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Born Free

Born Free


Mike's Freedom Show, Ep. 1. Born Free
In this episode, we'll talk about the bioweapon of a COVID vaccine, more "rules for thee but not for me," the most popular politician in world history, and more... Take off your mask! 
WARNING: This is (possibly) the most unfiltered episode the Hot AF Show will ever have, so listen at your own expense. To celebrate the 20th episode of the Hot AF Show, I sit down with Rick "The Tank" of Uncle Sam's Misguided Children again, and might regret publishing this one. 😂
In the first episode of 2021, I sit down with Crown Royal, and my son, Brody. Christmas break is too long! We talk about things I've never heard of, but also about guns, shooting, slicing throats, rated R movies, Man Camp, WW2, Bitcoin, Golden Doodles and other cool stuff. 
In this episode of the Hot AF Show, I'm fortunate enough to interview my father, Scott Smith. My dad is a mentor that taught me what a work ethic is, how to invest, gamble, when to fight, and to be charitable. I learned something new in this interview, which made made me love my dad even more! 
Special Interview with a Cuban Immigrant, Combat Veteran Marine (On His Birthday), that introduced me to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, we Welcome Rick "Tank" Ferran @UnlceSamsMilitiaChildren (suppressed: @UncleSamsMisGuidedChildren) on the Hot AF Show! Be sure to follow on IG @UncleSamsMilitiaChildren & @HotAFshow
In this episode, I discuss the dirty, sleazy, corrupt and threat to democracy known as voter fraud... otherwise defined as a "glitch." 🙄Real winners have nothing to hide. Big tech, Lamestream media and the DemoCUCKs are going to lose this election, and here's why... Take a listen.
In this episode, I sit down with my good friend, former pro football player, and political science guru, Donny P.  After some tequila, we get into the upcoming election, the brutality of politicians, narcissistic celebrities, and how we might make a new show about two guys at a bar. Enjoy this one... and your freedom! 
In this episode of the Hot AF Show, my son Brody reveals his self-identifying gender, and then we talk guns, training, hunting, and I get called out for lying. 🤷‍♂️
Woke As A Joke

Woke As A Joke


In Ep. 13 of the Hot AF Show, the peaceful, tolerant and loving "Woke" society is discussed. From blocking Emergency entrances at hospitals, no longer being able to sing "Happy Birthday," masks (aka: face panties) that don't protect against wild fires, but somehow do against the smaller molecules of COVID, a possible Joe Rogan moderation of a Trump vs. Biden debate, and of course the anti-police pansies that call the police when then need them. All of this and more is jammed packed into 36 minutes of a Whiskey Wednesday. Enjoy!



In episode 12 of The Hot AF Show, we revisit the topic of masks, and the guinea pig science experiments that are being done to our children. 
The Double Standard

The Double Standard


The 11th episode of Hot AF Show gets into the "Double Standard" we have in society. Seems to be heavily leaning towards the liberal left and minorities, and there are some really evil P.O.S. that shouldn't breed. 
In Ep. 10 of the Hot AF Show, we dive into the hot topic around the use of non-medical masks, aka: "Face Panties,"and the guidelines that the World Health Organization (WHO) provides us on their website. You can reference the "potential" Benefits vs Harmful effects of the face panties at the following. line, masks do a helluva lot more harm than good! 
“Commie-la” Harris

“Commie-la” Harris


In Ep. 9 of the Hot AF Show, we dig into the Democratic VP nominee, Kamala (pronounced “Commie-La”) Harris, wherever she’s from, and her radical positions. Stop with the hyphenated-nationalities (and last names)! 🔥🍿 🇺🇸



In Ep. 8 of the Hot AF Show, we recall the complete bias and censorship happening in the main stream and social media (including this site). Whatever happened to freedom of speech? Oh wait, it's only allowed if it's aligned with the opinions of the all inclusive agenda from the major sources (FB, IG, YouTube, Twitter, MSM). 🙄🖕
Society of Scum

Society of Scum


In Ep. 7 of the Hot AF Show, we dig into examples of the scum in our society. From pregnant smokers, ANTIFA, NFAC, non-peaceful protestors, athletes that kneel for the National Anthem, people that leave their dogs in the car with no A/C... in the Florida summer time heat (or anywhere else), and the worst of them all - pedophiles. I also make a $10,000 donation invitation for a charity event. 🔥 IG: @hotafshow
In Episode 6 of the Hot AF Show, I discuss the concept of how you do anything, is really how you do everything. Return your shopping carts! Run the extra mile! Make the extra call! Don't cheat the system! Stop being a victim! Own it! 
Father & Son Talk...

Father & Son Talk...


On Ep. 5 of the Hot AF Show, I sit down with my son, Jett and discuss everything from his gender identity, flying on private jets, top NFL players, our snowflake society, and winning at life. 
In episode 4 of the Hot AF Show, all are welcome. We'll dig into the current and horrible plans that are in place for our kids going back to school in this COVID environment. We'll also discuss how schools should be set up for the best learning environment, and get into the science behind it.Hot AF is now an International show, so welcome to everyone across the pond, and thanks for listening! 
Unscripted, unfiltered, entertaining and off the cuff discussion with my cousin about everything. His cell coverage sucks, and his POS ear pods need an upgrade. Warning - I might be a little ADD, or maybe it's the COVID? I need a 2 day break from parenting. Racism is learned. Bezos makes $295MM per day! Who pays for porn? Congrats to Mahomes and his $503MM contract! From one way trips on Gulfstream jets, buying fake tickets to a Metallica show, and getting a Handy, this show is worth a listen. Follow the show on IG @hotafshow and Facebook.
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