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Maino Presents: Kitchen Talk

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Brooklyn rapper Maino presents: The Kitchen, where every week hip-hops most outspoken voice serves up hit takes and insightful analysis of what’s happening in the streets and the world at large!
34 Episodes
Episode Discussion 04:00 - Jamaican MAINO 05:00 fuck your way through 07:00 - sex music based on women 13:00 - wicked talk 15:00 grew up to certain artists 16:50 the pussy episode 18:00 breaking through 20:00 Mavado moment 21:00 super cat story 24:00 Wayne wonder 25:00 Dj's vs. singer 26:00 moment 27:00 Hala question about dancehall 29:00 respect for shaggy and sean paul 32:00 toxic 34:00 nipple moment 42:00 first time and Jamaica culture 43:00 Jamaican and Haitian girls 47:00 ass licking - strip clubs 51:00 strip club play 54:00 condom on 57: 00 condom or not do women like it or not 58:40 MAINO unprotected sex 01:01:00 aids commercial 01:06:00 side nigga rules 01:10:00 good moments to honest 01:18:00 what's left to accomplish
It's episode 32 and this week The Kitchen has a special guest, legendary NY ball player Lenny Cooke! After some mic issues they get into it. This week they hit: The Lenny Cooke Documentary which came out in 2013. It got MAINO emotional! (06:17) and the start of his basketball career (10:00). Lenny talks about his Fresh Prince experience living with a rich white family and the opportunities it gave him in basketball (21:00). MAINO wants to know if they did it for later financial gain (25:00)? They talk about agents offering young athletes big money $350k and sending them on new paths (43:00), moving to Flint, Michigan, experiencing homelessness, moving to San Diego (51:00) and getting with Malaysia Pargo (54:00). They move on to the draft and not getting picked (01:04:00) what Lenny would say to his younger self (01:17:30) and finally MAINO gives us a message (01:26:00).
This week Maino, Georgie, Hala and Ricky tackle the big topics at the kitchen table. They talk about: Cardi B (02:19) Super Bowl sports chat (06:22) Wendy and Method Man - is it true? Does Method Man like bubble baths? (08:32) Valentines Day (22:53) Financial Education (54:20) And finally, even though it’s not a dating show; Courting and commitment (1:14:20)
This week the Kitchen's special guest this week Jim Jones, Marino’s only rap friend. While at the table they discuss: Maino's edible experience 6:10 Dipset and their influence on the culture and industry 26:30 The news about TI and Tiny allegedly Sex trafficking 41:05 How Jim Jones and Maino was in Bloomingdales 1:11:00 New drugs kids are getting into now 1:27:10 Finally Jim Jones talks about how he brought the home studio to Rockerfeller and the industry 1:44:03 and his inspirations 1:45:10 It's another wild week in the Kitchen. Listen in!
Sex It Off!

Sex It Off!


Episode 29, Georgie @yourfavoritetomboy is back and Hala Maroc (@halamaroc) is in the Kitchen for another week. Here's whats on the table today: -So You Can't Say Nothing Nowadays (2:32) -A debate on the Friend Zone - is it a good place to be or not? Maybe not if Ashanti is curving you! (4:07) -Sleeping with Co-Workers (27:09) -Colourism (34:58) -Male Sensitivity and definitions of masculinity - is lipo ok? (48:50) -Should Maino have a biopic? (1:07:32) -Women Being Assaulted (1:12:57) -Lil Wayne and Trump (1:18:00) -Where's Rick's Stimmy? (1:25:11)
Welcome to episode 28 Georgie isn't here this week (don't worry she will be back next week!), but Hala Maroc (@halamaroc) is filling in and we have special guest Mysonne (@mysonnenygeneral)! This week the kitchen talks: Maino and Joe Budden's clubhouse Verzuz (7:29) Artist relevancy (18:19) Claiming Bodies (21:36) How long before you claim someone as a partner (28:09) Mysonne's Activism (33:45) Following your passion - Mase left the industry to become a pastor (39:07) Impeachment talk (56:07) Level of belief and storming The Capitol (1:01:57)
Guests: Boxer - Chris Colbert and Hot97's DJ Drewski
10 Piece XXX Edition

