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Author: Andy Mann, Nathan Cansell

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Andy and Nathan discuss the flavour highs and lows of the world's greatest card game, Magic: The Gathering. Join the guys as they talk through world building, lore, mechanics and art, on a meandering quest to explore the relationship between storytelling and gameplay.
80 Episodes
Adventures In the Forgotten Realms is a set so full of flavour that you could easily do a break down on each card, but for the sake of time the guys are going to stick to their top 5 flavour picks each! Which cards represent the set as a whole best and what exciting new artists have joined the MTG roster?Twitter:MTF- @MTFlavouring,Andy- @AndyMannface,Nathan- @TheFoxintheMoon,Youtube:
Adventures in the Forgotten Realms has a mammoth task in bringing in over 4 decades of DnD lore to MTG, and only one set to do it in. So rather than try (and fail) to recount all that story, the guys are going to look at the mechanics and flavour signifiers in the set to see how well these two worlds coexist. Twitter:MTF- @MTFlavouring,Andy- @AndyMannface,Nathan- @TheFoxintheMoon,Youtube:
Adventures In The Forgotten Realms takes the core set release spot this year and whilst it's not strictly a core set itself, it does fill the role those sets played, just maybe in it's own way. So how does a set, that at first glance looks incredibly dense, appeal to new players and teach people about two vast fantasy worlds?Mark Rosewater D&D-esign Part 1: @MTFlavouring,Andy- @AndyMannface,Nathan- @TheFoxintheMoon,Youtube:
This years Secret Lair Summer Super Drop once again shows the diversity possible with the product, including themed collections of cardboard from the whimsical to the deeply human.The product line also takes another big step forwards in supporting the mainline card sets as well and shows how other IP's can be all at once part of MTG and separate from it. Magic Spoiler Card Gallery: @MTFlavouring,Andy- @AndyMannface,Nathan- @TheFoxintheMoon,Youtube:
One of Magic's favourite Planes, Tarkir, also played host to one of its most ambitious story lines. With 3 colour clans, Dragons and time travel, there was a lot of scope for big set pieces in Tarkir's story. Today the guys talk through the 2015 Kelly Digges story Khanfall, and join the Ancient Khans at their most desperate and dire hour...Khanfall by Kelly Digges: Lore Shot Video: @MTFlavouring,Andy- @AndyMannface,Nathan- @TheFoxintheMoon,Youtube:
As the game shows signs of evolving  more and more, and the world reaches for that glimmer of normality outside of lockdown, we take stock of our relationship to this hobby and think about what Magic means to us. Do we still engage with the game the way we did when we first shuffled up or do these little cardboard squares now hold a different significance?Twitter:MTF- @MTFlavouring,Andy- @AndyMannface,Nathan- @TheFoxintheMoon,Youtube:
Modern Horizons 2 is being called, by some, potentially the greatest Magic: The Gathering set of all time, and with such a breadth of mechanical and narrative flavour, it may well be. But between shaking up multiple formats, the references to old lore, and the support for fan favourite tribes and playstyles, is there a trend towards the community jokes being ruined by wotc acknowledgment? Scryfall set gallery: @MTFlavouring,Andy- @AndyMannface,Nathan- @TheFoxintheMoon,Youtube:
Ep.73 Synergies vs Staples

