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The Manifestation Babe Podcast is your weekly dose for all things related to manifesting your best life, cultivating a positive mindset & attracting more money than you could ever dream of. Your host, Kathrin Zenkina, is the CEO & Founder of Manifestation Babe, a multi-million dollar personal development brand, #1 Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and Manifestation Expert. Featured in Forbes, Thrive Global, Goalcast, CNET, and Bustle.
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If you’ve ever been curious about launching a product or your someone who gets stressed the EFF out every-time it comes around, this episode is going to serve you in so many ways. I have had 15 launches in the 3 years that Manifestation Babe has been running and let me tell you, I know a thing or two about stressful launches. This year in 2019, I have experienced two big launches where I felt the most stress free I have ever felt. Being an entrepreneur involved in social media, it is easy to get influenced by everyone else’s strategies. When I first started out, I followed influencers doing exactly what I wanted to do, but one thing always left me feeling overwhelmed. They were constantly exhausted and stressed during launches which left me with the story of “Launching is stressful and exhausting.” In this episode I talk about 4 strategies that have changed the launch game for me and how I doubled my revenue goal with a completely stress free launch.  What you will learn in this episode:My exciting new business project (3:20)How we hired our dream team (14:15)Best business resource ever (16:55)How to play the game in business (26:15)Amazing launch strategy for female entrepreneurs (36:17)How your mind and body work together with manifestation (41:39)Manifest Business By Design (45:10) Questions I Answer:How do you detach from the outcome? (20:00)What is my powerful manifestation prayer? (21:40)Why changing your story will change your business? (28:14)Can you create a launch from a template? (32:09)Do you have to use masculine energy to build a business? (43:50) Links/Resources:Manifestation Babe BookStoreBest Business Resource: TractionBBD Waitlist
“Kathrin, you will let go of your team when you get home. It’s also time for you to seek other ways to grow your business. Trust the process, but don’t expect it to be easy.” These were the words my intuition spoke to me in December of 2017, as I walked through the doors of Tony Robbins event, Date With Destiny. Those words led me to investing $170K in a 48 hour period and working through one of the hardest years of my life. I have never been so terrified and challenged at the same time, but it led me to the most groundbreaking success I could have ever dreamed of in Manifestation Babe. This is one VERY important story I have yet to share ANYWHERE in the Manifestation Babe community. If you’re in the process of making a BIG investment or taking a huge risk, this story was made for you. Trust the process, but don’t expect it to be easy. Normalize taking risks because a limitless bank account, comes from a limitless mind. There are only a few days left before the cart officially closes for the 2019 Manifestation Babe Academy class. If you’re staring at that sign up button, terrified to make an intangible investment, babe trust the process. Your intuition will ALWAYS lead you down the right path. Join me for the next 30 days and watch your wildest dreams come true before your eyes! Head to and take the leap that’s calling you!What you will learn in this episodeWhere it all started (25:00)What I heard from my intuition (28:20)The first HUGE investment I made (30:20)The second HUGE investment I made (37:12)Transformation is in the Transaction (53:10)Questions I AnswerHow was I able to do it? (44:10)How to build trust with the process? (46:20)How did I build a limitless mind? (49:44)How did it all pay off? (54:00)What was the ultimate lesson I learned? (56:54)Links & ResourcesJoin the Manifestation Babe AcademyFollow me on the Instagram!Learn more about me!Join The Manifestation Babes Facebook Group!
Over the eight magical years I’ve studied manifestation, I’ve picked up quite a few tricks and hacks that I use on a DAILY basis. These hacks have not only been the reason I’ve manifested all my success up until now, but they make the practice unbelievably easy. Today, I am sharing with you my FAVORITE manifestation hack that I use every single night. This specific hack is one I picked up from Dr. Wayne Dyer --- It’s called 5 Minutes Before You Sleep. The fastest way to get aligned with the Universe is by visualizing and deeply believing your greatest desires have already come true. But the effect it has on your subconscious mind is crucial right before you fall asleep. The last image you play in your head right before you fall asleep is what your powerful subconscious mind will play over and over through the night. Why not give your subconscious mind a beautiful desire to play on repeat as you drift away? If lying in bed and visualizing your dream life for 5 minutes sounds amazing to you, you’ll want to listen through the whole episode!This is only ONE of the amazing manifestation hacks I’ve picked up over the years. Many of the other tricks I know take in depth teaching and would be way to intensive to share on the podcast. If you’re serious about manifestation and want the key to unlock my manifestation secrets, my 4-week course Manifestation Babe Academy is officially open!! Head over to to learn more about how to sign up! Links/Resources Manifestation Babe AcademyInstagramFacebook
