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Meridian Magazine--Come Follow Me Latter-day Saint Podcast

Author: Scot Facer Proctor

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Each week Meridian Magazine’s founders, Scot and Maurine Proctor, will be giving a 30-minute podcast on the “Come, Follow Me” curriculum for the week. This is so you can listen with your scriptures in hand, or while you are about life’s many other duties. If you want some thoughts about teaching your family or in Church lessons, this can be a place to turn. If you live alone, let us study with you.
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August 9-15 Maurine, I used to look forward to the tail end of our Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts in Missouri because my Dad, a brilliant and world-renowned geologist and geological engineer, and Darrell Ownby, part of our family and a world-class ceramic engineer, and Nord Gale, a celebrated, favorite professor and brilliant microbiologist and Harold Romero, also a brilliant physicist, would stay at the table and discuss deep gospel questions. Many times, the conversations would go way over my head, as they talked about creation, celestial worlds, spirit elements, atomic elements and the qualities of light—but I tried to follow along as best I could. Hey, I was only 12 years old! But this was the beginning of my yearning, thirst and hunger for knowledge. I could not get enough of it. These discussions around the table were amazing. And then I was introduced to Section 88 of the Doctrine and Covenants. I was blown away. This deep water is the subject of this episode.
May 24-30 Can you imagine living in a world where people did not hurt each other or become angry or divided ? Can you imagine families with total harmony and marriages with no contention? Can you imagine a world where everyone watched out for each other and people were there to help you when you needed it? Can you imagine a place so pure that God could be there? It may sound too good to imagine, but that is the Zion that the Lord envisions for us and that’s what we hope to build.
June 5-11 Did you know that the preparation for the Last Supper began with a miracle?  It’s subtle, and most readers of the account will not see it—but when you understand the culture and the setting of the time, it’s obvious and it’s amazing.
May 22-28 We have two questions for you:  1) Which chapter in the New Testament did Joseph Smith make the most changes to? It’s Matthew 24 where Christ during his last week on earth told his apostles just what to expect before He would return. Here’s the next question: 2)  Do we have any precedent in the Gospel or in history where a people were preparing for the coming of the Lord; they knew He was coming; they knew where He was coming; they even prepared a place for Him to come—and then He came?  Of course we see this in the Book of Mormon—but is the same pattern happening in our time?  We’re going to explore this question in this podcast.
May 15-21 Jesus once told Mary at Cana that “Mine hour hath not yet come,” but now as we start this lesson that has changed as we take you to the beginning of the last week of His mortal life. Now he will say, “Mine hour hath come,” a statement that will break His followers hearts and have implications for every one of us.
May 8-14 Many questions were posed to the Savior during His mortal ministry.  If you had the chance to ask Him one question, in person, what would that question be? In this week’s lesson we have a very powerful question asked of the Lord face to face in his ministry and it’s worth all of us pondering about this specific question.
May 1-7 Have you ever given a party, invited many people, and no one came? In this week’s chapters, we’ll explore a parable about a great feast and how, when invited, many people found shoddy excuses not to attend. As we hear this story, it seems so strange that anyone would find any reason to miss a marvelous feast put on by the Lord, but he is talking to us. Are we, knowingly or unknowingly, rejecting wonderful invitations that the Lord offers?
April 24-30 Have you ever wondered why John the Beloved included the story of the woman taken in adultery in his record?  Surely he had hundreds of stories he could have chosen to complete his testimony—why this particular story?  We’re going to explore at least three things about this tender encounter that you
April 17-23 The Lord often requires us to do things that we think sound impossible. Forgive seventy times seven? This does not mean 490 times, but boundless forgiveness, that we travel with forgiveness for those who have wronged us. Forgiveness is not always easy, especially when we have been deeply hurt or wronged or if we live in a situation where we are poorly treated continually, but the Lord’s command to forgive is one that can free and heal our hearts and cultivate boundless love for our neighbors.
April 3-9 We love Easter as the most important celebration of the year because it is Jesus Christ’s atonement and resurrection that answers every uncertainty, loosens every bond and supplies every hope for our mortal experience. More people saw the resurrected Jesus than we sometimes realize, including John Murdock, an early convert to The Church of Jesus Christ in Kirtland. He described what Jesus looked like in detail and then said this, “It left on my mind the impression of love, for months, that I never felt before to that degree.”
