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Join Joy Taylor for a different take on the world of sports. Joy will be breaking down all the biggest stories from the NFL, NBA and everything in between.
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3rd year Safety for the DALLAS COWBOYS, XAVIER WOODS, joins JOY TAYLOR to breakdown what went wrong for his team this season, the future with new coach MIKE MCCARTHY, & DAK PRESCOTT’s role as team leader. PLUS, who’s better TUA TAGOVAILOA or JOE BURROW?
Former NFL RB, Dancing w/ the Stars Champ, & bestselling author, RASHAD JENNINGS joins JOY TAYLOR to break down JOE BURROW’s future, how MIKE MCCARTHY & DAK PRESCOTT make the perfect pair, and maybe RASHAD’s crazy, but he’s got the TITANS winning the SUPER BOWL! What would that be like?
REMINDER: JOY TAYLOR was earlier than y’all on recognizing the greatness of JOE BURROW. Her next prophecy…the DOLPHINS trade a bunch of draft picks to the BENGALS to get BURROW. Did we say prophecy? We meant wish. Surprise, surprise JOY is WIT IT on JOE BURROW being able to fix the BENGALS. And when it comes to the relevancy of the other OHIO football team that BAKER MAYFIELD plays for, JOY says QUIT IT. HIGH KEY the TEXANS blew it, but LOW KEY don’t blame DESHAUN WATSON. JOY posits that BILL O’BRIEN’s “success” in HOUSTON is starting to look like JASON GARRETT’s tenure in DALLAS. In the MIGOS CULTURE REPORT we’ve got some royal pains. PRINCE HARRY and MEGAN MARKLE are doing their own thing and we support it. Plus, T tells us all about the launch of FOX SOUL. Stream it at! Stick around for JOY’s NFL CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP picks and wish her happy birthday this Friday or when you see her this weekend in NEW ORLEANS. Hopefully, the LSU NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP celebration is still in full effect!
ROB MENDEZ, the Jimmy V Award-winning football coach, joins JOY TAYLOR in studio to chop it about football and life. ROB is pulling for the 49ERS, learned a lot from TOM BRADY and thinks FREDDIE KITCHENS will get a job on an NFL staff this upcoming season. In WIT IT/QUIT IT producer JOHN HELLER finds out where JOY stands on MIKE MCCARTHY as the new co-leader of America’s Team and TOM BRADY’s possible swan song. In PETTY COURT you’ll find KIRK COUSINS. Do you like that? Either way, you are PETTY fr fr! HIGH KEY at least 75% of sports fans probably googled JOE JUDGE today after the GIANTS named him as their head coach, LOW KEY they probably wanted to hire MATT RHULE but the PANTHERS got him. HIGH KEY the BROWNS are still without coach, but LOW KEY they’re probably waiting on ROBERT SALEH, who has a chain wallet, figuratively speaking. The number one LOSER in the LOSER POWER RANKINGS is the notion of dynasties in sports. Man, it’s been a rough year for dynasties. The PATRIOTS didn’t win the SUPER BOWL, the WARRIORS whole team is injured, the SPURS are getting worse, GAME OF THRONES ended, etc. etc. Also, SEAN MCDERMOTT and all seventy-two DOLPHINS HATERS are in here, too. In the MIGOS CULTURE REPORT, T breaks down the COACHELLA lineup and shares her personal experience at BEYCHELLA. JOY and T also have some thoughts on ELTON JOHN, TOM HANKS and more from the GOLDEN GLOBES. Big shouts to AMANDA SEALES for joining the cast of THE REAL on a full-time basis. Stick around for JOY's full DIVISIONAL WEEKEND picks. Preciate y'all!