QUOTES“You have to recognize that you actually ended up getting something better than what you asked for.” (5:42)“Women who attract their soulmates are the ones who are excited about being single and loving themselves on a deeper level and are okay with being alone.” (26:55) SHOWNOTESRomance isn’t dead and I want to give all of you babes some hope. It’s entirely possible to manifest your soulmate, and I’m going to tell you how. I’ve told the story of how Brennan and I met a thousand times, but today I’m going a little bit deeper. I made a lot of big changes before I manifested my soulmate, and now as I look back and share my story with all of you, I’ve realized that I was capable of manifesting true love all along. I’ve been meaning to sit down and record this for awhile because I get this question a lot. How did I find Brennan? How did I know he was The One? But that’s the trick with soulmates, it’s all intuitive. The only way you’re going to manifest your soulmate is if you can tune in and listen to your higher self. I wasn’t always in tune with my higher self. I know that sounds crazy now, but I wasn’t always this confident. It took my best friend convincing me to attend a Tony Robbins seminar for me to realize I wasn’t living for myself. I was staying in a relationship that wasn’t fulfilling me, and I was pursuing a career for my parents. I had to sit down and ask myself “Who are you living for?”, because I definitely wasn’t living for myself. Who are you living for? Do you know what you want out of your relationships? It’s a big question to ask, but it’s not hard to answer. The trick is to make a list of all the traits you’re looking for in romance and pay close attention to what’s most important to you. The end result might surprise you and open you up to new romantic perspectives. You can’t force happiness, and you can’t force someone to fit into your definition of perfection.Today’s episode is all about making that list and manifesting the romantic partner you deserve. I’m also going to teach you how to work hard at a relationship that actually fulfills you and helps you grow as a person. It’s time to take a look at yourself, trust your intuition, and look for a relationship that’s actually perfect for you. And just a quick reminder, we are only a few days away from kicking off the Manifestation Babe Challenge this Monday, April 22nd! If you want to learn how to make manifestation ridiculously easy in just 5 days, click this link to join me and 12,000 beautiful souls!In This Episode You Will Learn:Which Tony Robbins event changed my life (5:48)What happens when you start making decisions for yourself (22:35)How my experience with Tinder led to Brennan and I’s first date (29:40)What it means to be fulfilled by your relationship (41:59) Some Questions We Discuss:Who are you living for? (19:50)How can you get excited about being single? (26:57)What can be manifested in your relationships? (38:47)How can I get my partner on board with manifestation? (50:17) Resources Mentioned:Tony Robbins The Ultimate EdgeBeachBody Ultimate ResetFollow me on the 'Gram @manifestationbabeLearn more about me: ManifestationBabe.comJoin The Manifestation Babes Facebook Group: The MB GroupJoin the Manifestation Babe Challenge starting Monday, April 22nd!
QUOTESThere will be periods of bliss, and there will be periods of excruciatingly uncomfortable growth.” (2:12)“The next level will come when you’ve accepted the unknown and you’re okay with it.” (5:30) SHOW-NOTESNo matter how successful you are, you’re still going to have doubts. I have doubts all the time, babe, so I completely understand the frustration! How can I sometimes still be afraid of change and growth? How can we be so unsure when all of these amazing things are manifesting in our lives?Easy! We’re uncomfortable. And nobody likes to be uncomfortable. Success is a process, and sometimes we’re going to have to try new things and take a leap of faith. The trick is to trust your process and embrace your discomfort.My advice for you today is to accept that you’re not always going to know what to do. More importantly, you need to accept that THIS IS COMPLETELY NORMAL. You’re not a failure just because you don’t know what to do next. You’re an even better success story because you’re taking the time to sit in your discomfort, learn about yourself, and create something brand new!If you need a little push, I’m here for you. Sign up for my Manifestation