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There are a million myths about marketing that could be killing your business. Listen in to hear these myths get busted! Marketing is our passion. When it comes to marketing tactics, strategies, & plans, we have seen them all. With over a decade experience in the marketing world, we have seen and implemented strategies that worked... and a few that haven't. Either way, we've learned many lessons along the way & will share our experiences through the Marketing Myths Podcast.
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Websites that sell products need a secure connection because they are taking people's personal information like their name, address, phone number, email address, credit card information, etc. The consensus is that websites that collect sensitive information need to be secure, but what about websites that don't collect this information? Some people do not think they need to secure their website if they are not asking people to submit their personal information. In the 20th episode of the first season of the Marketing Myths Podcast, Tobaria and Aaron talk about why you may or may not need to secure your website with an SSL certificate. Show notes:  
Social Media Ads Don't Work

Social Media Ads Don't Work


There are a lot of question around the effectiveness of Facebook and LinkedIn advertising strategies. Are they worth the time and money? On this week’s Marketing Myths Podcast, Aaron and Tobaria talk through this myth, offer real data that backs their final conclusion, and even give advice on how to successful run a campaign on these platforms. 
In the beginning of 2011, Google launched an update to its algorithm named Panda. The Panda update essentially rewarded unique & compelling content. Gary Illyes has said, "We don't recommend removing content for Panda." Then later he said, "It's not guaranteed that you will see any positive effect from that." referring to removing old or thin content from your website. Even John Mueller has said, “Improving it means that the rankings can only go up, whereas by removing it, can cause loss of rankings instead of the gains that some people think content removals will do.” So, this seems pretty straightforward, right? Don't delete old or thin content. But is it that straightforward? In this episode of the Marketing Myths Podcast, Aaron & Tobaria visit an experiment done by Search Engine Journal and what other SEOs say about the subject. Show notes: 
Email Marketing is a Scam

Email Marketing is a Scam


Have you heard that all email marketing is a scam? Some say that the money put into email marketing cannot be recuperated, and, as a digital marketing tactic, it is a waste of time and money. Tobaria and Aaron tackle this myth by looking at the pros and cons of email marketing and how you can use email marketing more effectively. Take a listen! Show notes: 
Today we are joined by Sarah Werner. Sarah is the creator and host of the Write Now podcast, the creator of the Girl in Space Podcast, and has a podcast master class where you can learn EVERYTHING about podcasting. In this episode, we pick Sarah's brain about the myth that it's too early to advertise on podcasts. www.sarahwerner.comShow notes: 
The vast majority of business owners agree that being on social media is non-negotiable. The questions come in when deciding who will complete your social media marketing tasks? You can do it. But do you have time? Do you know what you are doing? You could hire someone. But that gets expensive, right? On today's episode of the Marketing Myths Podcast, Tobaria and Aaron discuss the myth that businesses don't need any help with their social media marketing.  Show notes: 
Television has been around since the early 1940s, and millions of dollars have been spent on placing ads on the platform. Television used to be the main and most effective way to reach a wide range of people. But is this still true? Everyone has the internet in the palm of their hands. Has that eaten into the time people spend watching television? In today's episode of the Marketing Myths Podcast, Aaron & Tobaria talk about the effectiveness of television as a form of marketing. Show notes: 
It takes money to make money and the more you have the more you will be seen, right? Well, when it comes to paid digital tactics, that not may be the case. In today's episode of The Marketing Myths Podcast, Tobaria and Aaron talk through the myth that the more money you throw at your paid search and display campaigns the higher your ads will rank and the more they will be seen. Enjoy! Show notes: 
Every business owner and marketer is looking for their "golden ticket" to reach their customers. For some reason, we keep hearing that the demographics a business is trying to reach aren't on social. Is social media really only useful for reaching young people? Can you only reach affluent people on LinkedIn and the local newspaper? In today's episode of the Marketing Myths Podcast, Tobaria and Aaron address the myth that certain demographics aren't reachable on social media. Check out the show notes for a bunch of graphs with all the data! Show notes:
 Many marketers use paid search ads to serve text ads to people searching for their products and services. Pay per click, or PPC, campaigns can be very beneficial and provide a solid return on investment. However, some people believe that once the campaign is set up and started the job is done. Tobaria and Aaron tackle this myth in today's episode of the Marketing Myths Podcast. Show notes:
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