NFL great TJ HOUSHMANDZADEH joins JOY TAYLOR in studio to chop it up about what went wrong for the BROWNS this season and what went right for JOE BURROW in LSU’s first game of the college football playoff. TJ, also has some scoops on the COWBOYS issues both on and off the field. In WIT IT/QUIT IT, JOY and MIC producer JOHN HELLER pick winners for this weekend’s WILD CARD round. HINT: one road team is going to win, some others will cover. HIGH KEY, JOE BURROW is a franchise QB and LOW KEY we don’t need to expand the college football playoffs. Also, how great was that CLEMSON-OHIO STATE game?! Instead of LOSER POWER RANKINGS, JOY and MIC editor/producer DONNIE BEACHAM breakdown the NFL’s BLACK MONDAY. The BROWNS and GIANTS need a coach, the R-WORDS almost have one and MIKE MCCARTHY is the leading candidate for the rest of the (potential) openings. In the MIGOS CULTURE REPORT, JOY and MIC producer T discuss the storylines from KEVIN HART’s new NETFLIX docu-series and a couple top folks of the decade. Shouts to SERENA WILLIAMS for winning the AP Female Athlete of the Decade and to DR. DRE for being the top earning artist of the decade. Big Congratulations to Mike and the SQUADDDDD for winning the MIC FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE! We’ll get ya a prize at some point so check your email in the near future! Also, big appreciations from us to everyone reading this for listening, liking and commenting on the content! The Crazy Gang are some of the smartest, dopest podcast listeners in our opinion. To 2020 and beyond!
No guest today, just Crazy gang. JOY TAYLOR gives the prescription for the COWBOYS to finally win another SUPER BOWL. Surprise, it doesn’t include JASON GARRETT. JOY also still thinks DAK PRESCOTT is better than CARSON WENTZ, even after DALLAS’ tough loss in PHILLY. In WIT IT/QUIT IT we mix things up a little and hit y’all square in the ear with a 2019 CRAZY CHRISTMAS WRAP UP! With categories like GRINCH, SANTA CLAUS, and RUDOLPH OF THE YEAR and big names like TOM BRADY, LAMAR JACKSON and LIZZO, this is segment you’re going to want to consume during the holiday break. There’s also a pretty long breakdown of CHRISTMAS CAROLERS in here, and it’s a discussion that needed to be had. Instead of LOSER POWER RANKINGS we’ve got some SCROOGES for ya, including BAKER, the LAKERS and the INJURY BUG. In the CULTURE REPORT, JOY and T chop it up about EDDIE MURPHY on SNL, the numbers for STAR WARS and why JENNIFER HUDSON is the right person to play ARETHA FRANKLIN in an upcoming biopic. Speaking of great music, JOY blesses us all with her TOP 5 CHRISTMAS SONGS. This list is mostly, if not entirely correct, but feel free to comment how you feel about it. Before we end this episode description, we would just like to extend our genuine appreciation for you. None of this would be possible if y’all didn’t listen and participate on social media, and for that we are ever more grateful.
Former NFLer GEOFF SCHWARTZ joins JOY TAYLOR in studio, bringing great stories and insight on the gridiron game most of us love so much. SCHWARTZ played a decade of NFL football and JOHN DORSEY hit him with the "may the Schwartz be with you" joke, every day for six months straight. JOY and GEOFF share their thoughts on SPYGATE 2.0, the COWBOYS chances at the SUPER BOWL and snow games. JOY runs cold and GEOFF runs hot, that's just an FYI for y'all. Were the BROWNS yelling "come get me" or "come see me" or something else altogether? Plus, did the PATRIOTS cheat and do we really care? All that, in WIT IT or QUIT IT. LEBRON JAMES is back in the PETTY COURT for insinuating that he never participated in any kind of LOAD MANAGEMENT. QUEEN PETTY will be the judge. HIGH KEY the GOAT conversation should include DREW BREES and LOW KEY there's gotta be a way for the DOLPHINS to get JOE BURROW. Rough Sunday in the BAY AREA. MARK DAVIS disrespects nostalgia, so he's in LOSER POWER RANKINGS for that. The 49ERS are in there too for losing a heart-breaker to the FALCONS and if you haven't gotten your CHRISTMAS SHOPPING done yet, you might be a loser too. In the MIGOS CULTURE REPORT, Ms. T has the tea on everyone's favorite CHRISTMAS SONG finally going number one and the good looking men in the new TOP GUN: MAVERICK trailer. Oh, and is it QUIBI or QUIBI?