Babe Challenge on Instagram, because next week and I’m starting a 5-day mini-challenge for all you babes ready to learn trade secrets and start surprising themselves with how successful they really can be! In This Episode You Will LearnHow to appreciate the discomfort of “not knowing” (4:08)Happiness and fulfillment is NOT a race (5:00) Some Questions We DiscussDid you sign up for next week’s Manifestation Babe Challenge? (1:20)Is it normal to be unsure? (5:25) Links/ResourcesIf you’re ready to make manifestation ridiculously easy in just 5 days, sign up for the free Manifestation Babe Challenge here! Oh, and you’ll get the chance to win $1,000 just my simply participating :) Get your booty inside!Follow me on the 'Gram @manifestationbabeLearn more about me: ManifestationBabe.comJoin The Manifestation Babes Facebook Group: The MB Group
Today, I’m sharing with you the real truth behind one of manifestations BIGGEST misconceptions.Many people discover manifestation and become infatuated by the idea of being HIGH VIBE. They learn the incredible Universal Laws and learn the concepts to manifest their dream life and start living as their higher self. It’s literally like a cloud nine high, feeling so damn good that nothing can stop them.Then all of a sudden, life happens. We get sick, we experience trauma, a low energy enters our world and our entire view of manifestation and the Universe gets flipped upside down.On today’s episode, I want to set things straight and share my experience with staying high vibe no matter what uncontrollable life event happens for me. I recently came down with a cold that kept me bed-ridden for an ENTIRE week and I had to pull out my manifestation toolkit and get to work. I’ll share with you my current life circumstance, how exactly I stay high vibe when I’m feeling low, all the lessons I’ve learned from this experience, AND 3 beliefs that I live my life by.If you’re experiencing something difficult in your life right now and you want to learn how to shift your energy back into a higher state, you’ll want to listen to this episode all the way through! In This Episode, You Will Learn:My word of intention for 2019 (5:11)The blueprint for the subconscious mind (6:32)Life Update- Where have I been? (8:57)How I stay high vibe when I’m feeling sick (19:17)Lesson #1- What are you in control of? (23:17)Lesson #2- Surrender (26:05)Lesson #3- Feminine Energy (28:41)Lesson #4- Beliefs are everything (34:06)Manifestation Babe Challenge is open! (39:35) Questions I Answer:What will I do if my surgery doesn’t “work”? (5:02)Why I scheduled a launch right after my surgery? (20:25)What’s the difference between masculine and feminine energy? (30:46)What 3 beliefs do I live my life by? (34:26) Links/ResourcesIf you’re ready to make manifestation ridiculously easy in just 5 days, sign up for the free Manifestation Babe Challenge here! Oh, and you’ll get the chance to win $1,000 just my simply participating :) Get your booty inside!Follow me on the 'Gram @manifestationbabeLearn more about me: ManifestationBabe.comJoin The Manifestation Babes Facebook Group: The MB Group
Important links:Follow me on the 'Gram: @manifestationbabeLearn more about me: manifestationbabe.comJoin The Manifestation Babes Facebook Group: The MB GroupGet on the WAITLIST for Manifestation Babe Academy launching in April 2019!
Good morning healthy babes! Today’s episode is going to be just a little bit different. I’m going through something right now. It’s having a huge negative affect on my health and my mindset. I can feel it draining all of my energies and really distracting from my business, so I have to talk about it. Today’s shift is about breast implant illness. I want to talk about it because I’m starting to connect my story with other women who are going through the same thing. It’s all over Insta and Facebook, and there are so many women out there experiencing these symptoms - some without even realizing it!The symptoms of breast implant illness can manifest like adrenal fatigue or autoimmune disorders but are actually a sign of something more severe. I was one of those women who spent months denying the possibility that my breast implants could be poisoning me. But this episode is not meant to scare you! I’m here talking about my experience today to remind all of you that you’re not alone. Many of our personal experiences are sometimes actually collective experiences. Whether you were bullied in high school, are struggling with self-esteem issues, or maybe even you have implants too - We. Are. Not. Alone! (add clap emojis instead of periods?)Even if no one in your direct social circle can relate to you, there is someone out there that’s going through the exact same thing. That’s what today’s episode is all about. It’s not here to scare you. I don’t believe in fear mongering. But I do believe in supporting one another, and I’m here to share my personal experience with breast implant illness in hopes of helping other babes going through the same exact thing.In This Episode You Will LearnWhat it means to have tuberous breasts (8:00)When my symptoms got a little weird (19:25)Why some of us call our implants “ticking time bombs” (37:23)How I finally made the explant decision (41:12)Why I did more of my own research (50:50)Some Questions We DiscussWhy is it hard to love your body sometimes? (10:50)What do the symptoms of breast implant illness look like? (20:48)What social media resources helped make my explant decision? (43:05)What different kind of explant surgeries are there? (51:00)Links & ResourcesTuberous breastsBreast Implant Illness and Healing with NicoleFollow me on the Instagram!Learn more about me!Join The Manifestation Babes Facebook Group!
