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Author: Bloomberg Radio

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Bloomberg Opinion columnist Barry Ritholtz looks at the people and ideas that shape markets, investing and business.

276 Episodes
Bloomberg Opinion columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews physicist and biotech entrepreneur Safi Bahcall, author of 2019's "Loonshots: How to Nurture the Crazy Ideas That Win Wars, Cure Diseases and Transform Industries."
Bloomberg Opinion columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews Matthew Benkendorf, CIO of Vontobel’s Quality Growth boutique, which manages about $35 billion.
Bloomberg Opinion columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews Brian Kelly, who started blogging about travel, credit-card rewards and frequent-flyer miles as The Points Guy in 2010. He’s since grown his site into a substantial media platform, with 10 million unique monthly visitors and more than 100 employees.
Bloomberg Opinion columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews Bruce Van Saun, who is chairman and CEO of Citizens Financial Group and was recently named American Banker's 2019 banker of the year.
Bloomberg Opinion columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews Sarah Cone, the founder and managing partner at Social Impact Capital, which describes itself as "a hybrid between a venture capital firm and an open-source community."
Bloomberg Opinion columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews Creative Planning president Peter Mallouk, who transformed what was essentially a $150 million firm into a powerhouse with more than $40 billion in assets under management.
Get ready to get personal. Out of Office: Conversations about Life and Leadership, a new podcast series by Bloomberg Live, launches January 16 2020. Tune in to hear newsmakers talk about things they don't get asked about in the office. Their childhood. Dreams. Mentors. Favorite books. Failure. Triumphs. Down time. Family and love. Because all these influences make them who they are and define how they lead. On this special bonus episode hosted by Mallika Kapur, Ed Stapley talks to the Bad Boy of Brexit, Richard Tice. The Chairman of the Brexit Party talks about his upbringing, property, politics and what he wants for Christmas. Join us for more unconventional conversations about life and leadership in Out of Office, hosted by Mallika Kapur. Subscribe today on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or any podcast app to catch every episode. We look forward to your company.
Bloomberg Opinion columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews Andreessen Horowitz cofounder Ben Horowitz, whose latest book is "What You Do Is Who You Are: How to Create Your Business Culture."
Bloomberg Opinion columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews Joe Ricketts, who founded the company now known as TD Ameritrade, a securities-industry leader that empowers investors with innovative tools and training. Since 2008, Ricketts has devoted himself to a variety of entrepreneurial ventures. He has also actively engaged in philanthropy through the Opportunity Education Foundation, the Cloisters on the Platte Foundation, the Ricketts Conservation Foundation and the Ricketts Art Foundation.
Bloomberg Opinion columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews Ilana Weinstein, the founder and chief executive officer of IDW Group and a frequent guest on Bloomberg Television and CNBC. Weinstein previously worked at Goldman Sachs and Boston Consulting Group, and holds degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard Business School.
Bloomberg Opinion columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews former U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, who led the department from 2015 to 2017 and now serves as the director of Harvard University’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs. His latest book, “Inside the Five-Sided Box: Lessons From a Lifetime of Leadership in the Pentagon,” was released this year.
Bloomberg Opinion Columnist Barry Ritholtz sits down with University of Chicago economist Eugene Fama — a Nobel laureate widely known as "the father of modern finance" — and his onetime student, Dimensional Fund Advisors founder David Booth, for a special Masters in Business conversation. This discussion was broadcast live on Tuesday, November 5.
Bloomberg Opinion columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews the Wall Street Journal's Gregory Zuckerman, a three-time winner of the Gerald Loeb Award for business journalism who writes about big trades, big firms and big personalities. His latest book, "The Man Who Solved the Market: How Jim Simons Launched the Quant Revolution" will be released Nov. 5.
Bloomberg Opinion columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews economist and Nobel laureate Michael Spence, whose research interests include emerging markets and the impact of leadership on growth. A professor of economics at NYU’s Stern School of Business, Spence is also a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution and the Philip H. Knight Professor Emeritus of Management at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business.
Bloomberg Opinion columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews Francis M. Kinniry, a principal in Vanguard Investment Strategy Group responsible for capital market research, portfolio design, development of customized investment solutions, investment market commentary and research. He is a chartered financial analyst and earned his master's in business administration from Drexel University.
Bloomberg Opinion columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews Binyamin Appelbaum, the lead business and economics writer on the New York Times editorial board. He was previously a Washington correspondent for the Times, covering the Federal Reserve and other aspects of economic policy. His book “The Economists’ Hour: False Prophets, Free Markets and the Fracture of Society” was released in August.
Bloomberg Opinion columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews the Nobel-winning economist Robert J. Shiller, whose latest book, "Narrative Economics: How Stories Go Viral and Drive Major Economic Events," came out Oct. 1. Shiller, a professor at Yale University, has written about financial markets, innovation, behavioral economics, macroeconomics and real estate, among other topics. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences jointly with Eugene Fama and Lars Peter Hansen in 2013.
Bloomberg Opinion columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews film and TV producer Brian Grazer, who co-founded Imagine Entertainment with Ron Howard in 1986. Grazer has been nominated for four Academy Awards and won the Best Picture Oscar for “A Beautiful Mind” in 2002. His book “A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life” was a New York Times bestseller. His latest book, “Face to Face: The Art of Human Connection,” was released in September.
Bloomberg Opinion columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews Sarah Ketterer, the chief executive officer and fundamental portfolio manager at Causeway Capital Management, which has $52 billion in assets under management. Ketterer, who was named Morningstar’s 2017 International-Stock Fund Manager of the Year, co-founded Causeway in 2001. Ketterer earned her undergraduate degree from Stanford and her MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, and serves on the advisory board of Girls Who Invest.
Bloomberg Opinion columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews Lord John Browne of Madingley, who is executive chairman of L1 Energy and chairman of the supervisory board of Wintershall DEA. As group chief executive of BP from 1995 to 2007, he led the company through a period of major expansion. From 2007 to 2015, he served as a partner at Riverstone Holdings. He is also chairman of the Francis Crick Institute and chairman of the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering.
Comments (18)

