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Marketing Like a Mother

Author: Michelle Pontvert & Olivia Radcliffe

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Marketing & online business advice from two moms making it work.
Listen in each week as business besties Michelle Pontvert & Olivia Radcliffe talk about the realities of running successful online businesses around little kids. We regularly invite guest experts to talk about topics from SEO and social media marketing to productivity and mindset to help you grow a profitable and family-friendly business.
114 Episodes
This week on the Marketing Like a Mother podcast, we're answering your (and our!) questions about closing our joint business. In the episode, we're chatting about: - Our decision process for ending our joint business - Reflecting on the positive experiences and our strong partnership - How communication and understanding played a role in our business - How important it is to find the right business partner - The logistics of closing the business - Honoring commitments and transparent communication - Our solo ventures moving forwards - And more!
This week on Marketing Like a Mother, we have some big news... We're closing our joint business BUT we're still friends and will definitely be keeping this podcast going. In this episode, we talk about: - Why we decided to close our joint business - How we came to this decision and how we're navigating closing the joint business while keeping our solo businesses and podcast - Maintaining our friendship and supporting each other through this process - How we're actually closing the business - Transitioning the podcast to Substack for show notes and emails! - And more!
This week on Marketing Like a Mother, Olivia is talking with Avril Anderson a fellow mompreneur who is sharing her journey as an entrepreneur and offering her signature strategies to streamline your systems for more time & energy! In this episode, we talk about: - Avril's entrepreneurial journey: starting in 2015, facing challenges while raising her daughter. - Shifting focus to mentoring and coaching female entrepreneurs. - The importance of streamlining processes and automating tasks to save time and energy - Recommended software tools: CRM systems, project management tools, and automation platforms. - Emphasizing the need to build a business that prioritizes your life and makes space for family time. - And more!
This week on Marketing Like a Mother, Michelle is chatting with course creator and curriculum design expert Vix Meldrew. Vix shares her journey from being a teacher to becoming an online educator and mentor, and how she discovered her passion for helping fellow entrepreneurs improve their teaching skills. In this episode we talk about: - How Vix transitioned from being a teacher to an online educator and mentor - Why she's so passionate about helping fellow entrepreneurs improve their teaching skills - The importance of focusing on the desired outcome for learners - Suggestions for creating offers that fit well with a flexible motherhood lifestyle, such as passive selling and active delivery - And more!
This week on Marketing Like a Mother, we're chatting about setting & sticking your goals and boundaries as a business owner. Because sometimes it's hardest to stay accountable to your own goals, right?! In this episode we talk about: - Importance of self-accountability and setting boundaries - Challenges of staying motivated and overcoming procrastination - Breaking down goals into actionable steps - Finding the right balance between external and internal accountability - Aligning goals with personal values and making adjustments to fit individual circumstances - And more!
This week on Marketing Like a Mother, Michelle sits down with Customer Journey & Buyer Experience expert Stacey Cole to deep dive into creating compelling experiences for your customers. In this episode, we talk about: - The need to align the customer journey with business goals - Crafting high-end experiences for your audience - Post-purchase experiences play a vital role in nurturing the audience and building relationships - Continuously evaluating and refining your customer journey to ensure it meets your audience's needs and expectations - And more!
This week on Marketing Like a Mother, Olivia is chatting with Willie Whittle - our first-ever Dadpreneur on the podcast! Willie Whittle, a single dad, podcast host, and entrepreneur, shares his journey of becoming a widowed father and his commitment to helping his five children reach their goals. In this episode we're talking about: - Balancing work, family, and personal goals - Prioritizing life events and being selfish with self-care - The importance of taking breaks and reconnecting with nature - Focusing on embracing authenticity and pursuing passions - Highlighting the power of sharing personal experiences through platforms like podcasts
This week on Marketing Like a Mother we're talking from the heart, both as neurodivergent humans who have things marketed to us and as business owners marketing to neurodivergent people. In this episode we're talking about: - Using terms like neurodivergent and neurospicy in your marketing - Highlighting the need for mindfulness and respect when using these terms - Sharing personal experiences as neurodivergent individuals - Our discomfort with less thoughtful or considered uses of these terms - Emphasizing the importance of education, research, and empathy in marketing - Encouraging understanding of the specific needs and perspectives of the target audience - And more!
This week on Marketing Like a Mother, Michelle is talking with Laura Agar Wilson, Business Mentor & Coach for Health & Life Coaches. In this episode we're talking about: - Laura's journey as a business mentor and coach for health and life coaches. - Building successful businesses without the pressure of social media - Creating a flexible work-life balance - The importance of experimentation and trying new strategies in business - Focusing on search-based platforms like blogging, Pinterest, and YouTube vs social media - Clear communication & setting boundaries with clients to manage work and family responsibilities effectively - And more!
