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Welcome to Grounded. Hosted by the ever-energetic Melanie Walker, this podcast explores gardening, nature, adventure, and all things Grounded.
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Bright Blue Swimming Pools are a dated symbol of pride. Along with swathes of lawn - those 'green deserts' that so many people spend so much time and money and water on - chlorinated or saline pools are on their way out. Rather than filling in a pool which you just seem to be filling with money and chemicals, rather consider being eco-chic and converting it into a wetland wonderland. One-time architect, Anthony Philbrick, explains what goes into creating one, and why we should be kinder to the environment, and ourselves.Enjoy the luxury of swimming in nature click hereIf you're ready to produce your own podcast, contact the podcast experts at
In this episode Adolph van Der Westhuizen (Sales and Marketing Manager Reinforced Hosing and Watex) talks to host Melanie Walker about the benefits of vertical gardening. How small spaces are given and can give life to a dull area life by creating living walls. With the Watex Expandable Green Wall Kit you can enhance that area that is crying out for a bit of TLC and life. The kit is easy to install, it has its own drip irrigation system with the option to attach to a hose pipe, its neat and clean looking as well as robust in its durability. The wonderful thing about the Watex Expandable Green Wall Kit is that should you be in a rental all you have to do is unclip it from its bracket supplied or if you want to move your wall kit to another spot it is as simple as 1 2 3. The kits are ideal for grow and eat plants. Vertical gardens are fantastic towards helping towards climate change and also if you don’t want your pets peeing on your herbs and leafy greens.Watex for quality hoses and vertical gardening click hereWant to know more about Ecobalance Lifestyle Magazine? click hereIf you're ready to produce your own podcast, contact the podcast experts at
Getting ready for winter doesn't have to be a mission. The kind folk at Life is a Garden, the PR arm of the biggest Green Industry group, make it easy for even the novice gardener to get all the information you could need for making gardening no pain in the... anything! Whether you're looking for the latest plants to get your hands on, to find out what you should be doing in your backyard, or looking for projects to keep 'little hands' busy, this is the best resource.Where you need to go for further info after listening to what Cary and Mel have to say about Strawberries, Aloes and Mother's Day. click hereIf you're ready to produce your own podcast, contact the podcast experts at
According to the SA State of Waste Report, in 2017 South Africans generated 42 million tons of general waste. Only 4.9 million tons of that were recycled. We have one of the worst recycling rates in the world. It's no longer up to the government or municipalities to deal with the waste WE'RE creating - it's up to us to get with the recycling programme. But do you know the difference between reusing, recycling and upcycling? Not? Then listen here! You can be the difference you want to see in the world...5inc offers project management and consulting services designed to provide customized solutions for clients’ environmental considerations. click hereIf you're ready to produce your own podcast, contact the podcast experts at
No longer the preserve of the green and greyish brown, the winter garden will warm even the most stony cockles of the heart. If you're wondering how to bring colour and warmth back into your life during the drab colder months, look no further than the 4 Ps. Poppies, pansies, primulas and petunias will be your best bets... Well, through in a few other Ps, like Sweet Peas and a VIP - violas - and you've got a smorgasbord of deliciousness. Peter gives us all the tips you need to ensure floriferousness and longevity from all these very giving and forgiving beauties.Are you ready to produce your own podcast?
Bombshelter Beast are hot favourites bringing some madcap energy to SA music. The group, originally formed by South African jazz legend Marcus Wyatt in 2015, has grown to include a real mengelmoes of musicians playing everything from jazzy-classical with an operatic aria twist, to kwaito rock mix and Zulu rap. This is an immersive experience, not just going to listen to another band! Marcus let's us know what it's all about and what they're up to next. Don't miss it.Bombshelter Beast in a Oom with their first music vid, Fire click hereMusic Used : Bombshelter Beast : Basement Anthem, Fire, and Man Or MouseFind out more about making your own podcast at
We're used to hearing about how well our Kirstenbosch and Durban exhibits have done at events like the Chelsea Flower Show. Now it's time to bring them home - and make the Joburg Flower Show an event to make other countries green with envy. For five glorious days, Waterfall City will be hosting some of the top garden designers and plant and floral experts from not just all around SA, but from the garden stars overseas. Mike Sham, organised of the event, lets us know here on Grounded just how it's all going to work, and what we can expect in late October. International Flower Show click hereFind out more about making your own podcast at
Slightly cooler mornings and evenings may be heralding the beginning of autumn around the country, but the sun is still hot and sitting high in the sky, with no great hurry to set at the end of the day, so we should make the most of this beautiful weather by nurturing our gardens. If you can't wait to get your hands dirty, Cary Goodwin of Life is a Garden has a great guide to what you should be planting and doing in your outdoor rooms. Stars of the month are Tulbaghia (wild garlic). Pride of India and Hibiscus. There's hints on how to get and keep your pets healthy with herbs, and tips on how to keep little hands busy during the school holidays. out more about Mel's guest at share in Mel's Adventures, visit find out more about making your own podcast, visit
The Polyphagus Shothole Borer (PSHB) (Euwallacea fornicatus - and isn't that just a fitting name for the little fornicator) - or the Vietnamese borer as many know it - has been causing the death of many trees, not just in Johannesburg, but around the rest of the country. And it’s finally getting serious ‘airtime’ in the press and social media, even though Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo have put forward a press release which was published recently in the Rosebank Killarney Gazette to say that ‘it’s too early to classify the outbreak of PSHB as a disaster’ due to a lack of data, and that they reckon we’re at the ‘tail-end of the outbreak’... and guided by research findings they hope to confirm that this outbreak is on its way out. Well, unfortunately that’s not so. The ‘outbreak’ was given wide coverage a year or more ago, and unfortunately, no cure for it has been found, and even more disturbingly, CoJ has yet to identify a place or put in place plans to get rid of infected wood. We are looking at what could potentially be one of SA’s largest ecological tragedies. The private sector has done so much in creating public awareness. Arborists are also getting on board to help find a solution. And it’s time for us to do our part too. One of SA's top arborists and tree surgeons, Julian Ortlepp gives us the background, and advice on how we can help to minimise this potential disaster.Find out more about Mel's guest at share in Mel's Adventures, visit find out more about making your own podcast, visit
Show gardens are probably the best way for people to get great ideas on how to bling up their outdoor spaces. And a touch of je ne sais quois is on offer in this year's 7 French inspired spaces. Celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Renaissance, students under the tutelage of master designer Mike Rickhoff have encapsulated various aspects of French joie de vivre. From the rolling lavender fields, to pavement cafes around a town square and contemporary rooftop living, there's inspiration aplenty. The gardens are on show until the end of May, so plenty of time to visit them. And if you aren't able to, we discuss ways to bring that special esprit into your backyardTo share in Mel's adventures, visit
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