Marked Safe: A Disaster Podcast

Are you Marked Safe? Join friends Brianne and Melanie as they come together to share some of the worlds most incredible disaster stories and delve into the details and fallout from them.

Right Here, in Zanesville Ohio: Ohio Compilation Part 2

This week, Brianne brings you more Buckeye bullshit, Melanie is still vertical, we contemplate a bracket brought to you in partnership with Sandwich Daddy, Brianne’s cucumber terrorizes the world, the bracket ends with a controversial winner, you could put anything in a wiggler, Melanie is sending out a lumberjack fantasy kit, and the math ain’t mathin’ but that’s what happened.Content warnings: gross discussion of dead rats and possum, fire, serious alcoholism and associated behaviors, knocked out tooth, death while detoxing from alcohol, crowd crushing/stampede deaths.From 27:15-55:30: Vietnam atrocities, severe depression, abuse/neglect/violent killing of many animals, hoarding behavior, mutilation of body by animals, death by suicide, abusive marriage, prison, divorce.


Sillysad: Birthday Charcuterie

This week, we hear from the man with the world’s largest collection of Titanic VHS tapes, Brianne cannot stop the wind, Melanie and Cody are both tax tops, the Kruse family presents a disaster charcuterie, we unpack the possibility that Australia is a hoax, we’re all personally responsible for thwarting ants, Melanie finds the silliest tornado ever, Brianne’s origin story gets leaked, your cult robes are in the mail, and Squonk ruins Brianne’s birthday.Content warnings: plane incident, child in peril who survives, 28:15 tornado that kills a lot of sheep and ducks.


Ohio is for Haters: Ohio Compilation Part 1

This week, Brianne plans for her next cohost, we finally identify Carmen Sandiego’s location, we begin an inquiry into Ohio’s lesbian farming, Brianne punches sideways, we get a crossover villain from the previous episode, Melanie is owed a chaotic man next week, Brianne will not be reading any car maintenance books, and Melanie is completely, totally, infallibly correct.Content warnings: fire and crushing involving hundreds of children, upsetting story about a child dying attempting to rescue a sibling from 17:10-19:20, displacement following disaster, spread of infectious disease, flooding, drowning, racism.


The Price That Was Paid for Fish: The Johnstown Flood Part 2

This week, Marley enters her piranha era, Brianne must continually reckon with Froot Loops, we discover that there are two kinds of people, Melanie has a certain amount of knowledge about grave robbing, and we have a guest speaker for disaster relief.Content warnings: deaths of children 13:30-14:30, flooding deaths, deaths of horses, brief mention of vomit, discussion of a movie’s depiction of sexual assault in disaster relief.


No Danger From Our Enterprise: The Johnstown Flood

This week, we give lumberjacks a break from the female gaze, Melanie finally admits that she’s the bottom, Brianne is actually the river planner for the city, we try to appease Ohio, it really is all about that bass, and a “peculiar whistle” saves lives.Content warnings: flooding deaths, very brief mention of deaths of mother and children.


Everything Goes Away, You’re Flying Now: Shane McConkey

This week, Adelaide is over the hill of childhood, sphincters are puckered, Shane has monstrous cojones, Melanie gets a package that would make either of us cry, and Brianne has a confession about Ohio.Content warnings: extreme sports and falling/drowning deaths, discussion of young widowhood, leeches.


John’s Version: 1992 North Dakota Farming Accident

This week, we’re having another baby, Melanie is getting blown, Brianne’s brain gremlin is running things, we would like to discuss what our partners are wearing, and jokesters gotta joke.Content warnings: gory description of farm accident involving amputations and very intense survival situation, wound care, depression.


The Reason Somebody’s Papaw is Like That: Recalled Toys Part 3

This week, Squonk’s gotta Squonk, your grief is invited to our holiday party, Melanie believes that lighters are a recalled children’s toy, toy manufacturers need a visit from HR, Melanie inquires about a potential career in pole vaulting/magic, radioactive materials are perfectly safe, Brianne will do anything for the story but not driving a Power Wheels on meth, and Furbies are a threat.Content warnings: discussion of nonfatal injuries to children throughout, mildly detailed discussion of serious genital trauma to children who survive 20:15-27:50, vague mention of SBS, injuries from razors, brief but gross mention of boogers.


Alive With Fire: Babbs Switch Fire

This week, the Froot Loops are malicious, Grace is back on her bullshit, not everyone understands how certifying things works, the story includes an unexpected amount of family tea and fantasy nose punching, and Melanie has an unethical opinion.Content warnings: vaguely discussed but very graphic image, fire with multiple child fatalities vaguely discussed throughout, looting, abduction/missing child scenario.


Fast Action Finger Fun: Recalled Toys Part 2

This week, the ghouls deliver on tea (but not the usual kind), Brianne’s kid is a poser, the bracket choice is unexpectedly easy, Melanie loves sipping clams, people scoot like seals, Brianne is haunted by violent Sky Dancers, and Melanie gets some foot pics.Content warnings: intense descriptions of children in danger who survive 38:00-48:00, various less-descriptive or minor injuries discussed throughout.


Fast Cars & Easy Women: Samson’s Story

This week, Brianne is willing to make a ghost if you give her a reason, sexy boys are silly boys, the real lizard was Carrot Top all along, and Samson is a beefy fellow.Content warnings: plane crash/survival story


The Toy Ad Doth Protest Too Much: Recalled Toys

This week, Brianne loves geese, Melanie doesn’t understand that raccoons are a blessing, Brianne never wants to wear pants again, Adelaide has the perfect topic, we wonder whether rubber cement girls are a real thing, and everyone knows Melanie would eat a koala.Content warnings: not very graphic discussion of burn injuries, asbestos, extremely upsetting discussion of the death of a 7 year old 38:00-49:00.