This week on Marketing Like A Mother Olivia is talking with Heidi Fiedler, a writer, editor, and creative coach who has worked with renowned clients like Chronicle Books and Bravery Magazine. She helps writers find joy and ease in the creative process through writing classes, manuscript reviews, and coaching. They discuss: - Choosing and Pursuing a Book Idea - Breaking Free from Structure - The Art of Writing Books for Children - Encouraging Creativity in Young Authors - Traditional Publishing vs. Self-Publishing - Embracing Creativity in Motherhood - And more!
This week on Marketing Like A Mother, Michelle is chatting with friend Paige Brunton, the queen of all things Squarespace Website Design. Paige shares her inspiring journey from being a non-techy expat to becoming a successful web designer and educator. If you've ever been curious about web design, this episode will take you on a comprehensive journey through Paige's story, the world of web design, and how you can tap into your creativity to build a profitable business. They discuss: - Finding Opportunity in Unexpected Places - Overcoming Challenges when starting out - Embracing being a Non-Designer Web Designer - Coding Myth Busted - Ideal Candidates for Web Design - Realistic Income Expectations - Embracing simplicity - And more!
We're at 100 episodes!! And this week on Marketing Like a Mother we decided to take a walk down memory lane and reflect on lessons learned from publishing 100 episodes over the past 2+ years. In this episode we're talking about: - How fun this podcast has been to create and why we think it's stayed fun all these episodes later - How shocking it's been to see how far the podcast has reached - Lessons learned around managing our energy levels and not overbooking interviews - Our desires to dive deeper into personal journeys and the human side of business - And how grateful for the podcast's success and how excited we are for the next 100+ episodes! - And more!
This week on Marketing Like a Mother, Olivia chats with Hailey Rowe, Marketing/Sales Coach & Linkedin Lead Generation Service Provider. Hailey helps service-based business owners (especially coaches) build out their client attraction process, get more time back, and boost sales without being held back by social media overwhelm. They discuss: - How Hailey fell in love with LinkedIn for lead generation - Networking vs content creation - How to send non-sleazy connection requests - Lead generation strategies for LinkedIn - Bio optimization tips - And more!
This week we're doing things a little differently over on the Marketing Like a Mother podcast! We sent out a call for your burning questions and we're sharing our honest answers to things like: How we're really juggling all these businesses Transitioning from service provider to digital products How to get clients to embrace Voxer Niching down as a multi-passionate entrepreneur And planning for maternity leave... Oh and we're sharing a very big surprise life announcement from Olivia...
This week on Marketing Like a Mother, Michelle chats with online business coach Angela Henderson. Angela shares her journey of balancing motherhood and building a successful business. Get ready for some juicy conversations and valuable insights! They discusss - From Mental Health Clinician to Mompreneur - Transitioning from Social Work to Product Business - Leveraging ADHD in Business - Working in the Business vs. Working on the Business - The Four Key Components of Business Success - The Importance of Rest - And more!
This week on Marketing Like a Mother we're facing our fears and diving into the challenging waters of handling rejection. As much as we might wish it weren't so, rejection is a normal and necessary part of business. But that doesn't make it easy to deal with it! In this episode, we talk about: - The real challenges of dealing with rejection in business - Strategies for dealing with rejection in client situations and for receiving criticism - Rejection is not personal - Setting healthy boundaries and being authentic in marketing and visibility efforts - Cleaning your email lists and understanding the benefits of unsubscribes - And so much more
This week on Marketing Like a Mother, Olivia is talking with Melissa Llarena, author of the Amazon bestseller Fertile Imagination: A Guide for Stretching Every Mom's Superpower for Maximum Impact. Melissa shares her insights on how to harness your imagination and create a thriving business while staying sane as a mompreneur. They discuss: - Waking Up Your Imagination - Playing with Your Imagination - Stretching Your Imagination - The Power of Boredom and Stillness - Bringing Your Child Along for the Ride - and more!
This week Michelle is sitting down with the delightful Dolly Delong to geek out about all things systems and workflows for busy entrepreneurs. They discuss: - How having solid systems helped Dolly build her flourishing photography business - Why business owners need solid systems and workflows - Example of a freelancer's contact page workflow and you can wow your future clients - Tips for getting started with systems and workflows
This week Olivia is chatting with Lindsay Dollinger about embracing being a multi-passionate entrepreneur, especially as mothers. They discuss: - The struggle of balancing being a parent, holding down a job and trying to build a business - The importance of embracing the messy journey of doing business around other priorities - Lindsay's best tips for staying focused and productive - Creating powerful systems to support you - Leaning into the plus sides of being multi-passionate
This week on Marketing Like a Mother we're diving in head-first into the often controversial world of sales! Between the two of us, we've sold a LOT. And have a LOT of thoughts on what makes a good sales experience - and what doesn't! In this episode we're talking about: What selling is really about as business owners Selling how you like to buy Sales mindset Sleazy traps to not fall into And so much more!