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Welcome toThe Magic Apple radio Show A weekly radio show about the art of magic, slight of hand, performance, special guests. With your hosts Magicians 🎩 Brent Geris and Will Roberts. my channel. I hope you enjoy all of my awesome audio content!
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Listen to my newest episode and discover more fascinating content from The Magic Apple Radio Show! BiographyDanny Cole has made a significant mark in the world of magic. He was twice voted "Stage Magician of the Year" by the membership of the Magic Castle in Hollywood, at the young age of 26 & again at 27. He was a guest performer on Lance Burton's second network special, he has consulted and created magic for other magicians and he has been a featured performer in Gala shows and at Variety Theaters around the globe. Danny Cole's stylized approach to magic uses entirely new concepts and principles thereby helping audiences to fully recognize magic's place as a legitimate art form.Awards2007 Genting International Magic Festival Invitational Champion2007 Shanghai Magic Festival Invitational Champion2005 Stage Magician of the Year - Acadamey of... See More----------------------------------http://www.bentrain.caInstagram: Instagram: @Train.ben Twitter: @ErdnaseinTO FOLLOW US Twitter:    @The_Magic_AppleInstaGram:   MagicAppleStoreInstagram: MagicAppleRadio
Listen to my newest episode and discover more fascinating content from The Magic Apple Radio Show! Ben Train is the complete magician and a rising voice in our field." -Magic MagazineBen Train has devoted over ten years to lecturing and performing across North America and Europe. Combining humor, psychology, and a little old-fashioned chutzpah, Ben creates an experience that will have you laughing out loud while your mind is being blown.When he isn’t on stage Ben is busy behind the scenes, producing live shows and consulting for performers all over the world. Ben has currently published two books and produced two DVDs of original material, and his work has been featured in every major magic publication.The magic was GREAT and your teaching abilities were WORLD CLASS. Thank you for an amazing lecture!- Adam, owner of Tannen's Magic----------------------------------http://www.bentrain.caInstagram: Instagram: @Train.ben Twitter: @ErdnaseinTO FOLLOW US Twitter:    @The_Magic_AppleInstaGram:   MagicAppleStoreInstagram: MagicAppleRadio
Listen to my newest episode and discover more fascinating content from my Magic Apple Radio..“Tomas Medina is one of the most underrated comedy magicians alive today! His magic is solid, he’s innovative and he never fails me to make me laugh.” -Diamond Jim Tyler “Tomas is a hidden gem in the world of magic. He is one of the funniest guys I know, he's sharp as a tack and he has some very strong, cool magic that will both surprise and shock your audiences. And to top it off, he is a real world performer. There is A LOT to learn from the very clever, quirky, talented Tomas Medina.” -Richard Sanders “A lot of people think they can perform magic. Tomas not only performs tricks, but, more importantly, he also knows how to entertain. He's one of the funniest performers I've seen in a long time, and his magic is wonderfully practical. He's my new favorite magician.” -Kainoa Harbottle "When I first saw Tomas perform at the Magic Castle he blew me away with his comedic character, timing and style. He was not only funny but presented some very strong magic that fooled me. A true artist all around!" -Tony Clark
Listen to my newest episode Magic Apple Radio SHOWWinner of numerous awards, including Close Up Magician of the Year, Jon Armstrong has brought his amazing skills and magical comedy to prestigious audiences in over 30 countries worldwide. Growing up in Orlando, Florida, Jon became fascinated by the magic he saw in the theme parks around him and dreamed of having his own show. This dream came true when Disney asked him to bring his act to Epcot and he became the resident magician at Walt Disney World. He was only 20. After spending 5 years doing his show at Disney World, Vegas called and Jon answered, becoming a recurring headliner at Caesar's Magical Empire. It was between these runs in Vegas that Jon started doing tours all over the world as both a performer and lecturer, teaching others how to add humor and entertainment to their magic. Jon has also worked on many films and television shows such as "The Mentalist", "Spiderman 3" and "AntMan" as a magic consultant and designer, and is co-creator of the IDW comic series Smoke and Mirrors. Jon stars in the new NetFlix documentary Magicians: Life in the Impossible, about his life in magicJon now lives in Los Angeles and is a frequent performer at the world famous Magic Castle. His TV appearances as a talk show guest, featured performer or actor, include shows like NBC's "The Today Show", and "Tonight Show", "Magic Castle After Dark" on A&E, CW's "Penn and Teller Fool Us", Fox's "Masters of Illusion" and ABC's "Bachelorette." He has been featured in cover stories of trade publications like Magic, Genii and other magic journals worldwide. Articles have been done on him in The New York Times, LA Magazine and Harpers, just to name a few.When you see him live, Jon's hope is that you will laugh at his original humor, be amazed by his skills and most of all, feel like you made a new friend.
Listen to our newest episode of the Magic Apple radio show. A talent scout serendipitously spotted a teen-aged Jack Handsome skipping school at Schwab’s Drug Store, and asked his name. “Jack Handsome,” came the reply. The talent scout said, “Jack Handsome? Handsome Jack is more like it!” and a modeling career was born. In mid-career Jack took up magic when a photographer informed him that “magicians get all the groupies.” It wasn’t until years later that Jack learned he had said musicians, not magicians. But by then it was too late to pick up a guitar.Handsome Jack holds a Master of Fine Arts in Theatre from the University of Washington in Seattle, and currently lives in Los Angeles. He is a regular performer at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, where he has been nominated each of the last eleven years as Parlour Magician of the Year (which, of course, means he’s lost… eleven years in a row).As a popular entertainer at social events and corporate functions, he has wowed such celebrities as Michael Jackson, Morgan Freeman, Bill Pullman, Lucy Liu, Holly Hunter, Nicolas Cage, and Angelina Jolie. Live the lifestyle of the rich and famous by having Handsome Jack liven up your next party or event. Handsome is as handsome does.
