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Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown is a quirky, informative, and interactive podcast breaking down the myths and misunderstandings about mental health and emotional well-being. Neuroscientist Mayim Bialik combines her academic background with vast personal experience to provide listeners with valuable practical advice focusing on removing the stigma surrounding mental health and encouraging an understanding of the mind-body connection. Nothing is off limits as Mayim breaks it down with an amazing collection of guests.
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Holly Madison, former world FAMOUS PLAYMATE, reveals SHOCKING truths about her life in the Playboy Mansion....from her relationship with Hugh Hefner (who was 54 years her senior) to LOVE BOMBING, the dark side of STOCKHOLM SYNDROME, and BREAKING FREE and discovering herself. Holly (bestselling author, podcaster, THE PLAYBOY MURDERS host & EP) opens up about how being diagnosed with autism recently affected her entire outlook on life and shares important signs that you might be in a manipulative relationship.  She discusses everything you've ever wondered about Playboy life, including:- What enticed her about the Playboy mansion experience, how she came to live there, and how she became Hugh Hefner’s “Main girlfriend”- Why she thinks she was an easy target for Hefner- Tactics Hefner employed to keep women from leaving the mansion- How she numbed herself through substance use to get through day-to-day life- How interpersonal dynamics & intense sense of competition within the playboy mansion contributed to her body dysmorphia- HEALING & EMPOWERMENT: What was Hefner really like behind closed doors? And how did she FINALLY break free from his grip?- What led her to break her silence on the trauma she suffered during her time at the mansion We're unpacking her fascinating autism diagnosis, from the benefits of finally being diagnoses and how it negatively influenced her decision-making process, to how it informed her parenting style. Holly breaks down:- The real cost of giving up yourself in a harmful relationship- Why people stay in harmful relationships, from fear of judgment to lack of financial stability- Finding spirituality in storytelling & the places she lets her intuition guide her- Her new mission as a free speech advocate!- What she does to maintain positive mental health, including her superstitious vision board process Mayim and Holly also bond over their love of true crime as Holly explains “The Playboy Curse”!  Ready to be INSPIRED? TUNE IN to MBB today! LETHALLY BLONDE & Season 2 of THE PLAYBOY MURDERS are available now on Investigation Discovery.
Johann Hari Exposes SHOCKING Secrets About "Magic" Weight Loss Drugs. Discover What They DON’T Tell You About Ozempic. Johann Hari (bestselling author, author of MAGIC PILL: The Extraordinary Benefits and Disturbing Risks of the New Weight Loss Drugs) reveals how his childhood trauma led him to uncover the DARK SIDE of society's obesity epidemic and exposes the 12 RISKS of GLP-1 drugs, from depression and suicidal thoughts, to malnutrition and the startling impact on those with disordered eating. He discusses why he had contradictory feelings when he first learned about the potential benefits of these drugs as he opens up about his prior struggle with obesity and his own experience taking GLP-1 drugs, including why he started feeling worse emotionally and how his relationship with food has changed. Uncover the hidden agenda behind these drugs—they might save lives, but at what cost? And what impact will this have on the body positivity movement? Johann dives deep into the biological, psychological, and social factors fueling this crisis. It's a wake-up call for society—can we REVERSE the damage before it's too late? PLUS, find out the surprising impact of these drugs on addiction recovery and the economic fallout of challenging the obesity industrial complex! Johann Hari explains the cruel reality that it's NOT YOUR FAULT you can't lose weight! Don't miss out on understanding the real causes of obesity and why willpower alone isn't enough. TUNE IN to MBB today! Johann Hari's latest book, Magic Pill:
Talk with Deceased Loved Ones & Embrace Intuitive Gifts, with "Long Island Medium" Theresa Caputo! The LEGENDARY Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo, answers all of your questions about the afterlife - PLUS she gives Mayim and Jonathan a reading from the BEYOND!!  