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Manifestation Babe is your daily sip of personal development for all things manifesting, mindset & money.
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Have you ever wondered why on Earth your desires are NOT manifesting? Why you’re not living in that big house on your vision board yet? Why that million dollar year you’ve been visualizing hasn’t come true yet?    I hear you! I was in your shoes before, frustrated, wondering how much longer I’d have to visualize these desires before I saw them physically in my life. It’s easy to quickly lose faith in the Universe when you’re doing the “work” and still nothing is happening…    Well don’t you worry babe, because I have good news for you. It’s not a matter of IF or WILL it ever come true, its trusting in divine timing and living your life knowing that success WILL come when you’re ready for it.    In today’s episode I cover how the Universe creates space for your massive desires and why trusting in divine timing will make you a much more patient and happier person.    Tune into Episode 114 and allow me to put your mind at ease if you’re wondering why you’re desires are NOT manifesting!  Links/Resources    Follow me on Instagram   Join our Manifestation Babes FB Group   For more inspiration visit our website
Today is a VERY special episode on the Manifestation Babe podcast because I had the pleasure of sitting down with my incredible past Rich Babe Academy student, Carly Eldred, and got to hear her incredible transformation after taking my money mastery program, Rich Babe Academy!    Carly’s transformation was so incredible that she won the BEST Rich Babe transformation in the February class of 2019 and got to fly to LA and spend an entire day getting spoiled by me! The first time I heard Carly’s full story was when we hung out together in LA and I was completely blown away! I knew I needed to bring her on the podcast to share all her nuggets of wisdom with you!    Carly is from a small town, Cranbrook BC, Canada, where she ran a successful business and had a comfortable relationship with money. She felt she needed to kick it up a notch and uplevel her money mindset to fulfill her dreams of starting a second company, so she decided to take the leap and join RBA! After taking Rich Babe Academy, Carly has successfully launched her second business, purchased her DREAM vacation property, has received random checks of money in the mail, and is still attracting abundance in her life on a regular basis!    This is one of my absolute favorite success stories from RBA and I cannot wait for you to hear it!    P.s. Rich Babe Academy is closing this FRIDAY, September 27th! If you’re ready to create a polarizing shift in your money mindset and unlock financial abundance for life, you have to get into the academy now! Click here to sign up before the doors close!   In This Episode You Will Learn:    Who is Carly Eldred? (5:12)  Life BEFORE Rich Babe Academy (8:20) How Carly let go of her limiting beliefs (11:47)  How Carly’s life changed since RBA (14:26)  Carly’s Live Event (19:18)  Are you on the fence? Click HERE! (21:54)  Links/Resources    Join Rich Babe Academy Now!    Watch Carly’s RBA Transformation Video   Sign Up For Carly’s Live Event!   Follow Carly on Instagram    Check Out Carly’s Website    Ambition Babes Facebook Group    Follow me on Instagram   Join our Manifestation Babes FB Group   For more inspiration visit our website  
Shownotes   Ever feel like you’re doing ALL the right things, putting in the work, facing your limiting beliefs head on, and life is STILL throwing chaos at you?    Trust me babe, I get it. I’ve been in your shoes frustrated with growth and in pure confusion. The last month has been total chaos for me, ups and downs left and right, and total moments of confusion. I have been working through this for years now and it dawned on me…   No one talks about the messy growth. No one talks about the TRUTH about doing inner work and what deep spiritual growth really looks like.   On today’s episode of the Manifestation Babe podcast, I’m going to share with you what TRUE deep spiritual work looks like and why chaos actually means you are on the right path!  In This Episode You Will Learn   Surface level spiritual work (5:33) What true spiritual work looks like (8:04) Why chaos means you’re on the right path (16:22) Why confusion isn’t a bag thing (22:10) The point where most people give up (25:23) The key to raising your vibration (26:55)  True growth is in the messy work (29:55) Surprise! (37:03) Links/Resources    Make Money Your Bae 5-Day Challenge   Rich Babe Academy Waislist   Follow me on Instagram    Join our Manifestation Babe community!    Visit our website!
