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Author: Zeda India

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Welcome to Magnanimous - the podcast that's all about exploring the latest in Electronics, Technology, Communication, Radio, and beyond. In these podcasts, we dive into the world of cutting-edge gadgets, ham radio, futuristic innovations, and everything in between. From the latest smartphones, amateur radio tips & tricks, to the most mind-blowing advancements in AI, we cover it all in our episodes. So tune in and stay ahead of the curve - follow Magnanimous today!
8 Episodes
We asked ChatGPT about the best schedule to prepare for the Ham Radio License Certification in India. Here's what came out, and it is surprisingly accurate! If you like reading, visit for complete blog on this.
While I was exploring my options to buy a new computer for myself, all these points that I talked about in this podcast crossed my mind. Felt it should be a good thing to make a podcast about it so I hope you find it useful!
I was shockingly surprised after watching this documentary, and Joe Rogan’s podcast with Bob Lazar. Alien technologies can completely change our lives and that’s why we are discussing this on Zeda India podcast. Do watch 1. Joe Rogan Experience #1315 - Bob Lazar & Jeremy Corbell 2. Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers
It's the first day of the year (01/01/2022) and I made this podcast today to do my part of sharing my 'personal development journey' learning and experiences. I hope you like the topics that we discuss here!
YouTube Changed my life and I am thankful to it for doing so. I started my YouTube journey back in 2006 with my new channel on music. I played musical instruments like my Yamaha MM6 synthesizer & Guitar, and the videos were watched by a lot of people. Today, I consume some of the most important tutorials, DIY, entertainment, and music content on YouTube. With just a simple concept of sharing videos, YouTube today is not just an addiction, but also a basic requirement of 2021 and ahead. We have YouTube everywhere, from our cellphones, gadgets, cars, laptops, etc. so why not start the podcast with the best thing #Technology has brought to us. #YouTube #Podcast
I made this podcast alone because this message was important to share. Meditation has helped me effectively manage some of the toughest phases of my life, while sustaining happiness on a regular day. Meditation helps and has a lot of other benifits. You should do it too!
Today was the first day of self isolation to avoid the spread of Corona Virus or Covid-19. Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh in India is luckily safe so far from the rapidly increasing virus infection, so far there is just one person infected. Keep sharing your comments to include anything of your choice in my Podcast.
In this episode, I am talking about the electric vehicle transformation that India is experiencing. I also spoke about the recent census that has made all the Indian's proud about the fact that India is now a home of 2.9k+ tigers and that is fantastic because only few years back, tigers were endangered here.  In the next podcasts I will come back with another interesting topic that you may like so please stay tuned. With these Podcasts, I will try to bring you some meaningful interactions and interviews, that add value and justify the time that you spend here.
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