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Dating and Relationship Coach Paula Grooms, LMSW invites real women to talk about their romantic lives. In these intimate, one-on-one conversations, Paula helps each guest get-real, get focused, and get moving on what works with men for connected and committed love.
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Divorced twice from men who haven’t been her White Knights, 48-yr-old Kate wants to ensure that she’s not going to any miss red flags with a potential Mr. Right. In this episode, Paula discusses how to keep the ghosts of men past from preventing a possibly great guy from wanting to ghost you.http://www.MakeHimWonder.comEngineered by Micah Femia (“Solar Burn” & Original Music by Micah Femia (
Co Host of her own podcast with Amy Nichols, Lacey Gee joins Paula to talk about what has worked for her in her marriage. Being a great interviewer, Lacey asks Paula about her coaching and her relationships – past and present. The two share what they have most in common when it comes to men, and how each defines and designs a marriage that makes them most fulfilled.http://www.MakeHimWonder.comEngineered by Micah Femia (“Solar Burn” & Original Music by Micah Femia (
Elle’s history of dating younger men and marrying one has left her feeling that her professional and financial success is a romantic liability. Additionally, Elle’s current environment is one that leaves her feeling especially vulnerable to exploitation. In this Episode, Paula helps Elle explore how her examination of past experiences is likely eliciting a pre-judgement of men by their age and career success, thus thwarting her ability to see individual merit in any man. Because Elle does not wish to move, she is faced with either changing her perceptions or continuing to see only problems with dating men in her area. By pointing out the fact that Elle has been hurt by both successful and unsuccessful men, and that both types of men can either be moral and supportive, or not, Paula attempts to coach Elle to see the possibility of romantic success via tweaks in her approach, activities, attitude, and acceptance, rather than focus on what has been less than optimal in her past.http://www.MakeHimWonder.comEngineered by Micah Femia (“Solar Burn” & Original Music by Micah Femia (
Coach Paula discusses the recent Time Magazine article, Once a Cheat, Always a Cheat?, that outlines the 6 myths related to infidelity. New research is debunking what we tend to hold true in our society about people being serial cheaters or completely loyal. Paula expounds on what she believes to be the biggest take-away for women to help keep their marriages (and their men) intact, with liberty and integrity for all!http://www.MakeHimWonder.comEngineered by Micah Femia (“Solar Burn” & Original Music by Micah Femia (
At the age of 26, Brianne was excited to marry Jim and believed he would be as happy as she was to start a family. Jim had stated he would be okay with having one child, and he showed himself to be terrific with Brianne’s nieces and nephews.  While their marriage was good for the first 5 years, things changed immediately after Brianne gave birth to twins.  Brianne soon found out that Jim only agreed to “have one child” in order to please her.  Brianne shares her cautionary tale of not listening to her inner-knowing about Jim’s desire to be a father, and Paula shares her experience of being on the other side of the aisle when she married her first husband.http://www.MakeHimWonder.comEngineered by Micah Femia ( by David Peterson“Solar Burn” & Original Music by Micah Femia (
http://www.MakeHimWonder.comEngineered by Micah Femia (“Solar Burn” & Original Music by Micah Femia (
Sometimes a glitch turns out to be great thing. TV and Radio Personality, Brian Glenn, said yes to being on Make Him Wonder, but our recording went gonzo. However, I was on Brian’s daily show, In The Know, on KEXB 620am, and that went swimmingly. We dive into everything from where to meet men (you might be surprised what I say about bars) to sustaining sex in marriage. We all get a little more in-the-know from talking to the opposite sex (when men are willing to ask, listen, and open up) and Brian Glenn doesn’t disappoint!http://www.MakeHimWonder.comEngineered by Micah Femia (“Solar Burn” & Original Music by Micah Femia (
Ever wonder why sex with a man who’s a completely committed, signed-on, Bono Fide Buyer (husband) isn’t as off-the-hook hot, intense, or passionate as with an Ultimate or Mixed-Messages Consumer? Paula gives the low-down on the goods feeling hotter when on the down-low, marked-down, hot-sale rack than they are when delivered from a fully-invested man who’s decided that you are his prize to value forever.http://www.MakeHimWonder.comEngineered by Micah Femia (“Solar Burn” & Original Music by Micah Femia (
After years of dating in a way that she describes as “needy or clingy,” 36-yr-old Julia found The Rules in 2015 and began following them strictly. Now, after 4 years of not experiencing her desired result of marriage, Julia fears "never getting the right guy" and that she might go through her life without ever having children. She is tired of being consumed by men telling her that her communication is “odd” and that they think she is “just a good-time girl,” when she knows herself to be a woman who desires monogamy, commitment, and family life. Paula helps Julia discover that what she is attempting to show men by doing The Rules is exactly the opposite of their experience in dating her.http://www.MakeHimWonder.comEngineered by Micah Femia (“Solar Burn” & Original Music by Micah Femia (
Paula’s great friend, Rules pal, and fellow Social Worker, Erin joins Paula to talk about their respective journeys to the find what works with men. Paula and Erin recall their first meeting, working together, and how they developed their special bond. Both relive part of their past pains and shames that brought each to a totally new place personally and romantically. They also recall their time together in the desert sun sweating it out to ensure the right scores on Paula’s Consumer vs. Buyer Relationship Test! Paula recounts how Erin persevered through a tough period of no-contact with her current partner and Erin recalls for Paula how years ago she was only dreaming that she could help women in the way she does now.http://www.MakeHimWonder.comEngineered by Micah Femia (“Solar Burn” & Original Music by Micah Femia (
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