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Game Envy!

Game Envy!


This week, the Mavens talked with Adam Rymer, Chief Executive Officer at Envy Gaming. Owning major teams in the eSports medium like Team Envy and OpTic Texas, Envy Gaming was first founded in 2007 in the form of a professional Call of Duty Team before growing into a major company in the eSports industry as a whole. Today, Envy Gaming is not just a conglomerate of teams, but an organization building its brand and reaching fans all over the world . With the Mavens, Rymer discusses managing so many teams, how the gaming industry may change with the incoming Metaverse, and how Envy Gaming engages with and grows their international fanbases. To learn more, tune in to “Game Envy!”
This week, the Mavens talked with Travis Apple, VP Partnerships, General Sports Worldwide & Clubhouse. Working to make the world of sports more accessible, King discusses how General Sports Worldwide has worked tirelessly to grow the sports industry by raising customer engagement, brand awareness and revenue streams for their clients. But, the company’s recently acquired Clubhouse acts as an imperative tool in helping improve accessibility for the next generation of leaders in the sports industry, providing them with resources that help to establish careers and connections across the sports industry. To learn more, tune in to “The Future of Sports & the Meaning of the Power Play!”
Global News Watch sat down to talk with Michael "Mick" Patrick Mulroy, National Security & Defense Analyst, ABC News: Former Pentagon Deputy of the Middle East and CIA to discuss the latest updates on major happenings across the globe, most notably the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, explaining the current status of both sides and where it seems to be heading. Other major topics Mulroy discusses include weaponized technological developments in Iran, the U.S. government’s satellite systems, and the treatment of dogs within the U.S. military. Mulroy explains the untethered loyalty of these hounds, applauding their skill, intelligence, and the struggles that they endure fighting for their country along with how some find lives after. To get the latest update on the major world news, listen to us at You can also log into ABC News to get the latest with Mick Mulroy.
This week, the Mavens talk with Sean King, SVP of Commercial Services at Veritone to talk about all things Artificial Intelligence. Specializing in the company’s commercial sector, King discusses both how the company found success through the pandemic along with how they are looking towards the future with new ways to innovate in the realm of digital media. With our world’s ever-increasing focus on technology, King details a number of fascinating applications that A.I. will have down the road, showing how it will affect all facets of human life, even where you may not expect it! To learn more, tune in to “Powering Intelligence With Innovation.”
The Media Mavens sit down with Tom Bentey CEO & Producer, Suburbanite Productions to talk about story telling and how to use your voice to make movies; Tom shared with us how to pursue your passions in film and what steps burgeoning film makers need to take to share their stories For more information on Tom, you can hit him up on Linkedin or at Suburbanite Productions.
Nick Hughes, Founder and CEO of Founders Live Media sits down to talk with the Mavens about finding your path to success & surrounding yourself with mentors and advisors who encourage you to level up and lead with purpose. Nick also talked to us about the mindset of founders and the importance of staying grounded and focused on the mission and why founders need to be prepared to make a sharp pivot throughout the journey. For more information on Nick you can find him on Linked or
Steve Mellor, Performance Coach, Culture Advisor and Olympic Swim Coach sits down to talk with the Mavens about the athletic mindset and how the skill set of an athlete transforms the role and decision making of a leader Steve sat down and shared the importance of decision making, perseverance, determination and the will to win whether it's on the field, court or in the water and the difference between Intent and action " Having intent gives you the purpose to take action but to take action without intent is just an action and makes the difference between being great leader and employee vs one who is just taking actions because they have to not because they want to." The culture of competition and winning is in all of us and Steve breaks down how these characteristics is part of the recipe to winning in business. For more information on Steve you can find him on Linked or
We sat down today to talk with Michael "Mick" Patrick Mulroy National Security & Defense Analyst, ABC News: Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Middle East and Paramilitary Operations Officer, CIA on Media Mavens Podcasts Global News Watch Segment to discuss critical updates on Ukraine's fight for survival and the toll its taking on the citizens there and their own fight for freedom. Mick shared with us the global fallout of Russias attack and how its going to severely effect more delays in our supply chain as well as economic downfall in the United States and around the world. He also shared with us the intent of the U.S and Nato involvement moving forward as well as an elite group of Military Intelligence in the Ukraine who have stayed on their own to help support the people, its army and to stand by the leadership of President Zelenskyy, To get the latest update on the War Against Ukraine, listen to us at You can also log into ABC News to get the latest with Mick Mulroy.