What comes to your mind when you think storytelling? Do you think emotion? Do you think about how a good story catches your attention quickly? Is it important? Do you think YOU need it?  On today’s VERY special episode of the Manifestation Babe Podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my dear friends and storytelling/branding coaches, Celinne Da Costa, who believes EVERYONE needs to master storytelling in order to manifest the life of your dreams!  Celinne Da Costa is a published author, motivational speaker, branding/storytelling coach, who teaches visionary business owners to become confident leaders through the power of their STORY. Celinne shares her incredible journey where she went from corporate America, to now being a world-traveling Digital Nomad, running her coaching business, and writing for major publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider.  We got into the JUICY details behind storytelling and the true power it has to change your life entirely. Storytelling is NOT just for entrepreneurs either, it’s for anyone and everyone looking to manifest the reality of their wildest dreams and on this episode, Celinne shares with you exactly HOW to do that! AND, since working with Celinne, I not only built a beautiful relationship with her, BUT I also was able to manifest one of my BIGGEST dreams I’ve had sitting on my vision board since I started Manifestation Babe…  I am so excited to announce that Manifestation Babe is now officially published in FORBES!! This has been my absolute dream for YEARS and through the power of manifestation and STORY, I was able to manifest this dream into reality.  I would love to share this incredible article with as many people as possible and to do that I need your help! If you share the MB x Forbes article and take a screenshot proving you shared it, I will send you a guide teaching you EXACTLY how I created my vision board that manifested being published in Forbes, building a 7-figure business, marrying my soulmate, and so many more EPIC desires! AND to celebrate Forbes, a publication that talks all about money, I am giving away ONE free spot in my Rich Babe Academy, a $2000 course that is opening for enrollment in September, when you share the article!  Click this link to submit your screenshot and receive your Vision Board PDF & chance to win a spot in RBA! I am BEYOND grateful for your all your support!   What You Will Learn In This Episode Manifestation Babe X Forbes (3:00) How Celinne and I met in Bali (6:50)  How Celinne fled the corporate world (15:14) What happens when you take INSPIRED action (23:00) Celinne’s project- traveling the world through connection (25:44)  How Celinne built a 6-figure coaching business traveling the world (35:00) What Celinne believes is the KEY to success (40:39) Power of social currency (50:44) How I manifested being published in Forbes (60:00)    Questions I Answer  Do you need an education/certifications to create success? (37:00) Why is storytelling important? (38:40) What story are you NOT telling yourself? (48:30) Is free value worth it? (56:00)   Links/Resources Manifestation Babe x Forbes Article  Jotform to submit screenshot Follow Celinne on Instagram Connect w/ Celinne on Facebook Celinne’s Facebook Group- The Courage Collective Work w/ Celinne Da Costa Celinne’s free guide to sharing your story Story Clarity Intensive w/ Celinne Master Your Story Group Program Waitlist w/ Celinne Rich Babe Academy Waitlist  Follow me on Instagram  Join our Manifestation Babe community!  Visit our website!
What does it REALLY take to become a millionaire? Is it the tactics? Is it the connections? Is it how much education you’ve had? OR is it WHO you are and how you THINK?  On today’s episode of the Manifestation Babe podcast, I’m going over 10 (originally 8) KEY points that make up a millionaire. I’ve spent A LOT of time around 7 and 8- figure entrepreneurs, and being one myself, I’ve put together the nitty gritty mindset and beliefs that make up almost every millionaire I’ve ever met.  Money is obviously a part of being a millionaire, but it’s your RELATIONSHIP with that money, how you use it, and how you control it, that allows you to become a FULFILLED millionaire. There are plenty of millionaires and billionaires out there, but how many are actually happy with their life?  