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Author: Mike Birbiglia

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Comedian Mike Birbiglia welcomes a different comedian or creator each week and together they work out original, untested material. And, occasionally, uncomfortable topics. Join them as they work it out.
27 Episodes
Mike welcomes award-winning comedian Ramy Youssef. The two friends discuss the unexpectedly controversial elements of his hit series “Ramy.” They also work on jokes about bad wedding speeches, getting kicked in the balls, and the time Ramy told people in Jacksonville that he was Muslim to which a woman replied, “We don’t do that here.” Well, the good news is: we do this here. Enjoy. Please consider donating to: Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative
Mike is joined by the co-creator and co-star of the comedy classic “Broad City.” They discuss the show’s origins, why we should all hope to “fail flamboyantly,” and why you might quit your job after getting an email from Amy Poehler. Along the way they work out material about why Mike hates magic and Abbi’s crippling fear of running into her ex-girlfriend underwater. On one episode of Broad City Mike and Abbi made out literally. Today on “Working It Out” they make out…with jokes. Please consider donating to: Girls Write Now
Bowen Yang joins Mike this week for an episode that is as hilarious as it is honest. Listen as Bowen and Mike discuss everything from gay conversion therapy and googling yourself to high school theatre fails and psychedelic shrooms. Bowen and Mike work out standup bits and potential sketches you may be seeing on SNL soon. Plus, find out the one must-have item you’ve been missing your whole life when using a porto-potty. Please consider donating to: Clinton Hill Fort Greene Mutual Aid
A special pre-Election Day message from Mike and a re-post of one of the most popular episodes. Remember to vote!
This episode is a little different from the others. If you like it please share it with your college age friend or family member. Also, it’s worth visiting
Jacqueline and Mike have toured together for years and Mike recently produced Jacqueline’s Off-Broadway hit “Get On Your Knees.” On this episode they get nerdy on joke structure: setups, punchlines, tags and secants. They also dig into memories of Jacqueline’s childhood friend getting eaten by a garage door and what “blinking man” means at a crosswalk. Find out why Mike concludes the episode by saying “You must be the first repeat guest!” A must listen. Please consider donating to: Loveland Therapy Fund
This week Mike welcomes Beth Stelling- the fearless star of the new HBO Max special, Girl Daddy. Beth and Mike discuss their joke nerd instincts and goal to turn pain into comedy. They trade jokes about sex in a rocket ship, middle school burns, flying weenies, and, yes, even dreams about sex with your dad. Please consider donating to: YWCA Dayton, Ohio
Mike chats with two of the co-hosts of “Pod Save America” about voting, working in the White House, getting high at Water Country, and “unf—ing the supreme court with small-d democracy.” What happens when a comedian talks candidly with President Obama’s speechwriter and one of the members of his national security team? Find out. It’s a good one. And vote! Please consider donating to: Vote Save America:
Mike and Pete are old comedy friends, which is why Pete does a pitch perfect impersonation of Mike, and Mike feels comfortable asking Pete for advice about Jesus. If you’ve ever listened to Pete’s legendary podcast “You Made It Weird,” you know that these two crack each other up. It’s a fun ride with tons of new jokes. Don’t miss it. Please consider donating to
Maria Bamford has been one of Mike’s favorite comedians for a long time. Maria discusses the time she cold-called a Catholic priest even though she’s not Catholic, stories about Air BnBs, why Domino’s might be more helpful than a suicide hotline, unorthodox covid vaccines, and the recipe for grilled cheese. Don’t miss this one. Please consider donating to: Los Angeles Downtown Women's Center
Last year Jimmy Kimmel cooked Mike meatballs and then Mike dropped them on Jimmy’s front lawn. This interview goes better than that! Join Mike and Jimmy for a candid chat about schoolyard fights, right wing hit jobs, pre-existing conditions, and people who claim to not like pizza. Also, Jimmy has listened to all the episodes AND HAS NOTES. It’s a good one. Enjoy. Please consider donating to: St. Joseph Center Children's Hospital Los Angeles
A Message From Mike, a Preview of Upcoming Episodes, and a Repost of Episode 1