ORLANDO SCANDRICK was in uniform playing for the EAGLES in October and he brought his twelve years of NFL experience into the studio and onto this audio recording for you. There might could be some bulletin board material in here for BAKER MAYFIELD and the EAGLES. There definitely is some great insight from ORLANDO and JOY on JERRY JONES, the COWBOYS and what it takes to be a SUPER BOWL winning franchise. If you thought the RAMS were done after early season struggles, ya petty. What we mean is, the LOS ANGELES football RAMS are in PETTY COURT. For the record, JOY never doubted the RAMS. In WIT IT/QUIT IT, producer JOHN HELLER asks JOY about the legacy of the PATRIOTS dirty dynasty and the future BROWNS dysfunctional franchise. HIGH KEY the STEELERS are leaning on MIKE TOMLIN heavy this year. LOW KEY, stop freaking out about the NBA ratings being down. The millisecond the NFL season is over, everyone will seamlessly move over to watching hoops. Any NFL team sans coach would be a big LOSER to not hire MIKE MCCARTHY and/or RON RIVERA this offseason. The TEXANS and the LAMAR JACKSON doubters fill out the LOSER POWER RANKINGS this week. All NICK CANNON wants for CHRISTMAS is a beef with EMINEM. MARIAH CAREY stays winning, BEYONCE stays creating and LIZZO stays hunting a MINNESOTA VIKING or TIMBERWOLF. T and JOY break it all down, plus MISS UNIVERSE and KANYE WEST’s newest opera, live on IG in the MIGOS CULTURE REPORT.
COURTNEY FALLON of WEEI in Boston joins JOY TAYLOR to breakdown the PATRIOTS loss to the TEXANS and much more. FALLON has the scoopage on RON RIVERA’s next NFL head coaching gig and provides deeper insight into the mind of PATRIOTS fans who are apparently unraveling even at 10-2. JOY pushes back on the notion that NEW ENGLAND is struggling and asks FALLON what it’s like in the press room when BILL BELICHICK is in a mood. Also, JOY and COURTNEY explore the PATS options in the free agent wide receiver market. Paging DEZ BRYANT… In WIT IT/QUIT IT, producer JOHN HELLER asks JOY if the COWBOYS are still gonna make the playoffs and if the league should fear RUSSELL WILSON and the SEAHAWKS with possible home field in the playoffs. CARMELO ANTHONY is in PETTY COURT for making sure everyone knows that he’s back and that “this ain’t a damn farewell tour.” Producer/editor DONNIE BEACHAM jumps in the second chair for HIGH KEY/LOW KEY to help JOY breakdown LUKA DONCIC’s early MVP campaign and the vast difference in coaching quality between MIKE TOMLIN and FREDDIE KITCHENS. The JAGUARS are back in LOSER POWER RANKINGS along with NICK SABAN and the EAGLES who managed to lose to the DOLPHINS. MS. T has the tea on whether MICHAEL B. JORDAN might could be the next SUPERMAN in the MIGOS CULTURE REPORT. JOY and T also discuss the MILLENIUM TOUR 2020 and BLACK WIDOW. Let us leave you with this image…BILL BELICHICK saging (also known as smudging) his office to get the flu and bad juju out of there. Hilarious, right?
Tis the season to stuff yourself with food & football! With HELLER & T out for the holiday, Producer/Editor DONNIE BEACHAM joins JOY TAYLOR to dish out their Top 5 Thanksgiving Traditions. PLUS, it’s not Thanksgiving w/o pigskin, in WIT IT or QUIT IT, Joy breaks down the matchups you’ll be watching as you stuff your face. JOE THEISMANN is in the PETTY COURT for his response to selfie-gate in Washington. HIGH KEY the PATRIOTS secret to success has been revealed, LOW KEY it sounds miserable. PLUS, HIGH KEY JASON GARRETT’s on the hot seat in Dallas, LOW KEY who can replace him? The EAGLES, RAIDERS, & PACKERS are all in LOSER POWER RANKINGS. Finally, Joy & Donnie recap an eventful AMA’s in the CULTURE REPORT.
NFL Network’s TAYLOR BISCIOTTI sits down with JOY TAYLOR in studio. JOY and TAYLOR (what the what?) compare the 2018 RAMS to the 2019 49ERS and help plot the 2020 CAM NEWTON REVENGE TOUR after another bad game from KYLE ALLEN. TAYLOR has LAMAR JACKSON winning the MVP and taking the RAVENS to a SUPER BOWL versus the 49ERS. JOY just is not trying to see the PATRIOTS in the penultimate championship game yet again. There’s also a cool five minutes on dairy preferences. Cheese or ice cream, which side are you on? In WIT IT or QUIT IT, producer JOHN HELLER emerges from the darkness and steps into the studio lights to find out if JOY thinks DAK PRESCOTT is making the rest of the COWBOYS look overpaid and if TUA TAGOVAILOA should ever play college football again. CAM NEWTON’s future is in PETTY COURT because his is present is the past in CAROLINA. HIGH KEY producer/editor DONNIE BEACHAM is in this segment now, LOW KEY we’re just recovering with his birthday party over the weekend. LEBRON’s LAKERS, LAMAR JACKSON and the PATRIOTS, who are not bad, are all featured. Might have to rename the LOSER POWER RANKINGS to the CLEVELAND BROWNS because they’re on the list so much. The CHARGERS earned their spot thanks to PHILIP RIVERS four interceptions on MNF. The TEXANS are on here too. Producer T sits in the second chair and drives the podcast down MIGOS CULTURE REPORT Lane. SELENA and BEVERLY HILLS COP are very different movies, but they’re both getting NETFLIX series. Also, LIL JON, LUDACRIS and USHER might have a new “Yeah” for us and there’s a Twinkies cereal now. Plus, KANYE WEST is everywhere, so we threw him in here too.
