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Author: Olivia Radcliffe & Michelle Pontvert

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A podcast made for mompreneurs by mompreneurs. Each week we're diving into Mom-approved business and marketing strategies to help you grow a profitable AND family-friendly business.
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This week on the Marketing Like a Mother podcast, Michelle Pontvert and Olivia Radcliffe discuss the concept of multi-passionate, neurodiverse chasing of shiny objects. If you’re a multi-passionate entrepreneur who has a seemingly endless stream of ideas, goals, and dreams, it can be tempting to try to jump in and pursue them all at once. In the episode, Michelle and Olivia dive into their unique framework for chasing new ideas and projects…without derailing or dropping current priorities. They discuss: Some key steps that a lot of entrepreneurs miss when starting a new project The importance of accountability and collaboration The secret sauce for their own success in chasing new ideas How to stay focused and productive while still allowing yourself to be inspired by new ideas And more! Timestamps 00:03 Chasing the Shiny Things: A Discussion on Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurship 02:34 Conversation on Productively Chasing Ideas and Prioritizing Projects 04:28 Exploring Strategies for Managing Multi-Passionate Brains 06:05 Exploring the Benefits of Evaluating a Shiny New Idea 07:55 Exploring the Benefits of Taking a Step Back Before Chasing a Shiny Idea 11:34 Conversation on Fear of Success and Planning for Success 13:13 Conversation on the Benefits of Planning and Prioritizing Projects 18:13 Iterative Approach to Product Development 19:38 Conversation Summary: Evaluating and Refining Goals and Plans 21:16 Exploring the Benefits of Shiny Squirrel Chasing 22:42 Joining the Shiny Squirrel Chase's Club Other Links in this Episode: The Shiny Squirrel Chaser’s Club Exploring Shiny Ideas As Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurs
This week on the Marketing Like a Mother podcast, hosts Olivia Radcliffe and Michelle Pontvert discuss being multi-passionate entrepreneurs in a business world that often encourages focus in one area. The co-hosts explain that pursuing multiple ideas can actually be beneficial to a business when done strategically, and cite their own experiences of success and growth as evidence for this. They encourage multi-passionate entrepreneurs to explore this approach and use it to their advantage. In the episode, Michelle and Olivia walk through how to be productive and strategic when chasing shiny things. It’s a fine line to walk between being distractible and creatively and productively pursuing multiple passions. They agree that having an experimental approach and checking in with oneself throughout the process is important for being sure that values are aligned and that goals are being met. Timestamps 00:03 Exploring the Benefits of Being a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur 02:02 Exploring Productive and Strategic Pursuits in Business 03:57 Exploring Creative Experiments: A Discussion on Chasing "Shiny Things" 05:42 Reflection on Chasing a Shiny Object: The Podcast Experiment 09:53 Conversation on the Benefits of Following Your Passion and Staying True to Yourself 11:43 Conversation on Multi-Passionate Pursuits and Membership Formats 15:15 The Power of Chasing the Right Ideas: A Conversation on Intuition, Goals, and Values 16:47 Exploring Your Business Beyond the Prescriptive Guidelines Other Links in the Episode:
This week on the Marketing Like a Mother podcast, Michelle Pontvert is joined by Brandi Mowles, founder of Serve Scale Soar® and Conversions for Clients™. Brandi is also a wife, mom, self-proclaimed taco snob, podcast host, and online marketing expert. She transformed her family’s life by building a 7-figure business in just two years, giving them more choices and freedom than she ever could have imagined. Now, she’s obsessed with helping women take more action and earn more so that they too can create a life of more choices. In the episode, Michelle and Brandi discuss: Going from 6-figures as a service provider to reaching 7-figures a year by adding courses, digital products, affiliates, and more. How Brandi is preparing for maternity leave in her business Hiring a team plus the 2 questions you want to ask on your applications for perfect-fit hires And more! Timestamps 00:03 "Exploring the Transition from Service Provider to Digital Product Creator with Brandy Mals" 02:01 Exploring Multiple Revenue Streams for a One-on-One Service Provider 03:47 Preparing for a New Baby While Running a Business 05:31 Scaling a Business During Pregnancy 09:22 Building a Successful Team 12:47 Hiring Quality Contractors and Employees 14:20 Lawyer-Turned-Marketer on Developing a Marketing Minutes Strategy 17:07 Practical Tips to Help Service Providers Scale Their Business Learn more about Brandi here:
This week on the Marketing Like a Mother podcast, host Olivia Radcliffe is talking with online health and fitness coach, Molly McNamee. Molly has been in the fitness industry for 10 years. She believes everyone should feel confident and empowered by their fitness routine, instead of overwhelmed and exhausted. In the episode, Molly and Olivia touch on the challenge of making time for personal wellness while having so many other priorities to also focus on as well as helpful tips for how to incorporate exercise simply and easily into your busy lifestyle. They also discuss: The physical benefits of conscious movement throughout the day The little ways they both intentionally fit exercise in their packed schedules The first step to improving physical well-being How to break out of the yo-yo cycle with habits And more! Timestamps 02:07 Conversation on Finding Time for Self-Care in a Busy Schedule 03:33 Incorporating Exercise into Everyday Life 05:54 The Benefits of Physical Fitness for Mental and Physical Wellbeing 09:23 Benefits of Movement and Sustainable Wellness Routines 11:41 Conversation on Breaking Out of the Yo-Yo Lifestyle and Making Small Changes for Sustainable Habits 16:38 Exploring Self-Care and Wellness 18:32 Simplifying Wellness and Self-Care for Busy Moms Learn more about Molly here: Instagram LinkedIn Get a FREE week of membership in MFit!