We're diving into spiritual connections, intuitive powers, and Theresa’s extraordinary journey from an empathic, spirit-sensitive child to world-renowned medium. Theresa opens up about her understanding of people's skepticism about her abilities, what finally allowed her to embrace her gift in order to help others, what she's been shown happens when we die, and why she thinks we can all have the ability to connect with our deceased loved ones! She reflects on what it was like to grow up feeling and sensing things others didn’t (including seeing people that weren't there), the anxiety and spiritual crisis she endured before she learned to embrace and hone her gift, how she decides when to deliver a message from beyond or not, the concept of "soul transfer", and her thoughts on past life regressions. Theresa also breaks down:- What happens when she comes across dark energies- Importance of grounding techniques- Her role as a partner in helping people process their grief- Her other abilities as an empath- Reasons why we may not be connecting with the soul of a departed loved one despite our best efforts- Her experiences connecting with people in comas & her take on NDE’s- Results of the brain scan Dr. Daniel Amen performed on her and what it confirms about her abilities And STAY TUNED to the end for Theresa's reading of Jonathan and his abilities!  See THERESA CAPUTO LIVE: THE EXPERIENCE:
The Narcissism Doctor: “1 in 6 People Are Narcissists!” How to Spot Them & Can They Change? Life-Saving Tips: Revealing Narcissists & Breaking Free from Trauma Bonds. Dr. Ramani Durvasula is a clinical psychologist & Professor Emerita of Psychology at California State University, and the Founder & CEO of LUNA Education, Training & Consulting. She is also the author of books such as "It’s Not You: Identifying and Healing from Narcissistic People." Dive deep into the dangerous world of narcissism and discover how to spot narcissistic behavior, protect yourself from emotional trauma, identify the 6 types of narcissists, and learn about their covert tactics, like gaslighting and deprivation. We’re breaking down the alarming rise in narcissism, its connection with addiction, the risks in online dating and why we often miss red flags in harmful relationships. Dr. Durvasula explains the true definition of narcissism and gaslighting, the negative impact of being raised by narcissistic caregivers, how trauma bonding can evolve from a parent-child relationship to an adult romantic relationship, and the most disturbing aspects of being in a romantic relationship with a narcissist. She also covers:- Her top tips for being GASLIGHT-PROOF- What grandiosity and lack of empathy really looks like in a relationship- Who is most at risk for attracting narcissists?- Why online dating is the perfect preying ground for narcissists- The biggest challenges narcissists face in therapy- Once you’re diagnosed as a narcissist, is that the nail in the coffin?- How to have compassion for the narcissist in your life and find a way to engage while sticking to your boundaries- Post-separation abuse and why some people may stay with a narcissist- Harmful institutions that are contributing to the narcissism problem- Why chemistry isn’t the most important thing in a relationship- Why she thinks so many people are interested in narcissism now Dr. Durvasula wants you to know that YOU are not the problem. Don’t miss these critical life-saving insights - TUNE IN to MBB today! Dr. Ramani Durvasula's Healing Program, Taking Yourself Back: Healing from Narcissistic & Antagonistic Relationships: Dr. Ramani Durvasula's latest book, It’s Not You: Identifying and Healing from Narcissistic People:
What does it mean to seek out a life of meaning, a sense of wonder and connection, to something greater than ourselves in a way that increases our overall WELLNESS?  Does the body need a transcendental connection in order to be whole? Mayim & Jonathan are LIVE from SXSW 2024 to break down the intersection of SCIENCE & SPIRITUALITY!!! We're unpacking all things mind, body, & spirit, including:- Physiological impacts of our minds being shaped by past experiences, perceptions, and thoughts- How mind-body stress can impact the autonomic nervous system and lead to psychosomatic illness & chronic pain- Positive physical & emotional effects of connecting with something greater than ourselves through altered states of consciousness (either with the use of psychedelic drugs or holistic mindfulness practices) Mayim and Jonathan reflect on scientific evidence of mind-body connection, intergenerational trauma, the body’s system of interconnectedness, auras & energy, and other concepts that were previously dismissed as pseudoscience. They explain:- Science behind power of prayer & meditation and their ties to gratitude & resilience- Why transcendental experiences could hold the potential to cure society's deepest suffering- What is actually happening to the brain when we are in an altered state?- How we can access these states without the use of drugs- Correlation between near death experiences & DMT- Interstitiums, microbiomes, fascia work, memory retrieval, the Akashic records & collective consciousness Mayim and Jonathan also discuss the Default Mode Network, from its regulation with drugs like psilocybin and why it can cause some to struggle with maintaining feelings of connection when they return from an altered state, to its role in planning, decision-making, goal-directed behaviors, connecting the brain and spirit, and processing memory and emotion. PLUS, they explore where they think the intersection of science and spirituality is headed next!