Ep.73 Synergies vs Staples


EDH is often called the most creative format in mtg, but like all magic formats some cards rise through the ranks to become ubiquitous "staples". But with such a diverse card pool in the recent game and more cards entering the format with fresh new flavour, is there now room to build effective, powerful decks without relying on the usual suite of cards? And does it even matter any more? MTF Linktree: Gregory's Discord Channel: @MTFlavouring,Andy- @AndyMannface,Nathan- @TheFoxintheMoon,Youtube:
New Secret Lairs means new flavour and "Culture Shocks" gives us a fresh full set of Shock lands on non-Ravnica settings, with new flavour text to boot! The guys run through the flavour on the cards as well as suggest even more new locations for these iconic dual lands.Hipsters Of The Coast Secret Lair Article by David McCoy: @MTFlavouring,Andy- @AndyMannface,Nathan- @TheFoxintheMoon,Youtube:
The students of Strixhaven have barely handed in their midterms yet and two new mtg sets have had pre-previews. Adventures in the Forgotten Realms and Modern Horizons 2 are both looking to try new things and add new flavour to magic, and in preparation for their arrival the guys have a few initial thoughts and predictions...Twitter:MTF- @MTFlavouring,Andy- @AndyMannface,Nathan- @TheFoxintheMoon,Youtube:
In the ongoing rifle through the web fiction library, the guys will be taking a closer look at the Strixhaven side story episode 'A Cry of Magic' by Aysha U. Farah. Rootha Squallhart, an Orc Prismari Mage struggles to find their artistic voice and escape the shadow of their family's legacy.A Cry of Magic by Aysha U. Farah: @MTFlavouring,Andy- @AndyMannface,Nathan- @TheFoxintheMoon,Youtube:
The Main 5 story episodes for Strixhaven have been released and the guys will be talking through what they thought did and didn't work. With so many different story arcs and a whole new setting to explore there are both positives and negatives to the "more is more" mantra. Strixhaven Story Articles: Precon EDH hosted by TOTALmtg: @MTFlavouring,Andy- @AndyMannface,Nathan- @TheFoxintheMoon,Youtube:
The Mystical Archive cards, that act as the Strixhaven Showcase cards, add an interesting take on how spells are represented in a metaphysical context to the game. Being both abstract game pieces and the literal representation of how the spells of the Multiverse are recorded in The Biblioplex Library, they provide the guys a lot of in-world answers, but also give rise to a lot of questions as well...Scryfall Mystical Archive Gallery: @MTFlavouring,Andy- @AndyMannface,Nathan- @TheFoxintheMoon,Youtube:
Now that the entire card gallery for Strixhaven and Commander 2021 has been revealed the guys can finally move from the theoretical lore building to the physical cardboard. They talk through their favourite mechanics, art and flavour text, and also dig a little deeper into the nuances of the Silverquill and the lessons that can be learned from designing sets reflecting a relatable environment. Scryfall card gallery- Strixhaven and Commander 2021 @MTFlavouring,Andy- @AndyMannface,Nathan- @TheFoxintheMoon,Youtube:
Strixhaven is almost here and the guys work through its surprisingly expansive lore. For a set taking place in one location, Strixhaven has found room to indulge in the details. The guys also run down the mechanical shake ups that seek to subvert expectations of what the colour pairs can do.Planeswalker's Guide to Strixhaven: Magic: Strixhaven Part 1 @MTFlavouring,Andy- @AndyMannface,Nathan- @TheFoxintheMoon,Youtube:
In preparation for Strixhaven the guys take a look at how MTG has represented the creative arts on the card board and which tropes have been utilized and ignored. Whether its actors, musicians, poets or dancers, it has always been interesting seeing what can be worked into a combat based game. Music by Michael Rawcliffe Audio.Twitter:MTF- @MTFlavouring,Andy- @AndyMannface,Nathan- @TheFoxintheMoon,Youtube:
In their first deep dive into the individual stories of Magic's Web fiction back catalogue, the guys are exploring the 2015 Alison Luhrs  story, 'Family Values'. Teysa Karlov, weeks after running the Implicit Maze and drawing up the new Guildpact allies herself with Boros Champion Tajic, to take down The Obzedat and her oppressive Gradfather Karlov.Family Values by Alison Luhrs: Karlov by Adam Lee: by Michael Rawcliffe Audio.Twitter:MTF- @MTFlavouring,Andy- @AndyMannface,Nathan- @TheFoxintheMoon,Youtube:
Guilds! Magic players love nothing more than flying their guild flag and exploring the nuances of the colour pairs, both mechanically and flavourfully. And here to represent the Boros Legion is the one and only Kristen Gregory! The known authority in the MTG community of all things White/Red, she will be chatting with the guys about colour identity, EDH and her hopes for the future of the game.Music by Michael Rawcliffe Audio.Twitter:MTF- @MTFlavouring,Andy- @AndyMannface,Nathan- @TheFoxintheMoon,Kristen- @TheKristenEmily,Youtube: mtflavouring@gmail.comKristen's work for Card Kingdom:'s work for Hipsters of the Coast: Community College EDH Power Levels: Community College White Colour Identity:
Time Spiral Remastered it almost here and there is a lot of excitement and nostalgia surrounding the Old Frame treatments that are being applied, showcase style, to newer cards. But with the game nearing 3 decades into its journey, the card frame has evolved over time and the guys are taking this opportunity to look back at the highs and lows of frame design and the visual language of the game at large. Time Spiral Remastered Card Gallery: by Michael Rawcliffe Audio.Twitter:MTF- @MTFlavouring,Andy- @AndyMannface,Nathan- @TheFoxintheMoon,Youtube:
Ep.61 The Multiverse Menu

Ep.61 The Multiverse Menu


Food and drink are key parts of world building that often get over looked, but are essential to rounding out a fantasy setting. And with the theoretically endless Planes of the Multiverse, there must be a rather long dinner table of options. With this in mind the guys have compiled a Multiverse Menu with canon food from different Planes and they discuss their picks for each course!The Multiverse Menu: by Michael Rawcliffe Audio.Twitter:MTF- @MTFlavouring,Andy- @AndyMannface,Nathan- @TheFoxintheMoon,Youtube:
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