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Join Joy Taylor for a different take on the world of sports. Joy will be breaking down all the biggest stories from the NFL, NBA and everything in between.
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OFF THE TOP, we discuss Demarcus “Boogie” Cousins’ torn his ACL and what this means for the Lakers going into next season. Jay-Z and Roger Goodell are becoming BFF’s and we’re still confused about their new partnership. Then, I update you on Antonio Brown’s Raiders and how HBO’s Hard Knocks handles HelmetGate and FrozenFeetGate. CHECK THE TAPE: We pop in on HerdLine News to get Joy’s reaction to Boogie’s injury. In KING COMMENTS, one of y’all said Space Jam 2 should be a “straight to Netflix or Amazon” movie and I’m still recovering from the shade.
This week we’re joined by Super Bowl Champ and FS1’s own, Greg Jennings! After an early day of co-hosting Undisputed, Greg defends Antonio Brown and his helmet demands but not his frozen feet. He also talks with us about who the Cowboys pay first (Dak or Zeke), his TOP 5 NFL QBs, and why the Browns can be the most dangerous team in the AFC North. In WIT IT or QUIT IT, we go through the NBA schedule and debate the best storylines in October and we discuss if Tom Brady will end his NFL career with the Patriots. In HIGH KEY, LOW-KEY, the NFL hires Jay-Z’s Roc Nation and we’re all confused then Joy addresses Steelers fans all up in her mentions. In LOSER POWER RANKINGS, we have the JETS’ feelings report, LeBron’s body double for Space Jam 2 and Kristine Anigwe “fight” with Brittney Griner. And Finally, in THE MIGOS CULTURE REPORT, we review Dame D.O.L.L.A’s new album Big D.O.L.L.A and Joy reviews Tiffany Haddish, Melissa McCarthy and Elisabeth Moss in The Kitchen.  
S/o to Professor Watson for putting a cap on Basketball SZN during our 100th episode! Now, it’s football’s time to shine. OFF THE TOP: We gave a recap of HBO’s Hard Knocks featuring Jon Gruden being a coach, Derek Carr being a Dad and Antonio Brown speaking to his children. NFL Preseason games in full effect all weekend long and we discuss what we're excited to see. Then we talk about, a friend of the show, Yahoo Sports’ Chris Haynes, sits down with Kevin Durant in Los Angeles for KD’s first interview since his injury during the NBA Finals. CHECK THE TAPE: This week we revisit HIGH KEY, LOW-KEY when Joy explaining why Dak Prescott should get a check from the Dallas Cowboys. KING COMMENTS: We take a trip down memory lane as I explain just how I became the King of social media comments.  THANKS FOR EVERYTHING MY FRIENDS!
This week we celebrate our 100th episode with our quarterly podcast guest, UCLA legend, NBA veteran, former Head Coach of the Phoenix Suns, and most importantly Joy’s fiancé, a man who needs no introduction, EARL WATSON. Earl explains why it’s impossible to have an accurate TOP 5 greatest rappers list. Joy’s fiancé also defends one of his favorite teammates, Carmelo Anthony and argues he can be successful in the NBA with the right coach. Earl’s campaign to get Kobe in the GOAT conversation continues after he trashes the NBA’s All-Decade list. LeBron’s AAU antics, the Zion Williamson effect, and so much more covered with the MIC OG. In HIGH KEY, LOW-KEY, we discuss Baker Mayfield’s beer at the baseball game and Joy predicts Dak Prescott will have a better career than Carson Wentz. In LOSER POWER RANKINGS, the Raiders go into training camp without AB’s feet, Oscar Meyers made a scary ice cream, hotdog, Frankenstein treat and Jim Harbaugh wants to compete in pointless Bowl games and tiddlywinks. And Finally, in THE MIGOS CULTURE REPORT, we take a break and give Drake and Rick Ross “Gold Roses” for their summer releases.
We wanted to give everyone a sneak peek at what we have planned for our 100th episode of Maybe I’m Crazy. Joy’s fiance and our very first guest, Earl Watson’s rejoining us for our very special episode. More sports. More content. More crazy. Thanks for rocking with us on our journey!
The NFL just finished up telling us the TOP 100 players in the league but I’m focused on which of those QBs would it be the most fun to sack and why. We also breakdown the NBA 2k20 video game trailer featuring all the new dynamic duos in action and discuss hard shell tacos vs being afraid of the dark.. CHECK THE TAPE: Joy addresses the heat LeBron is getting for dunking in Bronny’s AAU layup lines & I address Taco Tuesdays. In KING COMMENTS, I get corrected on a Tekken character and Donnie gives another opinion on the Jumanji remake.
This week we give you our NFL predictions while Joy tells you if your favorite team is CRAZY USELESS, CRAZY GOOD or CRAZY, CRAZY.  Every NFL  team gets a CRAZY prediction and Brandon says what that team MAYBE on. In HIGH KEY, LOW-KEY, we talk a “goodbye” tour for Melo (Anthony), Zeke’s trip to Cabo, and Steve Ballmer and his Clippers name change. In LOSER POWER RANKINGS, people criticizing LeBron for being an AAU Dad, US Soccer and their “fact sheets” and all of us non-gamers. And Finally, in THE MIGOS CULTURE REPORT, Joy and Brandon go in on Jon Favreau’s version of The Lion King. (Rotten Tomatoes: Audience/88 . TomatoMeter/53)
This week Joy and Brandon take a deep dive into Odell Beckham Jr.’s GQ article with Mark Anthony Green, covering his thoughts on getting traded from the Giants, and the issues social media brings to today’s athletes. Joy says OBJ has to decide if he’s one of us, like Rihanna or if he’s a celestial being like Beyoncé. In WIT IT or QUIT IT, we discuss who is the most interesting team in the NFL this season (Browns, Cowboys, etc.) and if Kawhi was ever REALLY going to the Lakers. In PETTY COURT, Joy goes on a rant defending people who “look at their phones during dinner” against Northwestern’s HC Pat Fitzgerald. In HIGH KEY, LOW-KEY, we talk Pacquiao/Thurman and the world waits for Mayweather/Pacquiao rematch and which NFL QB was most disrespected by the Athletic’s article ranking QBs by tier. In LOSER POWER RANKINGS, Joy blames LeBron for Space Jam 2 hiring a new director, Chris Paul is staying with the Thunder and Zion Williamson signing with Jordan Brand. Finally, in THE MIGOS CULTURE REPORT, Brandon and Joy discuss which Marvel Comics Universe announcements we’re most excited for (i.e. Mahershala Ali as BLADE!!!).
This week we take a deep dive into each NFL Division and make super early predictions: Patriots, Chiefs, Cowboys, Panthers, etc. Also s/o my former Ball State teammate/DLinemen Nick Miles on getting married this weekend! Enjoy him and his mother rapping. In CHECK THE TAPE, we pop in on Joy and Colin again during the HerdLine News to get the latest on Chris Paul and OKC. Then I tell you why Chris Paul fits best with the Phoenix Suns. In KING COMMENTS, we talk TOP 5 WRs in the NFL and I have to defend LeBron and his sUpErTeAmS again. Enjoy.
This week former NFL star T.J. HOUSHMANDZADEH touts his Madden rating and explains why that number means so much to players. JOY, BRANDON and T.J. also get into the COWBOYS contract conundrums with EZEKIEL ELLIOTT and DAK PRESCOTT, plus T.J. tells us the truth about why RUSSELL WILSON is underappreciated. In WIT IT or QUIT IT, Joy and Brandon weigh in on the new-look ROCKETS and pick way-too-early NBA MVPs. Millennials are on blast in PETTY COURT. HIGH KEY, anonymous GMs are high key talking bad about KLAY THOMPSON. LOW KEY, Brandon might be running up on Area 51 with the Facebook group. People pre-fat shaming ZION WILLIAMSON before he even gets to the food heaven that is New Orleans are LOSERS, along with the LEBRON and AD for their jersey swap fail. *SPOILER ALERT* edition of the CULTURE REPORT, breaking down STRANGER THINGS 3 with a side of JAMES BOND diversity news.
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Devon' Mitchell

