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Welcome to the Future

Welcome to the Future


This week, the Mavens talk with Daniel Puzny, CEO at LunaOne. A Metaverse technology company, LunaOne is working to build a “hyper-realistic Metaverse” where digital citizens can be their best selves and blur the lines between VR and reality. In a world where many Metaverses and their companies focus on digitizing things like gaming and shopping, LunaOne is working to revolutionize the potential of Metaverse through adding a focus on mental health and creating safe digital experiences for younger users. As of recently, the company has distributed around $25 Million worth of their Metaverse’s currency, XLN. With the Mavens, Puzny discusses the different types of Metaverses, what makes certain Metaverses and cryptocurrencies thrive over the other, the history of the Metaverse, where the industry is headed as a whole, and LunaOne’s history. To learn more, tune in to “Welcome to the Future.”
Chek Yourself

Chek Yourself


This week, the Mavens talk with Chris Kane, Founder & CEO at Chek. While Chek is a fintech literacy organization, Kane's career originally began as an athlete, which he says helped to teach the process of failing over and over again, giving him the perseverance needed to excel in his career regardless of his field of focus. Now, Chek works with various nonprofits, universities, and even the NFL to help streamline proper distribution of capital within organizations and bring financial literacy for all. With the Mavens, Kane discusses how his sports-background acts as a backbone to his career today, how Chek helps ensure proper communication between donee and donor parties and subsequently ensuring money donated is allocated properly, and how Chek promotes transparency between organizations. To learn more, tune in to “Chek Yourself.”
Own Your Leadership

