime Jo Wright and Laura Frantz as they chat about her latest release "The Seamstress of Acadie" and fiction
A WWII story about saving children that you may have never heard! Join us!
Because it's streusel it's delicious, and this podcast takes a deep dive into heritage, the wisdom of the legacy left by our ancestors, and delightful recipes!
Can you get throat shot and survive? Lynette Eason has all the answers and more to this chat about high octane romantic suspense and her latest release "Double Take". Listen, and don't look back!
Okay, so maybe don't lie, but writing a whodunnit is all about every character hiding a lie, and owning it. Join Jaime Jo Wright as she chats with Author Erica Vetsch about Regency mysteries. Step back Jane Austen, there's another author in the manor. At least that's Jaime's pride and prejudice!
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