b l GB n b h asso 7 GB mb m JA. m twz2

Jan 16th

Sean Gillespie

I love Joy...but she was wrong on this one

Dec 19th

Kareem Braithwaite

Ryan Hollins averaged 3.7 pts for his career! If KD is a WR/RB, Ryan must be an equipment manager! Love the show Joy, congratulations on your engagement! Keep up the great work.

Sep 19th

Casey Washington

one is the best podcast out

Aug 9th

Sean Gillespie

when joy on the mic I have to listen...#teamjoy

Aug 1st

Sean Gillespie

where's this week's podcast Joy?

Jul 17th

Rodolfo Cruz

first time hearing it. great stuff.

Jun 26th

Mrs. Hernandez

Joy! ☝️

Jun 6th

Alejandro Diaz

I literally downloaded a app for android just to listen to them. best podcast!!! good sports content, plus they break it up by making you laugh

Mar 28th

Kirk Krueger

First time listening, and you guys made me laugh. You have a fan for as long as you guys do this.

Mar 7th

Chavarius Batton

Love you Joy!!!

Feb 4th

S. G.

Joy Taylor is awesome, love her on Undisputed but that show is about Shannon and Skip. She chimes in from time to time but it seems like she wants to say more. Happy that this show was created so we can hear Joy's thoughts on sports that she can't express on Undisputed.

Oct 10th
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