Football renaissance man BUCKY BROOKS sits down with JOY to discuss every aspect of the game. BUCKY is the head coach of the GRANADA HILLS HIGHLANDERS and JOY coached soccer at her alma mater WOODLAND HILLS (PA), so they draw on their collective coaching knowledge to explain how to deal with student athletes, their parents, the draft and evaluating best available versus team needs. They also break down LAMAR JACKSON's success, the notion of "tanking" and BUCKY shares the players in his TOP FIVE X-FACTORS list. LEBRON JAMES is in the PETTY COURT for his recent statements about "load management." In WIT IT/QUIT IT, producer JOHN HELLER asks JOY the tough questions about her SUPER BOWL picks the COWBOYS and the CHIEFS. HIGH KEY the KNICKS are about to make a big mistake. LOW KEY the NFL MVP race is heating up. JOY is HIGH KEY a JOE BURROW fan and LOW KEY already tired of the TOM BRADY comparisons. The rest of the season is looking like a LOSER after the SEAHAWKS and 49ERS put on a Monday night masterpiece. The RAMS and PRESIDENT TRUMP's sports endearment tour are also in LOSER POWER RANKINGS. In the MIGOS CULTURE REPORT, Ms. T has the tea on INSTAGRAM hiding likes and KANYE's new alias, CHRISTIAN GENIUS BILLIONAIRE. We smell CHURCH MERCH! Stay until the end for the MIC FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE update, keeping in mind that we only report good news when it comes to that sort of thing. Thanks for listening!
Host of the DAILY WAGER ANITA MARKS joins JOY to breakdown NFL Week 9. MARKS, who is on sports radio in New York, knew about ODELL BECKHAM JR before you did and has the time to drop the hammer on the JETS for their organizational disfunction. JOY and ANITA go back and forth about whether the SAINTS or 49ERS are the best team in the NFC and try to explain the COWBOYS slow start against the GIANTS. Also, the episode gets its name after MARKS explains the interesting link between the RAVENS and OKLAHOMA FOOTBALL and how LAMAR JACKSON has benefitted from it. Can’t miss insight that just might blow your mind. In WIT IT/QUIT IT, JOY points out how badly people overestimated the BROWNS and accepts responsibility for underestimating the RAVENS. PETTY COURT focuses on the real star of MNF, the black cat that JOY affectionately calls CHUNKY BOY. Did JERRY JONES summon it? Did the kitty curse DANNY DIMES? Judge JOY has the answers. HIGH KEY…OBJ still has wardrobe issues, the DOLPHINS won a game and the NBA season is lit. LOW KEY…the NFL is that annoying bouncer that sometimes takes their job too seriously, the DOLPHINS messed up the tank and you better put some respect on the MIAMI HEAT’s name. The league is in LOSER POWER RANKINGS after CAM NEWTON is placed on IR. The BEARS and lying ass HARD KNOCKS are also losers. In the MIGOS CULTURE REPORT, our girl T has the tea on KANYE’s BRUNCHELLA and the new BAD BOYS FOR LIFE TRAILER. Plus, MOHAMED SANU honored JOHN WITHERSPOON on Sunday and so did we. RIP POPS! Random question, you trying to go to space or nah? JOY definitely is, tune in to hear why she’s down to fly to the moon.