Dolls Be Havin’ Dolls: Haunted Dolls & Spooky Stories

This week, Brianne and Melanie are each other for Halloween, Squonk asserts dominance over viruses, Brianne loves buttless animals, Melanie loves wet socks, two haunted dolls are going to kiss soon, hiding cursed objects in attics doesn’t solve the problem, Brianne wishes to be unknowable, Danica is a necromancer, we hold a shared passion for speakin’, Kaitlyn’s grandma says goodbye, an anonymous writer dies at church camp and does not tell us about it, not all huffers have recovered, Ducky doesn’t check, Sarah writes me a paragraph of words I can’t say, Ann’s dad runs a haunted haunted house, and this has got to be our most hexed episode yet.Content warnings: mild discussion of a stomach virus, brief but slightly gross discussion about hunting, brief mention of the death of a toddler around 17:30-18:00, graphic discussion of serious injury of dog, suicides during the Great Depression, brief mention of deceased child 1:18:30.


Those Who Are About to Die Salute You: 13 Superstitions

This week, Goat Granny sets up a trail cam, Tinky is in the will, Brianne finds out about Dennis Rodman, Melanie doesn’t want illegitimate Crocs, we’re all spared a week of existential terror, Melanie isn’t noble enough for a baller umbrella, black cats must be protected, Melanie loves to touch wood, Brianne realizes the Romans were onto something, Melanie figures out the origin story for a band name, and we want your scary stories.Content warnings: hanging death, brief and vague mention of mistreatment of cats, racism in #12.


Overlapping Failures: Seoul Halloween Crowd Crush

This week, some shit’s always going down on the east side, petting zoo rules are implemented at Brianne’s sole discretion, Melanie’s decanter collects dust, and Brianne is clear in her feelings on South Korea and its people.Content warnings: intense descriptions of crowd crushings, discussion of suicide from approximately 43:00 through disaster relief, including one with more detailed discussion of suicide note, PTSD, and survivor’s guilt.


All of the Residents Got Wings: Wilmer Bus Fire

This week, Melanie is a wholesome dad joke, the TV theme show bracket comes to a close, Melanie finds a comrade in morbid graphic design, Brianne is not impulse buying crickets, and we should all get an oil change.Content warnings: bus fire and explosion leading the the deaths of many elderly people, gross discussion of umbilical cords.Links:24 nursing home evacuees...24 Sep 2005, 624 Sep 2005, 7Ada DahlAdrian FlakeBus company guilty...Deadly Bus Fire...Eldon BoudreauxElsie Ruth NicelyEvacuation TragedyEvelyn GreerFamily remembers victim...Fannie MillsFinal Report Released...Gene MaceyLester LothmanLouis StolzLuck and Fate...Martha TalbotMary GilletteMattie BynumMaxcy HathornMotorcoach Fire on Interstate 45...Police: 24 dead...Portia WaddellRebecca ElledgeRobert TerryRose DipumaTragic Bus Fire...Two Sisters Recount Horror...


Pink Party Hats: Circus Elephants

This week, we add to our vault of cursed episodes, we plan No Thought November, Brianne gets her giggles where she can, Melanie refuses to change topics mid-episode, Myrtle doesn’t read the room, and Brianne lets the intrusive thoughts win.Content warnings: extremely graphic and upsetting descriptions of animal suffering and inhumane euthanasia. Also: alcohol, death and injury of humans in animal attacks, very brief reference to catholic sex abuse, children seeing traumatic things.Links:


It’s A Wiener, To Be Honest: The Lake Michigan Triangle

This week, Melanie makes her children ride in the cargo hold, Christy exceeds expectations, Bermuda is not the only triangle in town, Melanie loves to give hugs, the arrogance of white men was the real supernatural mystery all along, Brianne loves nerds and experts and expert nerds, and Michigan is ready to get aliens over with.Content warnings: historically poor treatment of Native Americans, deaths by shipwreck, brief speculation about suicide or murder, presumed death by plane crash


Revenge On Death: Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571

This week, Brianne is turbocharged by the moon, the White Chicken apology tour never ends, human complexities reach extreme levels, Cody would be on a mule, and it’s too soon for our usual send-off.Content warnings: cancer, intense description of plane crash with deaths, speculation about decapitation, very graphic discussion of serious injuries, suicide, skull fracture, coma, disembowelment, very graphic discussion of cannibalism, avalanche, buried alive scenario, exhumation of a grave.Koren's GoFundMeLinks:


Stop Jabbering, Start Gesticulating: Celluloid

This week, Brianne awards a half-assed bracket advancement, all mistakes are just glitches in the matrix, boundaries are set regarding relaxy time, Melanie loves a factory incident, and technology is in retrograde.Content warnings: gross-sounding slime noise, death by burning, death by drowning, very sad story about couple dying together in a fire, very brief mention of deaths of children in fire, brief and non-graphic mention of vomit in disaster relief.Links:,ivory%2C%20tortoiseshell%2C%20and%20linen.&text=Set%20of%2019th%2Dcentury%20Hyatt,tortoiseshell%2C%20and%20other%20costly%20materials.,33009,789352,00.html


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