Own Your Leadership


This week, the Mavens talk with past guests David Nurse, host of “The Art Of w/ David Nurse,” Marjorie Dehey, one of MMP’s co-hosts, Steve Mellor, host of “Career Competitor,” Stephen Pappas, host of “Science of CX,” and Tony Davis, host of “Well Rounded Leaders.” Bringing together this group of hosts, the Mavens, and their guests discuss what it means to be a leader, even when someone is not in a leadership-oriented position. As a group, they each share their own experiences in witnessing the best leaders they’ve seen, discussing what made said leaders succeed, and the various fields and levels these leaders can be found. To learn more, tune in to “Own Your Leadership.”
This week, the Mavens talk with Christian Keroles, General Manager of Bitcoin Magazine. Quitting his job to join the magazine in the midst of its peak at the end of 2017, Keroles has a barrage of knowledge crucial to understanding the digital currency, including the desire and attempts to create “digital cash” for as long as the internet’s existence, how Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin, and the potential Bitcoin has in the future.  With the Mavens, Keroles discusses all things Bitcoin, including the currency’s history, how its creation has changed the world by eliminating the need for institutions in monetary transactions, the notability of Bitcoin’s finite cap, and how Bitcoin can decrease fraud. To learn more, tune in to “The Future of Fintech & Beyond.”
Global News Watch and Michael Patrick Mulroy discuss the successful termination of Zawahiri in Kabul, what Mulroy calls a “masterclass in how to conduct a counter-terrorism operation.” With this resulting in a sudden shift in power within Al-Qaeda, Mulroy explains where the terrorist organization could be heading next regarding leadership and how the new administration could shift their operations. In terms of reactions, Mulroy discusses how Afghanistan may be affected by this event as a whole, how other countries may react, and how the U.S. could move forward accordingly. Additionally, Mulroy talks about updates regarding the U.S.’s involvement in the China-Taiwan and Russia-Ukraine conflicts, discussing how they could move forward, why travel to Russia is dangerous for Americans and how the current world economy affects Russia individually. To learn about all this and much more, tune into “Global Crisis Takes Toll on the World.”
Join us for an extra special finale panel to our “Smosh Comedy Series!” Sitting down with members of the collective seen in previous episodes, the Mavens discuss all things comedy and how the group releases the seemingly endless variety of content they provide weekly. Fresh off a recent live event, the Mavens and Smosh team discuss performing in front of their audience, interacting with viewers, along with how technology is expanding the potential of live events more than ever. They explain how the group incorporates fellow YouTubers and movie stars and utilizes various methods to pull the event off successfully, thanks to a genuine connection shared by the team. Additionally, the group discusses the benefits of having a large variety of channels, managing the different types of content, and how viewers get to know team members through these different forms of content. To learn more, tune in to “Finding Humor in Life, Everyday is Funny With Smosh!”
This week, the Mavens talk with Courtney Miller, Influencer and Comedian at Smosh. Initially joining the realm of comedy for fun, Miller soon realized she found more joy editing her content than actually performing it. Working for the comedy collective Smosh, Miller typically finds herself hosting much of the content she performs. However, she has also grown into a producing and directing role for many of the videos. Working for the collective for seven years, Miller is excited about where they will continue to grow. Recently, they put out a live ticketed show for their fans. Her favorite series within the organization is “_____ Is Dead,” where members of Smosh roast fellow comedians in the form and setting of a funeral. With the Mavens, Miller discusses Smosh’s ever-growing variety of content, the joy in seeing their impact at VidCon, and the importance of making people laugh. To learn more, tune in to “Giggles are for Babies!”
This week, the Mavens talk with Shayne Topp, an actor and comedian from Smosh. Acting since he was 13 and moving to L.A. at 16, Topp spent his teenage and young-adult years fighting tooth and nail for a comedy career. Eventually, he’d landed the audition of a lifetime when he found Smosh. Working at the comedy collective for the past seven years (while finishing his degree in psychology), Topp has found himself doing a little bit of everything for the company. He pitches story ideas, produces and writes content, and acts in many of the skits Smosh releases. While making people laugh is something Topp enjoys, he’s become known on the set of Smosh for making himself laugh. With the Mavens, Topp discusses how he came to where he is today, the different tasks he performs with his varying roles and Smosh, and why comedy matters so much to him as an individual.  To learn more, tune into “Funny Is As Funny Does!”
This week, the Mavens talk with Ian Hecox, co-founder of Smosh. Early in 2005, after discovering their skits on Myspace could receive greater attention on the newly established Youtube, Hecox and friend Anthony Padilla climbed their way to the top of the internet as the comedy duo Smosh. Even having the most-viewed Youtube video of all time at one point, the group has evolved into a comedy collective of multiple channels and a variety of creators and collaborators. Almost two decades since its inception, Smosh is known as one of Youtube’s largest channels, engulfing various mediums to reach its audience in this day and age. With the Mavens, Hecox discusses how he and Padilla persevered to evolve their brand into what it is today and gave insight into the creative process behind the content they put out.  To learn more, tune in to “Funnier Than the Next Guy!”
This week, the Mavens talk with Daniel Tibbets, CEO & Producer at Smosh. Founded by comedians Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox in 2002, Smosh has spent the past two decades establishing itself as one of YouTube’s leading comedy brands, or as Tibbets describes, “The SNL of the Internet.” Working to give all members of their company a hand in development, the leaders at Smosh encourage employees of all positions and their collaborators to pitch and brainstorm new content for their channel. “Everyone’s a comedian,” Tibbets explains. With the Mavens, Tibbets discusses how the company has expanded its brand to reach many more mediums, the never-ending process of finding new content, and how Smosh works to act as a learning experience for their team to develop skills in acting, writing, directing, regardless if they work as an office manager or an editor.  To learn more, tune in to “Everyone Needs a Good Laugh Now and Then!”
Taking Center Stage

Taking Center Stage


This week, the Mavens talk with David Carpenter, CEO at Gamiotics. With 22 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Carpenter began his career as a producer for broadway before transforming his after-work pastime of gaming into a career. No matter the medium- theater, education, amusement parks, and any other form of live events- Gamiotics looks to "Gamify" the audience experience for consumers. Carpenter and his company found their footing during the pandemic using the cell phone as a multimedia device. They found a way to connect individuals with numerous live events via Zoom and their cell phones. With the Mavens, Carpenter discusses experiences in creating "Vegas-style" entertainment, capturing audiences' attention, how Gamiotics works tirelessly to enforce brand loyalty, and the valuable data they obtain from each event they host. To learn more, tune in to "Taking Center Stage."
This week, the Mavens talk with Susanna Barla, CEO of Revolutionize. Beginning her career working with luxury fashion brands, Barla eventually transitioned her career into entrepreneurship and investing. Currently, her main focus is Bitcoin. With the Mavens, Barla discusses examples of how the blockchain will be crucial to humanity's future, why Bitcoin is one of the safest cryptocurrencies, why it will outlast other cryptocurrencies, and how the blockchain technology can be applied to industries like fashion and art. To learn more, tune in to "The Digital Race to Bitcoin!"
This week, the Mavens talk with Chris Wagner, Founder, and CEO of White Label Productions. As a company, White Label Productions has dedicated itself to producing some of the most notable television specials around. From “Miss Universe 2021” to “Can’t Cancel Pride 2020,” White Label Productions has worked with various exciting events across entertainment. Still, nothing has defined their work as much as Rihanna’s “Savage x Fenty” shows. With the Mavens, Wagner discusses some of his favorite experiences in this industry, how he’s worked tirelessly to keep viewers engaged with different projects, the growing significance of celebrities aligned with brands, and how to handle unforeseen moments in live events. To learn more, tune in to “Reaching for the Stars!”
Game Envy!

