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John Tillman of the American Culture Project talks to Meeting of Minds about how the conservative agenda is finding unexpected support among constituencies traditionally associated with the liberal coalition, including black, Latino and working-class white voters.See for privacy information.
America has a wonderful history of ‘civil society’ institutions. Issues that would be addressed by the state in Europe are addressed by ad hoc groups of private citizens in the U.S. However, in recent years many of those private associations have fallen into disrepair. Rick Graber of the Bradley Foundation talks about the sorts of groups that are knitting civil society back together again, especially private religious education, in communities in which the state has failed. Bradley has created an inspiring and uplifting series of videos about models of educational excellence that can be imitated around the nation: for privacy information.
Ambassador Sam Brownback, co-author of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and former United States Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom, has been fighting for people who have been persecuted for their faith for his entire career. However, he didn't expect that he himself would become a victim of religious persecution by his own bank. He tells Meeting of Minds how a religious liberty group he founded had its account cancelled by Chase and how he launched Chased Away ( to put an end to denial of service based on anti-religious bias.See for privacy information.
The ESG "Socially Responsible Investing" industry is on the defense. Having pushed the ideological edge too far forward, they are reaching a point of resistance, particularly from red state treasurers and attorneys general. As these gatekeepers resist the politicization of finance, they are now being accused by the people who really are politicizing finance. For example, Treasurer Allison Ball of energy-producing Kentucky is blowing the whistle on anti-energy activism by Wall Street firms and pushing back on behalf of her constituents. She believes that "You cannot serve two masters." Her single goal is to pursue financial returns for her constituents and not to blend that with an externally imposed social justice agenda. She joins Jerry for this latest edition of Meeting of Minds.See for privacy information.
Peter Thiel, arguably the most successful tech investor of modern times, also reads widely and thinks deeply about philosophy and theology. In a fascinating follow-up to his previous interview about his mentor, Rene Girard, Thiel discusses how modern ideologies such as fascism and communism "up the dose" from murder to genocide as Christianity weakened the power of human sacrifice.  He also discusses how progressive ideologies are "stronger moves" than fascistic or reactionary ones because they weaponize Christianity's concern for victims. Thiel talks about how the state, with its origins in paganism, restrains violence by using violence and how Christians might navigate that dilemma by engaging politically but not becoming excessively entangled by it.  Finally, Thiel points out how those who promise to protect us from Apocalypse can actually accelerate its coming.  Timestamps: 01:08    Girard, Scapegoating04:00    Mimetic copies: Hitler and Stalin, Nazism and Communism, Fascism05:30    Wokeism, Christianity, and Academia10:40    Wokeism in cities, response to real estate costs. Structural Wokeism14:27    Winning and losing postures towards wokeism17:10    Wokeism is Christianity without the forgiveness18:30    Acknowledging sin even when it enables critics21:55    Holocaust as the ultimate test of forgiveness, destroying the concept of forgiveness25:52    Ignorance and forgiveness27:55    Gospels as deconstruction of philosophy32:05    Getting tangled in politics. Government and violence33:55    Can leaders behave like Christians?35:37    The katechon and accelerationism. Preterism and futurism.39:10    The Antichrist as a false katechon41:14    The Precautionary Principle: technological Armageddon45:15    Enabling Fascism to fight Communism46:12    Reagan coalition49:30    Christianity and mimetic entanglement, political atheism54:30    How much can people change?See for privacy information.
In my upcoming interview with Peter Thiel, we will really hit the ground running, so you might benefit from re-listening to the one from last year to get you up to speed and ready for Peter's next set of insights, which are coming shortly. No discussion we've ever had has received as many requests by listeners for a follow-up. .... Peter Thiel, the highly successful tech entrepreneur and author, discusses his mentor Rene Girard; the Bible, how we read it, and how it reads us; Jesus’ death and resurrection; atheism and the limitless escalation of violence towards apocalypse. Timestamps: 0:43 The Bible reads us2:02 Cain and Abel vs. Romulus and Remus6:05 Cross vs Resurrection7:26 The Gospels are different from Death of Socrates9:04 The Bible is discontinuous from pagan classics11:30 "The idea that victims exist comes from Judeo-Christianity and nowhere else." 14:54 Was Nietzsche somehow extremely close to the truth of Christianity?17:18 Pagan Pharmakoi, the ancient sacrificial medicine19:48 Fascism and Communism23:00 Girard on the Woes against the Pharisees26:02 The cycle that leads to apocalypse31:11 Steven Pinker and the story of progress32:19 Is an apocalypse, such as a nuclear war, inevitable?35:10 Being too sanguine about apocalypse makes it more likely42:08 Is there an off-ramp? What would it look like? If we don't know, shouldn't we at least try to figure it out?See for privacy information.