Paul Sheer (hilarious actor, filmmaker, and podcaster) is here to break down the pitfalls of self-diagnosis, the therapeutic power of acknowledging anger, and the significance of agency. He opens up like NEVER BEFORE about his abusive childhood, from how his parents managed to secretly get divorced while he was a kid and how his family secrets impacted his ability to trust into adulthood, to what it means to speak your truth even if it betrays the narratives of others and how he was able to release his anger in order to move forward. He also answers the important question: Does therapy dampen your creativity?? We also discuss:- His late ADHD diagnosis, including his experience with medication and what triggers his spirals- Silver lining of his childhood trauma: Using it to connect with others & how it allowed him to be a better husband and father- How his family’s need to “control the narrative” led to emotional struggle and passivity- Origins of his long-running and widely popular podcast, How Did This Get Made?, and its unexpected impact on the Fast & The Furious franchise- His collections and how they help him connect with his past- Importance of surrounding yourself with creatively challenging people- Healing Nature of Black-and-White Thinking PLUS Mayim opens up about her love for Nicolas Cage! TUNE IN to this hilarious, heartfelt episode today! Paul Scheer's new memoir, Joyful Recollections of Trauma:
Achieve Economic Security. Financial EXPERT, Scott Galloway, Explains How Anyone Can GROW WEALTH at Any Age. ACT NOW. Simple Steps to Get Rich. Scott Galloway (bestselling author, NYU professor, serial entrepreneur) reveals the UGLY TRUTH about Chasing Your Passion and shares steps we can all take to GET RICH! In this MUST-WATCH episode for anyone looking to improve their financial stability, Scott exposes shocking truths about economic disparities in the U.S. He shares how growing up poor shaped his beliefs, why passion shouldn't drive your career choices, the economic implications of GLP-1 drugs like Ozempic, and the sneaky tactics the wealthy use to maintain their status. Scott Galloway also breaks down:- Dangers of excessive consumerism and possible solutions- Necessity to prioritize relationships over chasing wealth- The true definition of being "rich"- Societal pressure for excessive spending over social media- Value of financial discipline and identifying specific economic goals- Why we are obligated to plan for financial security- His personal struggles with depression, anger, economic fear, and the trappings of a materialistic world- Importance of talking about money without fear Scott's practical advice on achieving financial security, untying your identity from your economic status, aligning goals with realistic expectations, and practical saving and investing tips demonstrate why IT'S NEVER TOO LATE to reduce economic stress. Scott Galloway's latest book, THE ALGEBRA OF WEALTH: A Simple Formula for Financial Security: Betterment Disclosure:As of 4/19/24 for the aggressive Target Income Portfolio. Blended 30-day SEC yield is the weighted average of 30-Day SEC yields (standardized calculation) for each ETF in the portfolio, net of fees (0.25%). Yield is not performance; investment returns may vary; investing involves risk including loss of principal. Betterment, not BlackRock is responsible for its advisory relationships with clients.
