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Media Mavens Podcast is all about sharing the latest and greatest trends, topics and tribulations with industry leading guests to talk about innovation, technology & entertainment to include sports, music, health and how we are making a difference in the world.

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This week, the Mavens team sits down to talk with MEA Finalist Joseph Shusterman, the CEO of Bluemark. Working with companies like Uber Eats and Walmart, Bluemark is dedicated to helping companies provide their new customers the best onboarding [welcoming] experience possible. “When someone signs up for any kind of service…you get that email that says welcome to X, and that email probably goes to your other inbox and could have two typos or no one reads it, that is not the type of welcoming we are trying to accomplish, what we want to do is disrupt that entire version and way of being welcomed and do that in a physical way,” Shusterman explained. With the Mavens, Shusterman discusses the complicated process of how they help companies create efficient and appropriate onboarding, specific examples of companies they have worked with, and why a good onboarding system is crucial to a company’s success. Tune in this week to learn about “Streamlining the Workforce with Technology” and why your next major focus in building a company might be revitalizing how you onboard! To reach Sarah Miller, Media Mavens Podcast Host & CEO, Axis Entertainment, you can get more information at or reach her at
Global Crisis Watch and Michael Patrick Mulroy sit down with Anthony Opoka, a former child soldier for The Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) to discuss the child soldiering issue in Uganda.  Providing an in-depth firsthand look at the global issue, Mulroy and Opoka discuss with the Mavens their efforts in fighting LRA, helping to bring child soldiers home and give them a better future, Opoka’s story as a former soldier, and how just far this issue reaches beyond Uganda. “The United Nations said it has doubled in the Middle East in the last two years, and it is something that spreads from the Far East in the Philippines to South America and a lot of concentration in Africa….child soldiering needs to be addressed, because no adult should be ok with children fighting the wars that they start.” Tune in to GCW’s live segment below to learn about “The LRA's Political Objectives In Uganda” For More information on Media Mavens Podcast or Global Crisis Watch, Please visit
This week, the Mavens Team meets up with Former Commander, U.S. Navy SEAL Eric Oehlerich, the co-founder of Lobo Institute. Dedicating his life to serving and protecting the United States, Oehlerich has played a key role in many confidential operations across Kenya, Yemen and other countries. Founding Lobo Institute with fellow co-founder Michael Patrick Mulroy, the pair has focused their project on curating a variety of experienced minds in the field of war, coming together to help solve major crises around the world, with a particular emphasis on ending child soldiering. With the Mavens, Oehlerich discusses his background, Lobo Institute’s current efforts and how they're bringing former child soldiers back into society, the wide variety of locations where they face these problems and the importance Mothers have in helping these poor children. “A lot of times the male figure is gone, but the Mothers are the ones reinforcing either the messages of extremism or the mothers are the ones trying to find ways to get the kids education of some sort” Oehlerich explains Tune in to Global Crisis Watch on Media Mavens Podcast on June 9th as we speak with both Eric Oehlerich and Mick Mulroy how people around the world are working to save child soldiers!
Join us for an extra special finale panel to our "Revolutionalizing the Future of Space Tourism" series! Sitting down with all of our exciting guests who came throughout the series, the Mavens team sits down with what Sarah Miller (our host and the original Media Maven) refers to as the "Guardians of the Galaxy" to discuss the standards for being approved with the missions which these companies embark on, many of there new and exciting projects and the importance of these groups working together to create cohesive success! “It really is a team effort on the ground between all of you guys, and respective other agencies that I know are out there, to start these missions,” Miller said. Tune in for this special installment!
In the penultimate episode of our special series, the Media Mavens talk with expert Henrik Jacobsen, the Chairman for the Emergency Asteroid Defense Project. Working to protect the planet, Jacobsen saw a need for this project at a young age, where while crowdfunding, was asked about the possibility of crowdfunding for asteroid defense. Researching methods to destroy or deflect these floating rocks, Jacobsen is not only focused on finding a reliable method for stopping them, but also a way to track these asteroids before they come.            With the Mavens team, Jacobsen discusses potential defense methods, the problems an asteroid impact could cause when hitting a major city, the greater control humans have at combatting this than other disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis, and what Jacobsen hopes for the perfect method to consist of. “What we want is to blow it up in the most efficient manner with a vehicle designed to blow into it as deep into it as possible” Jacobsen elaborated            Tune in this week to learn about “The Next Frontier of Asteroid Defense and Making the World a Safer Place” and get a glimpse into humanity's newest form of defense!
