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Metalheads Podcast is a metal-themed podcast featuring George, Jay, Will, John, Matt and Markisan. The guys discuss metal news and new releases, perform in-depth interviews with great metal bands, and just generally have a blast arguing about that greatest of musical styles: Metal!
106 Episodes
Like a handsome flower in the blazing glory of sunrise, the Metalheads Podcast blooms bright once more! In Episode 91, George, Jay, John and Markisan open their metal petals to Sean Meyers from Gates to the Morning, who talks about his passion project, "Return to Earth," losing all his music files and starting over, the influence of author Robert Anton Wilson on his life, and his love for Led Zeppelin's "Physical Graffiti." Plus, deep thoughts from George and John on recent Iron Maiden and Queen shows, Metal News, New Releases, What We’ve Been Listening To, and Top 5 Albums We're Looking Forward to in the 2nd Half of 2019. Come smell the metal.
Like the 6 evil Constructicons combining to form the mighty Devastator... the Metalheads Podcast has once again come together to bring you our biggest, longest cast ever - the TOP 25 METAL ALBUMS of 2019 MIDYEAR!!! So, put on a hardhat, grab a six-pack and some salty snacks, and allow us to dump some liquid-cement love into your ears. You will GASP as we reveal the 25 LPs (released January through June) that made our lists! You shall REJOICE as we intimately describe our Top 5 Album Cover Art picks. You will SCOWL at the debut of Bitchy Matt. And you will most certainly GUFFAW as your favorite hosts get so smashed that they actually lose their ability to count. Yes, all this and more awaits you in the Metalheads Midyear gravel pit. Go.
Crom! The Metalheads Podcast returns to solve the riddle of steel with Episode 89! Immortal Bird front-woman, Rae Amitay, joins us for the full cast as we discuss her band's upcoming album, "Thrive On Neglect," how she got into metal, her favorite drummers and how rewarding it is to teach music to kids. We also talk about News, New Releases, What We’ve Been Listening To and our Top 5 Movies that are Metal as F*ck! Plus, George's undying love for Thrawsunblat, the powerful lure of cacti, and our collective worship of cats.
In Episode 88 George, Will and John interview Uhtcearu before their D.C. show at Atlas Brew Works. Then the next day the entire crew gathers to discuss the show and the end of Game of Thrones, as well as the News, New Releases, What We’ve Been Listening To and our Top 5 Iron Maiden Songs We Like to Sing Along With.
Episode 87 is a mashup of recordings from the Decibel Metal & Beer Fest in Philadelphia and a new episode recorded at the hotel in Philly. Presented in chronological order the episode starts with a road recording and Friday postmortem before moving into the episode proper and then ending with interviews and more fest coverage. This episode also features the first recording of all six Metalheads in the same place at the same time - The Great Convergence of 2019. Check out the Metalheads Podcast Facebook page for accompanying photos.
On Friday, April 5th, 2019, George, Will and John attended the Decibel Metal & Beer Fest Kick-Off Party at Atlas Brew Works in Washington, D.C. Ilsa, Crypt Sermon and Evoken performed. Evoken and Crypt Sermon were interviewed. This is their story.
In Episode 86 Trevor Portz of Ashen Horde returns to discuss his new album, Fallen Cathedrals. Trevor sits in for the rest of the episode as well, joining us for News, New Releases, What We’ve Been Listening To and our Top 5 Genre-Defining Albums. Check out Fallen Cathedrals on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify and more.
Episode 85 features an interview we recorded in December with Galen and Chris from Infera Bruo to discuss their latest album, Cerement. Chris joins us again to record the rest of the episode where we cover the news, new releases, what we are listening to and our Top 5 Albums from 1999. George, Will and John also discuss the recent Dawn of a Dark Day Fest at Adroit Theory Brewing.
In Episode 84 we are joined once again by Tom Ballard of Allfather. Markisan sits in for Will. Tom discusses their latest release, And All Will Be Desolation, as well as beer, beards and Brexit. Tom sits in for the rest of the episode as well, joining us for News, New Releases, What We’ve Been Listening To and our Top 5 Releases We Are Looking Forward To in 2019.
King Diamond and the Grinch may have (allegedly) been trying to prevent Christmas presents, but Metalheads Podcast steps up and brings you some holiday cheer with our Top 25 Metal Albums of 2018. Spike some egg nog, strap on a helmet and buckle up your seatbelt. The year-end in your rear-end goes off the rails like Ozzy’s crazy train and culminates in crimes against sobriety. We also do lists and stuff. Don’t say we never gave you anything.
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