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The Marketing Boost Solutions, Show is brought to you by your host Marco Torres the Founder of, he has helped thousands of entrepreneurs boost sales and scale their businesses. He teaches entrepreneurs how to soar sales & marketing through the use of “Value-Add-Incentives” instead of discounts. His Facebook Groups are home to more than 54,000 affiliate marketers in one group and 29,000 entrepreneurs in the other who are raking in sales with his advice. In each episode, he and his expert guests deliver even more incredible solutions to your marketing challenges.
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In this episode of the Marketing Boost Solutions, Captain Marco interviews Freelance CEO Mat Casner, founder of freelance design studio, Redlogic Communications, Inc. and  the Purpose To Profit Design Business Summit. Mat helps creative professionals tap their inner potential to plan, launch, and grow a thriving freelance business. Having served hundreds of clients and brands around the world (Aflac, Adidas, And1, Chick-fil-a, FCA) with lifetime client values reaching beyond $1.5M, Mat teaches other freelancers to be CEOs of their business. He helps his clients learn how to scale a sustainable, purposeful and profitable business. Overall, this episode highlights the importance of consistent, intentional action and mindset for taking the leap to success from corporate to freelance. Not a Marketing Boost Solutions member yet? Book a free Brainstorming Session with our team today to learn more about our travel incentives. Click here: Whether you are a start-up or a well-established business, you need to have a robust platform to help you scale your business with the ease of automating Marketing Boost travel incentives. Schedule a call with our team to explore what Automation Booster can do for you. Book here: Find out more about Mat Casner  below: Websites: LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Timestamps:Matt Casner's transition to solopreneurship [00:03:24] Mat Casner shares his story of leaving the corporate world and transitioning to solopreneurship, including the challenges he faced and the importance of relationships in business. Early adoption of remote work [00:07:56] Mat Casner's early adoption of remote work and leveraging relationships to continue working with clients. Helping designers and other freelancers [00:08:57] Mat Casner's focus on helping designers, copywriters, photographers, and social media people, and anyone with a marketable skill. The Business Academy [00:12:16] Mat Casner's Business Academy, an eight-week coaching program that gives freelancers a solid business foundation and understanding, and a common language and knowledge base. Positioning Yourself as an Expert [00:16:17] Mat Casner talks about the importance of communicating expertise and solving business problems as a freelancer. Client Snowball Technique [00:20:53] Mat Casner shares his four-step process for building a client snowball and getting results for clients to collect testimonials and build trust. Daily Habits for Business Owners [00:37:40] Mat talks about the importance of daily habits and mindset for business owners, and the need for a clear reason  to stay motivated. The Pebble Principle [00:38:34] Mat Casner shares his principle of doing three small business-building activities every day, which he calls the Pebble Principle. Mindset and Community [00:40:58] Mat Casner talks about the importance of mindset and community for freelancers, and how his community helps people connect with others who are dealing with the same issues.