Important links:Follow me on the 'Gram: @manifestationbabeLearn more about me: manifestationbabe.comJoin The Manifestation Babes Facebook Group: The MB GroupGet on the WAITLIST for Manifestation Babe Academy launching in April 2019!
Today I want to share with you an epiphany I recently had. Warning: This freeing, awesome, liberating epiphany will turn you into a literal desire magnet if you decide to implement this important tip. It has been so amazing to witness how fast things have been manifesting into my life. How fast I’ve been making friendships that are in alignment with me. How fast opportunities that I had on my vision board are manifesting. The things that have come into my life lately have made me think, wow, this isn’t just a maybe, this isn’t just a yes, this is an eff yes.I’m going to be honest, this tip has taken me a long time to totally implement into my life. But at least by listening to this podcast episode you can begin to open yourself up to understanding it. However, it’s going to take practice in order to implement it into an energetic, emotional, subconscious level and into your life.  In today’s episode, I talk about how I’ve been able to attract the people and experiences I desire in my life just by being myself. I used to be stiff and inauthentic online. I was worried about being professional and respectful to my audience and didn’t want to offend anyone with what I was doing. Freakin’ exhausting right? Once I took off the mask, I started attracting those who were my most ideal people in friendships, in business relationships and pretty much in all aspects of my life. The best part is that they are people who I actually want to be around and love me for I am. If you’ve struggled surrounding yourself with the right people, you may want to ask yourself: “Am I letting people get to know my true self? Do I have a mask on because I’m afraid of what people may think of me? I’m here today on this episode of Manifestation Babe to help you take off that very mask.In This Episode, You Will Learn:Why it’s important to be the real you, even in public or online. (4:48)Scarcity mindset and how it affects your ability to manifest. (7:55)How magnets can help you understand attraction. (9:18)How to attract the right people for your online business. (10:00)Why not everyone you meet is meant for you. (13:39)How to take off your mask once and for all. (14:43)Some Questions We Discuss:Is your online presence attracting the right people? (5:02)Why do we wear masks? (6:35)Do you hide your true self from specific people? (11:30)Should you be yourself all the time? (15:10)What happens as soon as you take your mask off? (18:40)Links and Resources:Follow me on the Instagram!Learn more about me!Join The Manifestation Babes Facebook Group!
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A Dunklin

I did the explant back in 2017, the absolute best decision of my life.. My chest feels so much lighter! And I lost 4lbs as soon as the doctor popped them out! 😁

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Hilary Rank

I have my explant scheduled for July. Thanks so much for talking about this!

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💕💕 I just found you & this was exactly what I needed to hear this morning, thankyou x

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Love this love you

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your volume is too low compared to other podcasts so I always have to adjust volume :(

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thank you,paying all my Bill's and saying thank you!!!!!

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love this and I so needed to hear this!!!

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exactly the message I needed

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Thank you for sharing this tip on waiting. Something I need to work on. 😊

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absolutely LOVE listening to Kathrin! she is no bull, straight talk but always coupled with empathy and love! certainly sets my mind to the right channel for an abundant af life! @sineadchiplen

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AMAZING!! All the content you have is out of this world and SO Inspiring. thank you so much kathrin xoxo instagram kelsey.kac

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