If you’re a mom, you’ve probably been given the advice at one point or another to “sleep while the baby sleeps.” And, as busy entrepreneurs, we’ve had the importance of self-care and taking a break drilled into our heads. But how can you find time to pause and recharge when it seems like everything you’re doing is an urgent and important priority? In this latest episode of the Marketing Like a Mother podcast, Olivia Radcliffe and Michelle Pontvert discuss how to take a break from work as a busy entrepreneur. They shared their own experiences with fatigue and exhaustion, particularly as parents with young kids. The two mompreneurs discussed how the idea of being busy has become a source of pride and status in society, but that it is not necessarily indicative of productivity. But is it possible to be busy without feeling so stressed and frazzled? Timestamps 00:00 "How to Take a Break and Prioritize Self-Care as an Entrepreneur" 02:25 Exploring Strategies for Managing Fatigue During Difficult Seasons 04:13 Heading: Dealing with Fatigue: Strategies for Managing Mental and Physical Exhaustion 05:48 Conversation on Overcoming Mental Blocks to Productivity 08:40 Conversation on Strategies for Managing Mental Fatigue and Finding Time for Self-Care 13:37 Heading: The Challenges of Balancing Business and Personal Life on Social Media 14:55 Exploring Strategies for Maintaining Boundaries and Self-Care in the Digital Age 22:02 Conversation Summary: Strategies for Building Habits and Visual Cues 23:59 Work-Life Balance for Solopreneurs: A Conversation with [Name] 25:43 Exploring Balance in Life and Work: A Conversation on Mode Switching and Compassionate Space 29:13 Conversation on Balancing Open Tabs and Achieving Life-Work Balance 31:09 Heading: The Importance of Taking Time to Rest and Be Present in the Moment 32:51 Modeling Emotions for Children: Benefits of Demonstrating the Full Experience of Emotion 36:32 Conversation on Managing Mental Load and Setting Boundaries 37:37 Conversation Summary: Strategies for Productive Time Management for Busy Moms with Businesses
This week on the Marketing Like A Mother podcast, we’re sharing a behind-the-scenes look at our first experience hosting a bundle. We wanted to host a bundle for a number of different reasons, including to connect with contributors, grow our email lists, get our offers further out in the world, and to have a unique platform to share about our joint business, the Like a Mother Movement, on a different level than just selling. We were highly motivated to create a bundle that was geared towards helping moms with businesses (or anyone with limited time) grow their businesses with less time and less stress. And thus the Ready, Set, Grow! Bundle was born. In this episode, we share our biggest takeaways from our experience as well as the actual stats from the cart-open period, including the conversion rate and number of purchases. If you’re thinking about running a bundle, this episode is for you! Other links mentioned in this episode: Softr* Mailerlite Squarespace* Airtable* Thrivecart* Lizzy Goddard* The Bundle Formula (Dama’s Program)* *These are affiliate links, where we will receive either commission or account credit if make a purchase or sign up. We only recommend things we love, and there is never any additional cost for you!