In this episode, the Media Mavens team sits down to talk with Angelo Vermeulen, the Space Systems Researcher & Biologist at Delft University. Originally dedicating his work as a biologist, Vermeulen has currently two main focuses: working with biological information to embed into engineering programs, or as he says “build systems that evolve over time,” and bringing ecology into space for greater development and research of the endless void. “If we want to go into deep space for a much longer time than the kind of missions as we’re doing now, we’ll need ecology to sustain us,” Vermeulen said.            With the Mavens team, Vermeulen talks about bringing different life forms into space, the limitations of an environment [space] with limited oxygen, and the infinite variables Vermeulen and his team have to consider on missions.            Tune in this week to learn more about “Deconstructing Dominant Paradigms About the Future of Space Tourism” and the heroes working to bring us into the future!!
The Media Mavens team sits down with aerospace and defense executive Dan Lopez, the Chief Strategy Officer at Arkysis. Extremely ambitious, Lopez has been working tirelessly with Arkysis to help build the first all robotic space outpost. “What we’re trying to do is create a new form factor all together about how to get from the Earth to very far places from the Earth in a stabilized function, we’re building these modular space crafts if you will, that can assemble in space, build essentially itself, and aggregate much like Legos in space.” Lopez discussed.            With the Mavens team, Lopez talks about creating a “space-to-space economy,” the population's growing interest in space travel, along with endless possibilities of the future in space!            Tune in this week to learn how Arkysis is “Building the Future of Space Expansion” and why life in space is closer than we realize!
On this installment of our special series, the Media Mavens meet up Christopher M. Mick, the Nasa Solar System Ambassador. Holding a lifelong love for space travel and unraveling the many mysteries of space, Christopher M. Mick’s interest dates all the way back to his own childhood from experiences like space camp and winning science fair competitions. One of Mick’s current projects involves NASA’s delve into exploration projects, including the Perseverance rover, a car-sized Mars rover designed to help bring the next step of space travel. With the Mavens team, Mick discusses the Perseverance’s features, growing accessibility to space travel, and the work of getting the younger generation interested in this vital part of humanity’s future. “The robotic missions are great, but I think they get much more interested when there’s astronauts involved, and there's people they can talk to…that really connects to the kids,” Mick explained. Tune in this week to learn about “Life Beyond the Solar System” and how NASA is helping us reach the future!
To kick off our “Revolutionizing the Future of Space Tourism” series, the Media Mavens meet up with investor and venture capitalist Raphael Roettgen, the Founder of E2MC Ventures.             Keeping himself more than busy, Roettgen has held senior roles in investment banks, written books, currently his own space podcast, and has been using E2MC (Earth 2 Mars Capital) to help invest and give strategic advice to a variety of up and coming space companies. Even without a background in space prior to E2MC, Roettgen has more than made up for it in dedication. “I’m not originally a space engineer, but I can tell you I’ve put significantly more than 10,000 hours or so of reading and studying…to learn about space” Roettgen elaborated.             With the Mavens team, Roettgen discusses some of E2MC’s current projects, their focus on a good team aspect, how the prevalence of space technology will continue to evolve and the criteria for how E2MC selects its collaborators.             Tune in this week to learn about “The Final Frontier in Space Commerce” and how E2MC is helping lead the charge in space technology!
This week, the Media Mavens meet up with humanitarian James Glasscock, the CEO and Founder of Good Human Inc. Currently focused on his company Good Human Inc.-an app dedicated to promoting greater sustainability and ethicality in the modern world by curating the most sustainable products so customers don’t have to take the time looking for the most ethical choice-Glasscock has worked a lifetime in the media, holding major positions for major companies like Warner Bros., Machinima and Turner Broadcasting. With the Mavens team, Glasscock discusses his company’s goals, many of the difficulties navigating in a modern world, and explains many of the company’s specifics. “A lot of people like to describe us as Amazon meets Pinterest for good, we built a discovery experience first and foremost,” Glasscock said. Tune in this week to learn about “Building Sustainable & Ethical Brands for a better life” and why Good Human Inc. maybe your next major download! You can reach James Glasscock directly at To reach Sarah Miller, Media Mavens Podcast Host & CEO, Axis Entertainment, you can get more information at or reach her at
The Power of AI

The Power of AI