Schafer Newman

Man this interviewer keeps talking over the guest...

Jan 3rd


This guy Spence gyrates away from the mic more than a rocket going to the moon

Oct 27th
Reply (1)

Dan Galbraith

This was an excellent interview from an amazing man with incite on life as well as investments!

Feb 19th

Dorian Smith

Loved this interview!

Jan 11th

Bee Lor

I don't like how the ads are 10x louder than the podcast itself. thanks for killing my ears..

Nov 28th

Lorenz König

I’m new to this and I hardly understand a word what they say - way to geeky.

Oct 9th
Reply (1)

Bill Slikkerveer

unable to download or stream

Jul 14th

Blake Reynolds

Not MBA level material

Jun 7th

KilYong Lee

.ㆍㅊㆍㄷㆍㅈ느ㅡㄷ ㅈㆍ ㄴㄸㅈ ㅈㄴ ㅈ

Apr 28th

Edis Eminovic

das Fahrrad

Apr 25th

Delta Decay

great podcast with very good nuggets of wisdom

Apr 24th

Artur Gorbenko

He interrupts too much. please let the person speak.

Mar 31st

Chirag Shekhar

This is one of the best podcasts I have ever come across. Deeply insightful, and decorated very genuinely and inquistively by Mr. Ritholtz.

Nov 16th

iTunes User

Favorite new podcast. Amazing guests, Barry knows his stuff and gets his guests fully engaged.

Aug 30th

iTunes User

These are really interesting in-depth interviews with some high profile names. Keep them coming.

Aug 30th

iTunes User

Ritholtz does a great job getting interesting people for interviews and generally a good job asking questions. Occasionally gets off focus and too cute or "me-too"y. Nonetheless a must listen for the ride too/from work. Helluva lot better than the TV talking heads. Previously listened on Bloomberg radio, which was good but did not save stopping points.

Aug 30th
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