Tune into Episode 110 and I’ll share with you how I’ve determined that!  *IMPORTANT REMINDER* - Business By Design doors CLOSE Thursday, August 8th @ 11:59pm PST! Take ACTION on your dreams because YOU are the only one in charge of your life. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. If you’re an entrepreneur ready to change your life & business, click the link below and sign up for BBD now!!    SIGN ME UP FOR BBD! In This Episode You’ll Learn:  Business By Design Bonuses (3:00) Why 7-figure entrepreneurs don’t sit on action (8:49) 7- figure entrepreneurs have a burning desire (10:55) Why 7-figure entrepreneurs are committed to never-ending growth (13:26) Most important trait of a 7-figure entrepreneur (22:46) 7-figure entrepreneurs are money & impact driven (25:59) 7-figure entrepreneurs know their purpose (30:57)   Questions I Answer: What does it mean to be a committed entrepreneur? (12:06) What is the true power of investment? (16:24) What kind of relationship do millionaires have with money? (27:33) What is a microwave mindset? (32:40) Links/Resources  Business By Design Enrollment Rich Babe Academy Waitlist Follow me on Instagram  Join our Manifestation Babe community!  Visit our website!
On today’s episode of the Manifestation Babe podcast, I am doing a continuation of a little series I’ve created called, “Phrases to NEVER say if…”! Over the years I have gotten extremely good at reframing almost any negative situation of adversity that I encounter and it has made a HUGE impact in my life.  I often get asked how I am able to remain so positive and how it always looks like life is “perfect” on my side. The truth is, life is FAR from perfect, but I have learned to find the silver lining is just about EVERY situation I come across. Today’s episode, is specifically targeting toward phrase you should never say if you want a successful business. In general, as an entrepreneur, it is quite common to encounter a slew of limiting beliefs that can hold you back from building the business of your dreams. Things like failure, saturated markets, Instagram algorithms, etc., can make you feel like you have NO chance in finding success.  Well, I’m here to change that story for you! Today we are talking about 6 phrases to never say if you want a successful business and a reframe for each phrase in case you ever catch yourself saying them!  P.S Guess what?! The day is FINALLY here!! The Business By Design Doors are OFFICIALLY open for enrollment! If you are struggling entrepreneur or someone who feels like they’ve hit that stagnant plateau i business, GET INSIDE BBD! My business and life has completely TRANSFORMED since working with James and I couldn’t be more proud to bring this course to you! As a proud affiliate for this program, I have put together the most EPIC bonus bundle that you get completely included when you sign up with me for BBD! This includes a LIVE EVENT, hosted by James and I in the Spring of 2020 and I want to hear about your biz transformation in person! To find out the rest of the bonuses AND get inside BBD, click this link!   In This Episode You Will Learn: The importance of business & life integration (3:15) The importance of reframing (8:13) Phrase #1- “Once I hit $10K then I’ll feel safe” (10:35) Phrase #2- “My launch failed so I’m not cut out for this” (14:26) Phrase #3- “The market is oversaturated” (20:50) Phrase #4- “I can’t build my following, the IG algorithm sucks” (26:49) Phrase #5- “I can’t afford to hire anyone” (26:49) Phrase #6- “I’m afraid to make the money I want because of taxes” (35:15)   Links/Resources: Business By Design Enrollment Follow me on Instagram  Join our Manifestation Babe community!  Visit our website!
Have you ever dimmed your light to justify your desires? Something that I’ve struggled with in the past was constantly justifying my actions when I wanted something. I couldn’t possibly have a luxury car AND my perfect soul mate. I shouldn’t dare to dream of having my ideal healthy body AND a million dollar business.  On today’s podcast episode, I want to explain why I believe “Because I WANT to” is a good enough response when you’re asked why you want a desire. Not only do you not need an excuse for others, but you also don’t need to explain your reasoning to your EGO either.  