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Discussion with a Chef

Discussion with a Chef


This week I got to sit down with my Chef friend Tyler.He's used weed throughout his life and finds it had a notable impact on the person he is today. He even had his moment of epiphany while under the influence of it - Something that is now his passion and career.Started off with a few little bowls and joint, moved on to make some teenager-worthy weed treats like brownies and such - And now, he can prep a full Thanksgiving Dinner - All infused with that herbal goodness!Learn a little bit about him, why he was put on 5-year probation at 16 years of age, and how he became to be such a quality cook - You'll love every bit of it!
So this week, I got to sit down with my gaming buddy Shane.Shane lives in the US, and the State he lives in still has Cannabis marked as an illegal substance - And on top of that, his career prohibits him from being able to use, even if only on occasion.But that doesn't mean that he didn't have his own experiences with the plant. Like most of us, he was fed a narrative that was very much in opposition to Cannabis, but his real-life experience led him to realize that he had been misinformed. So, even though he can't indulge like many of us, he still thinks it's important for people to get informed and keep an open mind.Really had a blast chatting with him and I hope you'll all get to enjoy it just as much as I did :DFind and follow us on Instagram @Medbox.Podcast and be sure to subscribe to us on your favorite podcasting platform!Find all the links at
Entrevue avec Hugô St-Onge

Entrevue avec Hugô St-Onge


J'ai eu la chance de passer une bonne heure et demi à discuter avec Hugô; Le politicien, le militant, l'historien, le comptable, le père de famille et porte-parole du Bloc Pot.On a décidé par-contre de prendre le sentier moins battu et d'avoir une discussion bien ouverte sur le cannabis et son impact sur la vie d'Hugô - Au lieu d'une autre entrevue politique comme nous voyons incessamment dans ces temps difficiles.- Connaissez-vous ça du Tabac à Chien?- C'est quoi le moment de l'histoire du Cannabis le plus notable pour un historien?- À quel point est-ce qu'on est programmés à réagir face au Cannabis?Une entrevue engageante qu'on espère pourra vous divertir et vous informer!Bonne écoute :D 
We do apologize for the sound quality; don't worry, it'll be fixed for the next episode!In this second episode, we continue diving into Cannabis Questions! We even added a little bonus linguistic round at the end to help you gain knowledge about the origin of certain words - Hope you enjoy!Be sure to check out our sponsor at https://medicinebox.caFollow our Instagram us on Twitter us on Facebook for growing in the USA:
We do apologize for the sound quality; don't worry, it'll be fixed for future episodes!As our very first episode, we decided to go with something lighthearted! Cannabis is still a taboo subject in many places, and we believe this to be a simple misconception that comes from a lack of awareness and education.After all, we've had many types of spirits who've shown negative long-term effects, much like cigarettes; But somehow these are both available for easy distribution? For too long, Cannabis had been negatively stigmatized, and we're here to help set things straight!Have you ever wondered how Cannabis can affect your day-to-day? Are you wondering any of the following:Can cannabis help me lose weight?Can cannabis help alleviate menstrual pain?Does cannabis have an expiry date?If you can be allergic to weeds, can you be allergic to weed?These are only a few of the questions we'll answer for you! Be sure to tune in to Part 2 for the rest of the questions; And even a linguistic round!Be sure to check out our sponsor at https://medicinebox.caFollow our Instagram for growing in the USA:
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