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Author: Jordi Vilasuso & Kaitlin Vilasuso

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Join hosts Kaitlin and Jordi Vilasuso each week as they get candid about lessons they’ve learned in their own relationship + discover new ways of making it work in life, love & marriage.
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In this episode, we begin the holiday season celebration by sharing how we are shaking up some of our favorite traditions! We highlight different ways we can all serve the greater good by volunteering in our community, share gratitude practices that will boost your gathering this Thanksgiving, walk you through a his and her gift guide that will knock your partner's socks off, and discuss how to keep a lookout for grace in the midst of holiday stress. We hope this pod will give you the tools f...
In this episode, we invite you to join us in our kitchen on a culinary adventure with an award winning chili! Complete with all the steps (and mistakes to avoid!), we recreate this recipe for our listeners, giving you the tools to take on anyone in a chili cook-off. Perfect for the holidays and football season, it will definitely inspire you to cook up a dish that serves and satisfies with alllll the layers of flavor and the perfect amount of kick. Remember, it's a winner!!!
In this episode, we share our thoughts on the Nikolas Cruz verdict and invite Michael Riley, Kaitlin’s father and former Assistant State Attorney in South Florida, to weigh in on the jury’s decision to reject the death penalty and what it means for school safety moving forward. On February 14, 2018, Nikolas Cruz killed 17 innocents at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas highschool in Parkland Florida. As part of the Code Red Foundation, we are on mission to make our children’s lives and sch...
We share our hot take on some of the recent cheating scandals - Jordi's solution is one for the books - and share ways we've worked on building trust over the years, the importance of turning toward each other, and a weekly challenge the husbands will surely not forget!
Feel like you're part of the fam this week as we talk life & love with Blake and Bailee (cameos by Everly & Busby included) and quiz each other on which couple knows their other half best. Will Bailee and Blake or Jordi and Katie come out victorious? Listen to find out.. laughs guaranteed!
In today's episode, we share about our most recent miscarriage. It’s definitely not easy to discuss, but we know that many, indeed MILLIONS, are suffering in silence because the subject matter is still so taboo. We hope you’ll join us as we share our experience with this most recent loss and the hard lessons we learned between our first miscarriage two years ago and today in an effort to build more empathy and understanding around this complicated, all too ‘common’ loss.
As our nation continues to try to process the tragedy at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas, we share our concerns and possible solutions to this national crisis. We talk about the documentary we helped produce about the 2018 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, and compare the safety failures between these two tragic shootings. Searching and imploring our audience to take on this very difficult subject matter, we look for ways to affect a system that unfortuna...
When Kati Morton (LMFT, Episodes 6 & 7!) said that sex is one of the three main reasons that people get divorced, Jordi immediately knew it was a topic that had to be broached on Making it Work... convincing Kaitlin of this was not quite as immediate. Ha! In the intro to 'The Sex Series,' Jordi and Katie discuss times that intimacy has been an issue in their marriage, preserving kids' innocence in this day and age, and Katie (reluctantly) participates in a little intimacy Q&A and is s...
Jordi shares details about his Emmy nomination! After a life update, they continue their conversation with Kati Morton, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, accomplished author (Are You Ok? , Traumatized), and popular YouTube mental health content creator. They dive into a listener question ("Should you ever go to sleep angry?") and then a special #askingforafriend question (wink wink) about loosing your cool and how to recover from that. Kaitlin shares her biggest mom fears and Kati...
Kaitlin and Jordi are joined by, Kati Morton, who is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist an accomplished author (Are You Ok? , Traumatized), and popular YouTube mental health content creator. They revisit some of the #askingforafriend questions that they took a stab at in last week's episode and discuss everything from postpartum depression to self-talk, the benefits of group therapy, how to keep love alive in your relationship. Kati shares her marriage hack (aka #mack) and is a wealth o...
Thanks to amazing #askingforafriend questions- aka 'send anything and everything and you will never be judged' questions- Kaitlin and Jordi share some experience driven (i.e. non-professional;) advice before bringing on the real experts. They talk about things ranging from parenting when each partner has a different parenting style, insecurities in marriage and how to deal with them, staying connected romantically after having kids, and their biggest takeaways from the bestselling marriage bo...
Jordi and Kaitlin discuss how to ‘make it work’ after miscarriage- especially when you aren’t on the same page when it comes to trying for another baby. They share tips on how to better be there for someone after a miscarriage, whether it’s your partner, a friend or a family member. They reveal traps they fell into, how they have finally found common ground, and where they stand with the idea of growing their family now.
Jordi and Kaitlin welcome their best friends, Gaby and Vicky Mena, who have been wildly influential on their marriage and family life. They discuss everything from creating a family culture to tattoo dates, sexy shower notes, and the importance of always dating your spouse.. all while sipping on some Rosé. Cheers!
Jordi shares some big career changes. He and Kaitlin discuss 'Rey' and his journey in Genoa City, share stories about the cast of the Rosales family, and give the scoop on how his departure went down. They discuss their growth since the last time he was in between gigs and share their tools for 'Making it Work' in the midst of uncertainty and embracing change.
Kaitlin and Jordi welcome you into their marriage as they share their personal story, making sure to include all the details! They introduce 'macks,' 'the lovers library,' #askingforafriend, and the very first 'Making it Work Challenge.' This is an intro episode you don't want to miss!