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Medicine for the Resistance

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Medicine for the resistance is a podcast sharing Indigenous Knowledge from the Original Peoples of Turtle Island and the Africans of the Black diaspora. Hosted by Patty Krawec, an Anishnaabekwe with roots in Lac Seul First Nation and feet firmly planted in the Niagara Region, and Kerry Goring, a Black woman whose roots come from Western Africa and the Caribbean with feet planted in Niagara and Toronto.

Every day racialized people find ways to push back against the dominant white culture. By telling our stories, our shared histories, the ways in which we hold onto what our ancestors saved for us we seek to provide medicine to those who resist .. making them stronger.

The victim narrative is over. The days of hiding and living in secret are over. The resistance is real and it will be beautiful.
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Story is a tool for erasing and controlling people, but it is also a way to reclaim and stake out identity. From the transformational power of tricksters, through the keepers of Indigenous knowledge, to the re-creative hope of futurism Indigenous Story matters.Some of the Indigenous futurists mentioned by Daniel (and others who deserve mention) are Chelsea Vowell, Elizabeth LaPensée, Karyn Recollet, Lou Cornum, Grace Dillon, Skawenatti, Lindsay Nixon, Rebecca Roanhorse. Get your pen out to jot down many others ...
Let me explain this one more time.I am a Womanist, not a feminist.I am for the complete and utter Liberation of My Peoples of the African Diaspora, which is VAST.I am for the uplifting of all Indigenous and Aboriginal Peoples because we are forever chained by the common thread of oppression and racism that we are in battle daily together to break and demolish.I am NOT here for any co-opting by any feminists or questioning when we as Black Women express ourselves for the Liberation of Our People.#Womanist #BlackHistoryMonth
M4R talks with Regional Chief of Ontario Isadore Day about Indigenous nationhood and the role of the Assembly of First Nations.
Spiritual Activism

Spiritual Activism


Conversation with Reverend Aina-nia Ayo'dele
Following our discussion about being a visibly racialized in Niagara, Khadijah continues the conversation as M4R looks at the ways in which we choose visibility instead of blending in.
The Price Of Being Visible

The Price Of Being Visible


The Niagara region is loyalist country. British and then Mennonite German settlers. Khadijah Hammuda joins M4R to talk about being a visible minority in the Niagara Region.
In the aftermath of the Colton Boushie Verdict, how does community find ways to heal? Is it possible to find peace and sustainable medicine through expression in art? Join Kerry and Patti as they explore this concept with Jothi 'Joanie' Saldana, founder of Eternal Springtime; an organization dedicated to creating safe spaces for Black, Indigenous and People of Colour through Visual Arts Tools.
A discussion with Métis academic Jesse Thistle on home, kinship, and the path forward for Indigenous peoples after the Colten Boushie trial.
White History Month?

White History Month?


M4R reflects on the problem of setting aside a month or a day for a history that is essentially Canadian or American. Does this keep whiteness as the normal against which all other is measured?
Black History Matters

Black History Matters


M4R takes on the durag foolishness at an Ajax high school. Knowing our history is important, particularly the small details that give context to contemporary stereotypes.
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The list of Indigenous spec fic (or, to use the term I prefer, “wonderworks”) writers is on my website here:

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