This week on the Marketing Like a Mother podcast, host Olivia Radcliffe welcomes Kat Kuczynska, owner of the Lazy Profit Lab. Kat’s mission is to help entrepreneurs achieve financial freedom - and true freedom. She believes that businesses should be built in a way that allows entrepreneurs to have the freedom to take time off, such as maternity leave, without having to worry about their finances. Kat has achieved this freedom herself and wants to use her experience to help others do the same. The definition of “true freedom” can differ from person to person. Money can certainly help achieve a version of freedom, but it does not necessarily create happiness. During the episode, Kat shares her story of how she got to that point, starting with being diagnosed with late-stage cancer at age 26. She realized wanted more out of life than her corporate career, leading her to begin the path to true freedom. In the episode, Kat shares the difficulty of making the decision to leave her job and pursue her won business, as well as how her life has been completely transformed now that she has a 15-month-old son. Learn more about Kat here:
In this episode of Marketing Like a Mother, Michelle Pontvert is hosting an interview with Meg Casebolt, an SEO expert and educator. Meg is the founder of Love At First Search, a business that helps online businesses appear in search results like Google or YouTube. She started her business nine years ago, originally as a side hustle. Over the years, she has managed to grow her business while keeping her family as her top priority. In the episode, Meg shares her strategies and tips on how to create content that people will search for and become huge fans of. Meg also discusses how she was able to build her business while pregnant and caring for her children, and how she actually left her job at 20 weeks pregnant to build the business. She has set up her business in a way that has allowed her to slow down when needed and focus on what really matters most to her. Michelle and Meg also discuss the advantages of running a business over being employed in a corporate job, including the flexibility that comes with self-funding, maternity leaves, and the ability to slow down and pick back up when needed. Michelle notes the importance of marketing in a way that pays off over time and allows for space for life and other things in their business. Timestamps 02:05 Conversation on Flexibility and Balance in Business Ownership 03:55 Building a Business Intentionally to Fit with Family Life 06:53 Exploring the Benefits of Self-Funding and Location Independence in Business 08:36 Exploring the Benefits of SEO for Small Business Owners 10:26 Search Engine Optimization: Getting Started with SEO 12:16 Conversation on Lead Generation and Nurturing for Service Providers 14:30 Conversation on Finding Solutions for Time Blindness with ADHD Coach 20:07 Conversation on Growing Pains and Building a Team 21:40 Conversation on Investing Time in What Works for Business Growth 30:55 Exploring Strategies for Setting Up a Website and Finding Success with SEO 34:47 Exploring Sustainable Replicable Systems for Growing a Business Online 36:43 Conversation on Neurodiversity and Entrepreneurialism 39:50 Exploring Neurodiversity and the Challenges of Self-Recognition 42:46 Conversation on Building Sustainable Marketing Strategies and Collaboration Partnerships 44:27 Collaboration and Competition in the Online Economy Memorable Moments “And I think there is that space in our businesses to show up not as the business but also as yourself…we still have space to come and have conversations that are real and show up as ourselves on sales calls and not feel like that's a complete departure from the person they've seen on social media or online.” “My son's been diagnosed with autism and I'm learning more about how, you know, masking works in the neurotypical and neurodiverse communities. And I think that whole idea of putting on a persona is very true in the online space and particularly in the sort of social media space.” Learn more about Meg here:
This week on the Marketing Like a Mother podcast, Olivia is talking with the incomparable Shelly Bortolotto. Shelly is a full-time life coach who is fascinated by how our thoughts create our results. She works with her clients to teach them how to manage their brains so they can find and follow joy again. She honed her coaching skills through certifying at the Life Coach School. Her coaching skill, combined with an incredible ability to hold space, creates a coaching experience that has a profound and lasting impact on her clients. In the episode, you’ll learn: The 3 beliefs you need in business What to do when you’re stuck in guilt or shame and can’t move out of it How to manage your internal blame Stopping negative self-talk habits What to do when you find yourself slipping into the rut High-value cycles vs low-value cycles And more!  You can connect further with Shelly here:
This week on the Marketing Like a Mother podcast, we’re taking an ongoing conversation we’ve been having offline and bringing it into the light: we’re talking about our own strategies for balancing our multiple priorities, including tackling (seemingly) never-ending to-do lists while running our businesses with the urgent and immediate tasks of raising a family. We discuss: Our own personal scheduling habits Planning systems - what we’ve tried and what we liked How to use your natural energy flow throughout the day What to do with tasks that you just can’t seem to finish How to “package the broccoli” And more!
This week on the Marketing Like a Mother podcast, Olivia is talking with the CEO of Operations Agency and the Founder of Master Maternity Leave, Alyson Caffrey. Alyson created a system for mompreneurs to master maternity leave so that they don’t have to choose ‘business or baby’ after starting or growing a family and she prides herself on helping business owners create systems that amplify their business growth while simultaneously decreasing stress behind the scenes. Alyson took two maternity leaves from her business in the last two years and is currently in the mommy trenches with two little boys under three. In the episode, they discuss: How you as a business owner can begin to plan for maternity leave (or any extended leave!) How to transition from “my business is my baby” to “my business is my capable adolescent” What if you’re a solopreneur? How to build a business that’s “life-proof” What “maternity leave” actually looks like How to decrease your stress level while out on leave Alyson’s and Olivia's own maternity leave stories And more! You can learn more about Alyson at or she is @mastermaternityleave on social!
We've reached the end of the year and of the first season of Marketing Like a Mother! In this episode of Marketing Like a Mother, Michelle and Olivia take a look back at 2022 and prepare for the new year. They talk through: - How they tackle year-end reviews - Their own personal strategies for preparing for the new year - Lessons learned throughout the year - Trends they have noticed and believe will continue to grow in 2023 - And more!
