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Maked Up Stories: Imaginative Kids Stories
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Maked Up Stories: Imaginative Kids Stories

Author: Maked Up Stories (Kids Stories)

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Free "maked up" kids stories, as told by a real dad to his young children. Dad makes these stories up as he goes. Remember to subscribe for your kids!
369 Episodes
In this kid's story, Greyson has an adventure with a nice fire ninja.
In this kid's story, DIllon digs to the center of earth, out of which comes a shooting star and ninja. The trio decides to play baseball
In this kid's story, Olivia's house turns into a castle, where magical things occur.
In this kid's story, Arabella finds a rainbow colored olden days car, and with her parents she drives it backwards through time, to an age when dinosaurs, both real and fake, ruled the earth
In this kid's story, siblings Michael and Zoey head to outer space to help some aliens fix broken stars.
In this kid's story, Niralya floats around in a floating powerwheels, and discovers a tree with a door in it. she opens the door and discovers a magical underground world.
In this kid's story, Palace explores the wonders of her environment, a forest made of flowers, and in habited by silly creatures.
Davis Finds Dragon Eggs

Davis Finds Dragon Eggs


In this kid's story, Davis finds some dragon eggs under his backyard.
In this kid's story, Liyana finds an airplane full of fairies, and joins it for a ride.t
In this kid's story, Marlee lives in a toilet paper factory, and has to deal with the consequences when wind blows the toilet paper across town.t
In this story, my son jonah goes fishing.
Taking a short break from stories.
In this kid's story, Ellie finds the end of a rainbow, where gold is made, and watches the magic smelting process, which ends up producing a golden princess crown.
In this kid's story, Aradhana and her parents are firefighters faced with a challenge. How to put out a cold pink fire that is stretching up to the sun.
In this kid's story, Elise finds a treasure map and uses it to find some magical creatures.
In this kid's story, Ona and her sister have a regular dollhouse. One night, Ona has a dream that some fairy visit it, and when she wakes up she sees the fairies.
In this kid's story, Shriya lives in a house made of play-doh and has a magic microwave that can make anything you draw come real.
In this kid's story, Elize lives in a magic beach with white sand, giant palm trees and more.
In this kid's story, Charles discovers a secret pool under his castle. He goes there with his mom and enjoys a pool disco party with some magical animal friends.
In this kid's story, Boyd meets a large parrot with whom he sings and dances.
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