DiscoverMaked Up Stories: Imaginative Kids Stories
Maked Up Stories: Imaginative Kids Stories
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Maked Up Stories: Imaginative Kids Stories

Author: Maked Up Stories

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Free "maked up" kids stories, as told by a real dad to his young children. Dad makes these stories up as he goes. Remember to subscribe for your kids!

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190 Episodes
Farryn Finds a Magic Treehouse Covered in Cotton Candy - Kids Stories
Seymour explores the south pole - Kids story
Leonidas meets a magic butterfly. Kids story.
Mirabelle Finds a Secret Cave on San Juan Island
Neal Makes a Raincoat Roof and Sees a Fish on a Bike
The Santa Rosa Pod Finds a Mirror Playground
Desi and Lily go to sleep and have a dream together. In it, they are Surrounded by giants. Along the way, they meet a dog who lives like a parrot, a car-sized hamster who hides candy in his cheek pocket, and a fairy who will make everything right again. Bedtime story for kids. 
Adi and Lucy Find a Dinosaur Egg
Coco goes down a big slide
Willa Blows out the Magic Candles and becomes a Grown-Up
Nina goes on a princess escalator to Outer Space
Vasilisa gets a magic marker and her drawings turn real
Norah and Camille Meet the Tooth Fairy
Sophie and Mario Enter the Magic Forest
Priselle Goes to the Aquarium
Adam Seeks a Treasure

Adam Seeks a Treasure


Adam Seeks a Treasure
Emmaline visits an igloo toy factory
Reece and her family visit an underground bubble city
Silvan explores outer space
Caleb and his dad explore a magic sail ship
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