In this episode of the Marketing Boost Solutions, Captain Marco interviews effective branding expert Hersh Rephun, a stand up comedian and brand storyteller who operates on one simple principle: SELL THE TRUTH. Hersh believes “Success is inextricably linked to ‘selling the truth. Your truth is your essence. To be memorable, you wanna be clever - but you have to get real to be funny." His clients include changemakers, market leaders, agencies, institutions, production companies, and Oscar-winning filmmakers. This talk emphasizes the need for businesses to understand their story and needs, and to find the right balance between humor and staying on message. The conversation touches on the importance of clear communication and consistency in branding, as well as the philanthropic side of branding. Not a Marketing Boost Solutions member yet? Book a free Brainstorming Session with our team today to learn more about our travel incentives. Click here: Whether you are a start-up or a well-established business, you need to have a robust platform to help you scale your business with the ease of automating Marketing Boost travel incentives. Schedule a call with our team to explore what Automation Booster can do for you. Book here: Find out more about Hersh Rephun  below: Websites: LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Timestamps:Message Therapy [00:08:26]  Hersh Rephun talks about the importance of perspective in branding and how he uses message therapy to help brands find their heart and soul. Humor in Advertising [00:11:39]  Hersh Rephun discusses the use of humor in advertising and how it can be used to diffuse tension and anxiety. Helping Others Succeed [00:15:31] Captain Marco talks about his desire to help more people succeed with Marketing Boost and his philosophy of helping others to achieve success. Boosting Your Message [00:16:33]  Hersh Rephun suggests that marketing boost campaigns could amplify a company's message and reach more people. He discusses the potential impact of such a campaign on subscribers, clients, and participating vendors. The Power of Interaction [00:18:37]  Hersh Rephun emphasizes the importance of real interaction in marketing and how it can transform the lives of everyone involved. He also discusses the challenge of standing out and how he helps companies find their heart and soul. Creating a successful email campaign [00:28:30]  Hersh Rephun talks about a successful email campaign he created for a writing tool, with 30 emails to different tiers of lists, all with the voice of the brand, resulting in high open and click rates. Establishing clear communication and branding [00:31:24]  Hersh Rephun discusses the importance of figuring out who you are and what you stand for before branding, and aligning all communication channels to avoid positioning them separately. Authenticity in Branding [00:41:39]  Hersh Rephun and Captain Marco discuss the importance of authenticity in branding and how it is something that everyone craves. Free consultation with Hirsch Rapsin [00:48:23]  Hersh Rephun offers a complimentary half-hour consultation to help businesses define their messaging and grow their brand. The consultation is offered through his website,
In this episode of the Marketing Boost Solutions, Captain Marco interviews Young Han, an expert in operations and service businesses who has coached dozens of businesses to success. Young shares his insights on the importance of mindset shifts, strategic planning, and embracing technology and automation in business. Young Han's enlightenment is valuable in personal growth and celebrating business milestones. Not a Marketing Boost Solutions member yet? Book a free Brainstorming Session with our team today to learn more about our travel incentives. Click here! Whether you are a start-up or a well-established business, you need to have a robust platform to help you scale your business with the ease of automating Marketing Boost travel incentives. Schedule a call with our team to explore what Automation Booster can do for you. Book here! Find out more about Young Han  below: Websites: Youtube: LinkedIn: Facebook: Timestamps: Service Businesses [00:08:09] Young Han explains the difference between service businesses and venture-backed businesses, and how he helps service businesses grow. Coaching a Friend [00:09:39] Young Han shares how he accidentally started coaching a friend's service business, and how he helped her double her revenue within a year. Testing the System [00:12:19] Young Han talks about how he developed a system to help service businesses grow, and how he tested it on his own pool service company, which generated a million dollars in annual revenue within 10 months. Owner's Club [00:13:57] Young Han talks about the creation of Owner's Club, a system to help service businesses grow, and how he tested it with a small group of owners. Programmatic Mindset [00:17:35] Young Han discusses the importance of having a programmatic mindset in business, including being less emotional and more focused on testing and failing rapidly. Customer Projection [00:19:24] Young Han explains how some business owners project themselves onto their customers and the importance of avoiding this mindset. Three Mindset Shifts [00:20:04] The guest talks about three mindset shifts that business owners need to make to be successful. The value of networking [00:31:44] Captain Marco and Young Han discuss the importance of networking and how it can lead to growth and success in business. Automation Booster Services [00:40:41] Captain Marco shares the services offered by Automation Booster, including their own CRM system and marketing automation tools. Incentives for Business Growth [00:44:22] Captain Marco discusses the use of incentives, such as travel rewards, to boost business growth and increase revenue.Rewarding business successes [00:55:08] Young Han shares his belief in celebrating milestones and putting markers on them, such as hitting 250 routes in her business. He also recommends using 5% of cash flow for engagement or incentives without risking the business.
