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Marriage to the Max Podcast

Author: Brett and Kellie Hurst

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Marriage to the Max is a weekly podcast hosted by Brett and Kellie Hurst, co-founders of Home Encouragement in Houston, Texas. Our goal is to encourage married couples to take marriage to the next level. We have a simple hope…and that is to make marriage a front-burner conversation! We are grateful to you for your interest in this podcast and we hope you will enjoy it.
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We’re continuing with our series based on Dr. John Gottman’s research on marriage.  Principle #4 is about allowing ourselves to be influenced by our spouse.  How good are you at
We’re continuing with our series based on the research of Dr. John Gottman.  Today’s episode is all about learning how to turn toward each other.  Sounds simple, right?  Not necessarily.
Fondness and admiration are two traits in marriage that need to be nurtured continually.  As Kellie and Brett Hurst of Home Encouragement continue with their series focusing on Dr. John
We’re kicking off a new series based on Dr. John Gottman’s expansive research on healthy marriage relationships.  Join Kellie and Brett Hurst of Home Encouragement today for the first in



A simple definition for the word “attunement” is “to make harmonious”.  What married person wouldn’t want to have more harmony with his/her spouse?  Join in on today’s conversation with Kellie
Catch up with Kellie and Brett Hurst of Home Encouragement as they toss in a few marriage tidbits in this “catch-all” episode! Episode 87 – Odds and Ends by Kellie
In Episode #85 we introduced the concept of emotional triggers.  Now that we know what they are, and that they can cause emotional strife, what do we do with them?
“Triggers” is a recent buzz word, but a very old idea. We all have them, but what are they, and how were those hot buttons originally installed? Listen to Part
We all behave in passive-aggressive ways sometimes. But does it really work for us? Usually, we end up having to deal with the stuff we were trying to avoid in
Every married person wants to be happy. But are you looking to your marriage to make you happy? Without realizing it, we can be guilty of expecting our marriage relationship
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Brittany D

I know this is an old podcast but this is great. I have a husband who hardly ever apologizes & when he does they are the 10cent ones for the $10,000 offense. They are very passive aggressive, they are placing the blame back on me, and the non empathetic. How does this change? I’ve tried to explain how his apologies don’t mean anything to me because he’s not there, they aren’t an apology.

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