Listen to our newest episode and discover more fascinating content from the Magic Apple Radio channel!This weeks guest: Arthur Trace- The Artful DeceiverHighly acclaimed by his peers as “one of the most unique acts in the world of magic today,” said R.G. Smith, Executive Show Director of The Society of American Magicians, Arthur Trace is the eighth magician in the history of magic to be awarded The International Brotherhood of Magicians Gold Medal. In 2006 he became a FISM award winner at the World Championships of Magic in Stockholm. And in 2007, Arthur was awarded the “Best Cabaret Magic” award at The World Magic Awards. In 2015 and 2016, The Academy of Magical Arts nominated Arthur as the Stage Magician of The Year.Being recognized amongst his peers has brought many opportunities, some of which include: appearing on national television broadcasts in seven countries, touring China with the WuQiao Circus, performing for Prince Albert II of Monaco at The Princess Grace Theatre, and producing his show aboard The Queen Mary. Last year Arthur had the honor of headlining The Magical Mystery Show at the legendary Wintergarten Variete in Berlin, Germany and at The House of Magic in Macau.Combining original magic, audience participation, and imaginatively humorous scenarios, Arthur’s show is innovative, artful, and fun. Great for young and old audiences alike, each year he brings his artful deception to corporate and theater audiences worldwide. Watch Arthur perform and find out why Kevin Pang of the Chicago Tribune called him “one of magic’s bona fide superstars!”When not touring, Arthur lives in Los Angeles with his wife and dog. FOLLOW US Twitter:    @The_Magic_AppleInstaGram:   MagicAppleStoreInstagram: MagicAppleRadio
My good old friend @magicfungi directed a show in Las Vegas and it opens tonight at 10 PM. ( click profile link for show details) The Psychic HillBilly is a comedy #magic show! Each trick taught by a titan of the magic world. Matt is embarrassed by how many connections he has to the titans of the magic world. Respectfully, Matt approached Penn, Teller, Johnny Thompson, Piff and more, and asked them- "Will you teach me one trick"? They all said “yes”. Behold! A bonafide bear wrestling, mud loving, mind noodler! On a dare from Penn Jillette, Matt created a comedy magic show and learned tricks from Penn, Teller, Johnny Thompson, Piff The Magic Dragon, Mac King, Eric Dittleman, and Brian Brushwood. Directed by RJ Owens. #Vegas #LasVegas #TheStrip #TheSpaceLV #Magic #PenAndTellersode and discover more fascinating content from my channel!
Listen to our newest episode and discover more fascinating content from my channel! Magic Apple Radio SHOW Nov 30 Howard Hamburg ... Here is his facebook page..
Mike Pisciotta this week on the Magic Apple Radio Show ! Mike Pisciotta is an acclaimed performer based in Los Angeles, CA and serves as the resident magician for the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. Mike creates powerful, beautiful moments of mystery, and his performances leave the viewer with a profound sense of wonder.Mike is recognized by his peers as one of the greatest performing magicians today, and is a two time winner of the prestigious “Close-Up Magician of the Year” award for the Academy of Magical Arts.Subterranean Deceptions: Subterranean Deceptions by Mike Pisciotta “Mike Pisciotta is the hidden gem of the Magic Castle. Now, less hidden.” – Max Maven After years of pestering him, Mike has FINALLY agreed to release these routines! Shot in HD, complete with live performances and full explanations! Over 90 minutes of magic on this DVD. You will learn, SEVEN FULL Routines that you will ADD to your repertoire!Devil Makes Three: One of the cleanest Coins Across effects in magic. This is Mike’s favorite routine with 3 coins! If you learn nothing else on this DVD, learn The Devil Makes Three!Coming Up: A card rises out of the middle of the deck with no gimmicks, no threads. Just a deck of cards.Mike’s 2 Cents: An amazing magic trick with a special gimmick (you probably already own) and a borrowed cell phone.Boxing Match: An impromptu card through box that can be done with borrowed decks!Open to Change: An open prediction with a bill, a card and a cell phone! Includes a specially printed gimmick from the USPCCFlying Sandwich: A transposition sandwich trick that has fooled everyone! Includes specially printed cards from the USPCCShaken Not Stirred: Mike’s handling of the classic Triumph routine that is one of his most requested tricks at the bar.THIS DVD COMES WITH THE CARDS NEEDED FOR 2 OF THE ROUTINES. WE OFFER REFILL PACKS AND ALSO THE COINS FOR 2 OTHER ROUTINES CAN BE ADDED TO YOUR ORDER! $ 34.95 < Order here ! Tell them Magic Apple Radio sent you!
Listen to my newest episode and discover more fascinating content from my channel!Magic Apple Radio SHOW Oct 27 - 2 Card Monte and all the other Monte Family with Brent Geris and Will Roberts
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