10 Piece XXX Edition


10 Piece XXX Edition by Loud Speakers Network
Blogging With Accountability is The Real Academic Special Guest: Blogger / Rapper @ItsBizkit by Loud Speakers Network
Kitchen starts with a chat about Georgie's possible boyfriend and why she won't bring him around Maino and Rick (05:30), what women will take to the grave to them (27:12), they talk Summer Walker and her baby daddy London on da Track and if she is wrong for seeing potential in him (44:45), why if you're on the streets you need to know where you stand legally (59:55) and finally they talk taking women as they are (bodies undone) and Flex getting liposuction (1:11:00). Lots of relationship talk.. but it's definitely not a love show!
The Kitchen has a special guest for episode 23 DJ Suss One! Kicks off talking about the entertainment industry during COVID-19 (5:20), Maino's impatience getting him into trouble (14:14), the DJ and their musical judgement - what music should they be playing and should they play music they don't like? (37:40), DJ Suss One moving into films... Maino asks if he can play a priest in a horror movie... AGAIN (60:30), what DJ Suss One is up to now, including djing for Mariah Carey and how she has helped him in his career (77:51) finally, Maino giving relationship lessons to DJ Suss One?! (84:08)
Episode 22 comes in with some soulful harmonies from Rick and Georgie. Getting intellectual, the kitchen talks about their favorite books and The Secret (7:00), before moving on to fatherhood, teaching your son how to be a man and evolving as a person (21:27), the industry rumour mill (42:22) and finally predictions about the Mike fight on 11/28 and if Maino could take him on (58:56).
We're wishing Happy 21st Episode to the kitchen this week and they have a special guest, the hip hop legend Ice T! Maino starts the conversation talking about the cross section between Law and Order and Hip Hop culture (5:50) and feeling cooler than your kids because of your generation of hip hop (6:10). The Kitchen talks LA gang culture and how it was effected by the crack epidemic (9:20), Ice T being the godfather of west coast gangster rap (19:08), Ice T and the music he has name for iconic movies (33:59), going to NYC to do 4 episode of Law and Order and it turning into 22 years (53:02), being a hip hop head (64:00), beef in the past and social media driving beef now and how it ripples out (81:00) and what changes with age (93:00). Make sure you keep an ear out for Ice T acapella rapping throughout the show.
New President

New President


Episode 20 is Sponsored by fame and fortune clothing line. @fameandfortuneco on Instagram This week on episode 20 the Kitchen talks about fallen homies (3:33), the idea of 'you are the company you keep' for newly signed Hip Hop artists (15:58). The conversation takes a turn when Maino talks about getting punched in the face over the weekend (26:06) and the kitchen discussed the etiquette of kicking someone one (44:31), finishing up with a shout out to everyone coming back to society after being in prison since the 90's (59:38). Don't miss Rick's ethical scenario he poses to Georgie 'if three women pull up on your girl does it make you a bad person for helping her?' (33:00). All this and more on Maino Presents: Kitchen Talk this week!
Who's Your Supplier

Who's Your Supplier


This week The Kitchen talks politics (6:36), the industrial prison complex (29:25), money, personal finances and working regular jobs (37:08), where have all the Celebrities dealers gone (50:41) and loyalty (54:00). Episode 19 is so hot it sets off the alarm.
Surviving Jermaine

Surviving Jermaine


Even though this isn't a love show, the kitchen talks about nudes (7:00), the benefits of being a side piece (10:46), why women equate their vaginas to money (14:17), how long Maino, Rick and Georgie wait before sleeping with someone (17:30), The Birkin (24:27), love on social media vs real life (30:00) and finally Georgies birthday and her sexuality (41:00). But it's not a love show!
It's Me Georgie and What!

It's Me Georgie and What!


It's Me Georgie and What! by Loud Speakers Network
Warning there are Lovecraft Country spoilers from 35:00 - 39:00! Episode sweet 16 is here and the kitchen is celebrating with special guest Michael K. Williams and it gets deep. Maino and Michael start out talking about nights past, Michael says being on the other side of 50 if he gets a night he can’t remember it’s not boding too well for him before getting into what it was like playing Omar on the Wire (4:00), what it feels like as an actor selling your trauma and pain and therapy (19:10). They move into talking about Michael staying connected to his community and giving back (39:00), Dana Rachlin joins the conversation and they talk Crew Count (56:41), Black Lives Matter, the importance of civic education, breaking systems of oppression and reimagining the system as a whole (1:27:00) and gun violence and it's profit system (1:36:00). You can follow Crew Count on Instagram @crewcountnyc to see all the great work they are doing.
Hollywood VS. Hollyhood

Hollywood VS. Hollyhood


It’s episode 15, Jason Mitchell is on as a special guest and he has a friend who is very into Marino’s legs. Episode kicks off with a chat about how many showers they take out of 365 days a year and Maino recounts an experience he had with an R&B singer who didn't smell so fresh even after a shower (5:00). Jason talks about gun violence in NOLA, getting into acting, his first on set experience and diversifying the roles he is taking and avoiding being typecast (21:00). The conversation switches to the upcoming election, Maino wants to know who everyone is voting for (56:00), there is a debate about if Harriet Tubman actually freed slaves or took them to a new type of slavery (1:15:00) and Jason finishes up the episode talking about playing Sean Bell and invites Maino to set (1:35:00). Next week Kitchen Talk will be having a sweet episode 16 celebration, so stay tuned!
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