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The Motley Fool's daily look at stocks in the news, the top business/investing stories, and occasional tangents.
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Snowflake more than doubles on its 1st day as a public company. Sony announces two versions of the PlayStation 5 to compete with Microsoft latest Xbox news. Dan Kline analyzes those stories and weighs in on the latest in the world of sports betting as DraftKings, Caesar’s Entertainment, ESPN, and Penn National Gaming all make headlines.
FedEx hits a new all-time high after 1st-quarter revenue hits a record $19.3 billion. Adobe shares fall a bit despite record revenue in the 3rd quarter. Apple unveils a new watch and new iPads, but it’s the Fitness+ service that’s getting more of the media’s attention. Brian Feroldi analyzes those stories and shares why more investors should know about Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen.
Lennar Corp beats expectations (and improves gross margins) in Q3. Lowe’s launches their own “Shark Tank” to help small businesses. ViacomCBS announces that their “CBS All Access” streaming service will get a rebranding in 2021. Jason Moser analyzes those stories and more.   HELPFUL TIP: If your podcast platform doesn’t show the latest episode of your favorite Motley Fool show, check to see if it’s in our podcast center online at
Mega-Deals Monday!

Mega-Deals Monday!


Nvidia buys chipmaker Arm Holdings in a deal worth $40 billion. Oracle becomes TikTok’s technology partner in the U.S. Gilead Sciences buys cancer treatment-maker Immunomedics for $21 billion. Bill Barker analyzes those stories and discusses the NFL’s opening weekend and AB-InBev cutting in-stadium sponsorships.
Citi Makes History

Citi Makes History


RH hits an all-time high as the luxury furniture retailer crushes its latest quarterly report. Citigroup announces Jane Fraser will become CEO starting in February, making her the first female CEO of a major U.S. bank. Maria Gallagher analyzes those stories as well as recently-public Rocket Companies.
Slack falls 15% on slowing growth. Lululemon Athletica’s digital sales in the 2nd quarter rose 155% but Wall Street isn’t impressed. Casey’s General Stores hits an all-time high after strong 1st-quarter results. Jason Moser analyzes those stories and shares the two stocks that he and Matt Frankel just bought.
Nikola Corporation shares pop 35% on a new partnership with General Motors. Peloton broadens its offerings of exercise equipment and Wall Street likes what it sees. Bill Barker analyzes those stories and discusses Tesla’s recent stock movements and ExxonMobil’s worsening financial situation.
Meet Stig Brodersen

Meet Stig Brodersen


If you listen to financial podcasts, you’re probably already familiar with Stig Brodersen. The co-founder of The Investor’s Network, he hosts “We Study Billionaires”, one of the most popular investing shows out there. We talked about his approach to investing, the markets he focuses on, how he looks at diversification, and why he’s keeping a close eye on “unloved banks”.
Zoom Video shares soar after 2nd-quarter revenue rises 355%. Liberty Oilfield Services shares pop 30% after a deal with Schlumberger. Bill Barker analyzes those stories, as well as Walmart’s unveiling of details on its new membership service.
Warren Buffett celebrating his 90th birthday by buying shares of the five largest trading companies in Japan. Bill Mann analyzes the latest move by Berkshire-Hathaway, the economic legacy of Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and the misplaced excitement over Apple and Tesla splitting their stocks.
Abbott Labs hits a new all-time high after the FDA approves the company’s rapid Covid-19 test. Tiffany and Dollar General issue 2nd-quarter reports, offering an interesting look at both ends of the retail spectrum. Jim Gillies analyzes those stories, and shares some compelling reasons why investors looking for steady yield should take a closer look at the “Big Five” banks in Canada.
Shares of rise 26% after 2nd-quarter profits double Wall Street’s expectations. Digital sales in Dick’s Sporting Goods’ 2nd quarter rise 194%. Urban Outfitters reports a profit in the 2nd quarter sending the stock up more than 20%. Emily Flippen analyzes those stories and shares which one is the most surprising.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average has it’s biggest shake-up in years. Amgen, Honeywell, and will replace Pfizer, Raytheon Technologies, and ExxonMobil. Jason Moser analyzes the moves, as well as some eye-popping numbers in Best Buy’s 2nd-quarter report. We also dip into the Fool Mailbag to discuss the basket approach to investing.
Airline stocks rise on encouraging numbers from TSA and a green light from the EPA. The largest movie theater chains in America team up to create “CinemaSafe” protocols, but will audiences return? Bill Barker analyzes those stories, plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag to discuss what to do when one stock becomes 40% of your portfolio.
InterContinental Hotels Group and Accor are reportedly talking about a merger that would result in the largest hotel operator in the world. Airbnb takes a big step towards going public. Intel announces a $10 billion stock buyback plan. Bill Barker analyzes those stories as well as the latest earnings from L Brands. (Tangents include autumnal candle scents and the potential for moving Halloween to another part of the year.)
Target and Lowe’s both hit new all-time highs after their 2nd-quarter reports, but it’s Target that’s breaking more than one record. Emily Flippin analyzes those stories, as well as the latest results from TJX Companies and Apple hitting a market cap of $2,000,000,000,000.
Walmart’s 2nd-quarter e-commerce sales nearly doubled. Home Depot’s 2nd-quarter profits rise 25%. Jason Moser analyzes those stories, as well as the latest results from Advance Auto Parts.
That’s how Bill Mann describes Berkshire-Hathaway’s surprising investment in Barrick Gold. Bill also analyzes’s strong 2nd-quarter report and Citigroup’s “clerical error” for the ages.
Lyft’s 2nd-quarter revenue fell more than 60%. Tapestry’s online sales in the 4th quarter were strong, but not enough to make up for the numerous questions facing the company. Jim Gillies analyzes those stories, along with AMC Entertainment’s promotion to re-open movie theaters in the U.S.
Tencent’s gaming division boosts 2nd-quarter results. Same-store sales at Chili’s help Brinker International’s 4th quarter come in better than expected. Microsoft announces a launch date (Sept. 10th) and a price ($1400!) for its new Surface Duo phone. Dan Kline analyzes those stories, and we share a few thoughts on the incredible life of Sumner Redstone.
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PS5 digital version has all the same specs as the $500 version minus the disc drive. Come on guys.

