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Special podcast version of Michael Shelley's weekly radio show, featuring interviews with the high-rollers of rock, soul, country, and jazz.
87 Episodes
Robert Crenshaw - "Interview"Robert Crenshaw - "Excerpt from "My Mythological Narrative, A Rock Odyssey""
Jason Kruppa - "Interview"
Barry Alfonso - "Interview"
Interview - "Gilbert O'Sullivan"
Wreckless Eric - "Interview"Wreckless Eric - "Father To The Man"
Mary Wilson - "Interview"Supremes, The - "Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)"Supremes, The - "Mickey's Monkey"Supremes, The - "These Boots Were Made For Walking"Supremes, The - "It's Not Unusual"Supremes, The - "The Happening"Supremes, The - "Scott Regan Promos"
Zero - "Interview"Kings, The - "Circle Of Friends/Man That I Am"
Wire Troop - "Interview"Wire Troop - "Me And My Echo (live in studio B)"Wire Troop - "Off The Hook (live in studio B)"Wire Troop - "The Usual Time (live in studio B)"Wire Troop - "Oh What a Mistake (live in studio B)"Wire Troop - "Interview"Wire Troop - "Day Tripper (live in studio B)"Wire Troop - "Steppin’ Out (live in studio B)"
Dave Davies - "Interview"
Ray Conniff And The Singers - "Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)"Elliot Lurie - "Interview"Looking Glass - "Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)"
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