In this episode of the Marketing Boost Solutions, Captain Marco features intl. speaker, bestselling author, recognized expert, and mentor of visionary leadership, Heinz Kaegi. Heinz shares his 3 secrets and 7 laws of leadership and discusses the need for leaving a legacy and creating a vision for the company. His lectureship as lead lecturer for leadership at a European corporate academy gives evidence to the many compelling models and concepts he has developed and implemented together with his multicultural clientele. Heinz Kaegi is the initiator of the Intl. Economy of Heart Foundation. His passion for "moving leaders from hard work to heart work®" makes him and his impact powerfully inspiring. Timestamps: Discovering leadership principles [00:08:16] Find out how Heinz Kaegi’s research on discovering leadership principles and the seven laws can make the biggest difference in your lives and careers. The Three Laws of Leadership [00:10:29] Heinz discusses the three laws of leadership: no purpose, no power; no vision, no passion; and no focus, no freedom. The Importance of Commitment [00:16:47] He emphasizes the importance of commitment in achieving success and gives an example of a corporate meeting where commitment was lacking. Leadership Excellence for Life Experience (LEX) Program [00:36:07] He covers the LEX program, including its seven steps, duration, and coaching options. Leading from the future [00:46:29] He talks about the importance of having a vision for the future and how it can help in leading a company. Balancing success and fulfillment [00:53:25] Captain Marco and Heinz shares further the importance of balancing success and fulfillment in one's personal and professional life as you embark on the journey geared towards success. Find out more about Heinz Kaegi below: Websites: LinkedIn: Facebook:
In this episode of the Marketing Boost Solutions, we are excited to share another success story as Captain Marco features successful Marketing Boost members, Adam Roseland & Josh Torres. If you’re looking into growing your business through affiliate marketing, this episode covers the benefits of using incentives, the importance of creating valuable content, and the effectiveness of trade shows. Our guests share their experiences using Marketing Boost for their clients and promoting third-party products, as well as strategies for building long-term passive income streams through affiliate marketing. Overall, highlighting their wins while ensuring their clients' success. Adam Roseland is an award winning affiliate marketer, and founder of a leading digital marketing firm, 814 Interactive, that specializes in Automotive SEO that provides Pay Per Click Management(PPC) & Content Marketing for its clients. Josh Torres, owner of Florida State Armory,  shares his success with offering vacation incentives with every firearm purchase, which has led to over 700 activations and a 34% conversion rate. Overall, the episode provides valuable insights and strategies for entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses through affiliate marketing. Find out more about Adam Roseland and Josh Torres below: Websites: LinkedIn: Instagram: Timestamps: Benefits of Affiliate Marketing [00:08:31 Using Incentives for Lead Generation [00:14:34]  Focusing on Desires and Features [00:21:16]  Getting Clients to Sell the Dream [00:22:05] Segmenting Clients for Better Sales [00:25:24]  Offering Incentives for Affiliate Marketing [00:26:12] Using SEO to Build Affiliate Views [00:29:40] Automating Video Content [00:31:30]  Using Marketing Boost Incentives at Trade Shows [00:35:22] Building Organic Traffic [00:43:41]  Paid Traffic Strategy [00:46:10]  Marketing Boost Credibility [00:47:41] 
In this episode of the Marketing Boost Solutions, Captain Marco interviews creative and visionary business leader, Daniel Krikorian, as he inspires us with his success story of how he headed one of the fastest-growing wedding company services. He shares his entrepreneurial journey through creating unique and magnificent wedding experiences; combined with incredible, compelling, and impactful customer-centric culture. This talk also covers the importance of automation and technology in building a successful business, as well as tips on using incentives to increase sales and customer satisfaction. Daniel centered on producing promotional digital media. He project-managed all aspects of video production, designing and delivering compelling and visually exciting storytelling. Leading the creative process gave him the tools to drive consumer action and engagement expertly and suited him with the tools needed to build his endeavor. Ingrained in 3 main pillars; affordability, communication, and quality of service and by recruiting the right talent, his company quickly became the fast-growing wedding service in the region, reaching sales over $1million. The company's strength lies in a solid, specialized team trained for several years in crafting unique and magnificent wedding experiences. As a passionate advocate of diversity and inclusion, Daniel aspires to accomplish great things in life and is enthusiastic about helping individuals thrive through mentoring and continuous learning.  