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Author: Mike Birbiglia

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Comedian Mike Birbiglia welcomes a different comedian or creator each week and together they work out original, untested material. And, occasionally, uncomfortable topics. Join them as they work it out.
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This week Mike is joined by British comic Nish Kumar and they discuss Brexit, the craft behind building a one person show, and the time Nish was told by a heckler to “go home” when he was pretty close to his home. Nish divulges his lifelong goal to not be Batman or even Robin, but rather the other guy. The sidekick of the sidekick. Find out why Nish should be everyone’s hero.
Bowen Yang joins Mike this week for an episode that is as hilarious as it is honest. Listen as Bowen and Mike discuss everything from gay conversion therapy and googling yourself to high school theatre fails and psychedelic shrooms. Bowen and Mike work out standup bits and potential sketches you may be seeing on SNL soon. Plus, Mike announces his “Working It Outside” tour in May!
Mike welcomes his comedy idol and former boss Conan O’Brien whose hit podcast “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend” prompted Mike to demand that they actually be friends and that Conan come on Mike’s podcast. What results is a magical discussion of Conan’s early political aspirations, why the class clown never becomes a professional clown, and the contagiousness of the Irish accent.
In anticipation of this week’s “Worldwide Comedy Pizza Party” Mike welcomes one of the most uniquely funny people alive and the two comics go deep on deep dish. Jo explains her controversial take on eating pizza crust first and builds on Mike’s already over the top “onomatopizza” pun. Along the way Jo tells the story of the time she put on a comedy festival at a carwash at 8 o’clock in the morning and why she ordered 30 pizzas for the audience. Podcast is served.
These two comedy nerds discuss the elements of math, science, art, and music that go into constructing the perfect joke as they trade collected wisdom about writing from Steve Martin, Mary Karr, Robert Lowell, Philip Roth, and Anne Lamott. They also dig into the rule of 3s, growing up in Massachusetts, the difference between “book smahrt” and “street smaht” and how Gary turned tragedy into comedy in his hit HBO special, “The Great Depresh.”
Mike discusses Hannah's award winning Netflix special “Nanette,” her new special “Douglas” and together they dig deep into the solo show process and how her new show may end up including a “spectrum gazelle.” Sponsored by Samuel Adams. Please consider supporting:
Mike and Fred have a candid chat about the secret rules of Portlandia and the comedy writing lessons of SNL. Fred describes how they arrived at the title for “Portlandia” and Mike describes how he arrived at his brand new solo show title that he debuts in this episode. All that and Fred shares his Mike Birbiglia impression, his Ira Glass impression, and explains why a parody of This American Life doesn’t quite work on SNL.
Aubrey Plaza is a beloved comedic actor for her role as April on Parks & Rec & many acclaimed indie films including "Black Bear" which she not only starred in but also produced. The two discuss their shared love of indie film, Aubrey’s gloriously awkward talk show appearances, & why she'd make the perfect Oscars host. We learn who makes Aubrey laugh, advice she got from Amy Poehler, & how having a stroke at age 19 put her life in perspective. All that plus new pizza jokes!
Mike is joined by Broadway legend Nathan Lane who just so happened to have changed Mike’s life 13 years ago. 1 month after they met Nathan was the witness for Mike’s wedding at City Hall…and then 4 months after *that* Nathan presented Mike’s off-Broadway debut Sleepwalk With Me. Nathan has hilarious stories about working with Matthew Broderick on The Producers and Mike Nichols on The Birdcage as well as insightful notes on the newest material for Mike’s next show.
In anticipation of Pete’s March 24th appearance at the Worldwide Comedy Pizza Party (tickets at we are re-airing one of the most popular episodes we’ve ever done. The highlights? Pete does a pitch perfect impersonation of Mike and Mike feels comfortable asking Pete for advice about Jesus. These two old friends crack each other up and try out a ton of new jokes.
Taylor Tomlinson is only 27 and already has her own hit comedy special on Netflix called “Quarter-life Crisis.” Mike bonds with this prolific joke writer over her unique introduction into comedy when her dad signed the two of them up for a stand-up comedy class at church when she was 16. Mike and Taylor have a candid talk about panic attacks, therapy, and comedians resenting other comedians for the right and wrong reasons. Many jokes. Many laughs. Many confessions.