The Mavens sit down and talk with Richard Swisher, President & Founder, MOTIV, Inc. about the impact Bitcoin has on global sovereignty and sustainability Rich shared the importance humanity and how critical it is to help educate others on the benefits of digital currency and the future it can give communities when Fiat isn't so readily available. He also talked how his company Motiv is creating new opportunities in education, finance and health for underserved people by combining Bitcoin technology with professional development and health outreach. To learn more about Motiv and their mission to change lives with Bitcoin, please visit.
Global News Watch and Michael Patrick Mulroy sit down to discuss the recently unfolding events in Afghanistan. Continuing on the topic from last month, Mulroy discusses the Taliban’s sooner-than-expected push to takeover large swaths of Afghanistan terrain, the large number of families pushing to leave the country, the United States’s road to full withdrawal of the country, Multroy’s predictions going forward, and how Kabul [Afghanistan’s Capital] has improved in many ways these past two decades. “Positive things don’t generally make the news,” Mulroy stated. Later on, in addition to the fascinating scoop on Afghanistan, Mulroy also discusses events happening in Iran and the effort to bring them back into compliance with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, an effort in ending Iran’s nuclear program. For more Information on Mick Mulroy or GCW, please go to www,
This week the Mavens sit down with Patrice Meignan, Founder & CEO of TheArsenale to discuss all things Mobility and innovation open the future of Boats, Planes, and Surfboards to advancements in Flying cars and going places most people only dream about. For more information on the "Ultimate Garage' with the likes of Renault and Lamborghini leading the charge, you can go to
This week the Mavens sit down with Steve Warden, Founder of Gigr, a company sitting at the intersection of music and NFTs to talk shop about the greatest in music and how the NFT market is opening new revenuer streams and fan interaction through technology. If you dream of becoming a rockstar or any music fan you can get more information on Gigr at
This week the Mavens sit down with Doug Scott, Co-Founder at Subnation / General Partner at Surround Ventures to talk all things Web3 and our future of NFT and the MetaVerse. Hitting the pause button in 2020 and 2021 was a tough one for most but it was a huge Industry win for the NFT and Meta Verse market which has quickly become the only topic of conversation no matter what industry you are in. Scott helped clarify all the misinformation in the market and how Web3 is here to stay. With all the confusion Scott broke down and defined the architecture underneath the swell of NFTs and why the Meta Verse is fast becoming the next and only place to live and breath the Brand Experience. With the Mavens, Scott broke down the Hyper-drive on what to look for and how to navigate the future. To learn more about. WTF a NFT is and more tune in to “ WTF NFT’s! What and Who are you Really?" and get an inside look at the history behind the Digital Dragon.
The Mavens were excited to sit down this week with Jeffrey W. Hayzlett, Chairman & CEO of the C-Suite Network & Best Selling Author to talk about Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion in the market and how he's building leaders through C Suite Networks. Hayzlett shared his vast wisdom with us on how important leadership is and how he supports leadership regardless of sex, color, religion or industry. Hayzlett also shared with us how he's instrumentally helping to build leaders and the impact everything he does effects those who are striving to be better leaders every day through his own podcast, books and speaking to C level executives throughout the industry. Fo more on nuggets on leadership, listen up as we had a great time with Hayzlett this week on Hitting that Suite Spot of Success.
A Scent-sational Story

A Scent-sational Story


This week, the Mavens sit down with Sue Phillips, CEO, Scenterprises. Phillips is a Global Fragrance Expert and Author on the perception of smell and how the fragrance market is making an impact post pandemic. Phillips shared her personal journey with us from her days as head of creative for Burberry Tiffanys and Channel, to how she's using her expertise to help those with Covid get their smell and taste back through the sensory experience of fragrance. She shared with us the science behind the neurological aspects that control our main senses of smell, taste, sound and sight and how she's helping people regain their sense of smell back after a hard hitting pandemic that robbed most of its victims from taste and smell senses. She also went in depth on how critical Scent is in regards to re-training your brain to remember based on the scent that triggers memories. Phillips also talked to us about the glamorous world of perfumes and the impact it has on behavior and self esteem when finding the right match of fragrance and confidence. To learn more about the importance of scent and much more by listening to Phillips Scent-sational Story and journey through the parfume industry,
This week, the Mavens sit down with Laura Calleia, Head of Sales and B2B Partnerships for Freshly, the leading freshest meal delivery company. We understand everyone is busy and sometimes making the time to shop and cook dinners, not to mention the prep and insuring they are healthy for you and taste good is a tiresome job for most busy people. Laura shared with us the health aspects of meal delivery and the best way to maximize your time and nutrients while eating healthy delicious foods already prepped and made for quick, easy meals. Laura also went into depth with us about Bio markers and how important it is to pay attention and know what your levels are. and the impact daily stress, lack of sleep, etc will impact every aspect of what makes you move, sleep, and have energy on a daily basis, We also talked about farm to table freshness and the emphasis on Freshly where all meals are made by a team of top chefs to ensure the freshest and best tasting in the market. In addition, they rolled out an exciting new array of expanded venues and plant based meals on top of vegan and a'lacarte. The goal of meal delivery is to take all the guess work out of what you put in your body with expanded nutritional values and easy delivery schedule all custom around what you want. With the pandemic crippling everyones active lifestyles to some extent, Freshly was bought out by Nestle in 2020 and has been expanding ever since, To learn all this and much more about how to stay healthy tune in to “Keeping it Fresh ! Healthy Living, Healthy You!"