Overall, the episode provides valuable insights for entrepreneurs in the wedding industry and beyond. Find out more about Daniel Krikorian below: Website: LinkedIn: htt Facebook: Timestamps: Daniel's success in the wedding industry [00:00:38] Daniel shares his experience in the wedding industry, including the establishment of his company, and its growth to become one of the fastest-growing wedding companies. Challenges in the wedding industry [00:06:05] Daniel discusses the challenges and inconsistencies in the wedding industry, particularly in pricing and service quality, and how his company aims to provide affordable, quality service to customers. Current Trends in the Wedding Industry [00:13:31] Daniel talks about the current trends in the wedding industry, including the fluctuation in the market due to the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, the rise of micro weddings, and the focus on experience over financial distress. Success and Learning from the Market [00:25:32] Daniel talks about the success of his business and how listening to the market has helped him make adjustments to better serve his customers. Opportunities in Economic Despair [00:43:32] Daniel shares his advice for entrepreneurs, emphasizing the opportunities that arise during economic despair and the importance of taking advantage of them. Pivoting to Weddings [00:49:25] Daniel talks about how his business, B. Remembered Weddings, came to be and how they pivoted to the wedding industry due to the impact of COVID-19 on small businesses. Incentivizing Lead Generation [00:56:08] Using incentives such as hotel savings cards and honeymoon packages to generate leads and compete with wedding industry platforms.
In this episode of the Marketing Boost Solutions, Captain Marco interviews Certified Global Branding Consultant Rich Kozak, CEO of Rich Brands, about his extensive experience in marketing and branding. Kozak emphasizes the importance of a process in building a successful brand and shares his expertise in helping individuals and businesses develop their brands. Rich Kozak is a leader and an expert in helping businesses and professionals strategically maximize. Rich's deep background in marketing and branding reflects in his exciting career of nearly two decades becoming a global branding executive with partners in 21 countries, guiding companies to evolve and re-shape their brands. During his 40+ years of experience including sales and marketing for a Fortune 50 company, marketing research, product management, business development, and deep immersion in branding and rebranding. Rich has passionately shaped brands and their language for companies across hundreds of industries. Today, Rich's emerging company, RichBrands, guides and activates individuals and businesses who are determined to make significant impacts on other people and on the world, making their brand uniquely come alive, building a strong platform for their business or personal brand, and often helping them step into living their purpose.The episode is geared towards entrepreneurs and business owners looking to improve their branding and marketing strategies.  Find out more about Rich Kozak below: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Timestamps: Importance of a process in building a successful brand [00:04:09] Defining the Brand [00:08:52]  Category of Expertise [00:12:00]  The importance of a good brand name [00:17:25] Four Elements of a Successful Brand [00:25:51] Impact Driven Branding Blueprint [00:29:53] Last nuggets for branding success [00:36:23]
In this episode of the Marketing Boost Solutions, Captain Marco interviews serial entrepreneur, international speaker, and digital marketing director, Benjamin Jones, about YouTube advertising and how it can dramatically help your businesses grow and scale. He explains why YouTube ads are better than Facebook ads and provides a four-part sequence for creating effective ads. Jones also discusses in this episode the importance of targeting and testing ads on YouTube and shares some of his tested and proven effective targeting strategies. Over the past 5 years, Benjamin Jones has been able to educate thousands of people and help them harness the power of online marketing for over seven incredible years. He co-founded the following businesses: Youth in Business and Titan Marketer. As Titan Marketer, Jones only works with clients he can genuinely help and advises businesses to have the right infrastructure in place before investing in YouTube ads. Don’t miss out on this huge opportunity to learn how you can Revolutionize Your Lead Generation with YouTube Ads. If you’re looking to boost your lead generation efforts, visit for travel incentives. Find out more about Benjamin Jones below: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Timestamps: The effectiveness of YouTube ads [00:06:50] Marco Torres and Benjamin Jones discuss