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Graph theory is all about relationships, and relationships are key to understand so many critical areas - like understanding the spread of a pandemic. Denise Gosnell and Matthias Broecheler from DataStax talk about what graph data is, why it matters, and fascinating use cases - including how it applies to Artificial Intelligence.
Bill Mew returns to Masters of Data to talk about evaluating cyber risk in a time of crisis like today. Bill dispels three myths that keep companies form taking decisive action and protect their data, employees, and customers. He also explains how cyber insurance actually works and why so many companies are much less covered than they think they are.
Jeremy Proffit and his compatriots in Charlotte, NC are thinking out of the box in order to meet the overwhelming need for face protection in this crisis. Jeremy, a long time 3D printing enthusiast, started printing face shields in his house and has helped start a movement to do this at scale in a mind-boggingly short amount of time.
One of the most controversial and discussed topics today is Artificial Intelligence - or AI, and the implications of it. Is AI good or bad. Are we being replaced? Is AI exacerbating discrimination? Our guest today are taking a much more practical view - one that seeks to capture the value of AI for business and help corporations large and small take advantage. Our guests: Marco Iansiti, the David Sarnoff Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, and Karim R. Lakhani is the Charles E. Wilson Professor of Business Administration and the Dorothy and Michael Hintze Fellow at Harvard Business School.
Stacy Stephens and his co-founder created Knightscope with the lofty mission of making the United States of America a safer place. They are working towards this goal with robots - Robots that are running autonomously - every day, all day - and have demonstrably made their customers safer. Listen to how Knightscope is forging a different path than most startups and making a direct impact on their clients lives.
One of our recurring themes on this podcast is the application of data in the real world and how data science is adapting to the needs of the businesses it serves. This episode is a perfect example of that. Jorge Lozano leads the data science team at Steelcase. Steelcase was founded over a hundred years ago and is the largest office furniture manufacturer in the world. So, what does a company like Steelcase do with data and data science? Listen and find out.
If software is truly eating the world, then software release management determines how quickly it can chew. For better or worse, just writing code isn’t enough. Software Engineering teams have to manage large, complex codebases with lots of dependencies - all while trying to move fast. Rob Zuber, the CTO of CircleCI, knows this world inside and out. CircleCI helps companies get innovation to the market faster, and with better quality, and Rob is passionate about how data is a big part of that picture. So, without any further ado, let’s dig in.
Green tech. Solar Energy. What do you think when you here those words? Probably putting on your roof, right? Or maybe your local electricity provider. Wunder Capital is coming at it from a different direction. They are filling the gap to help finance commercial solar - think community solar project, solar panels on warehouses, and more. According to Dave Riess, Co-Founder & CEO at Wunder Capital, there is a lot of untapped potential.
In this episode, we talk with Nancy Gohring - a senior analyst at 451 Research. I have known Nancy for a few years, and I am always impressed with her perspective on the culture of IT Operations and the impact of the massive changes in the last few years - and that is what we talked about.
In this episode, we talk with Stephen O’Grady, co-founder and principal analyst at Redmonk. RedMonk is an industry analyst firm focused on software developers and helps companies understand and work with developers. In fact, Stephen wrote an amazing book “The New Kingmakers” that explains the rising influence of software developers. We talk with Stephen about how RedMonk uses data to help companies understand developers and how developers are taking over the world.
Ian has been a journalist, editor, and analyst for over 30 years and is currently an editor at Enterprise Times. He and I talked about his very interesting background, the need for diversity on security teams, and his passion for working with veterans.
In this episode, we talk to Dave Albert, CTO, and Co-Founder of Medit and the host of the CTO and Cofounder Talk podcast. We talk to Dave about the system he’s building at Medit for combing the immense amounts of data medical professionals need to consume and putting the information most relevant to them front and center. That, of course, raises some of the same bias and privacy challenges we see at other places today on the Internet, and Dave and his team take that seriously.
In this episode, we talk to Clark Richey, Chief Technology Officer at FactGem. Clark has spent his career working with data, and he co-founded FactGem to help companies get more out of their data. Clark is passionate about freeing data from its constraints and breaking the silos between data that hamstring good decision making in today’s business world.
In this episode, we talk to Jeremy Kaufmann, Principal at Scale Venture Partners. Scale Venture Partners is a venture capital firm that invests primarily in technology companies that are starting to bring in revenue, and they focus on companies doing business on the Internet, in the cloud, on mobile, and delivering their product as a service. Scale Venture Partners prides itself on being a data driver Venture Capital firm, and we talked to Jeremy about how they leverage data to make better investment decisions and make their portfolio companies more successful.
Our guest on this episode comes from an industry that has always been a pioneer in data and making good of data. Michael Herskovitz is an SVP and Co-Head of Global Operations and Technology at AllianceBernstein. AllianceBernstein is a global asset management firm providing investment management and research services worldwide to institutional, high-net-worth and retail investors. Michael talks us through his philosophy on making the best use of data - that data is a lifestyle, not a project. So, without any further ado - let’s dig in.
"In this episode, we get to hear from one of the most iconic and influential brands in the world - Fender - or more formally known as Fender Musical Instrument Corporation. Fender was founded in 1946 by the Leo Fender and is best known for the Telecaster and Stratocaster electric guitars. These instantly recognizable guitars have been played by the likes of Muddy Waters, Keith Richards, Buddy Holly, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and so many more. I got to meet with the Vice President of Engineering at Fender, Josh Couch, at the Fender offices in Hollywood California. Josh, and his team, learned from the data and created new apps like Fender Tune and Fender Play that are opening up the world of guitars to a whole new set of people."
Our guest is at the intersection of innovation and creation at one of the most important technology companies in the world. Yoon Lee is the Senior Vice President and Division Head, Content and Services, Product Innovation at Samsung Electronics America. In today’s world, our lives are connected to our devices in a way inconceivable even a few decades ago. Yoon is in a unique position to understand how A.I. and an understanding of the human context can make for better experiences for users. (REPLAY from 2018)
Our guest on this episode, Angela Bassa, hails from one of the most innovative robotics companies on the planet, the aptly named iRobot - the creators of the iconic Roomba vacuum robot. Angela is the Director of Data Science at iRobot and talks to us about how iRobot's recent product announcements reveal more than just product innovation. Their new iRobot 2.0 platform is a new approach to how they build robots, software, and also the place of data science at iRobot.
We are excited to bring to you our second security experts panel discussion for 2019! We brought together a high-powered set of individuals that know security inside and out. As always, we have George Gerchow, the Chief Security Officer at Sumo Logic. And he is joined by Jadee Hanson, Chief Information Security Officer at Code42 and Teri Radichel, CEO at 2nd Sight Lab.We had a wide-ranging discussion about everything from DevSecOps to privacy.
Our guest on this episode is a repeat guest, and that’s a very good thing. Matt Ballantine is a multi-talented technologist who spends his days helping companies build and execute digital strategy with his company Stamp, and also hosts his own podcast - WB40 - with his co-host Chris Weston. I talked with Matt about his newest project which brings these two worlds together in a way that will be truly compelling for organizations struggling to innovate and communicate. He is using Podcasts as a medium to communicate, define, and get buy-in for projects.
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