It’s Halloween and Joy (aka Jake Shuttlesworth) welcomed All-Pro linebacker LaVar Arrington to the show. The former Pro Bowler dishes on fun stuff like his favorite Halloween costumes and his love of Star Trek, and not-so-fun stuff, like what’s wrong w/ the Redskins & Browns, & his intentions on the football field. In WIT IT or QUIT IT… Are the Saints the NFL’s best? And, the Browns are so predictable. NBA fans are in the PETTY COURT for their handling of the new state of the WARRIORS. HIGH KEY so many teams need QBs, LOW KEY so many teams are screwed. The Buccaneers, Dolphins vs Bengals, & Halloween haters are LOSERS. POPEYE’s chicken sandwich is back in the CULTURE REPORT, plus we review Kanye's gospel album ‘Jesus Is King’ & ‘The Addams Family’ & preview ‘The Grudge.’
The NBA is back this week, so you know we had to have our favorite guest EARL WATSON on the show. The former PG tells us why STEPH & D-LO won’t work and why RUSS & HARDEN will. EARL gives flowers to the JAZZ for acquiring MIKE CONLEY and give his solution for ZION’s injury troubles. JOY and EARL pick their conference and NBA Finals winners. KAWHI is the TERMINATOR, but what does he do when no one is watching? Plus, EARL shares his Top 5 basketball movies. Catch EARL dropping pearls of wisdom this season on NBA TV this season! In WIT IT/QUIT IT… Why doesn’t JASON GARRETT get credit when the COWBOYS win? And, is the AFC all about the COLTS, CHIEFS, PATRIOTS and TEXANS? The GOAT is in PETTY COURT! MICHAEL JEFFREY JORDAN turns an interview slash tequila ad into a sick burn on STEPHEN CURRY…we think. Or, maybe not? MAGIC JOHNSON even had to weigh in on twitter, so it actually happened. HIGH KEY the SAINTS keep marching and LOW KEY the RAVENS have an MVP in LAMAR JACKSON. The EAGLES, CHARGERS and KIRK COUSINS absoluters find themselves in this week’s LOSER POWER RANKINGS. MS. T has the CULTURE REPORT with some controversy over the ROLLING STONE TOP 100 singers list and the new STAR WARS trailer. Plus, we roll back the tape on JOY predicting KANYE dropping the album with the doc from a few episodes ago. Undefeated, neva lost!
NFL Network Reporter JANE SLATER talks COWBOYS with JOY TAYLOR. SLATER makes the case that JASON GARRETT has not lost the COWBOYS locker room and will not get fired, no matter what, this season. LYNCH also disputes the notion that GARRETT won’t garner interest from other NFL teams on the open market. Plus, SLATER weighs in on DAK PRESCOTT's future in Dallas. JOY is WIT IT if you say the SAINTS are the best team in the league and thinks the BROWNS need to QUIT IT with all the bluster. LAVAR BALL is back and finds himself in PETTY COURT. HIGH KEY SAM DARNOLD is back and LOW KEY that boy good. HIGH KEY the 49ERS are ballin’ and LOW KEY the RAMS are wildin’. Also the TEXANS are HIGH KEY great when they block for DESHAUN WATSON and LOW KEY the CHIEFS defense might keep PATRICK MAHOMES out of the SUPER BOWL. LOSER POWER RANKINGS are filled out with the DOLPHINS, FALCONS and two QBs whose time as starters could be nearing an end. In the CULTURE REPORT, JOY backs up her claim that she enjoyed GEMINI MAN more than JOKER. Plus, why MARVEL movies are cinema and reaction to ZOE KRAVITZ being cast as BATWOMAN.
Former NBA player RYAN HOLLINS (he's UCLA family too!) joins JOY TAYLOR to talk in depth about the COWBOYS disappointing loss to the PACKERS and the 49ERS impressive win over the BROWNS. Plus, JOY and RYAN breakdown the glorious confusion around "Shake Gate" In WIT IT/QUIT IT, the AFC North is a wasteland and the WASHINGTON R-WORDS are the most dysfunctional franchise in the NFL. RYAN was part of the CLIPPERS team that brought winning to the secondary locker room at Staples Center, so he's the perfect person to talk with QUEEN PETTY about the "Battle for Los Angeles" between the LAKERS and the CLIPPERS in PETTY COURT. HIGH KEY the COLTS are good, LOW KEY the CHIEFS are getting killed in the trenches. HIGH KEY the TEXANS are still good, LOW KEY cancel the FALCONS. HIGH KEY the SAINTS might be the best team in the NFL and you know the MIC crew loves NEW ORLEANS! LOSER POWER RANKINGS is where SHAQ finds himself for stepping to DAMIAN LILLARD on the mic. Plus, even though most of us won, KANSAS administrators are losers for mishandling SNOOP DOGG and his dancers at "Late Night in the Phog." In the CULTURE REPORT, JOY reviews JOKER, and gives TYLER PERRY his flowers for his incredibly impressive studio lot in Atlanta.