the effectiveness of YouTube ads compared to Facebook ads, especially after the release of iOS 14 and 15. The Opportunity of YouTube Ads [00:07:23] Discussion of  the advantages of advertising on YouTube, including the platform's current position in the adoption curve and the free ad credit offered by Google. The Importance of Ad Creatives on YouTube [00:09:58] He explains the importance of creating video ads that are tailored to the platform's audience. The Elements of a Successful YouTube Ad [00:12:18] Outlines the four-part sequence of a successful YouTube ad, including the importance of a strong hook and an elevator pitch. Storytelling in Ads [00:15:08] The importance of helping people in ads and using storytelling to establish a connection with potential customers. Expected investment for successful YouTube ads [00:24:20] Marco and Benjamin talk about the expected return on ad spend for YouTube ads and how it differs from Facebook ads. Building a YouTube Channel [00:43:09] The benefits of warm traffic and building a YouTube channel versus running YouTube ads. Free Resources and Training [00:45:02] Benjamin Jones shares free resources and training available on, including templates, marketing calculators, and live training sessions. Opportunity with YouTube Ads [00:50:08] The speakers talk about the huge opportunity for businesses to grow and scale through YouTube advertising, with only 8% of marketers effectively using it.
In this episode of the Marketing Boost Solutions Podcast, Captain Marco interviews successful entrepreneur, Stephen Halasnik, about the importance of company culture in marketing and generating leads. Stephen discussed the best marketing channels for small businesses, how you can stand out from your competitors including the effectiveness of SEO and the democratization of lead generation by Google. Stephen also shares his experience of building six successful companies with yearly revenue of  $5-$25 million. Two of these companies have made the INC 500 fastest-growing list. The discussion also covers the process of prioritizing marketing channels and testing and measuring initiatives. The episode emphasizes the importance of quality service and pricing in small businesses. Find out more about Stephen Halasnik below: Website: Facebook: Timestamps: Company Culture in Marketing [00:04:16] Stephen defines company culture and emphasizes the significance of investing in marketing and lead generation. Process of prioritizing marketing channels [00:07:30]Stephen discusses the importance of testing and measuring initiatives and prioritizing marketing channels. Marketing Channels [00:09:28] Discussion of various marketing channels, including SEO, paid search, direct mail, banner ads, social media, and telephone calls. Knowing Your Market [00:10:35] Importance of knowing your market and measuring the success of marketing initiatives. Marketing Tactics [00:20:44] Stephen Hassenfeld discusses the different marketing tactics they use to go after B2B clients, including direct mail, SEO, article writing, and paid search. He also mentions the ineffectiveness of social media advertising. Marketing and Lead Generation [00:27:55] The significance of marketing and lead generation in building successful businesses.
In this episode of the Marketing Boost Solutions, our special guest, Swire Ho, also known as ‘the Promo Guy' and host of The Small Business Show podcast, shares valuable insights on how to choose the right promotional products, target the ideal client, and create a customer journey. Learn its strategic use for your target market, and encourage your audience indirectly to build brand awareness and become advocates for your products and services. Some of his notable accomplishments include receiving the SCORE Award for Small Business Success and becoming the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce Ambassador of the Year in. Additionally, he’s also recognized as one of the best promo pros on social media and a subject matter expert on promotional products in over 100+ podcasts Find out more about Swire Ho below: Website: LinkedIn: Twitter:    Click subscribe for more practical tips and ideas to effectively grow and scale your businesses. Timestamps: Choosing the Right Promotional Products [00:05:27] The importance of choosing the right promotional products and targeting the ideal client. Promoting a Brand at Trade Shows [00:09:59] Swire Ho discusses the importance of creating an engaging experience at trade shows and capturing leads through qualifying buyers and incentivizing them to take action. Asking for Testimonials and Referrals [00:19:05] Discussion on how to ask for testimonials and referrals, including offering incentives and coaching clients on how to provide effective testimonials. Automating Business with Marketing Tools [00:25:50] Marketing Boost Solutions as a tool to automate businesses and capture, nurture, and convert prospects into clients. Online Reputation [00:32:59] Importance of having a good online reputation and relevant content for your industry.