No one has been more involved in fighting for the sanctity of life and marriage in corporate board rooms than Tom Strobhar. In his day job he works as a financial advisor, but since 1989 he has given of his own time, using his financial expertise and authority as a shareholder in major American companies to fight for the moral teachings of his Catholic faith. He has directly influenced scores of companies to drop funding to Planned Parenthood, including AT&T, Berkshire Hathaway and Chevron. He's filed well over a hundred resolutions on matters such as abortion, same sex marriage, pornography and discrimination in the name of diversity. As long ago as 2008, he was already recognized as a veteran "David" in corporate proxies Tom joins Meeting of Minds to discuss how ordinary investors can actually do this, and why we should use the authority we have to witness to the truth in the darkness. See for privacy information.
The ideological capture of large American financial institutions is running into a barrier. State level offices such as Treasurer, Auditor General, and Comptroller are asserting their authority as financial watchdogs protecting the interests of their citizens. One of the leaders in this resurgence of federalism is Marlo Oaks, Treasurer of Utah ( who wrote recently in the Wall Street Journal (S&P Hits U.S. States With Politicized Credit Scores - WSJ) about his efforts to protect his state from politically motivated scoring from rating agencies such as S&P. That battle over ideologically captured financial management has shifted to the states and to the shareholders themselves. Treasurer Oaks joins Jerry on this episode of Meeting of Minds to talk about how he got pulled into this battle and how we are going to win it.See for privacy information.
On this episode of Meeting of Minds, Tom Carter of the American Conservative Values Fund talks about his company’s fifth survey of conservatives’ attitude towards various companies, including unfavourability towards large well-known publicly traded corporations. He talks about the shifts in attitudes towards Facebook, Disney and Tesla, as well as problems with the ESG movement. In addition, he talks about practical conservative alternatives to companies such as Blackrock, which have become tainted brands for conservatives.See for privacy information.
Rob West is CEO of Kingdom Advisors ( which is the world’s largest professional association for Christians in the financial industry. Rob also hosts the most widely-syndicated radio program for ordinary Christians ( On this episode of Meeting of Minds Podcast, Rob talks about the big topics he sees Christians, from the poor and middle class to the wealthy, needing to grapple with and what he’s learning by being in touch on a daily basis with Christian of all economic classes.See for privacy information.
At various times and places the major cultural battle lines have fallen in different spots. During WWII and the Cold War the conflict was centered in the military. At other times, our conflicts centered in politics or in the fight against biased media. Currently the zone of conflict has moved to the marketplace. The ideological capture of the boardrooms of many large publicly traded companies represents a threat, but also an opportunity for Christian entrepreneurs to speak up and promote the good of their employees. During a time of rapidly increasing volatility and confusion, the “load-bearing structure” class, the people whose decisions affect hundreds of people whom they know and care for, have the credibility to speak the truth with authority. Shannon Royce of The Christian Employers Alliance (Christian Employers Alliance) joins Jerry on Meeting of Minds Podcast to talk about this leadership group which is no longer willing to be silent about the crisis of our age.See for privacy information.
Andrew Olivastro, V.P. of Outreach for the Heritage Foundation, talks about how DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion), ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance), and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) are ruining corporate America. Heritage believes people should not be made to feel bad when they buy or use products or invest in companies that deride their beliefs and take controversial stances against their values. ESG made the mistake of getting investors out of fossil fuels when energy is the foundation of civilization, and exposed investors to significant risk. Olivastro makes the case that the left agenda in corporate boardrooms has gotten overextended and is collapsing in the face of public backlash.See for privacy information.
The State Financial Officers Foundation ( is the public voice of state-level constitutional officers whose job is to safeguard the people’s money and who are committed to small government, free-markets and to fighting the politicization of the financial sector. This includes treasurers and auditors general, which each have oversight roles when it comes to whom a state does business with and how money, such as the pension assets of employees, is invested. It has fallen to this group to stand up to activists who are pushing to de-bank energy and other politically disfavored industries, and to stand up to pressure from giant financial institutions such as Blackrock who are imposing ideological requirements on companies and on states. Derek Kreifels, the founder and CEO, talks about how a new generation of officials is pushing back and winning this battle.\ Timestamps: N/ASee for privacy information.
The Great Seal of the United States was commissioned by Congress in order to represent in visual form the foundational principles of the American Republic. In this presentation which I gave in the historic Trinity Cathedral in downtown Pittsburgh for a group of CEOs hosted by the Young President’s Organization, we unpack the meaning of the various images which can be found on the back on any U.S. Dollar Bill.See for privacy information.