Taylor & Tay Lautner on BODY SHAMING, Pressures of Global SUPERSTARDOM, & Finding LOVE! What’s it like to be married to someone with your exact name?? Taylor Lautner and his wife, Tay Lautner, open up in this deeply personal and eye-opening episode of MBB! From Taylor’s whirlwind journey as a global superstar in the Twilight series where he experienced an unprecedented level of stardom, to Tay’s relentless dedication as a nurse during the pandemic, this couple shares their unique experiences with fame, body image, mental health, and love. Taylor Lautner gets candid about the negative effects of fame that made it difficult for him to leave his house, why he took a pause from the entertainment industry, dating Taylor Swift, the pressures of being a teenage sex symbol, and overcoming body image issues that haunted him for years. He also opens up about being bullied in school for being an actor, his struggles with people-pleasing and perfectionism, the origins of his optimistic nature and sense of discernment, and his insecurities with fame now. Tay speaks to the life-and-death pressures of nursing and the obsessive compulsive tendencies she thinks it has instilled in her. She also details her struggles with burnout and boundary-setting and pinpointing her actual wants and needs, and the emotional toll of her loved ones' battles with addiction and bipolar disorder. Together, they explore the dangers of over-compartmentalizing and not allowing yourself to feel full range of emotions, how they balance their relationship despite having different love languages, and what it means to grow and heal together. Join the Lautner power couple as we break down their mental health journey, their favorite tools for mental wellness, and the most valuable things they’ve learned doing their own successful mental health podcast, The Squeeze! Taylor & Tay Lautner's podcast, The Squeeze:
Fulfill Your DESTINY: Renowned PSYCHIC Medium, Mystic Michaela, Shares How! Mayim & Jonathan Get Their AURAS Read, on an all new episode of MBB!  By popular LISTENER DEMAND, Psychic Medium & Aura Reader Mystic Michaela reveals the link between personality and auras, the dangers of betraying your aura, and why many people are so skeptical about the concept. She reads Mayim and Jonathan’s auras, revealing surprising insights about their energies and how they complement each other, and even reads THE AURAS OF THE MBB AUDIENCE!  Michaela also explains the role of déjà vu, synchronicity, & anxiety in our spiritual journeys, whether your aura can change over time, and how to live authentically according to your true aura color. We're breaking down everything you need to know about auras:- What indigo children really are and why the MBB audience has so many! - How societal gender norms influence aura colors- The concept of "Soul Recognition" & what it feels like in your body- How your aura affects your parenting- The empathetic nature of certain aura colors and which careers they're best suited for- The dark side of empathy & why it's crucial for empathic individuals to set boundaries to avoid burnout- Why we should always listen to our intuition even when it can feel silly- Michaela's thoughts on the non-linear nature of time  Plus, Michaela shares her personal journey, including her other extrasensory perceptions as an empathic medium, what she does when she feels the burden of her gifts, and the challenges she faced when coming out with her abilities. You asked and we listened....TUNE IN to this exciting new episode of MBB today! Mystic Michaela's Latest Book, What's My Aura?: Learn Your Color, What It Means, and How You Can Embrace Your Unique Energy Signature: Mystic Michaela's Podcast, Know Your Aura:
INCREASE LIFESPAN by Recalling Positive Memories - A Simple Technique to Improve Health!  Mayim breaks down famous relationship expert, Dr. David Richo’s ,“5 A’s” (Attention, Acceptance, Appreciation, Allowing, Affection) and their crucial role in fostering healthy connections in this BRAND NEW Thursday episode of MBB. (This is what happens when one AMA submission turns into an entire full episode!) Discover how missing these elements in childhood can impact adulthood and adult relationships, why social connection is vital for our mental and physical health, and what is actually going on in the brain when we connect or don't connect with others. Explore how the brain's stress pathways either play into social deprivation or a desire for social connection through our default mode network, how the brain's reward system of positive memory recall can increase your social battery and even your lifespan, and learn why social media can't replace real human interaction. We also dive into: - The detrimental effects of isolation on physical and mental health- How shared experiences create lasting bonds- The benefits of parallel play in children and adults- Which age group social interaction is most critical for- The importance of memory coding around- How the brain is wired to give in to peer pressure- Why loneliness is hard to escape without proper motivation- What leads us to crave alone time and how do we know when isolation has become unhealthy for us? DON'T MISS this crucial episode on the dangers of withholding from your relationships, and the positive behaviors that can get us back on track! Check out our full episode with Dr. David Richo: Neuron Journal - Characterizing the Mechanisms of Social Connection: Today article on the impact of loneliness:
"You Don’t Need to Climb a Mountain to Reach Enlightenment” - KUNAL NAYYAR, one of our most popular guests of ALL TIME, is back! Feeling Fatigued? KUNAL is Here to Deal Out Some HOPE!  Kunal helps us unravel the secrets to attaining inner peace and catalyzing global change in this transformative episode. From the power of ego surrender and "self-sacrifice" to his enlightening perspective on the purpose of pain, Kunal's journey through the Myth of Enlightenment and navigating feelings of aimlessness offers invaluable lessons for anyone seeking a more fulfilling and peaceful life. Kunal shares practical meditation tips with Mayim, his thoughts on finding love and compassion in altered states, his perspective on ancestral trauma, practical ways to detach from our thoughts and ego in order to live in harmony with others, and how we should decide which of our personal obstacles to tackle and which to find a way to live with. He also breaks down:- His struggle with being pigeon-holed into his TBBT character, Raj Koothrappali- Fatigue we feel from hyper-focusing on self-work- Why we should stop holding our stories so tightly- How workaholism can actually be a crutch- Why we should stop trying to live someone else's life- The Elusive Nature of Thought- Ways we can release "the Illusion of ourselves"- His spiritual connection to and the meditative process of acting PLUS @jonathancohenofficial opens up about his first experience with reiki. Kunal wants you to know that you are not a problem that needs solving and that world peace starts within!  Check out our first episode with Kunal Nayyar:
You’ve heard her voice! FAMOUS voice actor Tara Strong opens up about her struggles with body image, why she believes magic is real, her manifestation process for attracting positivity, her connection to non-human beings and star planets, and what she thinks we can all learn from cartoons. In this magical episode, Tara also reveals the secrets behind creating some of the most iconic characters in animation! (POWER PUFF GIRLS’ "Bubbles", THE FAIRLY ODD PARENTS’ "Timmy Turner", "Harley Quinn"....and MANY more!) From discovering her voice acting gift at an early age to discussing her favorite roles, we explore Tara’s unique connection with "the characters that live in her head", her advice for aspiring voice actors, and her insights into the power of positivity and resilience. PLUS Mayim discusses her own animated voiceover acting career, the "emotional freedom" technique, and how tapping acupressure points can help you through stressful situations. Discover the science behind manifestation, self-fulfilling prophecies, the laws of attraction, and the ties between resilience and positive thinking.
HIGH on GOD. The SHOCKING LINK between Stoned Greek witches, Christianity, early Civilization & Shrooms. Best-selling Author, Brian C. Muraresku, (The Immortality Key) explores if Jesus might actually be the Greek God Dionysus. He explains how ancient Greeks believed that experiencing your death “before you die” actually provides you the chance for immortality. We go deep and learn about links between early Christianity and Ancient Greek mystical practices, including altered states as a way to be in touch with the spiritual realm, the true origins of Catholicism’s body and blood of Christ, and the pivotal role Greek witches played in shaping early Christianity. Brian also breaks down: - How the wine used today in church differs from the psychedelic-infused wine of Ancient Greece - More than metaphor: What it actually means to ingest the body and blood of Christ- Sorcery vs Scripture - Lay down and die: “Incubation” as a path to enlightenment- The dangers of psychedelic use without prep work and appropriate processing- Why he chooses not to use psychedelics himself Join us as we explore these questions, backed by compelling historical evidence and expert insights that will challenge everything you thought you knew about religious history and Western Civilization as we understand it.  Brian C. Muraresku's book, THE IMMORTALITY KEY: The Secret History of the Religion with No Name:
Could Cheryl Hines become America's next FIRST LADY?   On this BRAND NEW episode of MBB, we break down her journey from Comedian to possible political royalty.  Cheryl Hines (Curb Your Enthusiasm) joins us in the MBB studio this week to say goodbye to her long-running character in the final season of CURB, and to discuss how she still manages to find the comedy and fun in the midst of her husband Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s campaign for president!   They chat about Mayim’s guest role on CURB and her out-of-the-box audition process, whether Cheryl ever wishes her own character had the opportunity to evolve, and the huge loss of Cheryl’s close friend and longtime co-star Richard Lewis.  Cheryl also opens up about:- The hilarious way Larry David introduced her to her now husband, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.- Why Larry didn’t think her relationship with Robert would last- What it was like marrying into the Kennedy dynasty, especially as someone who didn’t grow up with politics- How Robert Kennedy’s bid for the presidency has changed their relationship + how Cheryl is fitting into the world of politics now- What it feels like to know there’s a chance she could be the First Lady?!- The struggle to reel in her comedy instincts while she’s on the campaign trails- Navigating security threats & ways she manages the stress of her new life in the political realm  PLUS Cheryl reflects on the ways her improv background translates to other areas of her life, her humble beginnings growing up in Florida, and she and Mayim share their O.J. Simpson bar stories! Check out Cheryl Hines' body care line, Hines+Young, and use code "Breakdown20" at checkout for 20% off your order:
Will you take the red pill with us? Join Mayim and Jonathan as they reflect on our widely popular episode, "She Met God & Saw the Future", where Elizabeth G. Krohn details her near-death experience after being struck by lightning, her 2-week experience in heaven, and the newfound knowledge and abilities she returned with. Mayim and Jonathan discuss transformative experiences that challenge our scientific understanding and open doors to new realms of consciousness, from aura reading and near-death experiences, to the non-linear nature of time and the curious phenomenon of déjà vu. Discover powerful reflections on interconnectivity and expanded consciousness on this special Thursday Edition of MBB! Check out our fascinating full episode with Elizebeth G. Krohn & Jeffrey J. Kripal: Check out our full episode with Corey Taylor:
EXCLUSIVE REACTIONS: Mayim, Jenna von Oy, and Christy Carlson Romano dive deep into the explosive QUIET ON SET documentary, from the heartbreaking abuse exposed by some of their peers, to their own firsthand accounts of the pressures they faced as child actors. Mayim, Christy, and Jenna reflect on how the model for kids’ tv made child actors particularly vulnerable, the dangers of children working in the high pressure entertainment industry, the trauma-bonding nature watching the doc has had for their peer community, whether the system can truly be reformed, and ways to effectively pivot the conversation from sensationalistic gossip to promoting real change in the industry. Christy reveals why she has currently chosen NOT to watch the documentary, breaks down her reservations about the exploitative nature of "trauma tourists," and explains more about the important advocacy work organizations like the Looking Ahead program (@alifeinthearts) are doing to connect child actors and their families with essential resources. THEY ALSO DISCUSS: - The dangers of dangling fame in front of child actors- The role parents have to play, even if a studio tries to remove them- The importance of teaching children to use their voices- The crucial need for female representation and trauma-informed care in the entertainment industry This episode is a must-listen, from revealing the dark side of how the entertainment millions love was actually made, to the exploration of what we can all do to ensure the safety of children everywhere.  Learn more about the Looking Ahead program: more about the Coogan Law:
What are the effects of love on the brain?Can ADHD worsen as we age?Why do we crave certain foods at certain times?How do I know when I've outgrown my relationship with my therapist? Mayim answers these questions and MORE on another episode of Ask Mayim Anything! SHE BREAKS DOWN:- "Stuck Song" Syndrome, AKA "Earworms"- The correlation between head injuries and mental illness (including treatments to help!)- Sensory Processing Disorder and when to seek support for it- The differences between hyper- and hyposensitivity- Why oxytocin can lead to attachment- The effects of low levels of serotonin PLUS we have a SPECIAL GUEST this episode..... Nurture Neuroscientist, Infant Sleep Educator, & Doula Dr. Greer Kirshenbaum joins us to explain how breastfeeding promotes the bond between parent and child, and her TOP 5 REASONS your baby isn’t sleeping! Mayim also tackles your ADHD questions, from why more women are being diagnosed with ADHD to the causes of exacerbated ADHD symptoms. She also reflects on her animated voiceover roles and the risks of being friends with your therapist. TUNE IN to see if your question was answered this episode!!! Dr. Greer Kirshenbaum's book, The Nurture Revolution: Grow Your Baby’s Brain and Transform Their Mental Health through the Art of Nurtured Parenting:
Dive deep into the world of Somatic Experiencing with Dr. Peter A. Levine, the revolutionary developer of this transformative approach designed to help us access the body's stored memories in order to heal trauma. Dr. Levine explains why release trauma is so IMPORTANT to our overall health, wealth, and ability to connect with others. He shares how traditional doctors initially didn't understand somatic experiencing and how the alarming prevalence of sexual trauma in our society impacts the way we communicate with one another. DR. LEVINE ALSO BREAKS DOWN: - How the brain compartmentalizes trauma as a survival mechanism- The use of hallucinogens to process death- The dangers of exposure therapy- How the mechanism of dissociation can protect our mind-body from overwhlem- What sexual trauma looks like emotionally & spiritually- The role of creative imagination in determining our true selves- Collective consciousness and his posthumous conversations with Albert Einstein- How the mind-body holds memory of preverbal trauma, such as abandonment- Dissipative & Catastrophe Theories and Premature Cognition- What prevents us from returning to equilibrium after a traumatic event- How play opens creativity- Why we should have compassion for the child within us This episode will change how you view your body's memories and the hidden power they hold in healing. From exploring the brain's survival mechanisms to unlocking the secrets of sexual trauma healing, don't miss this chance to discover the key to healing trauma!*CONTENT WARNING*: This episode contains descriptions of sexual abuse.Dr. Peter A. Levine's newest book, An Autobiography of Trauma:
This week we're sitting down with the fearless, hilarious, and thoughtful Brett Gelman (Stranger Things, Fleabag) as he opens up about the challenges that have shaped him, from his early battles with OCD and questioning his identity, to intense enmeshment with his mother and overcoming those tendencies as he navigates adult relationships. Brett opens up about:- The ways he felt different growing up- His early experiences with drug use- His OCD around numbers and fear of the future- Why questioning his sexuality as a kid led him to have a breakdown He also shares insights on method acting, the importance of creating space for men to challenge toxic masculinity, and the importance of infusing all of your endeavors with a little bit of yourself. PLUS Mayim explains why self-centeredness may actually be at the root of our attempts at caring for others! This conversation is a must-watch for anyone seeking to understand the intricate dance between our past experiences and our present selves. TUNE IN to find out how facing your past can dramatically reshape your future! Brett Gelman's new book, The Terrifying Realm of the Possible: Nearly True Stories:
Vagus Nerve Secrets REVEALED: Discover how to feel safe with the groundbreaking creator of the Polyvagal Theory, Dr. Stephen Porges! Dr. Porges helps us answer all of the important questions, like:- Why are we attracted to "BAD" people?- How can trauma prevent us from accessing the body’s healing resources, AND what is the link between TRAUMA & OBESITY?- Why do certain sounds instantly calm us down?- Why might neurodivergent individuals have a hard time connecting with others?- How can vagus findings be used to improve institutions like prisons, hospitals, and schools? PLUS find out what signals you're sending without even realizing it and how to create a safer, more connected world around us. WE ALSO BREAK DOWN:- Dr. Porges' journey of discovering the vagus nerve and polyvagal theory- Scientific evidence for why the dating process should be slowed- Good vs Bad stress- Why dissociation is an adaptation- How speech patterns can affect our anxiety levels- How Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is connected to our mindset and well-being- "Freezing" as an alternative to "Fight" & "Flight"- The importance of creating a safe space for others- The traits of a well-attuned therapist- Why hypersensitivity (especially auditory) affects everything- The dangers of labels without accounting for individual history Whether you're a neuroscience enthusiast, seeking self-improvement tips, or just curious about the hidden powers within us, this episode is packed with intriguing insights and practical advice. Don't miss out on this deep dive into the wonders of the human body and mind. TUNE IN to discover the SECRET to EMOTIONAL SAFETY! Dr. Stephen Porges' book, Our Polyvagal World: How Safety and Trauma Change Us:
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