This week the Mavens sit down with Brian Seth Hurst, Founder & Chief Storyteller for StoryTech Immersive. Hitting the pause button in 2020 didn't make it easy for anyone but thanks to producers like Hurst, people started to realize they had new platforms to tell and share their story in hopes to inspire and motivate others. With the Mavens, Hurst discusses the measures taken to ensure authenticity becomes the driving factor for story telling and how the back story to the story is what resonates and creates loyalty, We also spent time with Hurst talking about the Hype Cycle of Governance and how the Meta Verse is disrupting the future To learn all this and much more about the Power of Authenticity and Hurst's own story he shared, tune in to “ What's Your Story?" and get an inside look at the history behind what shaped Hurst perception of humanity and how each story we tell defines who we are.
Media Mavens Podcast talks with Michael "Mick" Patrick Mulroy National Security & Defense Analyst, ABC News: Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Middle East and Paramilitary Operations Officer, CIA on Global News Watch Segment discuss the Rise of Fall of Putin's War of Terror on Ukraine. With multiple countries around the globe stepping up to provide humanitarian relief, financial help as well as military support to Ukraine, the one questions still seems to be looming on everyones mind, which is " How do we stop this and save the millions of lives being forced out of their own home and country as well as the global economic fallout?" With tensions putting the future of Ukraine in more jeopardy, Mulroy discusses the fall out around the world and impact this war is starting to have on the global economy and the extraordinary heroism of President Volodymyr Zelensky. From more imposed sanctions to Russia off from all airlines to banking and gas, Putins War on Ukraine is starting to take a severe toll on the people of Russia now. "NATO and the U.S are doing all they can to stop this but there is only so much we can do until all resources are exhausted as Putin just won't quit." says Mulroy who also explained why it was so important to start cutting off the Oligarch's assets. To get the latest update on Putin's war or Terror Against Ukraine, listen to us at You can also log into ABC News to get the latest with Mick Mulroy.
This week the Mavens sit down with Kevin Martinez, Vice President for ESPN Citizenship on how the sports world views humanitarian efforts through the eyes of an athlete and how ESPN is taking a stand on doing good & being better. The Mavens had a tremendous conversation with Martinez on how sports effects all of us on a daily basis from NFL, NBA to track & field and collegiate sports. Martinez talked to us about their Citizenship programs and the distance the leagues, players and teams go in order to support humanitarian efforts and support those in need. Martinez talks about the inspiration of the many athletes, fans and communities that are using sports to make the world a better place and how important it is for them to utilize their athletic talent to stay grounded,  present  and view the world  through a different lens. Tune in this week and learn how ESPN is changing the world with sports.
This week the Mavens got ready for a little football with Carl Francis, VP Communications for NFL Players League to talk about what else but Super Bowl LIV! A former football player Francis knows a thing or two about football and how NFLPA is making sure the players have a sustainable career on or off the field. Francis took a deep dive with the Mavens on how NFL is helping the players and their families and how critical community is to the NFL. From education to finances, career moves and the importance of the brand, NFLPA puts its heart & soul into guiding and counseling the players find what motivates and inspires them when the games over. Francis explains how they have kept the players safe, motivated and inspired though the past year and the unparalleled energy and excitement the Rams and Bengals are bringing to Super Bowl LIV. With the Mavens, Francis discusses the methods behind NFLPA and the talent coming to NFL Draft post Bowl game. To learn more about NFL & the Super Bowl 2022 tune in to the biggest Sunday Football of the year #GOTEAM
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