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Memory Spelunking with Ryan Cuddihy

Author: Ryan Cuddihy

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Ryan Cuddihy dives deep within to your mind, as the two of you travel through your treasured memories. prepare for the unexpected, because with Ryan along, your memory ain't what it used to be. Call in based experimental show
95 Episodes
Ryan is joined by guest Alex as they Spelunk a memory of a burnt babydoll. This one doesn't go how you think it would! Well, for a while, then it goes exactly how you would think it would.
Ryan is joined by guest Kelsey as they Spelunk a memory of doing some dabs. they aren't the only things getting toasted in this one!
Ryan is joined by guest Arild as they Spelunk a memory of a drunken rough and tumble night. Also we are going to take another look at that hotly debated question, how much can you trust Ryan?
Ryan it's joined by guest Lee Cox, as they Spelunk a memory of a motorcycle accident. Also, a quick stop to get some tacos.
Ryan is joined by guest Clay as they a explore a memory of a bee sting. Here is the thing about Ryan, when he says he's gonna sting ya, you are gonna get stung.
Ryan is joined by guest Andrea as they Spelunk two memories this time. After an attempted bird escape, Andrea experiences a series of surprising events that test her embarrassment tolerance.
Ryan is joined by the most perfect and fantastic guest, Cheryl, as they play mini golf through a Las Vegas memory. This is a bonus episode, we just having a good time on a Sunday.
Ryan is joined by guest and friend of the show Arild, and they're a goin' fishin'. In this one we answer the big question, what's inside of fish?
Ryan is joined by guest Arild as they explore a memory of the best dining experience of Arild's life. But this time, the restaurant patrons aren't the only thing that's hungry.
Ryan is joined by frenemy of the show James! Can James make up for his last several Memory Spelunks being unmitigated nightmares? Maybe!
Ryan is joined by guest Marty, as they travel through a memory of Marty's first concert. This one is full of more twists than can comfortably fit in one episode!
Ryan is joined by guest Arild as they explore the memory of the first time at a casino. Hope everyone has an open mind on this one because some brains are getting TOUCHED.
Ryan is joined by an absolutely fantastic guest John Lee, as they go bar hopping through a memory. You ever wonder what it would be like to look after too drunk of a Ryan? Well, it's bad!
Ryan is joined by guest Violet in this spelunk that was lost to time (it got deleted but I found out Castbox has backups, what a corporation!) This one was highly experimental, with the goal being less humor and more horror. Leave a comment on this if you want more horror spelunks in the future! (There are a few other lost episodes that I am considering uploading to my Patreon, lets see if there is any interest in that.)
Ryan is joined by guest Jacob as they travel through memories of playing with bees and actually spelunking a cave. Also we get a glimpse of the all-powerful Memory Egg, and that's pretty neat.
Ryan is joined by guest Lee Cox as they explore a glitzy Vegas Memory! Let's see how lucky they can get!
Ryan is joined by guest Kelsey as they revisit a memory of a nature walk. I'll be straight with you, a fox gets punched at least 4 times in this episode.
Ryan tries to Memory Spelunk with James but I'd overwhelmed with technical difficulties and interpersonal troubles. This one is a little bonus mess, shouldn't be people's first episode
Ryan is joined by guest Alex Mckay as they drive through an unfortunate roadkill memory. If you enjoyed Alex you might want to check out his Joi stroke wank vid
Ryan is joined by guest Clay as they explore a memory of a beautiful day on a lake. But the episode is called "Vomit Puck" so I guess something must go wrong at some point.
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Ethan LeFevre

Hey Ryan, I was wondering if I could schedule a memory splunk? I had this recurring dream as a child that I think would make for a fun splunk.