We got a GOAT on the podcast this week! Hall of Fame wide receiver JERRY RICE recaps his weekend in Arizona, congratulating LARRY FITZGERALD on second in receptions, and playing catch with RUSSELL WILSON. The Super Bowl MVP tells us how he dealt with trash talk and tells us what he thinks of BAKER MAYFIELD and the BROWNS. Of course we had to ask JERRY RICE, the 3-time Super Bowl Champ, if the 49ERS are for real and if JON GRUDEN can bring the RAIDERS back to title contention in his 10-year tenure.BAKER is motivated by the hatred and JOY is WIT IT. California Governor GAVIN NEWSOM signed a bill challenging amateurism, but JOY says QUIT IT on that being the end of the NCAA.Queen Petty leads the crew on a trip down “Moustache Lane” because people hating on GARDNER MINSHEW’s ‘stache and swag are in PETTY COURT.HIGH KEY, JOY is a QB whisperer. Case and point, DANIEL JONES. LOW KEY the DETRIOT LIONS aren’t terrible and HIGH KEY the STEELERS are still in the AFC North hunt.LOSER POWER RANKINGS feature VONTAZE BURFICT, the RAMS offense (cc: TODD GURLEY) and the COWBOYS.In the MIGOS CULTURE REPORT the Crazy Gang previews JOKER and BIRDS OF PREY. Hopefully KANYE WEST drops his album before we get season four of STRANGER THINGS, though we’re ready for both. MIC Fantasy Football updates are in here as well, enjoy!
JOY TAYLOR covers a lot of ground with three-time Super Bowl champion, MARK “STINK” SCHLERETH. The conversation swings effortlessly from the Eagles blame game to airplane etiquette, from critiquing KYLER MURRAY to gruesome surgery stories. In WIT IT/QUIT it, DANIEL JONES proves JOY right again about first round QBs starting from week one and BAKER MAYFIELD starts to unravel under the pressure to win in Cleveland.JOY and the entire MIC family are PETTY for being right about LAMELO BALL. This week youngest BALL BROTHER caught the eye of some NBA scouts who shared their thoughts anonymously about it. Too bad we already knew all this since the early JBA days.HIGH KEY cAm NeWtOn is misunderstood and LOW KEY it’s all bad for the Steelers without BIG BEN, AB or LE’VEON. Also, HIGH KEY why did the Patriots sign and play AB and LOW KEY does he get a ring if New England wins the Super Bowl?LOSERS include, JIM HARBAUGH and every Wolverine everywhere, Cowboys’ haters and the Eagles who aren’t necessarily looking like the NFC East division winners JOY saw them as.Moral of the CULTURE REPORT is stop snitchin’, you know why. Oh and big shouts to ADAM SANDLER for popping out with the trailer for “Uncut Gems” right quick.
JOY’s bestie, NFL Network Reporter, MJ ACOSTA calls in to break down week two of the already exciting NFL season. JOY and MJ talk about the BROWNS slow start, the 49ERS early success and the STEELERS playoff prospects without BIG BEN. MJ was a DOLPHINS CHEERLEADER and JOY brought a sign to her tryout. How sweet is that? Needless to say, JOY and MJ have some words for the 2019 DOLPHINS and let the world know about the turn-up level for MIAMI to host the SUPER BOWL (on FOX). Plus, MJ makes the case for DAK PRESCOTT to get his bag from the COWBOYS before the end of the season and JOY doubles down on her AARON RODGERS MVP prediction.  In WIT IT/QUIT IT producer JOHN HELLER asks JOY if a new group of QBs run the league and if ELI MANNING should be done done?  JOY is HIGH KEY right about the COWBOYS and is LOW KEY happy to see ODELL BECKHAM JR. shining again. Also, the WNBA playoffs are low key high key. In LOSER POWER RANKINGS, the DOLPHINS and UCLA Football are the worst of the worst and lose harder than PHILIP RIVERS to the LIONS. With Brandon, his wife Michelle and their dog Roadblock on the way to Barstool Sports in New York, JOY takes over the MIGOS CULTURE REPORT to give big shouts to LIZZO and review HUSTLERS with J-LO, CARDI B and…wait for it…LIZZO.
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