In this latest episode of the Marketing Like a Mother podcast, Olivia is chatting with Mindset and Business Coach Natasha Clarke. Natasha helps female entrepreneurs build their online service-based businesses without the hard hustle. She teaches how to blend soul and strategy to create the income and impact you desire. In this episode, you’ll learn: How to blend soul and strategy to create success How to completely light up your soul and bank balance without overwhelm and hustle How to become the “CEO of your mindset” Why you don’t have to hustle hard for success How you handle FOMO and focus instead on staying aligned with your goals How to deal with money blocks How the Law of Attraction has worked in Natasha’s life and business How to get started manifesting your giant goal right NOW Listen to the episode now!
In this episode of the Marketing Like a Mother podcast, Michelle is chatting with Carina Lawson, the MBA-backed founder of Ponderlily Paper & Planners, Business Efficiency Consultant, and Certified High-Performance coach.  Carina supports female entrepreneurs and career professionals with families in making empowered decisions with their time to live full out, even when life gets full. Michelle and Carina discuss... - Carina's story of creating her planner and business based on her need to find a way to hold herself personally accountable for her own health - The concept of leaning into your strengths as a business owner - How she worked through shiny object syndrome to find the marketing activities that suited her best and served her business well - How to set realistic personal goals and expectations based on you as a person (not outside expectations) - How not everyone has to be a morning person to be successful - How to shape your business around your strengths Carina has been featured on BBC Radio, contributed to Stylist magazine, and served as a panelist at Enterprise Nation UK.  You can learn more about Carina on her website or connect with Carina on Instagram @weareponderlily. Other links in this episode: 15% discount on all products with code LIKEAMOTHER until December 30, 2022 Free productivity blueprint for female entrepreneurs Free productivity archetype assessment
In this episode, Olivia is joined by the amazing Suzanne Clarke. Suzanne is a Leadership and Well-being coach, as well as a yoga and meditation teacher, based in Ireland. Suzanne helps women prioritize themselves, manage stress and overwhelm, and live their best life. In this episode, you’ll learn: How to know your energy and recognize stress in your body (even when it’s become “normal”) How to introduce a pause time throughout your day The easiest way to be as productive as possible without becoming depleted How to eliminate stress and overwhelm What self-care really is (and what it’s NOT) How Suzanne left a corporate job to become a yoga teacher and coach Other links in this episode:
In this episode, Michelle and Olivia have an honest chat about "niching down."They discuss:The general go-to niching advice given by most marketing gurus... and how it doesn't sit quite right with a lot of entrepreneursHow they're navigating niching within each of their 3 businessesHow niches can change over timeWhat to focus on when creating a nicheHow your niche affects your marketing and sales messagingAnd more!
In the latest episode of the Marketing Like a Mother podcast, Olivia sits down with multi-award-winning website creation coach, Vicky Etherington. Vicky has been supporting entrepreneurs in their online marketing and with their websites since 2003, working with coaches, course creators, and people transitioning into entrepreneurship. She teaches how to grow an online business and create your own client-winning websites through her signature Rock That Website program. Vicky’s work is all about helping people who aren’t comfortable with marketing and technology to understand how to create a website that is fully focused on growing their impact and their business. In this episode, you’ll learn: How to avoid burnout How Vicky transitioned from done-for-you and 1:1 services to group How to overcome mindset blocks around raising prices How to set boundaries…and stick to them All about how Vicky handled running a business with a husband often gone with the military, annual house moves, and two young kinds How to create a sustainable busines modelOther Links in the Episode:Facebook:
​Today on the Marketing Like A Mother 🎧 Michelle is chatting with Camera Confidence Coach Julia about the power of video and how you can overcome your camera-shyness to boost your business.In this episode, Julia and Michelle dive into:⭐️ Building your confidence to show up on camera⭐️ The power of video for your business from filming lives and running sales calls to hosting webinars and creating course content⭐️ Building up to showing up "live" with strategic rehearsals that prime you for the “real thing”⭐️ And a masterclass in using your voice to share your message more compellingly⭐️ ... and so much more!Other Links in the Episode:
In this latest episode of the Marketing Like a Mother podcast, Olivia is joined by Wellbeing Coach Sandra Lindholm. Sandra helps female entrepreneurs transform from just surviving to thriving by creating a healthy business with simple strategies that they feel excited to show up for (and that will get sustainable results). In this episode, you’ll learn:How to create a healthy business and go from surviving to thrivingWhy it’s so important to take are of your own wellbeing as a female entrepreneurThe 3 success pillars How to make a difference in the world, WHILE taking care of yourself, AND having the time to spend with your friends and familyHow to deal with the fear of visibility and show up authenticallyOther Links in the Episode:
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