Game Envy!


This week, the Mavens talked with Adam Rymer, Chief Executive Officer at Envy Gaming. Owning major teams in the eSports medium like Team Envy and OpTic Texas, Envy Gaming was first founded in 2007 in the form of a professional Call of Duty Team before growing into a major company in the eSports industry as a whole. Today, Envy Gaming is not just a conglomerate of teams, but an organization building its brand and reaching fans all over the world . With the Mavens, Rymer discusses managing so many teams, how the gaming industry may change with the incoming Metaverse, and how Envy Gaming engages with and grows their international fanbases. To learn more, tune in to “Game Envy!”
This week, the Mavens talked with Travis Apple, VP Partnerships, General Sports Worldwide & Clubhouse. Working to make the world of sports more accessible, King discusses how General Sports Worldwide has worked tirelessly to grow the sports industry by raising customer engagement, brand awareness and revenue streams for their clients. But, the company’s recently acquired Clubhouse acts as an imperative tool in helping improve accessibility for the next generation of leaders in the sports industry, providing them with resources that help to establish careers and connections across the sports industry. To learn more, tune in to “The Future of Sports & the Meaning of the Power Play!”
Global News Watch sat down to talk with Michael "Mick" Patrick Mulroy, National Security & Defense Analyst, ABC News: Former Pentagon Deputy of the Middle East and CIA to discuss the latest updates on major happenings across the globe, most notably the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, explaining the current status of both sides and where it seems to be heading. Other major topics Mulroy discusses include weaponized technological developments in Iran, the U.S. government’s satellite systems, and the treatment of dogs within the U.S. military. Mulroy explains the untethered loyalty of these hounds, applauding their skill, intelligence, and the struggles that they endure fighting for their country along with how some find lives after. To get the latest update on the major world news, listen to us at You can also log into ABC News to get the latest with Mick Mulroy.
This week, the Mavens talk with Sean King, SVP of Commercial Services at Veritone to talk about all things Artificial Intelligence. Specializing in the company’s commercial sector, King discusses both how the company found success through the pandemic along with how they are looking towards the future with new ways to innovate in the realm of digital media. With our world’s ever-increasing focus on technology, King details a number of fascinating applications that A.I. will have down the road, showing how it will affect all facets of human life, even where you may not expect it! To learn more, tune in to “Powering Intelligence With Innovation.”
The Media Mavens sit down with Tom Bentey CEO & Producer, Suburbanite Productions to talk about story telling and how to use your voice to make movies; Tom shared with us how to pursue your passions in film and what steps burgeoning film makers need to take to share their stories For more information on Tom, you can hit him up on Linkedin or at Suburbanite Productions.
Nick Hughes, Founder and CEO of Founders Live Media sits down to talk with the Mavens about finding your path to success & surrounding yourself with mentors and advisors who encourage you to level up and lead with purpose. Nick also talked to us about the mindset of founders and the importance of staying grounded and focused on the mission and why founders need to be prepared to make a sharp pivot throughout the journey. For more information on Nick you can find him on Linked or
Steve Mellor, Performance Coach, Culture Advisor and Olympic Swim Coach sits down to talk with the Mavens about the athletic mindset and how the skill set of an athlete transforms the role and decision making of a leader Steve sat down and shared the importance of decision making, perseverance, determination and the will to win whether it's on the field, court or in the water and the difference between Intent and action " Having intent gives you the purpose to take action but to take action without intent is just an action and makes the difference between being great leader and employee vs one who is just taking actions because they have to not because they want to." The culture of competition and winning is in all of us and Steve breaks down how these characteristics is part of the recipe to winning in business. For more information on Steve you can find him on Linked or
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