Mike trades jokes with the great Tig Notaro. They discuss winning back ex-girlfriends in your favorite shirt, washing food during the pandemic, Billie Eilish's parents, and perhaps the most unlikely comedic run that involves both the Kiss and Indigo Girls. Do they also mention Ani DiFranco? Yes, they do. Please consider donating to Support + Feed:
Ronny Chieng is most well known for his roles in Crazy Rich Asians and on The Daily Show, but he is also one of the finest stand-up comedians today. Ronny joins Mike to collaborate on entirely new jokes about Mike’s secret superhero identity “Mildew Man,” why presidents need to leave conspiracy theories to the pros, and some eye opening observations from Ronny about the current international perception of America. Please consider donating to: Welcome to Chinatown
Sam Jay is a comedian and writer for SNL who may be on the verge of superstardom. Her new special “3 in the Morning” is filled with jokes and stories that are funny and fearless and dare the audience not to laugh. In this episode Sam teases new ideas she’s kicking around for her next hour. The conversation ranges from Sam’s cousin eating pie on the toilet to growing up black in America when you’re not given “the stuff.” Please consider donating to: Black Trans Lives Matter Youth Fund
Judd and Mike are real life friends who share their real life candid observations in this loose and hilarious hour of workshopping jokes. Judd’s childhood friend peed on him as he watched Saturday Night Live and Mike puts the dental in transcendental meditation because he grinds his teeth. Together they reminisce about 7th grade Washington trips, fears from being a teenager, and fears about having a teenager as Judd helps Mike sculpt his own “This is 40.” Things get tense when Judd declares that he is more attractive than “The Rock.” Please consider donating to 826LA David Lynch Foundation
Mike and Roy teamed up to raise money for comedy club waitstaffs with “Tip Your Waitstaff.” Now they work on jokes about gin vomit, stealing fancy jeans, and why being a Daily Show correspondent could put you in more hot water than having a criminal record. The episode touches on regret, redemption, and lands in an unexpected place when Mike asks Roy if he’d consider letting Mike produce his one person show. Don’t miss this one. Please consider donating to:
Mike teams up with SNL star Melissa Villaseñor to work out jokes about feminist bookstores, moms talking to themselves, and guitar teachers who are frankly just showing off. This is a true comedy jam session and there are jokes written in real time! Don’t miss it. Please consider donating to: Rock The Vote
Mike and Hasan are friends who love talking about current events and comedy craft. In this episode, Hasan teases possible themes and stories for his next special, which shares some commonality with Mike’s special Thank God For Jokes. They talk about everything from macaroni and cheese to marriage and children to the time Hasan came to Mike’s apartment for a script reading and his takeaway was that Mike’s wife Jen is a better person than Mike. This conversation goes from macro to micro to personal to global. Thank God for jokes and thank God for Hasan Minhaj. Please consider donating to: NRDC: Campaign Zero:
Mike gets to know comedian/writer Sarah Cooper, whose Trump lip sync videos are a viral phenomenon beloved by millions. They crack open the pain of being rejected in middle school, the joy of huffing Irish spring soap, and why Sarah and Mike are both New York forever. Please consider contributing to myFace:
Comments (8)

Nellie Fly

my fave Massholes💕🔥

Oct 6th


this podcast helps me take my mind off things

Sep 30th


Does it feel like he rushed through this episode? of course the black female comedian gets the shortest episode.

Aug 19th

Ryan-Allen McKinney

very interesting to hear great comedians discuss their different processes and give each other feedback.

Jul 13th

Sondy M

I was absolutely thrilled to learn Mike Birbiglia is doing a podcast. As a long time fan who's driven for hours to see him live, I could not be happier about having Mike and his witty friends keeping me company at work. I've listened to every episode (twice for Ira Glass) and am anxiously awaiting the next installment. Thanks for all you do, Mike, and thanks to you and your wife for your wonderful book The New One.

Jul 7th


loving Mike Birbiglia's new podcast

Jul 3rd

Josh Forsythe

This has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts- love the creative process discussions, and it's FUNNY.

Jul 1st

Connie Bossenmeyer

I Love this podcast. Mike is so genuine and his guests are fun to listen to. I listened to every one of them, back to back....can't wait for the next episode! Keep working it out Mike! Really good!!

Jun 27th
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