March 27-April 1 Not all of the moments and sayings in the life of Jesus can we read as a sequence of events. We have stories and sayings that we can’t always connect. But in today’s study we can see things in sequence, which adds meaning to the story. This includes the feeding of the 5,000, the rescue of the apostles while they are struggling against great winds on the Sea of Galilee, and the Bread of Life speech which motivated many of Jesus’s followers to desert Him.
March 20-26 Jesus taught in parables both to reveal and conceal truths. There is more in even apparently simple statements than immediately meets the eye in what Jesus taught. What for instance does it mean, “Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father”?
March 6-12 This episode of the Come Follow Me podcast relates many stories that you probably haven’t heard into the calling of an apostle and what today’s apostles say about their own special witness of Jesus Christ. You will also come to know, by tradition, how each of the Twelve that Christ called eventually died.
As mortals we are on a journey to move from being broken to healed, and it is the Lord who is our attending physician. The stories in the New Testament are not only about the halt, the blind, and the person afflicted with leprosy. They are about us, and our universal need for his healing touch.
February 20-26 How can we become better at praying? It is a question that most of us ask ourselves as serious disciples of Jesus Christ. In these chapters from the Sermon on the Mount, the Lord Himself teaches us how to pray. If the Lord says this is how we should pray, then, there is something deep to learn. Other interesting questions arise in these chapters. What does it mean to judge not? How can I beware of false prophets without making judgment calls? And what is my duty to forgive others?
February 13-19 The Sermon on the Mount was called by President Joseph Fielding Smith, “The greatest sermon that was ever preached, so far as we know,” and President Harold B. Lee called it “the constitution for a perfect life”. In this 30-minute podcast, Scot and Maurine Proctor explore the rich meanings behind the Sermon on the Mount that invite us to change the entire way we consider life.
February 6-12 John’s gospel is so beautifully structured to reveal eternal truths to his audience who are Church members. One story reinforces and points back or forward to the next. For instance, both the wedding at Cana and the visit to Nicodemus at night are teaching the same thing—an idea the casual reader might miss.
January 30-February 5 Sometimes we don’t look deep enough at the time Jesus was tempted of Satan. We think He went into the wilderness to be tempted of Satan. No, He went into the wilderness for 40 days to be with His Father and afterwards He was left to be tempted of Satan. The voice of the Father had declared at His baptism, “This is my beloved Son.” Now Satan attacked that heavenly manifestation by saying, “IF thou be the Son of God.” Let’s look at this together.
January 23-29 This week's lesson is about John the Baptist. What a radiant, powerful voice that attracted crowds to leave Jerusalem and come to the wilderness to hear him. Both John the Baptist and Joseph Smith share something, and that is that they weren't influenced as much by the paradigms and teachings and education of their times because they were set apart. John spoke after four hundred years of silence. Joseph spoke after numerous centuries of silence.
Two different men named John give us their testimonies of Jesus of Nazareth. How can we resist studying these eyewitness accounts from men called the Baptist and the Beloved? We’ll see one of the best missionary tools in history, an approach that can’t help but bring curiosity to the seeker of truth. Let’s study John, Chapter 1 together.
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Valiant Jones

I’m so sorry to hear of your illness and my prayers are with you. The inspiration of your podcasts are always a blessing to my wife and me even of they come late. Good bless.

Dec 7th

Kristen Openshaw

This episode on Noah was excellent. Thank you for including current topics and spiritual quotes from apostles.

Feb 4th

Valiant Jones

Thank you, Maurine, for sharing the story of how you dealt with the breaking of your arm. I have wondered about that. Your positive attitude is so inspiring.

Sep 7th

Herman Wolfs

we have followed the podcasts since January 2019, and inspire many to subscribe. THE BEST. Thank you Proctors for sharing your experiences in the faith and your insights after many years of teaching and serving.

May 30th

Ruth Dowling

did something happen to the podcast? why did it cut off at 5 minutes?

Jun 23rd
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Amy Bradfield Cox

Great podcast! Easily my favorite CFM podcast! I recommend it to family, friends, and my ward family all the time.

Jul 28th
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