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Marriage More Podcast - Making Your Marriage More - Relationships | Couples | Intimacy | Christian |
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Marriage More Podcast - Making Your Marriage More - Relationships | Couples | Intimacy | Christian |

Author: Jeff and Mandy Rose

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Jeff and Mandy Rose have been married for over a decade and they've been through it all. Their podcast is designed to help couples make their marriage more by going through various Love Challenges.
91 Episodes
On Season 2 Episode 3 of the Marriage More podcast, Mandy and Jeff take some time to talk about dealing with the difficulties of raising a "spirited child". For any parent that can relate, this is a MUST listen.
Jeff and Mandy are back with episode 2 of Season 2 of the Marriage More podcast. In this episode they discuss the premier of their reality TV show that recently aired on TLC. The first show primarily focused on the couples "lack of intimacy", how Mandy doesn't ask for help with the kids, and Jeff's inability to unplug from his businesses. But is that really what happens "behind closed doors"? Tune in to the podcast to find out!
Welcome to Season 2 of the Marriage More Podcast. We've had A LOT of exciting things going on and can't wait to get you up to speed on the latest developments. The biggest items to mention are 1) We've moved to Nashville AND 2) We are on a TLC show this fall. How's that for an announcement? :)
The Marriage More podcast goes international as Jeff and Mandy recap their latest vacation and marriage retreat to Mexico. In addition to marriage talk, they discuss important topics such as churros vs. chorizo, mattress dilemmas, and if iguanas really have teeth. You don't want to miss this one! :)
Learn Jeff's take when he answers a community members question on how she can help her husband become more of a spiritual leader in their household.
The Love Languages have had a major impact on the Rose's marriage and many in the Marriage More community swear by them, too. Here's an updated discussion on their Love Languages.
How did we get here? It's a question many couples ask themselves when they wake up and realize the person (the spouse) that lives in their house feels like a stranger. You're not connected anymore and you've grown apart. Here's how to recognize if you're drifting in your marriage and how to fix it.
Join Jeff and Mandy as they have deep conversations about their marriage while preparing for bed. Okay, they're not really that deep but they are enjoyable. Learn the one thing that Jeff had no idea his wife doesn't like even though they've been married for 12 years.
What a fun interview this was! Jon Acuff is a NYT best selling author, speaker, and the wittiest person we've ever met. Jenny is a rockstar wife and isn't afraid to tell it how it is. Together they've been married for 15 years with 2 daughters and they are a blast to be around. If you don't like to laugh, then avoid this podcast episode because we were laughing in the first 3 minutes.
"No Shave November" visited the Rose household for the first time but was cut (or should I say "trimmed") prematurely. Find out why from the Rose's bedroom.
If your like us, you probably have no idea what the Enneagram is. Before we went to a marriage retreat we were oblivious to what it is. Now we see it as a valuable tool that can have a dramatic impact on any marriage. On this podcast we get the pleasure of interviewing Ian Cron, who wrote the book "The Road Back to You" which gives an amazing dive into the Enneagram. Tune in to find out how it has impacted us and why we believe it can impact you and your marriage.
Join Mandy and Jeff in another episode from their bedroom right before they pass out from a long day. Warning: the stories are a bit looney.
In MM 074 we talked about the #1 silent marriage killer: resentment. What we didn't plan on was how God would use us to reveal how resentment was hurting another married couple and they didn't know it. This is one of those "have to hear it to believe it" stories.
We just wrapped up an amazing marriage retreat at Blackberry Farms in Tennessee. It was an amazing experience and we can't wait to share what we learned.
Michael and Gail Hyatt have been married for over 38 years and have 5 beautiful daughters. Michael is the former CEO of Thomas Nelson having worked his way to the top. Along the way he recognized he thought he was putting his marriage first but after a visit to the emergency room he realized otherwise. Since then he has intentionally focused on his marriage and are stronger now than they have ever been. Here is their inspiring story.
Surprise! Mandy’s got a special message for Jeff on their 12th wedding anniversary.
Jeff is notorious for getting lost while driving. So what happens in real time when it happens again? Listen in as Mandy and Jeff share their version of what happened.
This one emotion is the deadliest destroyer of most marriages. What makes it so deadly is that it's often silent and you don't usually recognize you've fallen victim to it. Or that in most cases it's probably you're fault you're experiencing it. What it is? Listen in to find out.
Yes, we're recording in our bedroom. No, this isn't what you think, lol. As a family of 6 it's hard to find time to record a weekly podcast so.....we decided to try and record while we were laying in bed before we go to sleep. Warning: it does get a little "batty" at times as we reflect back on our weekend of visiting a pumpkin patch.
When you hear the word "abuse" within a marriage you almost immediately think of physical abuse. Emotional abuse is another concern especially when it has to do with money. A recent comment in our Marriage More Community Free Facebook Group led to this discussion in sharing how Jeff and Mandy had similar struggles with who made the more money and the sense of entitlement that came along with it.
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Jane Haubert

this thing is an awkward conversation between a couple with literally no point.

Apr 30th
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