If your Higher Self is calling in a desire, that is ENOUGH reason to want it. Anything you’ve ever wanted simply is a desire that needs absolutely NO explanation. This podcast episode is more of a reminder than a lesson and I hope it leaves you feeling inspired and ready to go after your biggest dreams, JUST because you want to! P.s. If you haven’t checked out James Wedmore’s 8-Part BIZFLIX series, The RISE of the Digital CEO, what are you waiting for?! I have binge watched the series 3 times already and I am OBSESSED! If you want to watch a high-production series that is not only entertaining and GENUS, but literally teaches you how to properly RUN and GROW your business, click here to watch it! It’ll only be up for a few more days, don’t miss out on your chance!  In This Episode You’ll Learn: Opening up about jealousy (5:30) We create our desires through energy (12:18)   Questions I Answer Why “Because I WANT to” is a good enough reason (10:30) Why you don’t need permission to desire something (18:40)   Links/Resources The RISE of the Digital CEO  MB x BBD Waitlist Manifestation Babe Episode 107 w/ James Wedmore Follow me on Instagram  Join our Manifestation Babe community!  Visit our website!
Today on the Manifestation Babe Podcast I have a very special episode for you where I am interviewing my very first guest, who happens to be my dear friend and mentor, James Wedmore! You have heard me raving and roaring about all the amazing ways James inspires me and everyone around him, I knew I needed to bring his perspective into the Manifestation Babe podcast so you can get a glimpse into his incredible wisdom! On today’s episode we dive deep into all things business and manifestation. One of the first ways James and I connected was our passion and obsession with manifestation and its integration with business. As a multi 7-figure CEO, James continues to skyrocket his business growth and manifestation happens to be the sneaky trick he’s hiding up his sleeve. We talk about James’ first experience with manifestation and how he began to incorporate it into his business. James also opens up about his 12 year journey that went from the lows of depression and overuse of adderall , to now being a multi-7 figure Digital CEO running a team of 20. This is BY FAR my favorite Manifestation Babe podcast episode I’ve ever recorded and I’m confident you’ll feel the same way! Make sure you screenshot this episode and share it with a friend and tag us both so we can see how much you’re loving it!  P.S. If you’re an entrepreneur struggling to run your business efficiently, you’re OVER the 18 hour work days, and you want to know what ACTUALLY makes a 7-figure entrepreneur a 7-figure entrepreneur, then you have to go watch James’ NEW 8-part video series, The RISE of the Digital CEO! Him and his team have been working on this production for over 6 months and it is something EVERY entrepreneur NEEDS to see!  Here is the link to watch NOW! In This Episode You Will Learn:  James experience with depression & adderall (11:45) Why James believes money won’t make you happy (16:00) Why changing your perspective changes your life (22:17) James’ experience with “Your Success Is Inevitable” (27:10) How James overcame his fear of flying (30:05) James’ first experience with manifestation (36:59) Personality types and what they can teach you (65:12) The combo between manifestation and business (70:13)  Questions We Answer:  Who is James Wedmore? - (8:20) How do you feel abundant with no money? (20:50) Why does clarity come from action? (50:39) What is the biggest mistake business owners make? (57:28) Why do people believe they need permission? (58:59)   Links/Resources Follow James on Instagram! Mind Your Business Podcast w/ James Wedmore  The RISE of the Digital CEO  Business By Design w/ James Wedmore  Follow me on Instagram  Join our Manifestation Babe community!  Visit our website! From depressed, adderall-addicted, and broke... to multi-7 figure entrepreneur with James Wedmore. Making your entrepreneurial success inevitable with James Wedmore How manifestation changed this broke entrepreneur's life (a conversation with MY mentor James Wedmore) How to save yourself 4 years of failing in your online business with James Wedmore From skeptic to full-blown believer: How manifestation made James Wedmore’s business success inevitable