This week, the Media Mavens meet up with storyteller Guy Gadney the CEO of CHARISMA.AI. Working endlessly to help change the very world of storytelling, Gadney’s company, CHARISMA.AI focus on using Artificial Intelligence in order to create interactive stories/adventures, last year creating an interactive Alice in Wonderland story along with working on Sky series “Bulletproof,” (which they helped save from cancellation) which are just some of their many groundbreaking examples of storytelling. “It’s a bit like a Zoom call or something, where you are talking to the characters of the show using your voice, they talk back with their voice, and that changes the storyline,” Gadney described the experience of “Bulletproof.”              With the Mavens team, Gadney delves into his latest projects, the process of how to write an interactive story, their recent expansion into comic books and the advances of technology that make these experiences possible.             Tune in this week to learn about “How Artificial Intelligence is changing the narrative in how we change with entertainment” and why interactive storytelling may be your next major form of entertainment! You can reach Guy Gadney at To reach Sarah Miller, Media Mavens Podcast Host & CEO, Axis Entertainment, you can get more information at or reach her at
This week, the Mavens team sits down to talk with Josh Simons. The Co-founder of Vampr.  Co-founding the company in 2016, Vampr is a social/professional platform for artists to create, publish, and monetize their projects for all to hear. Acting as a hub for up and coming artists, Simmons is working with YouTube and Soundcloud, while trying to replace the services competitors like CD Baby and Songtradr. “In that respect we are competing with them. We offer distribution, we offer publishing…. the core business is the connecting and collaborating part, that’s always been our baby” Simmons explained. With the Mavens, Simmons discusses Vampr’s variety of services, the disparity between major labels, the importance of scaling, and finding the right people to work with. Tune in this week to learn how Vampr is “Making Music Happen with the Power of Social” and how the next generation of music can find their way into the music industry! You can reach Josh Simmons directly at To reach Sarah Miller, Media Mavens Podcast Host & CEO, Axis Entertainment, you can get more information at or reach her at
This week, the Media Mavens team meets up with Georgia Homsany, the Founder and CEO of Daily Dose Wellness. A self-proclaimed “Jersey girl at heart,” Homsany spent years in the beverage industry before forming Daily Dose Wellness last April. Due to the pandemic, Daily Dose Wellness is a wellness organization, made for going into other companies and teaching yoga classes, cooking demonstrations and nutrition advice etc. “As the progression of the pandemic seemed never ending…. I pivoted to be more virtual so no we/re able to offer our services virtually.” With 7 out of their 9 services suitable for an online platform, the need for sticking to the screen actually benefited Homsany and her company, as they could now expand their reach without the need for transportation to different companies.             With the Mavens Team, Homsany discusses how her group differentiates from other wellness organizations through integrating themselves into a company’s culture, providing a way to relax workers and help them stay mentally positive and hence maintain peak performance, along with a short history of corporate wellness.             Listen in to learn more about “Healthier Living for the New Year” and the future of corporate wellness!To reach Sarah Miller, Media Mavens Podcast Host & CEO, Axis Entertainment, you can get more information at or reach her at
This week, the Media Mavens team sit down to talk with gambling mogul Stephen A. Crystal, the Founder of SCCG Management.             Founding SCCG back in the early ‘90s, Crystal has worked to make the world of gambling more accessible than ever. Crystal’s first foray into the world of gambling was through his expertise in land use permits, which he used to help instill riverboat casinos in Missouri, one of the first examples of legalized gambling outside of Lasa Vegas and Atlantic City. Now, in a world where gambling is more digital than ever, Crystal’s world has opened up exponentially, and he sees no signs of slowing down. “Within the next 2 or 3 years, you’ll have close to 30 states with some form of legalized sports wagering and/or online casino.”             With the Mavens Team, Crystal discusses the emergence of numerous sports betting apps, the still huge prevalence of illegal gambling (60% of thre gambling population estimated by Crystal) and how companies can bring in new technology to protect their customers.             Listen in to learn about “Rolling the Dice & Innovating the Gambling Industry” and the future of gambling! You can reach Stephen A. Crystal at To reach Sarah Miller, Media Mavens Podcast Host & CEO, Axis Entertainment, you can get more information at or reach her at
This week, the Media Mavens team sit down to talk all things consumerism with branding specialist Karl Vontz, a senior-level marketing professional.             A lifetime in brand integration, Vontz has worked on the Billboard Awards, The Clio Awards and served as the VP of Brand Experience at Magnite (formerly Rubicon Project). More currently, Vontz is focused on helping brands attract their consumers through a variety of interesting methods.             With the Mavens Team, Vontz discusses his work history, how the pandemic has affected branding, and in Sarah’s words, examples of how “to keep your brand alive the consumer market without an event.” Most interestingly, the group discusses how the world will return to normal, and how Vontz expects the “new normal.” “When we get to the point that we are moving about again…I think we will take the best of the virtual world, but the part we are desperately waiting to get back to face to face” Vontz explained.             Tune in to learn about “What Consumers Want: The Cost of Brandy Loyalty” and the future of brand integration! You can reach Karl Vontz directly at To reach Sarah Miller, Media Mavens Podcast Host & CEO, Axis Entertainment, you can get more information at or reach her at