Apr 6th
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Arild Joseph

Btw, for those who want to check The James show last episode here’s the link:

Feb 22nd

Kelsey Carbary💠Tealsey Hairbary

Congrats, James! You did so good!!! A+ 1:08 'allow me to (re) introduce myself my name is Jaaaaaaaaaaaames' LOL and I'm 01:35 4:37, 46:06-46:16 I imagine Ryan is sitting backwards in a chair like a cool manager leveling with an employee 5:20 gleefully insouciant 💕 5:48 it's not supercilious. I had to Google both of these words. I thought you were making it up like super-silly-us 7:27 dreeeeaaaaam weeeaaaver 7:45 ooooh! 7:53 oh. 7:55 aye! This is such a rollercoaster💕 8:00 I'd say BB king vs a BB gun but I meant more like beebee as in a teeny tiny baby 👼🎶 8:54 oOoh 8:57 that 'wEeLL' is doing things to me 9:14 James did a really great job describing this! 9:49 I turn on the music 9:54 Modest Mouse - Third Planet. ON REPEAT. 10:05 really strong memory associated with this song lol 22:20 you're doing that right now? There's always time for self-care, Ryan lol 22:22 name dropping that instahot tap and the in-sink-erator 42:27 we geeeet ittttttt, you're middle-class! 24:31 wet tiny pepperoncini footprints aww 24:47 25:19 OMG no-I thought I was reading a nice thing! lol sorry, Ryan, I couldn't resist. 26:11-26:35 it's two birds! lol 26:42, 27:00 OH NO 31:04 ✨the Windstaaaar✨ 31:09 SAME lol 31:25-32:12, 35:11, 35:37, 37:07, 38:13, 38:53, 39:08, 39:44, 43:43,44:24 James is literally me lol 35:52 thanks for this, James I needed this today 36:30 oh hey! it came back to him! Yay! 32:46👌34:10👌34:35👌38:03👌41:37👌41:55👌43:16-43:40👌

Feb 21st

Kelsey Carbary💠Tealsey Hairbary

I like this one! I like Marty! He thirsty🥛💕 He killed it with Ryan's 2 sentence description rule 5:40 🥛YOU CAN'T DO THAT, lol🥛 6:34-6:41 'there's always gonna be spaghetti somewhere around the corner' 🍝🏏Vaguely threatening, but OK, Ryan, lol 6:57 Spaghetti out! Linguine in! 7:01 that food trends joke is perf 👌 13:57 'these lily dillies!' I'm going to use that now 14:07🎸🎶 A+ guitar impression, Ryan 15:28 I love the way he says 'let's kick it!' lol 17:02 I've never been more in love in my life 💕 17:35 🥛 NEVER 🥛 21:17 you missed the opportunity to say ' fritz is on the fritz' lol 44:50 a perfect ex-p(l)ain-ation 45:12 but we call it the 'yes, more, please' LOL 45:38 'it made me feel pain, which is a very unpleasurable experience for humans' speak for yourselves, lol 😈45:45 😈 46:28 the way Ryan said 'paaaiin' made me lol 46:52 💔I was like you once 💔 47:05 then you have to filter the pee💔 aww poor BB kidney 💔 57:13-57:22 'I took a lot of drugs, didn't I?' A very honest/reasonable response. My man, Marty! Yeah! Drugs! lol. 57:56 Spaghetti out! 58:07 Linguine in! (again)

Feb 18th

Kelsey Carbary💠Tealsey Hairbary

Bun Run was a fun one! What a treat. Please have John back! (You know.....if he shows up, lol 😏☕) He's such a gem 💎 Can't wait for the drunk ep🥂

Feb 6th


this was great!

Jan 31st

Kelsey Carbary💠Tealsey Hairbary

This was a great episode, so chaotic with Lee and Kevin but all the more entertaining 💕 I laughed so hard when Lee was doing the elevator music/scatting while he was "not listening". I laughed so hard when we lost him for a min at 31:52-32:13. He was too far gone, lol

Jan 19th

Kelsey Carbary💠Tealsey Hairbary

3:47 Ryan: 'This is going to be non-canonical' 5:18 James: 'Wait, is this non-canonical?! Is that what you're saying?!' OMG! That made me laugh so hard-you guys kill me. I can't tell if there's a legitimate delay or if James is just messing with Ryan for the bit. I was like: 'James, I adore you but👏focus👏up👏'

Jan 18th


cherry jelly asshole is my least favorite flavor

Jul 18th
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Dave Schaefer

I v

Jul 18th
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Hello Ryan, i hope you be good. i am still waiting you to see what was your experience with consciousness of the universe? do you really want it?

Jul 16th
Reply (3)

Sharon Crisp

hi my memories is memories with granny davis

Jul 14th
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