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Author: Judy Davis and Sandy Fowler

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Parenting teens and young adults in today's world presents huge challenges and the Mighty Parenting podcast provides solutions. Judy Davis and Sandy Fowler interview experts, share stories and get real as they dig in to relevant topics such as stress/anxiety relief, bullying, social media, peer pressure, healthy coping strategies, learning disabilities, behavioral health issues, communication, parenting strategies, and so much more. Designed for families looking to raise happy, successful, emotionally healthy kids, the show goes upstream and focuses on sharing information that families, educators and mentors can use to empower kids in an effective way.
83 Episodes
Teenagers getting in trouble with the law is a real issue across geographic, socio economic, and racial backgrounds. Mighty Parenting host Sandy Fowler interviews Elvin Gonzalez to find out what parents can do to protect their child.Our Guest: Elvin GonzalezDetailed Show Notes and Support at MightyParenting.comSupport this podcast at
Kids are all different; some teens are constantly moving, some have difficulty with loud noises, some see letters or numbers jumbled on the page, some are gifted, some struggle with slow processing and others have their own challenges. These kids are neurodiverse—their brains are differently wired and it impacts them, their families, friends, classmates and community. Neurodiversity encompasses ADHD, dyslexia, the Autism spectrum, giftedness, anxiety, sensory processing disorder, slow processing, dysgraphia, and more. Mighty Parenting podcast host Sandy Fowler has a candid discussion with parenting activist Debbie Reber about what is normal and how parents can help kids succeed.Our Guest: Debbie Reber Detailed Show Notes and Support at MightyParenting.comSupport this podcast at
Kids are struggling as they grow up and move out of their parents' home. They just don't have the resilience they need to handle the challenges life throws at them, even some of the simple things. Resilience parenting is a solution. Chris and Holly Santillo share ideas and strategies for parents to use in raising teenagers and parenting twenty-somethings in a way that makes them strong, happy, and resilient. Join them as they share these ideas with Sandy Fowler on this episode of the Mighty Parenting podcast.Our Guests: Chris and Holly Santillo Detailed Show Notes and Support at MightyParenting.comSupport this podcast at
Every parent dreams of having a stress-free family vacation but frequently that’s not what we get. We encounter bickering children, surly teenagers, and melt downs. We deal with bad directions, no restaurants when you need them, and lost luggage. We can find ourselves frustrated and come home feeling like we need a vacation to recover from our vacation. While these are common issues, there are some simple steps we can take to prevent them and stop them from ruining our family vacation. Mighty Parenting podcast co-founder Sandy Fowler hosts this episode of the Mighty Parenting podcast, drawing on her expertise as a stress-relief and emotional wellness coach to enlighten parents about common mistakes that create problems. She’s sharing tips and strategies that help create the stress-free family vacation every parent desires.Our Guest: Sandy FowlerDetailed Show Notes and Support at MightyParenting.comSupport this podcast at
With increasing frustration over problems in schools, behavior issues in our own children, special needs and other concerns, families are seeing more reasons to homeschool. But what is homeschooling really? What does homeschooling look like? Can it help your family? Host Sandy Fowler digs into these and many other questions and misconceptions in her chat with Alison Morrow on the Mighty Parenting podcast. Find out the truth and figure out whether or not homeschooling is right for your family.Our Guest: Alison Morrow Detailed Show Notes and Support at MightyParenting.comSupport this podcast at
Find out the essential things every parent must know to teach teens about money plus what they need to know before moving out for college or a job. Money isn't an easy subject for many parents but Lacey Langford will walk us through it as Sandy Fowler interviews her for the Mighty Parenting Podcast.Our Guest: Lacey Langford Detailed Show Notes and Support at MightyParenting.comSupport this podcast at
Many teenagers are dealing with chronic pain. Whether it’s a sport’s injury, illness, or emotional pain, handling chronic pain can leave them frustrated, angry or depressed. Interestingly, emotional pain and physical pain both cause anxiety so, regardless of the origin of the pain, the same tools can be used to help decrease or alleviate the suffering our teens are enduring. Through his own personal ordeal, Dr. David Hanscom discovered that chronic pain is curable by systematically using established medical practices in a self-directed manner. He first utilized these practices to help himself then put them into practice with his patients. Now he is sharing his discoveries and insights with Mighty Parenting podcast host Sandy Fowler as they explore the physiology of anxiety and how tackling that can help us in handling chronic pain, both emotional and physical. Our Guest: Dr. David Hanscom Detailed Show Notes and Support at MightyParenting.comBONUS: Check out our membership area for additional interviews/bonus content here
While every teen is an individual, generally our boys and girls are different. Raising boys is exciting and challenging, however, our culture is often geared more toward girls. From problems highlighted in the media to classroom expectations, our boys’ world has a feminine lean. Understanding what is happening and how our boys function is essential to their wellbeing. Janet Alison from Boys Alive pulls back the curtain and shows us what is really happening as she chats with podcast host Sandy Fowler on Mighty Parenting. They discuss what this is doing to our boys as well as what parents need to be aware of and how we can support our boys and raise strong, compassionate young men.Our Guest: Janet Allison Detailed Show Notes and Support at MightyParenting.comSupport this podcast at
Human trafficking is one of the fastest growing criminal activities. Traffickers are now generating approximately $39 billion annually upon the exploitation of children alone, including teens from all 50 states. Join Mighty Parenting podcast host Sandy Fowler as she interviews Cathy Knauf from the Southwest Michigan Human Trafficking Taskforce. They're discussing the problem and how it affects our teens as well as making sure we know how to protect our children, recognize the signs, and stop trafficking.Our Guest: Cathy Knauf Detailed Show Notes and Support at MightyParenting.comSupport this podcast at
Parents want their children to be happy but what does that really require? What do we do when our kids are facing a difficult time, when they're asking the tough questions? Dr. Suvrat Bhargave found there are some fundamental questions we all have and the way we tend to answer them leaves us anxious and unhappy. He is talking to Mighty Parenting podcast host Sandy Fowler about ‘a moment of insight’ and sharing a plan for raising our children which allows them to answer these questions in a way that creates an authentic, purposeful, and loving view of themselves.Our Guest: Dr. Suvrat Bhargave Detailed Show Notes and Resources at MightyParenting.comSupport this podcast at
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Melissa Telfer

I appreciate this episode as the mom of 3 boys and a girl. I noticed that you were afraid to leave the girls out of the boys podcast ... if it is about boys then the girls don't need to be mentioned or brought into the conversation. It seems to be the same problem that was being discussed...boys being compared to girls or pushed aside for girls. In a podcast about them it's ok to leave the girls out. :)

Jul 25th
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