Sep 18th

Henri Chinaski

its biggest, not "it's" 🙄

Aug 25th

Risto IV

Hyvä jakso!

Aug 11th


TSLA reported, but no commentary on that??? Chipotle digital sales more important I guess....

Jul 24th

Jamie Kurisunkal Jacob

Good for Unilever. I hope it sells Lipton to the right buyer.

Jul 20th


Soooo, why would you admit to being a tsla bear? Kinda like saying you're into the flat earth thing, you're just incredibly wrong. Any other great stocks I shouldn't own? My 17yo son's first stock purchase was 1 share of tsla and he's almost tripled up in 3 months, should I tell him he's doing it all wrong?

Jul 2nd
Reply (2)

M Morr

they don't eat healthy at all. lol. cring to think of their health...but finances are in better shape at least??

May 12th

Luke Alley

great podcast. I'd love it if you guys tried something more long form though. 20 minutes is a such a short time, and I know you guys are brimming with ideas and knowledge so why limit the time?

Apr 6th

Andrew Smith

good ep

Mar 28th

Mateus Velasques

great episode, thanks y'all

Mar 16th

Josh Shelton

This is an incredibly informative podcast on stocks and investing in a nice short time frame. I really enjoy this podcast!

Feb 12th

Matt Burke

really weak episode

Jul 10th


"Throw that out the window" talking about proportional pay. The numbers are all that matters professional sports are still a business. This is a business podcast how can you not see how there will be a pay disparity until at least women's soccer brings in the same revenue as men's soccer.

Jul 9th
Reply (1)

Matt Erickson

I think Aaron missed some important info.. peltz is signed on to receive millions in shares under market value, quarterly.. his role being to facilitate ACB developing partnerships / investors with cash flow. putting them on step or beyond canopy, cronos or tilray.

Mar 13th


brilliant show, great analysis for those wanting to learn more about stocks and shares and s great way of finding interesting companies

Sep 14th

Mel Vis

That was a really weak walk-back on yesterday's 'charges weren't pressed so he must be telling the truth' defense you gave of Richard Liu. What was your motive in defending him, I wonder? Boy's club or skin in the game?

Sep 5th

Lj Calixte

love this show!

May 22nd

iTunes User

Love the fool website and their new daily short podcast. MOtley fool podcast on Fridays as well.

Aug 30th

iTunes User

This is a great podcast...both educational and entertaining! I love the Fool and these podcasts really bring it to life. They should promote podcasts and radio more because if people knew it was out there, they'd tune in!

Aug 30th

iTunes User

Dropping knowledge and humor in a tight 4 man weave. And the show is as geeky and fun as that previous sentence.

Aug 30th
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