One of the most common money manifesting misconceptions I see floating around, is the belief that you can only manifest money if you’re an entrepreneur/business owner. This belief usually stems from the thought that entrepreneurs can “control” how much money comes in and a 9-5 income is FIXED.  On today’s episode, I want to share with you why money is NOT fixed and where is ACTUALLY comes from.  Most people believe and see money as paper or in physical form, when the truth is, it is 100% ENERGY. When you see money as energy and believe to your core that YOU, and only you, have full control over how much money comes into your life, money manifestation becomes effortless.  Get nerdy with me and tune into today’s episode to learn about quantum physics behind money and exactly how to step into the version of yourself that has all the money he/she desires.  In This Episode You Will Learn:  Where money comes from (8:54) Fact that money is energy (9:48) What your subconscious mind does to energy we see (11:11) Collapsing Timelines (12:58) How to embody the version of yourself with money (15:15) There is no such thing as FIXED money (20:00)   Questions I Answer: What is your relationship to money? (3:50) Can you manifest money in a 9-5 job? (5:27) What happens if you believe money is fixed (22:30)   Links/Resources  Traction: Gina Wickman  Unleash Your Inner Money Babe Workbook Rich Babe Academy Waitlist  Business By Design w/ James Wedmore  Follow me on Instagram  Join our Manifestation Babe community!  Visit our website!  
“Kathrin, how do you know if your intuition is warning you of a potentially dangerous situation or if it’s just fear talking? This is a question I have spent YEARS trying to understand and articulate in the work that I put out into the world. On a daily basis we hear a voice inside our heads. Sometimes it’s feeding us thoughts of love, excitement, and calm energy, while other times the voice causes a physical response filled with fear, anxiety, and panic. So how do we know if our intuition is trying to tell us we’re in danger?  Recently, when I was flying home after a girls trip to Texas, I was blessed with an experience that IMMEDIATELY made this concept CLEAR. In a whirlwind of panic and frantic thoughts, I ran off a flight thinking my intuition was warning me of a dangerous situation.  Yes...I can’t believe I did that either! Tune into this episode and learn why this incredibly frantic situation blessed me with a lesson I will now forever teach my students. Here is the REAL way to distinguish between the voice of the Ego and the voice of the Higher Self.  To all my entrepreneur listeners out there, if you haven’t yet heard, this Monday, July 15th, I am hosting a 5-Day Business Video Training where I am sharing the TOP 5 beliefs that are holding you back in business! If you’ve ever wanted to learn business from is your chance!! And I have an EPIC Boss Babe Basket filled with all your favorite entrepreneurial goodies ready to go for one lucky winner who participates!    Sign Up For The 5-Day Business Video Series!    What You Will Learn In This Episode:  The time I ran off a flight in pure panic (4:57) The game changing question I asked myself (18:34) How to recognize the voice of your Ego (20:46 How to recognize the voice of your Intuition (22:07) Questions I Answer:  What is the voice of your Ego? (2:49) What is the voice of your Intuition? (3:16) Why your Ego and Higher Self are necessary (26:50? Links/Resources Sign Up For The 5-Day Business Video Series!  Follow me on Instagram  Join our Manifestation Babe community!  Manifestation Babe Binge Guide (Top 100 Podcasts) Visit our website!
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Danielle Ribeiro

the best pod cast I've stop by today, I would love to participate of the contest to Bali 🥰😍♥️ I need that so much now 😔 You are so.blessed 🙏

Sep 25th

Jasmine Halton

Katherine you are so amazing These podcast Give me so much life and energy thank you I'm manifesting meeting you soon. #manifestionbabelove

Aug 29th

Holly Smith

Step 4: follow 1 role model who walks the walk you want to walk 🙋🏻‍♀️ Kathrin the content you share is incredible, in Devine timing I will be the leading mindset coach of New Zealand - I cant wait to invest in one of your Bali retreats and meet yourself & other manifestation babes on the same journey 🙌🏻

Aug 20th

Holly Smith

Listening to this currently in my 9-5 admin job, raised my vibration 10 fold - I’m currently on my path & manifesting this podcast recording was just what I needed right now to take me to the next level today🌻 10/10

Aug 20th

cheri knock

This is the best podcast I have accidentally listened too-thank you so much! I'm now going to buy your book. So inspired to manifest some magic!! 💛

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