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Dating and Relationship Coach Paula Grooms, LMSW invites real women to talk about their romantic lives. In these intimate, one-on-one conversations, Paula helps each guest get-real, get focused, and get moving on what works with men for connected and committed love.
22 Episodes
Paula’s great friend, Rules pal, and fellow Social Worker, Erin joins Paula to talk about their respective journeys to the find what works with men. Paula and Erin recall their first meeting, working together, and how they developed their special bond. Both relive part of their past pains and shames that brought each to a totally new place personally and romantically. They also recall their time together in the desert sun sweating it out to ensure the right scores on Paula’s Consumer vs. Buyer Relationship Test! Paula recounts how Erin persevered through a tough period of no-contact with her current partner and Erin recalls for Paula how years ago she was only dreaming that she could help women in the way she does now.http://www.MakeHimWonder.comEngineered by Micah Femia (“Solar Burn” & Original Music by Micah Femia (
Emmy nominated host of WFAA’s Good Morning Texas, Miss Connecticut 2001, performer, and on-air personality, Amy Vanderoef gets real with Paula about her real-life love and relationships. On this episode, Amy shares the struggles of divorce and single-motherhood while juggling a demanding career and life in the public eye. Paula opens-up about her former husband and career distress following her divorce, as well.http://www.MakeHimWonder.comEngineered by Micah Femia (“Solar Burn” & Original Music by Micah Femia (
31-yr-old Rachel married 32-yr-old Paul three years ago. While still engaged, Rachel found a stack of magazines under Paul’s bed that she deemed pornographic and unacceptable. Rachel reports that the couple have had a good marriage and despite having a new baby, consistently have sex three times a week. However, Rachel continues to be disheartened and disturbed by thoughts of not being Paul’s “dream girl.” While admitting to be being bored by their sex life, Rachel believes giving into Paul’s requests for her to initiate sex will lessen her value in his eyes. Paula coaches Rachel on understanding men in the context of marriage and sex, and why she can put her doubts to bed. She also cautions Rachel that unless she begins to show Paul the fullness of her sexuality, Rachel will create what she fears most.http://www.MakeHimWonder.comEngineered by Micah Femia (“Solar Burn” & Original Music by Micah Femia (
Why is it that married or marriage-bound celebrities and starlets can be seen in sexy shots, but posed or provocative pics of the average woman hurt her chances at complete commitment? On the heels of Episode 18, Coach Paula dives deeper into why it is that your efforts at being evocative may be getting you a lot of likes, but are likely hurting your chances at long-term love. Hear how sexy selfies skew a man’s reptilian wiring to see you as just a playmate, not as woman to whom he can feel safe pledging his total commitment.http://www.MakeHimWonder.comEngineered by Micah Femia (“Solar Burn” & Original Music by Micah Femia (
If you're posting posed or provocative selfies, showing lots of pics of you and your guy, or even presenting yourself to be a lot sexier than the girl next door, you might be hurting your chance at committed love.  In this episode, Coach Paula talks about using social media to attract the right men. Hear how to have the best shot at getting a proposal by perfecting your online presence!http://www.MakeHimWonder.comEngineered by Micah Femia (“Solar Burn” & Original Music by Micah Femia (
Olivia was a guest on Ep.#2 of Make Him Wonder. At that time, Olivia was confused about her feelings for her LD boyfriend, Mark, and a growing interest in man at work. While she loved Mark, this new man was filling the emotional void having a LD, unformalized relationship creates. At 32 yrs old, with a 13 yr old dtr, Olivia was not willing to wait any longer for Mark to make a decision. Hear how Olivia’s actions prompted Mark to come to terms with what he wanted and needed, so that Olivia could move forward in her life one way or the other.http://www.MakeHimWonder.comEngineered by Micah Femia (“Solar Burn” & Original Music by Micah Femia (
At 46 years old, Susan is dating online after being divorced three times.  With a heart as big as her home state of Texas, Susan gives every man a chance.  Her stories are both heartwarming and hard to hear.  Her willingness to give her time and attention, as well as her joie-de-vivre and sense of humor have landed her with less than a healthy dating life. Paula gives Susan a dose of reality on how being too nice eases loneliness in the moment, but hurts in the long run to finding and keeping a Mr. Right.http://www.MakeHimWonder.comEngineered by Micah Femia (“Solar Burn” & Original Music by Micah Femia (
15: Ep. 15: Sexy Boss

15: Ep. 15: Sexy Boss


Dating in your fabulous forties can feel like a new world where being brave and daring lands you feeling empty, floundering around, and wondering what is wrong with men!  Find out why being uber sexy is so much fun, but can lead to men just taking you for a ride. In this Episode, Sexy Boss, Syndicated Radio Host, and Author, Heather Havenwood talks about her experience of being naturally sexy and how that has created difficulty in the having men who adore her commit. Hear why giving a man all that he lusts after, before getting a commitment, doesn’t allow a Mr. Right to give you more than just “right now.”http://www.MakeHimWonder.comEngineered by Micah Femia (“Solar Burn” & Original Music by Micah Femia (
Sometimes dating after a divorce feels like you’ve been asleep for the number of years you were married and have woken up in a different world. Anna is 42 years old and was married for nearly 18 years. She began dating Dan immediately following her divorce and has been seeing him for 12 months.  When the two are together, Anna says that the relationship is great, but she’s baffled as to why Dan doesn’t seem to need to see her more often and connect more deeply.  Anna’s frustration and disappointment with her first experience of dating in her 40s has her questioning if she just should have stayed in her marriage.http://www.MakeHimWonder.comEngineered by Micah Femia (“Solar Burn” & Original Music by Micah Femia (
Amanda was a guest on Episode #3 of Make Him Wonder.  At 26 years old, she is divorced with one small child. Amanda had been dating Brian for the past year and was about to move in with him.  Because she wanted to ensure that she and Brian would go the distance, she called Coach Paula wanting info on how to keep the fire burning in a long-term relationship. The call took an interesting turn, ending up with Amanda having her mind changed about moving in without a ring and a date. Three months later, Amanda contacted the show again with the news of Brian's lovely proposal and the exact moment he told her he decided he would make her his wife.  On this episode, Amanda shares what she did, why she did it, and how following Paula's advice helped her to be in a fully committed relationship planning her wedding!http://www.MakeHimWonder.comEngineered by Micah Femia (“Solar Burn” & Original Music by Micah Femia (
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