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Microservices For Everyone w/Tom Fanara
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Microservices For Everyone w/Tom Fanara

Author: Tom Fanara

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Coming from an architectural background and education in architecture, Tom Fanara, host of the Microservices For Everyone podcast has been on a quest for always improving software architecture.Microservices appeals to Tom in many ways, especially when implemented within Event Driven Architecture or EDA. As a result of doing both well a graph or map can be produced so the team has a self-documenting reference to guide and track enterprise information activities and events. For microservices to survive it must maintain a strong value proposition. It needs to be explained to non-technical people involved in information business processes to be effective. It also must be explained well to high level IT managers of small, medium, and large enterprises. They must have a feel for the value, feasibility, and power of microservices.The Microservices for Everyone Podcast series is designed to gradually give stakeholders a clear understanding! Enjoy,Tom Fanara
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Today's microservices approach demands that services continue to comply with standards as the platform grows. Cortex a powerful tool set helps keep standards and governance in check by leveraging scaffolding, score cards and templating microservices. A catalog is then created for all stakeholders to observe and participate in the quality control process.We discuss not only these tools but current concerns over how we interact from an egoless environment where tribal knowledge is minimized!
Real World Tech

Real World Tech


In this episode I interview Jesse Menning CTO Software Architect at Solace! Jesse discusses Event Driven Architecture EDA for microservices. EDA is a best practices way of separating the communication between microservices with an event broker! Thus creating layers of knowledge on really what's happening in your enterprise platform!
Architecture and Team

Architecture and Team


Essential to the success of information design is a discernible architecture and strong process-oriented teams! Scrum, Extreme programming and basic microservice architectural features are discussed to give Scrum teams, IT leaders, developers insight on how they might implement a microservices platform!We would love to hear your feedback, thoughts and content request, please contact us at 
 CEOs, Managers, business analyst's and users can benefit the most from this new paradigm but only if its value proposition is articulated well. This podcast is a rare broadcast of the essential ways everyone involved in an information solution can benefit using best practices when developing microservices. Good process management, event driven architecture, and teams all work to create this value!We would love to hear your feedback, thoughts and content request, please contact us at 
In this episode I interview Yves Koulidiati CIO of SlideX. SlideX is a premier ticket less parking technology company creating a one stop shop for all activities related to parking! We discuss why he's migrating a perfectly healthy monolith application to microservices!
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