This week, the Media Mavens team sit down to talk all things cinema with Jason Fiber, the Chief Operating Officer at THX.             Overseeing strategy, budgets and technical development, Fiber is fully behind the company’s goal of producing the best media consumption experience for the viewer by improving quality in the most minuscule details, such as spatial audio and a headphone amplifier.             With the Mavens Team, Fiber discusses the history of THX, current projects he is working on, his background and how every success in his industry requires a variety of working parts for proper efficiency. “If you have a well-built piece of hardware connected to a well mastered or well created piece of content or the software, then you have the full ecosystem” Fiber explained. You can reach Jason Fiber directly at To reach Sarah Miller, Media Mavens Podcast Host & CEO, Axis Entertainment, you can get more information at or reach her at
This week, the Media Mavens team sit down to talk all things A.I. and human experience with politician and transhumanist advocate, Zoltan Istvan.             Running President in 2016 and 2020, Istvan started the transhumanist party with the goal of not winning, but introducing both major political parties to transhumanism in order to help find a leader who is guided by science, not emotion. Advocating for transhumanism for much of his life, Istvan’s primary goal is helping to advance the human population so we can be at peak performance.  “Transhumanism is an international social movement now, [followed by] many millions of people around the world that want to use science and technology to radically modify the human experience and also to modify the human being in itself.” Istvan said.             With the Mavens Team, Contreras discusses different transhumanist technologies/ideas, examples of how artificial intelligence can help us, and reasons why A.I. may even become a necessity in the near future.                Tune in to learn how individuals around the world are “Spearheading the Transhumanist Movement” and how humans may advance in the near future! You can reach Zoltan Istvan on Lined In at To reach Sarah Miller, Media Mavens Podcast Host & CEO, Axis Entertainment, you can get more information at or
This week, the Media Mavens team meets up with fashion historian and documentarian Antonio Contreras to talk all things couture.             After becoming the subject of an award-winning film in 2013, Contreras decided to blend film with his love of fashion, and hasn’t looked back since. “I had no idea what making film was about, I had no idea I just knew that I liked fashion,” Contreras said.              With the Mavens Team, Contreras discusses how a model impacts fashion, the importance of Jean Paul Gaultier his current film projects and the complexities of fashion history.             Tune in to learn about “The Intersection of Art & Fashion” and the secrets of the fashion industry! You can reach Antonio at To reach Sarah Miller, CEO, Axis Entertainment, please go to or
This week, the Media Mavens team meets up to talk all things tea and health with Anthony Capobianco, the CEO and Founder of Zen Tea Traders.             Over a decade working in the tea industry, Capobianco has dedicated his career to helping different businesses find wellness and become “zenned out” in order to stay on track on the job through small breaks of wellness. “I’m not asking for an entire day, how about asking two minutes, so I created something that allows people to stop and zenned out for a second and then get back to work and do what you have to do.” Capobianco said. With his company, Zen Tea Traders, Capobianco works with farmers in order to help source their teas, acting as a middle man helping farmers to find a target demographic.             With the Mavens Team, Capobianco discusses the various facets of the tea industry, why tea is superior to coffee and how to incorporate meditation and tea just to name a few things.             Tune in to learn the journey “The Art of Tea: Health & Sustainability” and the secrets of the tea industry! You can reach Anthony directly at Zen Tea Traders  To reach Sarah Miller, Media Mavens Podcast Host & CEO, Axis Entertainment, you can get more information at
On this episode of Media Mavens Podcast, the Mavens team meets up to talk all things food and culinary arts with Chef Aaron Miller.             With a career that spans five decades, Miller began his career in the late 1980s where he would cook for presidents including George Bush and Ronald Reagan at legendary restaurant Arizona Biltmore. No stranger to quality craftsmanship, Miller would work side by side with household names like Chef Jacques Pepin, Chef Jeffrey Beeson and Chef George Mahaffey. primarily focused on the western and southwestern cooking styles if his home state, Arizona, Miller has been a true team player. embracing every side of the kitchen, but making original meals will always be his favorite part. “While I was in school, I was a busser, I was a staff member, front of the house at the Arizona Biltmore. I enjoyed it, but I liked the technical aspect of cooking, I like working with your hands, I like development and creativity aspects.” Miller said.             With the Mavens Team, Miller discusses the cutthroat world of restaurant service, finding sustainable foods and how his restaurant in Telluride is always looking to make something new for customers to experience.             Tune in to learn the journey “From Michelin Star to Executive Chef in Telluride” and everything that goes in to crafting your favorite dishes.You can reach Aaron directly at the Mountain Lodge in Telluride at To reach Sarah Miller, Media Mavens Podcast Host & CEO, Axis Entertainment, you can get more information at
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