Pastor and scholar Jeff Meyers discusses his new commentary on the book of James, Wisdom for Dissidents. Meyers explains how modern commentators have failed to take the actual words of James seriously. When James mentions war, battles, and murder, he's not talking about arguments over the color of the new carpeting. James guided Christians through a time of political strife, assassination, civil violence and insurrection; in other words, a time much like our own.  Timestamps:0:00 – Intro1:14 – James and Ecclesiastes8:25 – Rebellion against Rome13:12 – Israel and Egypt19:53 – James helps Christians grow up26:00 – What is James preparing Christians for?31:05 – How Christians should respond to political violence42:00 – Why you should read this commentarySee for privacy information.
The Alliance Defending Freedom  (Alliance Defending Freedom - Protecting Religious Freedom (, the top religious freedom litigator in America, is now taking on anti-religious prejudice in public corporations. Having surveyed 50 major companies, ADF found the average score is a miserable 12 out of 100. ADF's head of corporate engagement Jeremy Tedesco talks about ADF's new index  (Viewpoint Diversity Score), which outlines precisely how companies can become beacons of tolerance and true diversity (not just the skin-deep kind) and precisely where and how companies are falling short now. ADF take an engage approach, not the popular but ineffectual disengage approach of boycotts and sin-screens. Identitarian ideologues have had the field to themselves for far too long, and ADF's new Viewpoint Diversity Score is exactly the right tool to use to challenge that monopoly. Timestamps:0:00 – Intro1:13 – Amazon discriminates against Alliance Defending Freedom4:38 – Corporations are starting to face political consequences9:17 – Engagement, not divestment14:41 – Diversity includes diversity of beliefSee for privacy information.
Justin Danhof of Strive Asset Management joins Jerry to talk about the new company's plans to replace the recent woke agenda in corporate life with an agenda of excellence. Timestamps:0:00 – Intro1:18 – Being a voice where the right is the quietest4:10 – ESG is a luxury good – Reigning in Netflix7:10 – Solving the activist problem11:03 – Depoliticizing corporate America14:40 – “Do you want Coca-Cola to be the moral arbiter?”See for privacy information.
Preventative Cardiologist Dr. Arthur Agatston rejoins Jerry to talk about what the latest scientific research shows about hunger and how to fight it. Ignoring the differences between different varieties of hunger means ignoring physiology and neurology and excess dependence on "willpower", leading to failure. Dr. Agatston explains the three different types of hunger, how to recognize each and how to overcome each in an effective way. Timestamps:0:00 – Intro1:33 – Bears with hypoglycemia7:45 – Grazing and carb craving14:11 – Chemistry, not discipline20:26 – Artificial sweeteners24:49 – Keto flu30:09 – Juvenile diabetes and insulin resistance36:42 – Fasting and controlling appetite42:56 – Addictive hungerSee for privacy information.
Dr. Peter Jacobsen teaches economics at the Gwartney Center at Ottawa University, where he also heads up the MBA program. He is one of the hosts of the Faith and Economics podcast. On this episode, Dr. Jacobsen speaks in depth about the errors of population growth hysteria; how it was imposed on poor nations by rich nations; why it’s bad economics; and why it is still causing harm in places like China. Jacobsen also talks about the reality of inflation and why some were unable to see it coming, and whether cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin can be an antidote to debasement of currency. Timestamps: 0:00 – Intro5:26 – How the one child policy is destroying China13:24 – Malthus wouldn’t be a Malthusian today18:30 – Population control and war25:50 – Immigration and overpopulation27:56 – Inflation33:33 – Crypto offers currency competition38:08 – Bitcoin and deflation40:42 – Malthus didn’t account for entrepreneurship  See for privacy information.
Dr. Arthur Agatston is the world's leading preventative cardiologist. Creator of the Agatston Score, which measures heart attack risk by analyzing calcification of arteries. He is also the author of the bestselling South Beach Diet books. Here he discusses what he has observed looking at thousands of scanned images and patients over four decades, particularly about the relationship between career-building and heart disease among high-achievement entrepreneurs and executives. He also deals with how that heightened risk can be reversed and what the most up-to-date science shows about what really causes heart attacks. He outlines how to spot risk early and vastly decrease the risk of heart attacks occurring later. Timestamps: 0:00 – Intro1:20 – Stress and weight gain9:17 – Entrepreneurs vs. groupthink15:10 – The scientific consensus is behind the times22:30 – Visceral fat hiding obesity28:35 – Observation instead of clinical trial35:21 – New development in calcium scans42:11 – The problem with opening obstructions49:51 – Why the calcium scan is essential52:31 – The aerobic mythSee for privacy information.
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