Mike welcomes the great Randy and Jason Sklar as they trade jokes about how to say I love you to your parents without sounding like you’re in the Mafia, the difference between outsourcing and ‘Mom-sourcing,’ grandmothers owning sex robots, and what it really means to go skiing with Joe Bags. Listen as these three joke nerds come together and create bits in real time.
Prolific, raw, and hilarious comic Nikki Glaser shares childhood memories of her mom in the Slow Round that she’s not yet willing to tell on stage but is willing to say on a podcast. Nikki and Mike both admit that their level of honesty with even their own diaries doesn’t hit 100%. Nikki declares herself the Taylor Swift of comedy and Mike declares himself the Springsteen. This episode is raw and honest and funny.
Jacqueline and Mike have toured together for years and Mike recently produced Jacqueline’s Off-Broadway hit Get On Your Knees. They get nerdy on joke structure: setups, punchlines, tags and secants. They also dig into memories of Jacqueline’s childhood friend getting eaten by a garage door and what “blinking man" means at a crosswalk. Find out why Mike concludes the episode by saying “You must be the first repeat guest!”
Yoda. Miss Piggy. The Muppets Take Manhattan. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. These are just a few entries in the IMDB of Frank Oz. Mike welcomes the show business legend for a candid talk about Frank’s collaborations with Jim Henson and his approach to directing. They also discuss Frank’s new film In & Of Itself, an adaptation of Derek DelGaudio’s brilliant stage show. Also, Frank gives notes on Mike’s new material! It’s candid. It’s frank. It’s Frank.
Keith and Kenny Lucas join Mike for an episode that alternates between utterly serious & supremely silly. They discuss their moving Vulture essay "Our Brother Kaizen," as well as jokes in process about "twin discrimination," and the difference between writing a will and meeting Will Smith. They also discuss the devastating loss of their mutual friend Kevin Barnett and how it led to the Lucas’ sobriety after years being self-described stoners. A must listen.
The award-winning co-creator and star of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Rachel Bloom joins Mike as the two of them crack into a format never explored in this podcast—the musical! Mike leaves his prepared material behind and pitches a concept for a musical. In turn Rachel pitches Mike her first comedy special—an idea she has never discussed publicly. They also discuss Rachel’s hilarious new book and Rachel delivers some of the best slow round answers of all time.
Mike trades jokes with the great Tig Notaro. They discuss winning back ex-girlfriends in your favorite shirt, washing food during the pandemic, Billie Eilish's parents, and perhaps the most unlikely comedic run that involves both the Kiss and Indigo Girls. Do they also mention Ani DiFranco? Yes, they do. Please consider donating to:
Maria Bamford has been one of Mike’s favorite comedians for a long time. Maria discusses the time she cold-called a Catholic priest even though she’s not Catholic, stories about Air BnBs, why Domino’s might be more helpful than a suicide hotline, unorthodox covid vaccines, and the recipe for grilled cheese. Don’t miss this one. Please consider donating to: Los Angeles Downtown Women's Center
Comments (9)


please note this is a re-release, not a new episode

Mar 29th

Nellie Fly

my fave Massholes💕🔥

Oct 6th


this podcast helps me take my mind off things

Sep 30th


Does it feel like he rushed through this episode? of course the black female comedian gets the shortest episode.

Aug 19th

Ryan-Allen McKinney

very interesting to hear great comedians discuss their different processes and give each other feedback.

Jul 13th

Sondy M

I was absolutely thrilled to learn Mike Birbiglia is doing a podcast. As a long time fan who's driven for hours to see him live, I could not be happier about having Mike and his witty friends keeping me company at work. I've listened to every episode (twice for Ira Glass) and am anxiously awaiting the next installment. Thanks for all you do, Mike, and thanks to you and your wife for your wonderful book The New One.

Jul 7th


loving Mike Birbiglia's new podcast

Jul 3rd

Josh Forsythe

This has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts- love the creative process discussions, and it's FUNNY.

Jul 1st

Connie Bossenmeyer

I Love this podcast. Mike is so genuine and his guests are fun to listen to. I listened to every one of them, back to back....can't wait for the next episode! Keep working it out Mike! Really good!!

Jun 27th
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