This week on the MB Solutions Podcast Dr. Cheri Moore, shares her insight into the importance of business strategic planning and relationship building. She is an entrepreneurial mogul and multimedia conglomerate, of a Television Network, Radio Network, and MagazinesDr Moore has taught over 5000 seminars and has Authored 125 books on various subjects; including a Children's series of Leadership books. She is an International Motivational Speaker, Business Strategist, and Business Coach with a proven track record, NLP Expert, Neuropsychology, Reiki Master, Master Herbalist, and owner of over 25 companies. Get resources for entrepreneurs and more for a unique opportunity to get top-notch coaching and connect with like-minded individuals. Plus 12 free business tools worth over $3000! Find out how to receive this by tuning in to this podcast episode. Topics Digital Marketing Transformation Business Strategies Business Coaching How all 3 topics can Catapult your business and utilize Marketing Boost to create opportunities website: Affiliate Program [00:02:02] Importance of Relationship with Spouse [00:11:56] Book: Dating Games Rules and Relationships [00:13:58] Marriage Premarital Counseling [00:15:07] Entrepreneurial Spirit [00:18:56] Reiki and Healing [00:26:40] Business Coaching [00:29:26] Startup Companies and Business Coaching [00:29:40]. Digital Transformation and Funnel Marketing [00:30:45] Defining Funnels [00:33:23] Using Funnel Marketing and Choosing Clients [00:33:53] Sales Funnel [00:36:23] Business Strategies [00:38:58] Getting the Word Out [00:44:14] Becoming Visible [00:44:58] Wrapping Up [00:48:28] Learn more about Marketing Boost here:
In this episode, learn How to Create $100,000+ Per Month In Sales From A Single Piece Of Content with the Content Marketing Expert himself, Alexis Neocieous. Discover more than a hundred ways to get attention, leads and customers through your doors every month. How to create megabucks per month in sales from a single piece of content [00:00:42] The power of words [00:01:30] Content Hacking formula [00:06:10] Content Hacking Framework [00:07:53] Understanding Your Audience [00:09:39] Content Planning with Buzz Sumo [00:16:18] Categorizing Themes for Content Creation [00:17:28] Building a Content Plan [00:24:53] Getting Wisdom into Content [00:32:21] Combining Content with Funnels [00:42:24] Creating a retargeting framework [00:45:09] Amplification [00:54:06] Closing [00:55:59] Learn more about Marketing Boost here:
Come join us as Captain Marco Torres interviews Corey Richard, Curry Russell, Alex Vidal, Amy Mason, and Keith Fields among our most successful Marketing Boost peers as they talk about Monetizing Facebook Groups with the help of Marketing Boost Travel Incentives.    Learn from these experts the strategies on how to Accelerate Group Growth with Vacation Giveaways, Drive Engagement In Your Facebook Group, and Convert More Sales with the help of Marketing Boost Travel Incentives.    If you’re wondering how you can learn more of these, go ahead, check it out below:
On this episode of the Marketing Boost Solutions Podcast, Meet  Affiliate Marketing Veteran  Dustin Howes,  Founder & Chief Coach at Performance Marketing Manager   Dustin shares with us an insight of the Affiliate Marketing World with the Affiliate Management course that helped dozens of businesses scale up their affiliate marketing program revenue. Learn the best practices of affiliate marketing. Find out how you can grow your business program to its fullest potential with his courses that are designed and structured to teach you Affiliate Management at its best.    So when do you think you should start an affiliate program? Tune in and find out here.   If you want to learn more about Affiliate Marketing and Dustin Howes, check below:   Website: LinkedIn: Course:
On this episode of the Marketing Boost Solutions Podcast  Meet: Josh Ramsey,  Business Development Manager at  From working as a stuntman on an HBO series about pirates to living with a remote community in the Amazon Jungle,  Josh brings his personal stories and relatable personality to the world of Marketing. Inspired by Donald Miller, Jim Collins, Byron Sharp, and the current CEO and Founder of ClearBrand, Alexander Toth, Josh proudly shares his journey of entrepreneurship to discovering data-driven marketing and why it will give you an Edge Over Your Competitors.    Sharing these truths and practical tools to help businesses thrive, learn the components of vital marketing as we dive into the truth of what really gets results with the ClearBrand marketing framework of Build Memories, Maximize Availability, and Reach The Market.   Find out more about Josh and below: Website: https://clearbrand.comLinkedIn: Youtube:
Do you see it happening?  Can you feel the change in the air? We can’t deny we’ve turned a corner and we’re heading into a recession.    It’s going to impact all of us on some level. Some will Thrive, and others will barely survive.   How about you? Do you feel prepared to weather the impending emotional and economic storm?    Would you like to know what it takes to Thrive in this crazy time? Please meet my dear Rockstar friend Dug McGuirk. Dug is THE expert in mastering emotions and creating financial freedom during difficult times.   He’s worked alongside Tony Robbins, Les Brown, and other greats for the past decade and he is going to share his expertise with us!    Here's exactly what we'll be covering in this Podcast:     3 Pillars of Transformation   What’s the difference that makes the difference for those that Thrive rather than simply survive?   What you can do now to immediately impact your financial and emotional success.    Get more from Dug McGuirk here
Meet Steve Harper A serial entrepreneur, professional speaker, author and leading business strategist, Steve Harper has successfully uncovered the secret to creating powerful long-lasting connections and their impact on one’s personal and professional life. Author of the Ripple Effect Learn to be: Genuine, Generous, Different And build relationships that make a real difference in your life and the lives of others around you.
On this episode of the Marketing Boost Solutions Podcast  Meet: Seth Greene, CEO  9 Time Best-Selling Author 3 Time Marketer of The Year Nominee   Learn why your website isn't generating the quality leads at the volume you want.   Discover how to drive blue ocean traffic from sources better and cheaper than Facebook and YouTube.  New marketing technology allows you to redirect traffic from your competition!   Drive website traffic from all the attorney's and accountant offices you can handle.  Website -  Podcast:  LinkedIn -  Facebook -  Twitter -  YouTube - Link to  Forbes -
Our guest on this episode is Hector Simoudis, he is a well-traveled, Greek born and raised in the Middle East. he has experienced a melting pot of cultures from an early age and considers himself lucky to have been exposed to so many different lifestyles, religions, and walks of life. These experiences made him who he is today - a connector who values meaningful relationships above all. As a Co-Founder of eLearning Partners, he is committed to helping you create online courses and virtual training your Learners will love. As someone who was challenged with dyslexia growing up, he is laser-focused on the needs of your Learners to help you create an engaging eLearning program or online course. And no, he does not offer a Learning Management System (LMS). Our company offers eLearning consulting, strategy, and implementation services. Many of our clients also opt-in for eLearning content development services: ✅ eLearning Lightboard Video Content ✅ eLearning Green Screen Video Content ✅ Repurposing Pre-Recorded Video Content into eLearning Our clients range from Small to Mid-Sized organizations looking to create eLearning, online courses, or virtual training for their internal or external learners. Sign up for our Free MasterClass to learn more:
Diane Hebig focuses on small business owners and salespeople who want to improve their business development strategies. I also provide workshops and presentations on various business topics including sales, social media, leadership, and business planning.  In one of her books, Lemonade Stand Selling, she offers a straightforward, common sense, and clear guide to the sales process. I remind my readers that selling is as easy as when you had that lemonade stand as a child.   She specializes in business coaching, business advising, consulting, sales expert, sales training, social media trainer, business networking specialist, leadership, business, small business, entrepreneurship, author, radio show host, and speaker.   find more about her here Her book is available here on Amazon
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